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This is another tale of my wife Sally and her involvement with her black lover Elmore back in the 1970s. Although Elmore does not figure much in this story, he was the instigator of what happened. He had this very close friend called Andy. They had been lifelong friends, and worked together for the same Company (making bespoke bras for women). They were both black, and really close to each other, more like brothers than friends.

As Elmore’s relationship with Sally blossomed he told me all about Andy. His friend had a serious problem. Although he was a tall, well-built and very handsome man he had never had sex with a woman. He had tried often enough, but in spite of everything he just could not get an erection when with a woman. Andy had discovered that he could only get an erection by being beaten with a whip, and the beating had to be severe. He had sought both medical and psychiatric advice on this problem over a number of years, but nothing had worked. In those days there was no such thing as a sex therapist and his main advice had been to “pull himself together and snap out of it.” Sound advice, but not much use to poor old Andy. He was too embarrassed to explain his problem to anyone but Elmore, his closest and most trusted friend.

Andy had found a few girlfriends willing to oblige him, but none of them had wanted to beat him so much that he could orgasm and the friendships did not last long. He had tried going to prostitutes, but this had always proved an expensive failure. There were very few prostitutes who were willing to beat him severely, and even they would not consider letting him beat them. The idea of beating the woman appealed strongly to Andy, and he thought it essential if he was to fuck them, but none of the sisterhood was willing to oblige.

And so Elmore asked me if he could approach Sally for help for his friend. I said yes, and on his next visit he broached the subject. He told Sally about his friend’s problem, and asked her if she would help. She immediately said no, there was no way she would get involved; if prostitutes would not help then she was certainly not going to.

Elmore spent weeks pleading with Sally, and I joined in. When she said she was frightened of being hurt I pointed out that she had allowed other men to do much weirder things to her. Gradually we won her over. And at last she agreed to go with Andy, but we had to agree that she would not be left alone in a house with him. The meeting was arranged for a Saturday night in Chris’s flat (the one with the loft with peepholes), Chris being away that weekend. Andy spent the morning preparing the flat. In the early evening Elmore and I let ourselves into the flat and hid in the loft. Andy arrived shortly after (he did not know that we would be in the loft), and half an hour later Sally arrived, knocked on the door and was let in.

The two lovers had never met before and spent some time getting to know each other. They were very embarrassed out the outset, but gradually things warmed up as they talked to each other and drank wine. I noticed that Sally was drinking as much as she could get, she was very nervous. They spent at least an hour in conversation before Andy suggested that they begin. There was a long silence, then Sally said, in a very small and timid voice, “OK.” But she obviously did not know where to start, so Andy took Sally’s arm and led her into the bedroom. The bed had been pushed to one side, and a long, broad bench stood in the centre of the room, covered with foam cushion.

The first thing Sally had to do was to change into a short dressing gown made of towelling, and she made Andy leave the room while she did so. When he returned he asked my wife to undress him, and she did, stripping him completely naked. From our vantage point we could see no sign of any penis within a great mass of black curly hair. Sally put her hand into this bush, but Andy pushed her away saying she had to wait. He then lay face down along the bench and, at his further request, Sally used long silk cords to tie his hands and feet to the legs of the bench. He insisted that he be tied very tightly, and Sally had to tie him several times before he was satisfied.

He then asked Sally to take a cane from the bed and use it to beat him severely. We saw that there were a number of canes; they were evil looking things, each made of two or three strong twigs of birch tied together. Sally asked if he was ready, and when he gave the go ahead she gave one of his round buttocks ten lashes. But he complained that she was not rough enough and explained in much more detail how he wanted her to use the cane. Sally gave the same buttock him ten more lashes. This time you could see the effect, there were a number of cuts on that buttock, and from them oozed globules of blood. This shocked Sally and she stood back, but Andy pleaded with her to continue, only harder.

For some time Sally lashed away at Andy’s bottom, always caning the same buttock. Soon this buttock was a mass of bleeding cuts, but Andy kept shouting encouragement to my wife and she kept responding. At last Andy shouted to her to stop, then told her to untie him quickly. She did so and he turned over onto his back before sitting up slowly on the bench. And there was his penis; it was massive and hard. He asked Sally to sit next to him, and to wank him, and he put his arm around her as she did so. After a few minutes of vigorous jerking he shot a huge amount of sperm over Sally’s dressing gown.

Within a minute or so of coming, that massive penis had shrunk so much that it disappeared again into his thick bush of pubic hair, and this in spite of the fact that he was continually kissing and hugging my wife. After 10 minutes or so of canoodling, Andy asked Sally if she was ready for the next step. He said that he would understand if she refused, but she told him she was OK, although she sounded very nervous. Andy also said he would understand if she did not want to be tied up, but she then told him to do exactly what he wanted, she would let him know if she wanted him to stop.

Even after being given the green light Andy was reluctant to start; he spent a long time talking rapidly, eventually Sally herself told him to get a move on if he intended to do anything. The first thing that he did was to get Sally to stand up, then he removed her dressing gown. I now expected him to strap her to the bench but instead he played with her. He squeezed and sucked at her breasts and nipples, spread her legs open and stroked her clitoris before slipping a finger inside her cunt. Both Elmore and I were surprised at this, and so was Sally. Before long she began responding to the caresses and stood squirming, I recognised the signs that she was building to an orgasm. The unusual thing was that during all this time Andy’s cock remained hidden in his pubic hair.

When Sally was really showing signs of arousal, Andy grabbed her and flung her face down onto the bench. In a manic rush he seized her hands and tied her wrists tightly to the legs of the bench, then did the same to her ankles. He then stood up to admire his handiwork; by now he was sweating profusely. He was obviously enjoying this.

He grabbed a fresh cane and stood in front of Sally. He bent down and teased her lips with the end of the cane, then as he walked to her feet he ran the cane lightly down her spine. When it reached her bottom he pushed the cane sharply into her pubic mound and Sally whimpered. For a few minutes he patted Sally’s buttocks lightly with the cane, then held the it above his head and brought it down with great force. There was a loud crack, and Sally screamed in pain. Immediately Andy rushed to kneel in front of her face and asked if she wanted him to stop, but she shook her head and he resumed his position. For the next twenty minutes he really beat my wife, giving her a series of hard blows then resting for a short while and starting again; in that short time he broke two canes.

At the end of this time both Sally’s buttocks were covered in blood, and her flesh was raw and red. By now she was crying softly, but whenever she was asked if she wanted to stop she shook her head. But Andy stopped of his own accord. He knelt down on the floor and covered Sally’s back and buttocks in kisses. He then slowly inserted his thumb into Sally’s cunt, and used this to pull her bum off the bench by a few inches. He then gave her another ten to fifteen very hard lashes on her buttocks, and by the end Sally was again screaming. Instead of stopping this time Andy withdrew his thumb from my wife’s cunt, forced her legs apart to expose her genital area and started caning her cunt hole. This brought really loud screams from Sally.

Andy thrashed my wife’s cunt at least ten times, then he stopped. He dropped the cane and rushed to untie her. Elmore and I noticed that his prick had once more grown to its full length, we guessed that he now wanted to use it. When he had undone the ropes Andy picked Sally up very gently, carried her to the bed and gently laid her on her back. He propped her long legs over his shoulders then penetrated her with his cock. He fucked my wife for a very long time and throughout the whole fuck she wept softly, but always shook her head if Andy offered to stop. He could only hump her slowly as she started to moan with pain if his thrusting became too vigorous. But at last he shot his load into Sally; the very first time he had fucked a woman properly.

This was the first of many fucks the two enjoyed. In spite of the pain involved Sally had a soft spot for Andy and allowed him to use her on a number of occasions, always at Chris’s flat. And eventually at one meeting they fucked before the beatings, not afterwards. Not long after this they spent the night together and he fucked my wife 5 times without any beatings, it was just normal heterosexual sex. So Sally had managed to “cure” Andy of his weird need, although he still liked to be beaten. Whenever he had sex with Sally after that they still usually beat each other.

The End (for now)

My Wife Sally 3 »

I met Sally when my closest friend at University, Bill, courted and married her elder sister, a student nurse. Lynette was a beautiful girl, though in a different way to my future wife. She was 5′ 2″ tall, a curvy redhead, as pretty as Sally but without Sally’s well developed breasts. Sally was tall and slim with a shy personality; Lynette was short, curvaceous and bubbly. In the days before I met Sally I fell for Lynette in a big way, but because she was my best friend’s wife I lusted after her sexy body in silence. It was as best man at their wedding that I first met Sally, the chief bridesmaid, and the rest is history.

After my marriage I still had feelings for Lynette. When I persuaded Sally to take lovers so that I could watch I fantasised about watching Lynette as well. It was only a dream so I did not mention it to my wife. Besides there was no way it could ever happen, as much as I wanted it to. Then circumstances conspired to present me with the perfect opportunity. This occurred shortly after the time when my wife was the altar in a black fertility rites mass and 13 men fucked her.

I knew from Sally that Lynette was sexually very adventurous and daring. Unlike Sally she’d had lots of boyfriends before Bill, and bedded most of them. Sally now revealed that Lynette was sexually frustrated. She loved her husband dearly, but they were going through a really bad patch and they hardly ever had sex. Things were so bad that Lynette was talking of leaving Bill. This worried Sally and she was the one who suggested a casual affair could save her sister’s marriage. She actually asked me if I could arrange something. Lynette was not to know, it had to happen as innocently as possible, and there was no way I could be seen to be involved or even watch. I did not dare tell Sally that I wanted to see her sister in action anyway. No, that would have to wait, but I did tell her I would see what I could do.

It was impossible to talk directly to Lynette about taking a lover. She and Bill lived on a new estate in a town some 20 miles away. At weekends wife swapping was the major entertainment on the estate, but when Sally used this fact to suggest a lover could help, her sister had gone ballistic. But like Sally I believed that Lynette would take a lover if the right occasion could be contrived. I needed a plan, so I took the problem to Elmore. I told him about Lynette; I said Sally thought she needed a lover, and that I wanted to see her getting laid without Sally knowing. Together we concocted a scheme that just might work.

Once a week the 2 girls met up for the day, usually ending up drinking in a pub. They took it in turns to visit each other for these meetings. The plan went into operation the next time Lynette came to our house for the weekly get together. This is the story of what happened on that day.

Sally and her sister spent the afternoon shopping. In the evening, as usual, Lynette drove the 2 of them to a pub for a night out. They usually spent these nights gossiping, enjoying the atmosphere and meeting other girls. But this night Sally saw Elmore sitting in the pub with a couple of men. Of course this was all arranged and the men, Chris and Ernie, were well known to us, they had been amongst the 12 black acolytes who had fucked Sally at the fertility mass.

Sally said to her sister that she recognised one of the black men sitting in the corner, he was a friend of mine from work. She went on to say she fancied him and she knew he fancied her like mad. She told her sister that if she had a few drinks she would not trust herself with this man, so she would like to avoid him if possible. Lynette found it hard to believe this of her straight-laced sister, so Sally confided that, at a recent party, she had let the man take her into a bedroom, strip her and play with her. They were just about to have sex when they heard me calling out. They split up then, but she was upset because he hadn’t fucked her (this was true, but I only broke them up because guests at the party had seen them disappear together, and he spent the night with Sally at our house afterwards anyway). Lynette was both astonished and amused at this revelation, she hadn’t suspected that her shy young sister was capable of such behaviour; that was more her own style.

Sally turned to leave the pub. But of course Elmore was expecting them, and ran over to say hello and invited them to have a drink with him. It was Lynette who said yes, she was enjoying her sister’s apparent discomfiture. Elmore bought them drinks and introduced them to his friends. They spent the evening together, then the pub closed. The 3 men had no car and faced a long walk back to Chris’s flat, so Chris asked Lynette to drive them there, and said the girls could come in for a coffee. With a mischievous smile she said yes.

Before they left the pub Elmore called me to tell me the first part of the plan had worked. I immediately set out to drive to Chris’s flat and let myself in. I’d already been to the flat on my own, so knew it well. It was on the top floor of a 2-story building, and had an attic, which is where I made myself comfortable. The flat had one bedroom and a living room. I could see everything in detail in these rooms as the ceilings were low, and had numerous concealed eyeholes ö Chris used these to spy on his friends having sex and this was why we chose Chris’s flat.

I watched as the 5 of them walked into the living room. There was little furniture in that typical bachelor’s pad, just a table and some chairs, and lots of beanbags on the floor. Chris turned the lights down low, switched the record player on and went into the kitchen to make coffee, the rest of them sat around on beanbags. Once they’d finished the coffee bottles of wine started doing the rounds.

Now came the time to put into action the second part of the plan. This revolved mainly around Sally. She was to keep a close eye on her sister, and at the same time let Elmore seduce her. She was to lead the way slowly, letting Elmore take a liberty with her, then waiting until her sister had permitted the same licence to her partner. The beauty of this plan was that if Lynette stuck at any stage the party would break up without Lynette seeing her sister going much further than she had herself. We had chosen 2 extra men so Lynette would have some choice. Chris and Ernie had previously tossed a coin, and Chris had the first go at laying her.

Elmore walked over to Sally, sat on her beanbag and put his arms around her. He tried kissing her, and she turned her face away, making a pretence of rejecting his advances. But eventually she allowed him to kiss her fully on the lips. From that time they apparently ignored the others and were wrapped up in each other. Soon Chris reached out and took hold of Lynette’s hand. She made no attempt to pull her hand away but made no move herself on Chris and seemed content to just sit holding hands and talking. Eventually Chris moved over to sit next to her. At first she seemed uncomfortable, then after a few minutes she relaxed slightly. Chris took this as a signal to try kissing her, but she did not respond. Chris persisted and at last she accepted his kisses but without any apparent enthusiasm.

Once Lynette accepted Chris’s kisses, Elmore pushed Sally’s sweater up to her shoulders; Sally was not wearing a bra and so her large tits swung freely out in the open. Elmore dropped his head onto her breasts and sucked at her nipples. Lynette raised her head and watched them for a while, then allowed Chris to kiss her again. She was still acting in a mechanical way, with no real passion evident. But by slow steps Chris got his hand inside Lynette’s blouse. It was such a slow process that I did not notice what he had achieved until he moved his hand to undo her bra strap, then back to her breasts. I could tell from the movements of her blouse that he was caressing her beasts and nipples, and how I envied him. The only problem was Lynette showed no real signs of enjoying Chris’s attentions.

After Chris had fondled Lynette’s breasts for some minutes Sally whispered to her lover, he pushed up her miniskirt and forced his hand down inside her knickers. Lynette broke from Chris and stared at her sister, and it was with difficulty that Chris pulled her back to him and worked his hand back inside her blouse. Lynette had her legs spread apart and, true to the plan, Chris dropped one hand to the crotch of her skin-tight jeans. She immediately crossed her legs and pushed his hand away. He tried again, and was again sharply repulsed. Determined to give it his best, Chris spent a full 30 minutes trying to get his hand inside Lynette’s pants, but she resolutely rejected him.

According to the plan Sally and Elmore should have remained lying together with his hand in her pants. If Chris could make no further progress it should have ended there. But Elmore had inserted his fingers into Sally’s cunt, and spent the time fingering her. And 30 minutes of being fingered proved too much for Sally. On the verge of an orgasm she started to squeal and her long, slim legs waved wildly around his ears. Realising he’d blown it Elmore decided to make the best of a bad job and to hell with the plan. He jumped up, grabbed Sally and rushed for the bedroom. After a few seconds hesitation, Ernie followed them. The bedroom door was wide open and Chris and Lynette could hear what I could see from my vantagepoint. Elmore stripped Sally, pushed her onto the bed and jumped on top of her. He rammed his cock up her cunt, then knelt up as he fucked her. Ernie lay on the bed and spent some time playing with Sally’s breasts, and some time feeding his cock into her mouth. And the noise they made got louder and louder.

In the living room Chris and Lynette were very embarrassed, they had jumped apart as Elmore had rushed Sally to the bed. Then, as the sounds from the bedroom settled into the explicit rhythm of creaking bedsprings accompanied by Sally’s squeals and moans, they laughed quietly together. They hugged each other and resumed their kissing. I sensed that their relationship had changed. Previously Lynette had accepted Chris’s kisses almost reluctantly. Now she looked into his eyes and returned his kisses with passion, they were far more intimate with each other now they were on their own. I knew she was going to let him have his way with her.

Chris put a hand inside Lynette’s blouse. At a particularly load shriek from Sally, as she hit her first climax, he dropped his hand to Lynette’s crotch; instead of pushing him away she opened her legs and let him stroke her. When she whimpered it told him all he needed to know, she made no objection as he gently removed all her clothes. And I got my first view of that lovely body. She had beautiful pert little breasts; I was just dying to get my mouth on them, just as he was doing. She had much more flesh on her than her sister, but it was distributed perfectly. Her thighs and her bottom were unbelievable and Chris was soon planting his lips all over them. I watched in rapt wonder as Chris put his hand on her mound, and she spread her legs wider than I had seen any other girl, by almost 180 degrees. This gave me a great view of her red-hair fringed vagina before he smothered that too with his kisses. And when he thrust his fingers deep inside Lynette’s cunt and she screamed, oh how I wanted to take his place!

Chris finger fucked Lynette for ages at the same time covering every inch of her gorgeous body with his kisses. Sally once told me that her sister was an animal in bed and I soon saw what she meant. As she approached her orgasm Lynette went wild, clawing at Chris’s back until she had scratched him quite badly, and she screamed and squealed like some animal in distress before she came to a very noisy climax. When she calmed down Chris lay on his back and she straddled him, I think he only did this so that I could get a good view of her lovely little tits quivering as she humped up and down.

Sadly it soon came to an end, Chris deposited his sperm in her tight little cunt, and they lay side by side and arm in arm for a few minutes before Lynette knelt up and began putting her clothes back on. In the meantime I had seen my wife get fucked by Elmore, then Ernie took his place. After fucking Sally Elmore stood peeking through the bedroom door. As soon as he saw Lynette getting dressed he walking over, knelt down beside her, took her in his arms and planted kisses on her.

She immediately responded and he quickly had her naked and lying on her back again. So I got the great pleasure of seeing Lynette get fucked a second time, this time by a monster cock (not that Chris was small, or Ernie either, come to that). The 2 of them spent a long time in noisy foreplay, kissing and sucking each other all over. And Lynette scratched and bit Elmore, leaving visible marks over most of his body. By this time Elmore had still not regained an erection so Lynette got on her hands and knees and sucked his cock until it went stiff, then he fucked her in the doggie position. In the meantime, when the sounds revealed that Ernie had come into my wife, Chris got up and walked into the bedroom. He lay down on top of Sally and soon had his cock inside her. Ernie went back into the living room, waiting his turn to fuck Lynette.

So on that great night I saw both my wife and her sister getting laid by 3 black stallions. Lynette became hooked on sex with black men and she usually ended her fortnightly visits to her sister in bed with one or more of Elmore’s friends; in those days it was the only sex she was getting. Occasionally Sally arranged extra “shopping” and “sightseeing” trips, which involved overnight stays. These were really special events organised by Elmore where the 2 sisters got laid by a number of men. I told Sally that I had seen everything on the first night, she told Lynette and they both thought it funny. From that point I usually watched them in action.

In spite of growing more and more in love with Sally I still fancied Lynette, and eventually I got her. We were at a party thrown by Tony, a friend of Ernie we had not met before. Sally, Lynette, Elmore and myself were to sleep at Tony’s flat. When the party ended I was on my own. The amount of thumping, squealing and moaning from the main bedroom led me to assume that the other 4 had paired off in there. I tried the door but it was locked so I assumed they were there for the night. I crawled into bed in the spare bedroom to find Lynette already there, waiting for me; it was Sally making the noise with the 2 men. So that night I got to play with, and fuck, that magnificent body. It was my turn to be bitten and scratched, but it was worth it.

On that first night I was worried about the effect we could have on Lynette’s marriage, but that seemed to be over after such a short time anyway. As it turned out, Sally had been right, the marriage turned the corner and grew stronger and stronger. I suspect that her husband knew what was happening (although not about our involvement), and tacitly approved. It was just that she had a much stronger sex drive than he did, so everyone was happy. Of course, like us, when they started a family it all came to and end. And they are still together.

to be continue

My Wife Sally 2 »

As our relationship with Elmore developed he became more and more infatuated with Sally, and his visits became more frequent. I began to press him to use his experience from previous contacts to arrange a situation where Sally would meet and make love to more than one man at a time; but he was very reluctant. At last, after much pressure, he agreed to one such meeting, the most bizarre we have ever been to.

The event was to be a black mass, held by a secret occult society, of which Elmore claimed to be a member. He said that if we just went to watch Sally might not get the chance to make love at all; but he could arrange for her to be the centre of the mass. He would not explain what he meant by this but we were led to believe that at least one man would make love to her. He did say that she would have to be brave. Sally herself was as keen as I was, if a little apprehensive, as she was young (just 18 years old at this time), very sexually active and adventurous woman, so she agreed to Elmore’s suggestion. We both insisted that we would not go if they indulged in animal rituals but Elmore assured us that these masses never involved such rites.

On the appointed evening we drove to Elmore’s flat in north London. Sally was dressed in a tight white polo neck sweater that showed off her ample bosoms, a black mini skirt with a wide black belt, black tights and knee high black leather boots. With her long fair hair left free she looked absolutely stunning. The 3 of us went to a pub to down a few drinks. Sally had 2 brandy and babyshams to fortify herself for the unknown adventure. Because we were drinking we intended to stay the night in the flat.

We took a taxi to a building in the outskirts of north London. It had been built as a church in Victorian times, but had become derelict before the cult bought and rebuilt it. It lay in several acres of its own land and was very isolated. Elmore took Sally in through a door at the back of the building that opened into a large backroom. He and I then went to the front door of the main building.

The floor of the building was on two levels. The main part of the floor running from the front door two thirds of the way to the back was like a large stage. The far third of the building was like an auditorium or “well” at a depth of 3 feet. A rail ran along the edge of the stage with a gap in the middle, and steps leading down to the well. A door was in the middle of the far wall, and this led to the room where Elmore had taken Sally. The old organ loft was still there, 8 feet above the floor of the well on one wall, and this is where Elmore took me to watch the unfolding events.

In the well, opposite the central steps, was a solid, strange looking bench, in the shape of a cross. The long section of this cross was 6 feet long and about 2 feet high and wide. The arms were the same height and both were 3 feet long, but only 6 inches wide. The main body of the bench was aligned with the door in the far wall, and was 6 feet from the steps down from the main part of the floor. This fixed bench was covered in a thick black cushion material. At the ends of the arms there were a number of straps.

At the bottom of this main part of the bench were 2 more small benches. They were not attached to the fixed bench and could be moved around. They were both 3 feet long and 18 inches wide, but were not flat. Instead they were in the shape of an inverted V, 2 foot high at the ends and 3 feet high at the apex. They were covered in the same black cushion material and the ends of these benches had straps the same as the arms of the main bench. These 2 movable benches had been positioned so that they formed the legs of a spread-eagled body, with the big bench forming the torso and arms. The two legs had been set up with an angle greater than 60 degrees between them.

All around the walls of the building were hung large drape curtains. They completely covered the windows and walls. Most of them were a plain black colour, but there were also some scarlet ones. Around the walls of the well the drapes had figures and characters drawn on them, mostly pornographic. Directly above the fixed cross-shaped bench, and attached to the ceiling there, was a large black drape with the silver figure of a cross on it.

All around the walls of the building were a large number of black candles of various sizes. They were all lit, and there were so many that their light added greatly to that of the electric lights. And the pungent burning smell was not only coming from the candles; there were a number of pots around the room burning various substances, some of then legal and some not.

In the well, sitting on benches with their backs to the stage, were 12 young black men. Elmore said they were called acolytes. There were 6 of them sitting either side of the steps up to the main floor. These acolytes, who were to take part in the mass, were dressed in long black robes, which reached to the ground. On the main floor of the hall about 50 people stood around. They were mostly in their twenties and thirties, of both sexes and mixed races, but predominantly black. They were talking in a subdued way, waiting for the start of the mass.

This happened when the far door opened and 2 young black girls, dressed in long scarlet robes, came out and rang hand bells before disappearing back through the door. This brought an expectant hush to the congregation who moved to crowd the railings.

The door opened once more, and a very tall, slim, middle-aged black man entered, dressed in a long flowing scarlet robe. This man, a cult priest or “master,” walked to the bottom of the steps and faced the congregation and acolytes. He was followed by Sally, still dressed in her own clothes and flanked by the two young black girls. These women led Sally before the seated acolytes on the right of the steps, and said ãthis is Sally who has offered herself for this mass, do any reject her?ä No one did, so the girls led Sally across to the rest of the acolytes, and repeated their words. Again no objections were made and the girls led Sally back through the door.

The master now began a service. At the start all the electric lights in the building were switched off, leaving the candles as the only light sources. Then, from high in the ceiling, spotlights came on that brightly illuminated the bench. For a good 10 minutes the master addressed the acolytes and congregation in a deep, low voice. Then, somewhere in the background a tape of primitive music began to play. At first it was quiet and slow, but the tempo and volume increased gradually. The master changed to chanting to the congregation and they chanted responses back at him, all in time to the music. The tempo and noise increased, and the congregation began to work themselves into a frenzy. After 20 minutes or so the sound was overbearing; the whole assembly were chanting one mantra after another. They were in a state of profound exaltation, shouting and swaying to the beat of the music, itself by now deafening. Their hands were held aloft. Many of them seemed to be in a deep trance and I have never seen so much intense passion and emotion before.

Suddenly, when the congregation were in a violently excitable state, the master raised his hands; the noise and the music stopped. There was a complete silence. The door at the back opened and Sally was led in by her escort. This time she was barefoot and dressed in a long white robe. Her escort led her to the bench and lay her down on it with her back on the main section, her arms along the arms of the bench. Her legs were along the legs of the bench and the apex of the inverted V reached under her knees. Her escort strapped her ankles and her wrists to the bench, then adjusted the legs of the bench so that her legs were spread as wide apart as possible.

The master moved over to Sally, standing by her waist on her right hand, and the female escorts stood one on either side of him. At his signal, each of the acolytes stood up and, one by one, removed their robes to reveal their total nudity, and went over to kiss Sally on the lips before kneeling on the opposite side of the bench to the master. They ended up in a semicircle, one directly by Sally’s head, and the last one by her foot, but all about 4 feet away from her. Their penises were all standing proud, and some of them were enormous.

The master spent the next 10 minutes chanting to the acolytes, and they responded. The congregation joined in and the atmosphere quickly grew excitable and tense again. Then, suddenly, he pulled at Sally’s robe, and it simply opened and fell away completely, leaving Sally strapped to the bench, totally naked for all to see. She lay with her head toward the back of the wall, her legs spread out so that her genitals were wide open, facing towards the congregation. From their viewpoint on the stage, and because Sally was highlighted by the spotlights, they had a good view of her whole body, and especially her vagina and blonde pubic hair. As her beautiful body was revealed to the congregation and the acolytes kneeling alongside her there were cries of approval; it was obvious that the whole assembly were still in a highly excited state.

The master placed 2 black trays on Sally’s stomach. One tray contained a red jelly, the other thin black wafers. He now conducted a ceremony in which the jelly was called wine and the wafers were called bread. This ceremony went on for some time and in it the master said a series of prayers and the acolytes and congregation chanted responses. It was strongly reminiscent of a catholic mass where bread and wine are blessed. When he had finished the master gave one tray to each of the girls on either side of him.

The master summoned one of the acolytes to kneel directly opposite him, inches away from Sally’s body. The girl with the jelly dipped her finger into it and rubbed some onto one of Sally’s nipples. She then said “drink this blood” and the acolyte licked the jelly from my wife’s breast. The substance was very sticky and the man took at least 20 seconds to lick it all off.

When he had finished the other girl took one of the wafers, spread open Sally’s cunt lips and pushed the wafer into Sally’s vagina. She then said, “eat this body” and the acolyte moved to kneel between Sally’s widely spread legs. With his hands by his sides he licked and sucked at Sally’s cunt until he retrieved the wafer, then turned to show the wafer, between his teeth, to the congregation; he then swallowed it.

When the acolyte had swallowed the wafer he resumed his original position, and the priest summoned a second one to kneel facing him. The same procedure was repeated, but this time Sally’s other nipple was anointed with the jelly. And this was repeated again until every acolyte had licked jelly from my one of my wife’s breasts and retrieved a wafer from her cunt. When they had all finished and the last acolyte has resumed his place, the remaining jelly was spread on both Sally’s nipples and the master licked it off. The remaining wafers were placed in Sally’s vagina and the master retrieved them one at a time.

Once he had finished the master pushed his cloak back over his shoulders to display a huge penis, rampant and ready for action. He stood between Sally’s legs, held up his hands to the congregation, and called out “we will now celebrate the gift of fertility.” With that he turned and lowered himself between my wife’s legs and slipped his cock into her cunt, which by now was very wet. He thrust into her quite savagely, but this was not a mere fuck as he massaged her breasts and kissed her as a lover would. After a long time he came inside Sally with one long groan.

This was the sign for the congregation to begin a mass orgy. As the cult music started again they quickly paired off, and I also saw several threesomes and one foursome of 2 men and 2 women. Once stripped they indulged in sex in every possible position and with a frenzied gusto. I saw one woman kneeling, being taken doggy fashion by a man whilst sucking another man’s cock. I saw another woman on her back, one man kneeling between her legs fucking her whilst another man straddled her shoulders and rammed his prick down her throat. And the foursome formed a chain with one man taking in doggy style a woman who was kneeling over, sucking the penis of a man lying on his back with a fourth woman sitting on his face. The combinations and positions swapped and changed throughout the orgy. And at all times there were groups of people stood by the railing, watching the events down in the well.

In the well the 12 acolytes took it in turns to fuck Sally. Each lay between her legs and improvised as best he could, although it was not a comfortable position. Most tried to turn the act into one of love rather than pure sex, kissing her and kissing and fondling her breasts. Sally enjoyed herself as she had several orgasms, especially towards the end; at the beginning it had all been too strange and stressful for her to relax enough to enjoy herself. After some of the acolytes had fucked Sally they also had sex with the 2 escorts.

Eventually, after almost 2 hours, the last man came inside my wife. By now her breasts and neck were black and blue, covered in lovebites. One acolyte had given her a real bite on her nipple. Sally remembered this particular instance but as the acolyte was bringing her to her first orgasm she forgave him.

The congregation were called to order; one by one they finished their activities and got dressed. Then the master once more stood between my wife’s legs, once more lowered himself to slip his prick into her cunt, and once more began to fuck her, thrusting away vigorously as though it were his first time. I asked Elmore if we were going to get a complete repeat performance and he said, “no.” Surely enough, the master came surprisingly quickly. He slid out of my wife and inserted his fingers into her vagina. When he withdrew them they were slimy, covered in his sperm and that of all the acolytes, together with Sally’s vaginal juices. He held his hand up to the congregation and called out “see the seeds of fertility.”

One by one the acolytes stood up, kissed Sally and resumed his seat against the stage, at the same time putting his robe back on. The female escorts moved to Sally, covered her with her robe and released her from her straps. They then helped her to stand up and led her out through the door.

The service ended almost immediately and Elmore and I went round to the back of the building and into the back room. Whilst we were there we were invited back to a house with the master and the acolytes, where the orgy that we had witnessed would continue, but Sally was so sore that she declined and we called a taxi to take us back to Elmore’s flat.

When talking things over later I found out that when the service had begun, and Sally was in the room with the two girls, she undressed. Then at their request she had a quick bath, although she had bathed just before we set out. She lay on a table and the girls rubbed her all over with some oils. They paid particular attention to her genitals, oiling, powdering and then oiling them again, going quite deeply into her. She was convinced that this was part of the ceremony as the girls treated it very seriously and told her that the oils were specially prepared.

There were three long Velcro joints in Sally’s robe, each starting from the same point under her throat. One ran from top to bottom of the robe, the other two along the whole length of both the arms. Sally did not know about these joints as it was slipped on over her head. At that point she was still uncertain about what was going to happen to her. The girls told her that she was to be the alter for the mass, and so she thought that she would lie on a table, still dressed in her robe, and have the mass said over her. She thought that a general orgy would follow and that the master would be her partner. She also believed that she would be free to select or reject other men, as she chose. She did not know about the straps, and was shaken when her robe was removed so publicly.

We discovered that these fertility masses were held once a month. They did not normally include the full blood and body rites that had been carried out on Sally. The altar was usually formed by one of a small number of girls, members of the cult. Two of these had acted as her escort (one of them would have been used if any acolyte had rejected Sally at the outset).

The full mass was only performed on special occasions, when a new volunteer was found who was acceptable to the acolytes – something that did not happen very often. The last full mass, some 9 months before had ended prematurely as the young white girl who volunteered had to be released before the mass was half finished. Sally sympathised with her. The removing of the wafers caused a lot of pain as some of the men had stubbly beards and others, in gripping the wafer in their teeth, had also nipped her soft inner flesh. Also some of the cocks were so large they caused more pain, and some of the love bites were really vicious.

Several months later Sally was invited to become the altar once again, and happily did so. She repeated this a few more times in the following year, and she also got her sister Lynette to be the altar once. Then at a special Mayday fertility mass, when Sally was again the altar, there was no general orgy during the ceremony. But afterwards she joined her sister and they were fucked by most of the male members of the congregation.

But that’s another story.

to be continue

My Wife Sally 1 »

I married Sally, my beautiful young goddess in 1972, when she was only 17 years old. Shortly after I developed a great desire to watch her make love to another man, I don’t know why, until then I thought I was a normal heterosexual male. But I was really obsessed with this fantasy and mentioned it to Sally; she became very angry and I was made to suffer for my perversity. But over the months, as we discussed our sexual fantasies, I became aware that her attitude was changing.

Finally, after a great deal of persuasion, she agreed to try a one-night stand with a stranger, who I would choose from a contact magazine. She only did this to please me, and was unhappy and nervous about the whole thing. When I replied to an advert from a man in north London who described himself as a “sexy, very well endowed young stud” she was extremely reluctant to post my letter, but eventually did so.

Some weeks later, on a Friday night, I received a phone call from our sexy young stud. My legs turned to water as he discussed our reply to his advert. Through a thick haze, and with a bone-dry mouth, I invited him to come down to our home on the following night, and he accepted. From the brief conversation I was aware that he was not English, but could not guess his nationality from his accent. When I told Sally what I had arranged she was shocked, and was adamant that she would not go through with the meeting. She was so upset that I said that when our guest rang from the railway station I would tell him we had changed our minds. And with that we went to bed.

Although nothing was said the next day I knew that Sally was not so dead set against the visit. She made no objections when I bought several packets of condoms (she had just started taking the pill at the time), nor when I purchased films for our Polaroid camera – I desperately wanted to take pictures of my beautiful young wife and this stranger. And when buying food in the supermarket she said, in a loud voice, “is this well endowed young man staying the night or not?” But as the day wore on, I could tell that she was getting very nervous and knew that she was having doubts again – I suspected that this could be a disaster.

I had asked our guest to call from the railway station at about 7:30 that evening, but the call came at 6 PM. When I answered the phone Sally stood next to me with her eared glued to the earpiece. The guest, Elmore, said “there may be a problem, I am black, does that make a difference?” I looked at Sally and she shook her head. I took that to mean that the colour made no difference so told Elmore to wait by the phone box until I picked him up.

As Sally was nowhere near ready I told her I would take Elmore to a pub until 7 o’clock to allow her to have a bath and prepare herself. I again asked if she was prepared to go ahead, and without any sign of enthusiasm she said “I suppose so, lets see what happens, shall we”. Secretly I was delighted with the way things were going. If things worked out my wildest dream was about to come true and, to make it better, the man was coloured. But there was always the question as to whether Sally would go through with it.

I drove to the station in a state of high excitement. When I arrived the person waiting at the phone box turned out to be a slim and very good looking twenty year old man. He was well over six feet tall, and very, very black. I picked him up and drove to a pub. On the way I explained about the need to wear condoms, and asked him if it was OK to take Polaroids. I also warned him about Sally’s extreme nervousness, and reluctance to go through with this, and asked him to act with gentleness and caution. I could not believe that I was talking about such things to a total stranger.

At 7 PM we set off home. At the front door there was no answer to my knocking so I retrieved my keys from my pocket. It was difficult to do this as I was shaking from head to foot. When I went in and called out there was no reply. I thought that Sally’s nervousness and fear had got the better of her and, her nerve having gone, she had disappeared for the night. But when I took Elmore into the living room there was Sally, sitting in a chair. It was obvious that she was so nervous that she could neither stand nor talk, she was trembling and looked frightened and unhappy. But she also looked stunningly beautiful. She was wearing a simple but revealing short sleeved sweater and a mini skirt. Finished off with dark tights and high heel shoes she looked as beautiful as I had ever seen her.

The introductions over, we sat around talking. At first Sally sat saying nothing, and Elmore was very quiet as well – this was turning out very badly. But then they both joined in the conversation, and soon they were just talking to each other. And as they talked so they got more and more animated. It became obvious that they were turning each other on. So in spite of her original reluctance and shyness, and extreme nervousness, I knew at last that my wife was going to let this stranger fuck her. Sensing Sally’s nervousness, Elmore suggested they dance to the music of the record player and they stumbled awkwardly across the floor, arms around each other. I got out the Polaroid, determined not to miss one stage of this. I snapped their first kiss as they danced, then realised that I had not loaded the film correctly. Cursing, I dashed outside to reload the film in the dark.

It took only a few minutes to reload but by the time I re-entered the room I had missed the first stage of the seduction. For Elmore was now sitting in an armchair and Sally was sitting on the arm next to him. She no longer wore her sweater and her bra was undone, although her magnificent breasts were not visible. It had obviously started but at that stage he had not yet felt her breasts.

They French-kissed for quite a while, then, sensing Sally’s physical discomfort, Elmore suggested that they move to the settee. And they did, sitting side by side, arms locked around each other. The kissing became more intense and I expected that Elmore would play with my wife. Instead she started undressing him. She first stripped him to the waist, then slowly eased his trousers off him. She slipped her hands into his underpants and pulled out his erect black cock, cradling his balls in her hands. He was revealed as a supremely well endowed young man. Sally has seen many cocks since then but his was by far and away the biggest as it was over ten inches long. Sally played with this enormous penis before pushing his underpants to the floor, leaving him naked. She then lowered her head and took his massive manhood in her mouth.

After a few minutes Sally slid off the settee to face Elmore, kneeling between his legs, with his enormous black cock still deep in her mouth. He leaned forward and slid her bra from off her shoulders. He started to play with her nipples. Sally’s large, firm breasts are a perfect shape but within a few seconds her nipples were larger than I had ever seen them, and I actually saw those magnificent seventeen year old tits swelling and standing out more than they had ever done before, moulding themselves to his long, black hands.

Sally sucked Elmore’s cock for a few minutes before he slipped his hands under her armpits and swung her up onto the settee beside him. He reversed positions by going on his knees between Sally’s legs. He took her nipples in turn into his mouth, giving each a very hard suck; and as he let go of each nipple it seemed to throb with life. All this time Sally silently fondled the thick black curly hair on his head.

Elmore spread his kissing to include the whole of Sally’s body and she started to writhe excitedly. Her mini skirt had a button up front and the buttons were soon undone, the skirt then lying open on the settee. Sally was now only dressed in tights and pants. Using one hand to fondle her breasts, Elmore used the other to remove her pants. Sally co-operated willingly, lifting her bottom off the settee. With her pants gone, Elmore dropped his head between Sally’s legs and sucked at the crotch of her tights. This really got Sally going, and she ground her crotch against his face in excited thrusts.

Elmore then gripped the tops of Sally’s tights and tried to pull them down. But now she grabbed them and held on, reluctant to reveal her private self to her prospective lover. Without letting go of the tights, Elmore took one of Sally’s nipples into his mouth and sucked it noisily. Her hands moved to caress his head again and once more he tugged at her tights. After a seconds hesitation Sally arched her back and the tights came off. Elmore sat back on his haunches and looked at my wife’s cunt, then his mouth dropped onto it and he started eating her. She sat nestling back into the low settee, legs spread wide, feet on tiptoe, her large blue eyes wide open and staring at the top of his head which she gently stroked

This must have gone on for five minutes or more when Elmore pushed Sally back into the corner of the settee so that she was half sitting and half lying down. He moved further in between her legs and kissed her furiously. Sally started to writhe around again and moaned, the first sound that she had made since they had started dancing. I assumed that he had entered her, so went over to remind him to wear a condom. But no penetration had occurred and my intervention broke things up, so they sat talking, side by side, on the settee, Sally playing with Elmore’s cock whilst he fondled her breasts.

After talking for a few minutes Elmore suggested they adopted the 69 position and within seconds they were lying at my feet. Elmore was on his back eating my wife’s pussy whilst she took his massive cock in her mouth. I got a great picture of them in this position. Elmore had to give up when Sally performed one of her favourite tricks. She took his balls in her mouth and sucked and caressed them with her tongue. She could produce the most fantastic sensations doing this, and Elmore could only lie there groaning.

In danger of coming, Elmore sat up right at my feet. Sally joined him and they entwined, head to head, looking into each other’s eyes. Elmore’s hand stroked the inside of my wife’s legs, and I watched as he put his hand on her mound, then slipped his long slim fingers into her cunt. He was playing with her, fingering her and putting his fingers in her right up to the knuckles. As he did so Sally stared intently into his face and stoked his hair.

Sally suddenly jumped up, grabbed Elmore’s hand and headed for the stairs. I was disappointed, as I had asked her to have sex with him downstairs where I could sit down and watch in comfort. But I got up and followed them.

As soon as they entered the bedroom they grabbed each other and fell onto the bed, kissing passionately, with Sally on her back and Elmore on his stomach next to her. And so began the most fantastic time for Sally. Elmore slid down my wife’s body until his mouth was next to her breasts, which he kissed, sucked and bit very hard. He also played vigorously with her cunt, stroking the clitoris and slipping his fingers in and out. He worked away until, eventually, all his slim hand disappeared inside her tight cunt. He used his other hand to fondle and play with her bottom, slipping a finger occasionally into her anus.

Sally’s reaction to all this was amazing, she was soon moaning and crying and thrashing around on the bed. She had one huge orgasm after another, they went on for ages and her love juices flowed like the Niagara Falls. In our short marriage I had never seen her like this. This foreplay went on for over an hour, then Elmore asked Sally if he wanted his cock inside her and of course she said yes. He had difficulty getting a condom over his enormous penis, splitting two before he was successful with the third. He lay on his back and rolled Sally over on top of himself. Between them they fed his penis into her wet cunt.

I stood at the foot of the bed in a daze; my dreams had come true. I had watched my beautiful young wife being played with by a black man and she was now being fucked by him. I got a great picture of the two of them coupling in this position. Elmore’s large, thick cock was completely inside Sally and she raised herself on her hands so that he could play with her breasts. His cock was so big that Sally was in some pain and, after a few minutes of thrusting gently in and out of her he withdrew, to help her find a more comfortable position. But they found that the condom had split. So for the next half an hour they went back to the vigorous foreplay that they had started with. I do not know how my wife stood it, she was soon screaming and crying so loudly and continuously that I was worried that the neighbours would come round to find out what was wrong.

I went downstairs to develop the last of the Polaroid’s and saw that the time was 11:30 PM. Elmore could not stay on this, his first night, and had to catch the last train back to London at midnight. I ran back upstairs to tell him. Reluctantly he got off the bed, then lay down again for a final quick grope of Sally. I left them saying their goodbyes as I went to start the car.

So ended Sally’s first extra-marital experience. Elmore was the first man, other than myself, to have sex with Sally and he was her greatest stud. It was unsatisfactory as she had not been fully screwed, but we corrected that as soon as possible. Two weeks later, when Sally was safely on the pill, Elmore came down again and spent a night with her. In fact he became the first man to fuck her without using a condom, or, as we would say, to ride her bareback. He was a very experienced stud, and Sally and I learned more about sex from him than from any other source. Elmore had lots of contacts who he visited regularly, but after meeting Sally he dropped them and concentrated on her for 2 years. He was instrumental in setting up most of our sexual adventures in the 1970s.

The End

My Wife Sally – introduction »

As a postgraduate student at a leading English university back in the early 1970s I was lucky enough to marry a stunningly beautiful young blonde girl called Sally. She was everything a man could wish for. She was, to quote a relative, “as pretty as a picture,” with the figure of a film starlet. She was tall and slim, gorgeous legs “up to her armpits,” 36D breasts, and a long, lithe, shapely body. She had lovely long blonde hair, stretching all the way down her back. And she was a 16-year-old virgin, still at her private convent school. In less than a year we were man and wife. We married just as we both started our first jobs, and we set up home in a town to the west of London.

In those days there was no HIV or AIDS to worry about so young people were sexually very liberated. But the young girl I married was innocent and very shy. As I was some years older than she was I persuaded her to help me live out my wildest fantasies. She eventually became as adventurous as I was, and we had some really wild times. But at the end of the decade we started a family, and have lived “respectable” lives ever since.

I met Sally through my best friend at university. He was courting this beautiful young nurse, and I fell for her. I suffered pangs of unrequited love for many months, then I met her younger sister, Sally, and was immediately smitten. The sister, Lynette, was also beautiful, but in a totally different way. She was a small but curvy redhead, with small breasts. And whereas my wife was quiet and shy Lynette was very noisy and outgoing.

I took many pictures of our adventures, and wrote them up in detail in my diary. Here I would like to share some of them with you. The first story describes our very first adventure. Some of the later adventures involve Sally’s sister, Lynette. If you enjoy these adventures let me know and I will commit some more to paper.

to be continue

My slut wife loves to cum »


I met Valerie a little later in life than some I guess. We are six years in our marriage and happy. I’m 32 and she’s 29. What happened still amazes me and turns me on an incredible amount. You see, I love to see my wife cumming. Even if it’s on another man’s cock. And she loves to cum. Although still unsure, we both agreed to what made her realize her desires.


I had never asked much about my wife’s past with males. She never volunteered anything either except the time she was really drunk and she giggled about the time she was in high school and went to visit her college friend. She told me secretly that she “ended up pulling a train from here to Santa Fe”.


It happened after I joined a local poker club that was just a bunch of guys who liked to wager a bit over cards. We met at several of the men’s places so after a while I invited them all to our home in the suburbs.


Val was perfect. Her body is toned and fit in all respects. She has all day to keep it looking cool and she uses her time to make it nice. At 5’4″ and about 105 pounds her firm tits stand right out and wink at you from her small frame. What’s best about Valerie though, is her marble hard ass. She should be in jeans commercials or something.

When I told her that I would be having three tables of four guys over to play cards, she was OK with it. At first I was surprised thinking that she would be pissed about having to serve this raucous bunch. Then I thought that maybe she’d like to enjoy these guys in more ways than I’d imagined.

Val had come so very violently one night when I told her a story as I fucked her of how some young lady had been fucked and fucked, over and over by a group of men. I suggested to her that if she would like to suck some new cock she would be welcome to and that I would tape it from an camera hidden in the high corner shelf of our bedroom. Again, I was surprised to see my wife readily agree.

On the night of our adventure the guys arrived and up places at the tables but didn’t miss ogling my beautiful Valerie strutting her stuff in a patent white knit skirt and halter that hung just below her breasts. Her electric blue panties were barely covered and she sometimes she pulled down at her skirt in nervousness. As she served everyone, I kept asking her if she was ready for the time of her life. She would just nod, look me in the eyes and kiss me hard.

The game of poker went on in our dining room for an hour before I realized that my wife was missing. When I looked up again, she was striding in from the other end of the house with a smile on her lovely face and a couple of very wet spots on her top that looked like cum stains to me. When she kissed me I definitely noticed a musky odour and taste about her breath and tongue. It was enough that I mentioned to her that I thought she should be enjoying herself and asked if she had sucked off somebody. She admitted her actions right away. “Tim has a cock much like yours” she said “Only when I sucked on it he got off right away. He came all over me before I even realized he was so hot. hee, hee . it was so fast I couldn’t even catch it all. I acknowledged her cummy top. She whispered, “Can I do another of your buddies please. I’m so horny I just want to make somebody come.”

She disappeared into the other room just as Ken stood up to go to the washroom. Minutes later he came back and Val emerged a little worse for the wear but still holding her head high. She came over to me again and whispered into my ear that he had spermed her but she needed more. “He came right in my mouth” she said, “I need somebody to fuck me royally and cum hard in my pussy.”

“Well”, I said, “I want you to have a good time, do you think anybody else here excites your interest.?”

Val’s interest was quickly taken. I was way too late. Valerie followed Jake into the other rooms. I busied myself with stuff in the kitchen, which is on the way to the bathroom and bedrooms. Very soon I could hear noises. Thumping and moans came from our room. I listened for a short time going crazy to see how Val was taking it all. Soon the noises stopped. Within a minute Jake walked by, winking at me, then Val arrived smiling before she kissed me in the kitchen.

“You won’t believe what just happened” she said “Jake was coming back from the bathroom when he saw me in the bedroom. He just walked right in told me to suck his big wang. I saw his huge thing sticking out so I told him I’d suck it for him, but God. It was so big I couldn’t suck it all down. I had both hands on his cock and my mouth stuck on the top! Fuck I wanted more of it than I could touch! It was so exciting I couldn’t help myself and rocked back pulling him back with me. Pretty soon he was over top of me on the edge of the bed, slowly pushing his big dick in my little cunt and I couldn’t stop him at all.”

I was feeling her wet cunt as she spoke. “Oh my god” she said, “please keep feeling me. I’m going to come on your hand if your keep feeling my wet pussy that way.”

“Tell me more” I said.

“I came within a second of his cock going in just a little bit… I swear,.. every inch he pushed in made me come all over again”. She was thrusting her pussy forward now as I shoved my fingers in her sopping body. “He fucked me hard” she said, “He grabbed my shoulders and rammed my pussy..yes love.yes.yes.I’m cumming again.oh fuck.I’mm.cumming.Oh.oh.oh..I love hard cock. That fucker made me so wet.Oh God I love you and your fingers.” She slowly calmed down. I was just withdrawing my hand from her wet crotch when Jake came in from the card room. He looked at me with an open request for Valerie’s freedom.

“Ah.. One more thing” said Valerie “He said that if you didn’t tell the others. he would”

“I know that you want to feel their cocks in you” said I.”Do you want to continue tonight?”

My sweet young wife smiled at me, kissed me and said “I’ll make a tape for you tonight that will really get your rocks off when ever you want.” A few others stuck their heads in the room. Val whispered to me again. “Everyone knows now”, she said, “These guys want to fuck my pussy too..Do you mind at all honey?” I couldn’t object. She knew that their fucking her would only excite me and make me horny. I led Valerie into the dining room and held up her hand in front of everyone.

Here’s the deal, I told them. ” Anyone who wants to touch my lovely wife tonight has to put $100 into the pot. I will give them $100 in chips. Whoever wins the most in chips tonight gets to have Valerie for a date next week.”.Instantly the table was filling with money and I made change as fast as I could but lost track of Valerie.

One of the guys had brought his son Jimmy to the game. Young Jimmy was big, probably 6’2″ but couldn’t have been more than 17 or 18. I guess Valerie thought that he was old enough for a blowjob because he was sprawled on the couch with his head thrown back and she was laying some serious loving on his ample pipe. Once I found her I went away quickly to find my Pentax camera. I just had to have a shot of my lovely wife gobbling cock the way she does so well. I was only gone for a minute and quickly framed up her slurping face. It looked like they were both very much into it so I started shooting. Val pulled his cock out momentarily and smiled brightly for the camera posing beside his pole. Jimmy maybe had a short trigger or maybe he’d never been sucked before but just as Val started licking his cock again he grunted and shot a wad of come all over her nose. Val tried to stuff his jerking cock back in her mouth but he was moving a lot and all she could do was jerk him off and try to kiss the top as it splashed come on her face. He kept coming and coming until finally she swooped down and swallowed his cock deeply as his come squished around her lips and dripped off her chin. When she came up for air Jimmy was intensely satisfied looking and Val’s face was a mask of semen. Almost immediately someone shooed Jimmy out of the way and replaced him on the couch. Val just shrugged her shoulders and grabbed the next hard cock. She looked into this new guy’s eyes as she wiped her cummy face with his cock. She then licked the goo off his cock with lascivious glee and added slurpy suck motions for affect.

The next I saw of her she was coming out of our bedroom again. I don’t even know who’d been with her.. most recently that is. She smiled at me demurely but I could see that she had been having the time she was looking for. Her hair was all mussed and her skirt was skewed way off to one side as was her smile. I could see cum on her neck and halter top and she opened her mouth to show me a fresh deposit which she then licked her lips with. Somehow she must have felt it more proper to put her panties back on. I could see them below her little white knit skirt. No longer electric blue they were more navy blue from being soaked with loads of mingled cum.

As I watched, two guys led her to the other side of our dining room. She submissively obeyed their command to suck one man off. The other man placed his hard cock immediately at the entrance to Valerie’s pussy. Another joined the action shoving his hard cock in Val’s face. She quickly obeyed his demands and switched back and forth between the two hot cocks at her head. Her tight bottom looked perfectly hard and horny as she was pounded from behind. Her face was being battered by the two fuckers at her face when I saw her about to come again. She started making those losing control noises. Somebody at my table spoke up. “Jesus Ted, you got yourself one hot woman here.” “no kidding” “Oh yeah” and “I see that!” was heard around the room.

“”Oh fuck -baby. I ‘m going to cum again. ” she cried. “Let me come on this guy just this once and I’ll never be an infidel again.!!!!I promise!!!!!!” With that she started coming her young head off again. She thrashed and came and jerked her body all over the three men around her. She was oblivious to the throng of watchful eyes memorizing her erotic display.

Valerie went on and on that night. We played cards to pass the time between turns with my lovely wife. Valerie disappeared and reappeared time and again with each of our guests. Sometimes one at a time but mostly with the majority that could woo her into the bedroom. It didn’t take much. One time I saw her trying to get a bite of crackers and cheese. Tom and Woody surrounded her in one move and I saw Val put down her plate and look up to them to say “Yes?”. Smoothly they whisked her away with only a little breath from Valerie. A minute later we all heard Valerie moan softly then shout in ecstasy. It sounded like a surprise scream. I decided to leave the game to see what was happening.

From the doorway I could see what my recorder was seeing. There was my horny young woman on her hands and knees over Woody. His cock was stuffed into her sweet pussy and both their sexes were covered with foam and syrupy cum. Tom was on top of my wife’s back slowly rocking back an forth with his cock almost all the way up her ass. Valerie twisted around to look at Tom. “You fucker” she said, “Oh..Oh .I’m gonna cum all over your cock and I’ve never even had a cock up my ass before.” Then Woody grabbed my wife’s head from below to kiss her. Val’s eyes grew wide in orgasm. She smoothly shoved her hips backwards hard. Both men fucked her holes in barely controlled slams as Val lashed her face across Woody’s. “unnnngh..unnngh…unngh..Oh God, here I go again “..she screamed into his mouth as she and Woody came together. They thrashed and crashed their bodies together over and over as Tom slammed his big cock into her from behind. She kept on kissing Woody as they slowed their fucking motions. And then, my Valerie got very much excited again. “OH fuck, you’re coming too aren’t you? I can feel it! Your cock is going to cum in by ass too…Oh.Oh.oh.oh god…..I’m cumming again..Oh fuck me.fuck me beautiful..fuck me …I love to fuck.” Val twisted her head around in amazement at Tom. He answered by bucking hard into her hot ass and pulling her back on his cock. Val tried to reach him with her open mouth but was overcome with a wracking orgasm. “Oh fuck me, fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me I can’t believe I can come so much…Oh god that feels so good..I’m cumming so hard..Oh fuck oh fuck oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I’m still cumming,…I didn’t know I could cum in my bum…Keep fucking my ass,.I love it..Oh, ….Oh,……..Oh, ..OH made me cum and cum and cum. How did you know I would do that with your cock way up there?. Stay in me. Stay in me.”

I let her enjoy her rest time alone and joined the card game once again.

By the time I woke up the night was long over and Val was nowhere to be seen. I made my way up and to the bathroom only to hear the sound of squeaking bedsprings and my young lover coming again as some fucker filled her pussy with sperm. “Oh” she said, “Oh my God, I’m going to cum again. Ungh, Ungh Ugh. I’m cominnggg again.” It was hard to listen to because I was still drunk and horny and I had to piss.

As I relieved myself in the toilet I heard my wife cum yet one more time on the umpteenth player in our little tournament. I made my way back to our bedroom to await my party girl.

Finally, young Valerie made her way back to the bedroom after all the revelers had left. She came to our bed with a sheepish but happy smile. She told me all about how the card players had used and abused her body. She showed me how they all sprayed cum in her hair and face. She guided me to her wet and overflowing pussy with all its extra cum. I instantly flipped her on her back and pressed my face into her clit and began to tell her how I loved to hear her cum.

Valerie began to squirm on my face. I knew that whenever I liked I was welcome to shove my cock up her pussy and she would come from the sheer pleasure of it all. So would I.

I mounted my wife as she had been mounted many times before this evening. She was seeping semen all over her body. The feeling was incredible and I got very excited and rammed her wet, wet cunt with everything I had. Valerie came her little cunt all over me as I came in her and looked into her eyes. Her nipples got hard and my wife came sweetly for the last time that night.

After a time she said quietly, “Oh, by the way, Jimmy won the most chips tonight. He says he’s going to have a surprise party for me with his friends from high school when ever you set up the .uh ……’date’. My sweet wife smiled at me with a beautiful toothy grin despite being slopped in cum and asked if I thought it was OK to fuck a bunch of high school seniors. “Do you think I should go. I don’t know about all those young guys. What if they spread it around before I get there?”

“You and I made the deal with them.” I said to her, “We have the twelve hundred dollars. If Jimmy won, he won. I think you should go to see it all. Besides..You might just enjoy whatever happens to you that night.” My sweet young wife smiled as she snuggled into me with her wet but happy, satisfied body.


The End


slutbride »


When I was 17 I worked for a trucking company in the midwest. I lived in a nice home with my mother and never knew my father because he left us when I was only 5. While working at my job I became good friends with John. I introduced him to my mother and with in a year they were married. But I always saw John as my best friend other than my step father. We would go to strip clubs, or he would flirt with girls and it would never bother me even though he was married to my mom. After 3 years of marriage my mother was killed in a car crash, and I stayed with John until I was 18. Every sat night he would have poker partys in the basement that had a full bar and was set up more like a bar than a basement. Their was always plenty of booze and sometimes coke or pot to keep the party’s going. Sometimes John my now step father would have hookers over during the poker party’s to keep all the guys entertained. They would sit around and play cards while the girl would give them blow jobs or what ever. John started letting me join the party’s when I turned 21 and it became a once a month thing every 3rd saturday.


When I was 24 I headed out to my step dads house for our monthly card game and when I arrived I saw the regular crowd of cars outside. As I walked down the stairs I saw this knock out of a chick dressed up as slutty as it gets, she was hot! My step father hadn’t had a stripper/whore at a game in years and she was the only one there! Their was about 9 of us sitting around playing cards. Jenna was the girls name and she was serving drinks, prancing around in that slutty outfit distracting the crowd from the cards so my step dad could win no less. They would occasionally finger her when she would bring them a drink or play with her tits. I lost all my cash in the first hour of the game and spent the rest of the time drinking and talking to Jenna.


We really hit it off and made a date for next week. The thing I like about her the most was she was not afraid to be a slut and I really got off on this. After the game finished and every was leaving, she got on her knees at the bottom of the stairs and sucked off every guy as they left. She would get really nasty while she sucked cock with her words and her actions. My step father went first and I was last. She had cum all over her face, and looked soooooo sexy.



The following week we met for our date and started going steady, and one year later we were married! She was only 18 when we met so was 19 when we were to get married. She didn’t live in our state very long when we met and had no family that she spoke to anyway. 2 weeks before we were to be married, I told my step dad that we were looking for her dress and that they were so costly we might have to skimp on the dress. He told me that he would find her a dress and buy it for her and we could pay him back. I told jenna about this and she said ok. Two days later he called us and told us that he has her dress and we could come pick it up that night. We were at the bar at the time he called us and Jenna was lit up. So we headed out to my step dads house to pick up her dress. When we came in my step dad greeted us at the door by shaking my hand and doing his usual feel up of jenna by hugging her holding her ass and making a sexual comment to her about her great lips. (i never minded)


He handed her the bag with the dress and undergarments in it and a box for the shoes. I told her to go try it on while we went down stairs for a drink. After about 30 min of talking with my step dad and drinking we could hear the click click of her heals on the stairs. When she walked into the room I was blown away! Jenna is 5’5” and about 105 pounds, she has green eyes, shoulder length brown hair and 36c tits. She always keeps the pussy shaved and has full red lips that just beg for a cock. The dress was white, off the shoulders, It was a mini skirt in front and real long in the back. The front of the dress was so short that you could see the tops of the white stockings and the grader belt clearly. She was finished off with 6 inch platform stilettos. (also known as stripper fuck me shoes.) She looked like the sluttiest bride I have ever saw! And I loved it! Just the thought of her walking down the isle in a church in that looking like a total whore got me hard as a rock! She too loved the dress because she just loved to be treated like a whore. Just as we were admiring her, my step father said :” Oh you guys owe me $2.000 dollars for the dress. And I need it in 2 days. I was pissed! I asked him why he needed it so soon and he told me that it is because he needs to recoup for all the booze he got for my bachelor party. Then he told me “Oh yeah…it is tonight!” Just then the door bell rang and 12 of his friends came walking down the stairs! When they saw Jenna they thought she was the stripper for the night and started groping her. She playfully walked past them and over to me and my step father. I said “We cant pay in 2 days. And I didn’t know you were having a party for me tonight! Jenna cant drive home in the shape she is in.” My step father said: “Ok I will make you a deal. Let jenna be the entertainment tonight, and we will call it even.” Suddenly Jenna said: “OK!” I was shocked and really turned on. I explained that she is going to have to service every guy here. She said no problem. Then my step dad explained that she is to do what ever they want to her. And again she said ok. At that my step father announced. “OK BOYS SHE IS OURS!” he then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her along standing her near the center of the room. “THIS IS THE SLUT BRIDE! SHE IS 19 AND IS GOING TO DO SOME OF THE MOST NASTIEST THINGS WE CAN THINK OF TONIGHT!” Two of my step dads friends came up to her and grabbed her one by the hair and the other by the arm and walked her over to the pool table. They pulled her dress down to expose her tits. then pushed her over the table so her breasts were pressed against the table. They tied each hand to the other end of the table and tied he ankles to the bottom of the legs of the table. Then one by one they steeped up and started fucking her. One of the guys hooked up a camcorder to a large screen TV that was in the room and focused it on her face. I watched her face on the TV while all 12 of my step dads friends fucked her. Her face was a mix of pleasure and pain. They were calling her filthy names while they slammed into her young pussy. And would sometimes shove their finger into her asshole then pull it out and make her lick it clean. No one would cum inside of her. They would all pull out and cum into a near by glass.


There I was sitting there watching my wife to be gang raped! And I was enjoying it stroking my own cock. One guy came up and said he wasn’t going to fuck her. Then he grabbed a pool stick form the rack and started sliding the larger end into her. He started asking her. “ARE YOU A WHORE?” “yes I am a whore” she would say. “TELL THE CAMERA WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU, YOU FUCKING WHORE!” “i am being fucked.” “NO! TELL THE CAMERA WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING TO YOU BITCH!” “i am being gang raped” “AND YOU LIKE IT DON’T YOU SLUT!” ….”yes” “WHAT!” “YES!!!!!! I LIKE TO BE GANG RAPED.” “SAY IT AGAIN!!!” as she continued to say it to the camera he would fuck her with the stick forcing more and more into her. She started to cry then he pulled it out. Just then one of the other guys came down with something that was glowing. It was a coat hanger that had been shaped to say ” FUCK SLUT” and they had heated it up on the stove to make it red hot. As I got up to stop this I was hit in the mouth. Then tied up. As they branded Jenna on the ass I could hear one of them say. Put it where people can see it when she puts on her slut swim suit. The guys that were tying me up told me that they owned my step father because he owes them over $20,000 from his gambling and this is how he pays.

Then one of them put me in front of the TV and I saw them uniting Jenna. The other guy put in a tape and said enjoy. As the tape started I could see a woman hand cuffed to a fence in some back ally at night. The dress she was wearing was close to that of the one Jenna had on. I watched as 6 homeless guys were fingering her making her suck their cock and fucking her. Every one of them would cum on her face. The tape must have been started half way through because I could clearly see that her farce, hair, and tits had soooo much cum on them you could hardly make out who it was getting raped on the screen. I could hear Jenna scream and looked over my shoulder to see them branding her little ass. Then they turned her around and I herd one of them say “hold the bitch” Then they started putting a needle through her nipples. And attached a ring to each of them. Then walked her over to me by pulling on the rings. As I looked back at the TV I saw the close up of the woman’s face and she wiped the cum off her face and she walked back to a waiting limo. It was my mother from when her and my step dad got married. I could not believe my eyes! They sat Jen right in front of me and put her on her knees. One of the men came over with the glass full of cum. The guy holding her down whispered something in her ear. Then he pulled her hair back so her head tilted back and mouth opened. The other guy slowly poured the cum from the glass onto her face and into her mouth while one of the other guys taped the whole thing. My cock was hard the whole time watching my beautiful young wife to be get treated like a trashy whore right in front of me. She had cum all over her face and hair. She choked a little on the cum in her mouth. When the glass was empty they let her hair go and she looked at me and tried opening her eyes and the cum dripped down covering her face like a gooey mask she said to me as the cum bubbled on her mouth and dripped onto her tits. “You are marrying a cum whore.”

Just then my step father walked into the room with another stranger. He introduced him to me and jenna as Judge Thomson. And explained that we were to get married right now! The dragged Jenna by the hair over to the bar area and made her get on all fours. Then untied me and had me stand next to where she was. The judge pulled out his cock and they instructed Jenna to start sucking. As she did one guy came up behind her and said “I will be the best man!” The others just stood around. As the “best man” started fucking her and she sucked on the judges cock he started the wedding. He did not refer to her a woman but a slut. “Do you take this slut as your wife?” he asked me while she sucked on his cock. “Yes” I said. And when I did her forced the entire thing into her mouth and down her throat. “And slut, do you take him as your husband to pass you around to anyone at anytime to be used as a fuck toy?” He then pulled his cock out of her mouth while the guy fucking her pulled her hair again so she would have to look up at the judge through the cum covering her eyes. “YES!” she said. Just then the judge started cumming on her face and said. I now pronounce you husband and slut. You may fuck the bride. The guy fucking her then came in her and got off. I then took his place. I couldn’t hold back anymore. As I fucked her they all chanted ” SLUT! SLUT! SLUT! SLUT! SLUT!”


After I came in her messy pussy, they all took a break and passed around shots. They wouldn’t let her change her dress or clean any of the cum off her face. They poured shot after shot into her and me and took turns on her all night long. At 4:00am they all finally left. Jenna was passed out on the pool table cum oozing out of her pussy and mouth, her hair was matted and her dress was nothing but rags on her used body. My step dad came up to me and handed me $3,000 in cash and said this is for tonight. My new daughter in law is worth a fortune. Now take her home and I will be in touch. Remember she is branded.


I carried her to the car and she woke up and said, “I like this family. That was the best.”


I couldn’t think of what he meant by we will be in touch. I think this is not the last time they are going to use my new bride.




the end



Beach House »

My wife Gloria and I got married fresh out of college. Luckily I was able to land a job right away and we took up residence in an apartment in the city. I was working for an Internet startup company, as a programmer, which didn’t pay all that great, but offered tons of stock options that could someday be valuable.

Gloria is a beautiful woman and she exploits it to the max. She often dresses in these clingy outfits that really accent her beautiful figure and full well proportioned bustline. Although she hails from a modest background, college has turned her kind of aloof. She speaks well, dresses well, and wants desperately to make friends in high society.

After we had been married a year, the company I work for went public in an IPO. The options I owned for 5,000 shares suddenly became worth $250.00 each! That’s over a million dollars and a real windfall. Of course I would have to wait a two years for the options to become fully vested, but I got a good raise and felt like I was rich.

The life that Gloria had always wanted, the rich life of leisure with the upper crust of society was within her grasp. This windfall, she thought, was her ticket to the all her dreams and aspirations. She went right out and bought a two seat foreign sports car, and a whole new wardrobe. I tried to explain to her that we really couldn’t afford these things right now. We had to wait for the options to become vested. In a few years we could cash some of them in and reap our windfall but she wouldn’t hear of it. She wanted it now and wouldn’t take NO for an answer.

“John, what good is having all this money if we can’t enjoy it” she told me.

“We WILL be able to enjoy it, once our options become fully vested.” I informed her. “We have to wait for almost two years.”

“Well I want to start to enjoy it now.” Gloria insisted. “My friends have all the good things in life and I want them too! I want to start right now, I’ve waited long enough.”

I knew it would be impossible to get through to her. At this point she was in no mood to listen to facts. I thought that maybe I could narrow it down and appease her somehow.

“What is it that you want, honey?” I asked her “Maybe I can get it for you.”

Gloria smiled. Her face became cheery. “I was hoping that we could spend two weeks at a beach house on Gale Island this summer with all my society friends.” She stated flatly.

“And I want a new apartment. An apartment at the Willows.” Gloria added.

“Hell, you know what those things cost!” Her requests blew me away. “We can’t afford those things! Not yet anyway.”

Gloria’s face changed from cheery to a scowl. She started sobbing. I couldn’t stand it when she got like this and she knew I was powerless to resist her. In this case, however, there was nothing I could do about it. The things that she wanted were just too damn expensive to even think about. Her desires would just have to be put on hold.

A few weeks later I happened to be talking to an associate and he mentioned that one of the senior executives at my company had a big beautiful beach house on Gale Island. He also told me that sometimes he invites employees over. It was usually the ones with the sexiest wives. The wives, he told me, had to live up to certain expectations. If he really liked them, sometimes he even loaned his beach house out on weekdays. This got my wheels spinning trying to figure a way to get that beach house vacation my wife so desperately craved.

That night I discussed the situation with Gloria.

“Honey it seems like we might have a chance at going to Gale Island after all.”

My wife’s face lit up with a big smile. “Really?” she asked, “I thought we couldn’t afford that luxury.”

I began telling her what I had heard about Robert Stiles, the senior executive with the beach house, and how he often invited the younger teckies over for the weekend. Gloria sat right down next to me, rested her elbows on the table and placed her chin in her hands. She was hanging on my every word.

“I want to hear more.” She coaxed.

“He only likes to invite the guys who have young sexy wives.” I told her. “I heard he likes to look at them and fantasize about what kinds of sex they enjoy.”

“Well what’s wrong with me!” Gloria piped right in. “He can fantasize about me if he wants I wont mind a bit. Especially if I get to spend the weekend on Gale Island.”

“Wait there’s more.” I cautioned. “I heard that the wives have to wear these tiny bikinis, and sometimes he and his friends grope them a little.” I was laying out the conditions my friend had told me about. It seemed that Gloria was not the least bit deterred.

“I look pretty good in a bikini.” She quickly responded “And hell, I get groped all the time by perverts on the subway for free! That’s not so bad.”

I was a little surprised at my wife’s devil may care attitude about parading around in a string bikini and being groped by strangers. I became obvious to me that Gloria was determined to make this happen. I could see the sparkle in her eyes.

“How do we meet him and get ourselves invited?” She bubbled.

I explained my loosely formulated plan. “A bunch of the executives from work stop for drinks at the Copper Top Lounge on Thursdays. One of these days I could tag along and you could meet me there. I could introduce you to Robert and see what happens.”

“Tomorrow night is Thursday let’s do it then!” Gloria was really anxious.

“Well I suppose I could talk to Robert when I see him tomorrow, mention that you’d like to meet him and then show up at the Copper Top.” I suggested.

“Suppose he asks you about me what are you going to tell him?” Gloria pried.

“Well … the truth I guess.” I answered her.

“No! You fool!” Gloria blurted out spontaneously. “This is supposed to be a fantasy for him, right?” She was getting really carried away over this now. “You tell him that I have a very sexy body and work out religiously… Tell him that I look great in a bikini and that I love sex… No wait!… Tell him that I’m an exhibitionist … and I love to give you oral sex all the time! Tell him you think I might be a nymphomaniac.”

“But you never gave me oral sex in your life!” I interjected.

“Look!” Gloria insisted “This is supposed to be his fantasy right? No one has a fantasy about an ordinary wife performing regular old lovemaking every other Saturday. Robert needs something juicy. He needs to think I am this oversexed horny housewife. If we play our cards right we can get a nice long weekend at his beach house.”

I was a bit taken back with Gloria’s enthusiasm over this whole situation. The length she seemed willing to go surprised me. I had a feeling that she was biting off more than she could chew and her insistence on playing the role of the flirtatious wife could only backfire on her eventually. Perhaps it would backfire on us both.

The following day I casually spoke to Robert and the subject finally came up regarding his beach house. True to form, he asked me about my wife and I suggested some of the things that Gloria had told me to say. Robert seemed interested and asked me to join him at the Copper Top. I called my wife with the news and we agreed to meet.

Robert and I were enjoying a drink and talking when suddenly the front door opened and the whole bar went silent. I looked up to see my beautiful wife entering the establishment.

Her light brown hair glistened in the light, and her blue eyes sparkled. She wore a silky white top that clung to her breasts leaving no surprises as to their shape and fullness. Her large nipples were faintly outlined by the thin material. Gloria had on a short leather skirt. I mean it was real short. It showed about two thirds of her thigh. It had a slit on the side that ran up the final third of her left leg. As she walked, we could see the tops of her stay up stockings through the slit in the leather. Her extremely high heels made a clicking noise as she walked across the floor.

Gloria came right over to us to say hello. She kind of ignored me and fixed her gaze directly on Robert. Her attentiveness to him was obvious.

“Well who is this John?” She asked in her deepest seductive tone “Aren’t you going to introduce me to this handsome gentleman?”

“Gloria this is Robert,” I told her, “He’s one of the senior executives at the office.”

Gloria’s face lit up with a smile. She extended her hand to Robert as if she wanted him to grasp it. “I’m so very pleased to meet you.” She breathed in her most seductive tone.

Robert invited her to join us. Gloria sat down on his right, and crossed her legs. The slit on her leather dress opened wider, not just exposing her stocking tops but also a good inch of tender white thigh flesh. This lovely little display was not wasted on Robert. He quickly complimented my wife on her appearance.

“You look very sexy tonight, Gloria. Do you always dress this way?” He asked.

“No.” She replied. “Only when I’m going someplace special … or to meet someone special.” She hinted.

There was music playing and Robert enjoyed several dances with Gloria. From my vantage-point at the table I could see his hands slide slowly over my wife’s ass while he held her close. Her leather skirt was riding up as he gently rubbed her ass, revealing just a little of her tight panties to all the executives who were sitting at various tables. Her stocking tops and thighs were shamefully on display. I trying to get her attention to get her to discontinue this lewd show that taking place right in front of all my bosses.

After several drinks and several dances, we all decided to call it a night. On the ride home, in the car, Gloria wanted to discuss her conversation with Robert. She turned off the radio and turned to face me in the car.

“Well,” she boasted “I got him to ask us out to Gale Island this weekend! I told you I could get him to ask us! See what just a little flirting can do!”

“It looked to me like you were doing a little more than flirting.” I scolded

“It was all harmless.” She countered “It was just a little harmless flashing to get him to ask us to his beach house. It meant nothing to anyone, and now I get what I wanted!”

“What did he say to you?” I needed to have an idea how far this might go.

“Well he told me I looked very sexy. He said he really liked that in a woman. He said he liked women who aren’t held back by inhibitions. Robert said that you told him how I loved to give you oral sex and he couldn’t get the thought of it out of his mind. He asked if I had ever been to Gale Island and he told me that if I wanted to look real sexy this weekend he would invite us out to his beach house.”

“I quickly accepted and told him that it turns me on to dress provocatively and that it turns you on to watch your wife looking sexy and flirting with other men. That’s when he started to rub my ass a little bit. He held me tight and pressed his crotch right against me. I could feel his big hardon and he kept rubbing my ass. You told me to expect a little groping so I told him that it felt good and I didn’t resist.”

“You told him I LIKE to watch you flirting and exposing yourself?” I was pissed.

“Well you told me he has this fantasy thing, John. I had to tell him something to get us invited now didn’t I? It was all very harmless and I was sure that you wouldn’t mind. He told me to come to the office tomorrow and talk to his personal secretary. He said she would provide me with a special bathing suit to wear and explain the ground rules.”

“GROUND RULES!” This sounded awfully fishy to me. “Gloria I think we should call this quits right now. I think that you are getting in way over your head.” I counseled.

“You’re just jealous.” Gloria shot back. “You feel bad because I was able to get a weekend at a beach house on Gale Island that you couldn’t afford to get for us, that’s all! Now are you going to back me up on this or not? After all, this was YOUR idea to begin with!”

I knew better than to argue at this point. I decided to let the matter rest until my wife had a chance to learn about these “ground rules”. I wanted to hear for myself what they were and to have a firsthand look at this special bathing suit he was to give her.

The next day at work dragged by. I expected to see my wife after her appointment with Robert’s secretary but she never showed. I figured she had come to her senses. Much to my surprise, when I arrived at home she greeted me at the door wearing the tiniest string bikini I had ever seen in my life. My chin hit the floor as Gloria did a little twirl giving me a full view of just how little was covered up by her new swimwear.

“Like it?” she asked. “This is the special bathing suit I’m wearing this weekend!”

“That’s the suit?” I was in shock. The tiny white bikini was more lewd than if she was actually naked. The two microscopic triangles of the top barely covered my wife’s nipples. The teeny bottom barely covered her pubic area and only hid a sliver of her butt.

It was not just lewd it was obscene. The white fabric was practically transparent and my wife’s tits and ass were jiggling shamelessly with every move. All my wife’s naked assets were nearly on display to anyone who might see her dressed this way.

I quickly regained my composure and began to subvert this little scheme of hers. “I think perhaps you should reconsider this Gloria. That bikini is obscene. If it gets wet, everything is going to show right through. You might as well be nude!”

“Listen!” Gloria shouted back, ” I think I look pretty darn good in this suit. If you’re ashamed of me just say so! I want a weekend on Gale Island! I managed to get us invited, no thanks to you, and I’m going even if I have to go alone and buck naked!”

I said nothing. I retired to the living room and flipped on the TV. Before long Gloria was standing in front of me wearing a terry robe over her bikini and blocking the TV.

“I’m sorry I shouted at you honey.” Gloria said softly. “It’s just that I want to enjoy the same things that my friends do. I want to go to Gale Island for the weekend and if I have to put on this little show for Robert and his friends, who cares? If you really, really love me and care about the things I want you’ll back me up on this…okay baby?”

“It’s okay honey.” I reassured her “I want you to have your weekend. I guess I’ll go along with whatever happens.”

The next morning we were up early and off on the hour drive to Gale Island. We arrived at the address of a spectacular beach house. The foyer was huge with a big high ceiling, accented by an impressive sweeping staircase that led to the upstairs bedrooms. The great room featured a two-story oceanfront wall of glass looking out over the dunes and the sea. There was a beautiful patio deck surrounding a large built in swimming pool.

We were greeted at the door by one of Robert’s servants. He checked our names off on his guest list and showed us to our accommodations. Apparently we were to occupy separate bedrooms. The butler told us that this was standard practice for all of the “entertainment wives”. I gave Gloria a funny look but went along with the whole thing. In fact, after seeing the beautiful beach house, I was thinking that this might turn out to be a pretty good weekend after all.

Gloria and I changed into our swimsuits and met out on the patio with Robert and the other guests. As soon as we arrived Robert came right over to talk to Gloria.

“You look terrific!” he complimented enthusiastically.

“Doesn’t everyone think that Gloria looks great!” He held her by the hand and spun her around so all the executives could get a good look at my wife in her micro suit.

I thought that Gloria would blush with embarrassment. Instead, she seemed to revel in the attention she was getting. Robert escorted her around the pool area and introduced her to the male guests. All my wife’s female assets were nearly on display and she didn’t seem to mind one bit.

I decided to get out of there and take a walk on the beach. Once away from the scene I started to enjoy myself a little. Gale Island is indeed a beautiful place. There were plenty of women in tiny bikinis all over the beach. Some were even topless! As I walked along the surf I began to get more comfortable with the whole situation.

After about an hour I returned to Robert’s beach house. Gloria and another young sexy woman were in the corner of the pool surrounded by 3 male guests. All five of them were laughing and joking around. The other girl was blonde and topless her big tits were covered in tanning oil. One of the guys had his hand on my wife’s ass and was gently stroking it. She was offering no resistance as he openly groped her.

I sat in a nearby lounge chair. When Gloria noticed me she swam across the pool, climbed out, and walked over to where I was sitting. Now that her suit was wet I could clearly see her silver dollar size nipples and pubic patch. The suit was practically transparent! Gloria sported a huge smile as all the eyes around the pool watched her sexy tits and ass jiggle with every step.

She sat down next to me. “How was your walk, John?” she asked. “I missed you.”

“It doesn’t look like you missed me too much.” I countered “And besides, you look practically naked in that wet bikini.”

“No one else seems to care. In fact,” she said “didn’t you notice that Susan over there doesn’t even have her top on at all. I want to take mine off too. You don’t mind do you, honey? They have all seen my tits right through this suit anyway and Robert seems to like that. I want to make them happy and be sure we get invited back here. It’s okay right, if I take off my top and let your bosses have a little tiny peek at my boobies?”

Without waiting for an answer, Gloria untied her top and pulled it off. I couldn’t believe it! Here was my beautiful sexy wife topless in front of all my bosses, her big pink puffy nipples lewdly on display. The other men were all grinning as they prepared to feast their eyes on my wife’s full sexy tits. I was in complete shock.

My wife tossed me her top, turned around and went back to rejoin her new friends in the pool. Gloria whispered something to them and they all looked back at me and laughed.

I needed a drink. I went inside the house where there was a bar and fixed myself a gin and tonic. I ran into a programmer from another department at the company. It turns out that he is married to the topless blonde at the pool. He introduced himself as Susan’s husband, Tom.

Tom told me that they have been spending weekends here at Robert’s beach house since last summer. He told me that a few weeks after they started coming he got a big raise and a lot of extra stock options. He said that they have been invited back every weekend. Tom said that his wife loves acting out the “entertainment wife” scenario and all that extra money in the paycheck is pretty hard to give up.

I started asking him just what was expected of the wives and what these so called “ground rules” were all about. Tom explained that the “entertainment wife” was always a spouse of one of the younger technical personnel. She had to be young, good looking, and willing to submit to the sexual advances of the older executives. During the daytime she had to wear a tiny bikini or go topless. In the evening she was expected to wear a sexy and revealing outfit for the “entertainment” of the executives.

I asked him about the separate bedrooms and Tom told me that tonight the executives would have a little lottery to see which ones get to have sex with our wives. Each wife was expected to “entertain” two executives with sexual favors. Tom told me that his wife Susan was very popular and would sometimes have three or four guys. He also explained that it was customary for Robert to have the guy’s wife first and the guy’s boss to be second. The husband is only allowed minimal contact with his wife until Sunday.

The wives get to spend Sunday freely with their husbands and use all the facilities of the beach house as their own. The husbands get a fat raise, stock options, and free weekends in the exclusive Gale Island community. Tom said that it turns him on when his wife tells him of her sexual exploits with the executives so he really doesn’t mind the whole wife-sharing thing at all. In fact, he looks forward to these weekends and sex with his wife afterwards while she reveals the details of the previous evening.

Well perhaps Tom didn’t mind his wife having sex with these guys but I sure as hell didn’t want mine participating. I had no idea what to do or say. I decided to have another gin and tonic and go for another walk to think this over. I figured I would go along for a little while anyway and speak with Gloria before doing anything rash.

When I returned back to the beach house the party had moved inside. They were all drinking, laughing and talking. Gloria and Susan were still topless. My supervisor, Bill, was standing behind my wife with his crotch pushed into her ass. One hand was around her waist and the other was fondling her left breast. When Gloria saw me she broke away, excused herself and came over to talk to me.

“Is everything okay with you, honey?” She questioned.

“It’s not okay. But you’re obviously enjoying yourself!” I answered back sharply.

Gloria gave me a big kiss and pulled me into the next room where we could talk.

“John, I’m just doing this for us both. I may have neglected to tell you about some of the ground rules for being invited here.” She whispered. “But tomorrow we will have the whole day to ourselves, okay? Today I have to be nice to your bosses. Now remember that this was your idea to begin with. I need you to be understanding and back me up on this…. That is… unless you are too insecure to enjoy the finer things in life!”

Gloria reached down and started to rub my cock through my shorts. She started talking in her little girl pouting voice.

“I still love you, John.” She told me. “I’m just doing this so we can make more money and have the things we want like weekends at Robert’s beach house. Now you don’t really mind, all that much now right? I’m just going to let them touch me a little bit; that’s not so bad is it? After all I’m the one doing all the work … not you, right?”

I didn’t answer her. I just stood there. Gloria continued stroking my cock through my shorts and speaking in that little girl voice of hers that she uses to get her way.

“Susan told me that her husband, Tom, likes her to tell him about the things they do to her. Is that what you would like too? You want me to tell you about them touching me?”

Without waiting for my answer, Gloria went right into her description of the afternoon activities between her and Robert.

“Robert took me upstairs and showed me his big thing.” She confessed. “He said he wanted me to suck his cock the same way that I suck my husband’s.”

“But you’ve never sucked my cock.” I interjected.

“I know.” Gloria continued. “But you told him that I loved to do it, so I had to adlib. He pulled down his swimsuit and sat on the bed. I knelt in front of him and held on to his big cock with both hands. Oh John, his thing is huge!”

“He told me again to suck on it, so I leaned over and put the end of it into my mouth and sucked it just a little bit. I was scared. It looked so big compared to yours. Robert held the back of my head and tried to shove the whole big thing right down my throat. I wanted to gag but I just started sucking and sucking like he wanted.”

“Robert was playing with my tits and pulling on my nipples with one hand and he was holding the back of my head with the other hand and pumping my mouth. I just kept letting him do what he wanted and kept sucking and making noises. After a little while he started moaning. Then, next thing I know, he’s squirting his hot cum in my mouth and down my throat too! He got his cum all in my mouth and all over my face and tits!”

“You don’t hate me John, do you? I only did it for the both of us. Besides, you’re the one who told him that I liked to give oral sex. So, I figured you probably wouldn’t mind if I sucked on his big thing. John, tell me it’s okay that I sucked his cock.”

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say. Here was my wife confessing to having her virgin mouth plundered by this executive with his monster cock and she wants me to tell her it’s okay. On the other hand I was beginning to find the whole idea of this and her telling me about it kind of erotic. I was stunned and confused.

“I suppose it was okay.” I lied. “I just hope my other bosses didn’t notice.”

“Oh they ALL noticed.” Gloria confided. “Everyone watched us go upstairs to the bedroom and then come back down. I think I still had a little of Robert’s cum on my face and tits. Your supervisor, Bill, helped me clean it up.”

Oh great! I thought. Now everyone knows that I let my wife become the company’s slut. I bet Robert is telling them all that I like it too! I decided to keep quiet, ignore the situation, and try to preserve the little dignity I had left.

“All right, honey.” I consoled her. “Just go back to the party. We can talk later.”

“Then it’s okay with you if Robert wants me to suck some of the others too? You won’t be mad if I suck some of their cocks too?” Sensing my lack of will power for the moment, she pressed for a reply while still rubbing my cock through my shorts.

“Well what about me?” I answered back “What sucking my cock?”

“I can do yours tomorrow.” She answered quickly, happy to have come to a compromise. “Tomorrow I will suck your cock, John, and tell you all about the whole night.”

I reluctantly agreed and Gloria returned to the party. I decided that I was better off not seeing any of this. I left for the evening, found a local pub, and drowned my inhibitions in several gin and tonics. I woke up the next morning alone in my guestroom, with a big headache, and without a clear recollection of the previous night’s events.

While I was still lying there, Gloria came to join me in the bed. She was wearing a short transparent nightgown with nothing on underneath. Without speaking, my wife pulled back the covers, and straddled my face. I had serviced her orally several times in the past and just started right in. This time though, she seemed extra wet and sloppy. Her pussy had kind of a strange new taste to it or so I thought. I chalked it up to my hangover and dry mouth. I figured the change in her taste was just my imagination.

I licked my wife to two orgasms before she let me up for air. She climbed off of my face, leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. It felt incredible. The pleasure of my virgin cock being sucked off by Gloria was intense. She paused for a moment to look at me and speak in her sexy little girl teasing voice.

“Does that feel good John?” She asked while stroking my cock. “Do you want me to tell you now about last night … while I suck your cock for you?”

It felt so incredible that I was overcome. “Yes, tell me.” I answered breathlessly

“Are you sure?” she asked me in her teasing voice “You promise not to get mad?”

“I promise.” I assured her “Tell me about how you sucked their big cocks.”

Gloria continued steadily stroking my cock as she started her narrative.

“Well Robert came up to the room with me, we got naked in bed and I started sucking his big cock like you wanted me to. Robert was playing with my tits. Then he said he wanted to fuck me with his big cock. I didn’t know what to do cause I didn’t want you to be mad about him fucking me. But he wanted to feel his big cock in me, and then I wasn’t sure if you would mind. Is it okay with you if he fucks me, John?”

“No!” I answered flatly. “You never said anything about letting him fuck you!”

“Well Robert wanted to feel his big cock up inside me, and I wanted in there too. I thought you might be a little mad but then I figured if you wanted me to suck on it, maybe you wouldn’t be too mad if I only let him fuck me a little bit.”

I was getting upset now. Letting Robert fuck my wife was definitely over the line. Gloria, sensing my anxiety, leaned over and started sucking my cock with a passion. The pleasure of the moment caused my anger with her to subside. After a while she stopped sucking, resumed her steady strokes, and started talking to me again.

Gloria was using her little girl pouting voice as her stroking slowed down.

“I knew you might be mad, John, if I let Robert fuck me, so I decided to only let him fuck me a little, little bit. I figured if he just fucked me a little, you might still be mad, but not real, real, mad. He put his big thick cock up inside me and he fucked me for just a real short little while. It was just a little while so you wouldn’t be real mad about it. Is that okay? Tell me it was okay to feel Robert’s big cock fucking me just a little, little bit.”

It was puzzling to me how someone fucks another guy’s wife just a little bit. “Gloria, what do you mean by only fucking you just a little.”

“Well, you know, … uh, … he only fucked me … just a tiny little bit, so you wouldn’t be too mad…he…he only fucked me just enough so you wouldn’t be mad at me.” She stammered before she resumed sucking my cock with fervor.

This wasn’t good enough for me “How little? 30 seconds? A minute? T-Two minutes?”

Gloria hesitated. “Well I don’t know. It wasn’t like I was timing him. It was just a little while. It was only long enough until he started cumming in me. He was fucking me for a little while … and then he squirted his cum way up in me … and then it was all over. He stopped fucking me after that. Then I sucked on his cock to clean off all that cum. So it was just a little bit like I said… he just fucked me a little.”

“Now John, you promised that you wouldn’t be mad me.” Gloria reminded “Robert didn’t fuck me too long a while… not as long as your boss Bill.”

I sat up briskly in bed on that last revelation. “You let Bill fuck you too!”

Gloria pushed me back down. She hunched over me and started in again on her fervent sucking of my cock. It was feeling so good that I was becoming powerless to resist her no matter what she did or said. After a minute or so she stopped sucking and resumed telling the events of the previous night while she rubbed my cock.

“Well, I started off sucking Bill, just like you wanted me to. Bill asked me if Robert had fucked me and so I told him yes. Bill said that he wanted to fuck me too. I figured that it would be okay if I let him fuck me a little too since he was your boss and all.”

“I didn’t want you to be real mad though, about him fucking me, so I told him not to cum in me. I said you wanted him to cum in my mouth. I said he could fuck me as long as he cummed in my mouth so my husband wouldn’t get real mad about me getting fucked.”

“Bill fucked me for kind of a long time. We changed positions a bunch of times. In the end he was up on top of me. Then he started cumming right inside me. He only squirted a couple of times though before he pulled out his cock and stuck it in my mouth. He got a little of his cum up in me but most of it ended up on my face and in my mouth.”

“That’s okay isn’t it John? He only got a little cum up there. Just a couple of squirts and I was able to get all the rest of his cum in my mouth. That way it doesn’t really count as him fucking me all the way, right? I figured that way you wouldn’t be real mad right?”

Gloria bent over and began sucking my cock with more enthusiasm now than ever. She was bobbing her head up and down and making these sucking sounds. At the same time she was stroking my cock rapidly with her hand. The erotic thought of my wife coupling with my bosses combined with her manipulation of my cock was too much for me to bear. I reached a mind cracking orgasm. I sent spurt after spurt of hot cum into Gloria’s willing mouth. She swallowed it all. It was quite an incredible feeling for me.

Afterwards we both lay there breathing heavily. I didn’t bring up the subject of her fucking with Robert and Bill. Neither did she. We quietly dressed in our swimsuits and met Tom and Susan out at the pool.

We really enjoyed that Sunday together. The four of us had Roberts beach house all to ourselves. We used the pool, the bar, the hot tub, and walked along the beach. It was great, and Gloria was reveling in the entire Gale Island scene. Even the long ride home that night seemed to be a pleasant experience. My troubles seemed to be washed away with the tide and I felt refreshed and renewed. I forgot all about Gloria’s infidelity.

The next morning, over coffee, Gloria informed me of some previously undisclosed requirements if I was to get the big raises I had heard about.

“John honey,” she started. “Robert was telling me that you might be in line for a big raise. But he told me that I would have to go down to the office so we can meet with the VP of personnel and with the benefits manager to discuss the amount of your increase.”

I was stunned. “You and I both? We both have to meet with them?” I asked her.

“Yes, Robert said he would set up an appointment for this afternoon.” She informed “He said that I should dress real sexy the sexier the better. He told me that if we met with them and I made them happy we might be making double what you take home now!”

“What exactly do you mean about making them happy?” Now I began to get the picture.

“Well… Uh … you know. Make them real, real happy.” She stammered.

“You mean give them SEX!” I blurted. “If you mean give them sex, then just say so!”

Gloria sensed that I was getting pissed and she moved quickly to quell the situation.

“John, now think about it.” She said in her most soothing tone. “Now you are already letting Robert and Bill fuck me right? And that’s just for weekends at the beach house. Now this is for a big raise and we could really use the extra money to buy the things I want and maybe even get a nicer apartment. Now what’s the difference if you let a couple of more guys fuck me … especially if means a better life for us … right honey?”

Somehow, in a certain kind of funny perverted way, what she was saying was making sense to me, but I wasn’t totally convinced.

“I don’t know honey.” I objected “This is all happening too fast for me. I think that I liked things better the way they were.”

Gloria moved by my side and gave me a big kiss. She knelt down in front of me and opened up my slacks. My wife untied her robe and exposed her beautiful full breasts. My cock practically sprang out of my zipper. Gloria curled her lips over the end of it and started sucking and bobbing her head up and down making slurping noises. It felt terrific. I couldn’t have been more pleased about my wife’s new talents.

After a couple of minutes she stopped and looked up at me “So you liked things better before I started doing this to you?” Gloria asked in her little girl voice. “So you really don’t like it when I suck on your cock … is that right? Do you want me to stop it this very minute and never suck you again… ever?”

My wife was already taking advantage of her newfound sexual leverage. We both could sense that my resolve was fading fast.

“Well … I guess we’ve gone this far.” I reasoned “Maybe it won’t be so bad.”

Gloria jumped on this new low in my resistance level and pressed me further.

“So you won’t mind then if those other guys fuck me a little at the office today?” Gloria paused with her mouth poised over my cock waiting for my reply before she continued.

I was broken, and immediately gave in to her request. “I guess not.” I lied.

She seemed to gain strength from my wimpy reply. “You’re sure now, she coaxed. Your sure that you won’t mind them fucking me … you promise me you won’t mind?”

“I promise, I promise!” I blurted out. At this point I only had my own pleasure in mind and was giving little, if any, thought to what I was saying.

Gloria gave my cock a few more little strokes and then kissed the tip, with a short peck. She stood up and retied her robe. “Okay then, now don’t forget that you promised to let them fuck me all they want today…and then …after we get home … if you’ve been good … I can finish sucking you off as your reward for being so supportive.”

This wasn’t turning out the way I thought it would. I wanted mine right now, not later. Still, I didn’t want to upset my lovely wife or to be late for work. I fixed my pants, regained my composure and left for the office.

The morning dragged on. I couldn’t concentrate on my programming. My stomach was doing flip-flops. Then, in the early afternoon one of the secretaries paged me and asked me to report to Mr. Gill’s office, the VP of personnel.

“Uh Oh, this is it,” I said out loud as I got up from my desk and headed down the hall. My heart was pounding and my mouth was bone dry when I reached Mr. Gill’s outer office, where his secretary was waiting for me. The pretty blue eyed blonde secretary had kind of a funny smirk on her face as she spoke to me.

“Your wife is inside with Mr. Gill” the secretary informed me “He would like you to go right in” She said, trying not to laugh while she maintained her professional demeanor.

I opened the door and walked in. My wife was there with Mr. Gill, in charge of personnel, and Mr. Cashman, the benefits administrator. Gloria was dressed sexy all right. She had on this tiny little navy blue miniskirt. The hemline barely reached down to her crotch. She was wearing a thin yellow top, a half top really; one could make out the faint outline of her large areola through the fabric. Her full bustline pushed the bottom of the material outward away from her flat tummy.

While Mr. Gill sat behind his desk, Mr. Cashman walked over and stood right behind Gloria. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her butt tight against his crotch. He started kissing her neck, and slid his hand up under my wife’s top, boldly caressing her breasts right in front of me. Gloria didn’t flinch one bit at the uninvited intrusion. She just looked over at me with a half smile half smirk as the executive fondled her.

Mr. Gill spoke from his chair behind the desk. “Well John, it seems that Robert Stiles has recommended you for the company’s special fast track income acceleration program. He sent your wife, Gloria, down here to talk with us and she has assured us that you are very interested in this special program and all that it entails. Is that true?”

“Well … uh …ya … I mean …yes sir, I guess so.” I felt like an idiot standing there.

Mr. Gill continued “Let me be clear. In order to be eligible for this program there are a number of qualifying factors. First of all, Gloria must remain on Mr. Robert Stiles’ beach house favored guest list. Secondly, your wife must visit this personnel office twice per month for a private meeting to review and report to us on the status of your cooperation with the income acceleration program. But most of all, upon each visit you must demonstrate your voluntary acquiescence to her free willed participation in the program.”

“Do you understand and accept these conditions?” He asked

I glanced over at Gloria. Mr. Cashman still had his hand up underneath her top as he alternated squeezing each breast and appeared to be pulling on her nipples. Although she didn’t say a word, the look on her face when her eyes met mine let me know she was insisting that I answer promptly and affirmatively.

I looked down at the floor, thought for a second, and looked back over at Mr. Gill. He was sitting behind his desk with a smug smile on his face.

“I…I guess so.” I answered reluctantly. “I accept the conditions.”

I glanced back to Gloria who was smiling pleasantly as Mr. Cashman continued his indecent assault on her chest. Both of the men had wide grins on their faces.

“Well then let’s get started right away John.” Mr. Gill was speaking sternly. “John, we will now need you to demonstrate your voluntary tolerance for the program. Please approach your wife and remove her panties as an invitation for us to sex her and as this month’s proof of your acquiescence to the terms of the income acceleration program.”

I walked up to Gloria who looked like she was really enjoying the whole situation. The man behind her now had her top pulled up over her breasts. Her full tits and big pink nipples were shamefully on display. I reached under her miniskirt and lowered her white lacey panties to her ankles. My wife daintily stepped out of them and used her toe to kick them to me. They hit me right in the face. I was humiliated while all three of them laughed simultaneously out loud.

“Now John, please take your wife’s undergarment into the greeting area and wait there until we summon you back in here.” Mr. Gill instructed as he began unbuckling his belt and lowering his trousers. “We won’t be too long, just have a seat and be comfortable.”

As I walked out the door I looked back at my lovely wife, Gloria. Mr. Cashman already had her top stripped off and her skirt hiked up around her waist. He was dropping his pants and a huge erection sprung from his boxer shorts. I couldn’t stand looking at this obscene gathering any longer and promptly headed for the exit.

Once outside in the greeting area I took a seat on the large sofa and breathed a huge sigh of disappointment. I looked up to see Mr. Gill’s secretary staring at me. She looked at the panties in my hand and chuckled to herself softly. Thankfully, the pretty blonde picked up a stack of files and left the room.

I sat there quietly by myself but from time to time could hear my wife’s voice moaning loudly in the adjacent office. She had never moaned before when I made love to her. I couldn’t help but wonder if her moaning was for their benefit or for mine. I looked down to notice I had a small hardon in my slacks. I covered it with my wife’s underpants.

The secretary returned about a half-hour later. She was obviously accustomed to the behavior of her boss and was not the least bit fooled as to what was going on in the next office. In fact, she looked amused by my dilemma. She sat down and began entering data on her computer. Each time my wife would moan I could sense her looking at me from the corner of her eye. I saw her glance at my little boner and chuckle out loud.

After a short while longer, the phone rang and the secretary answered. “Mr. Gill would like to see you back in his office.” She smirked.

When I entered the room all three were finishing getting dressed. Gloria’s hair was tossed and disheveled. She had a tired and spent look in her eyes. I walked over her and handed her the underwear I’d been holding. My wife put the panties in her purse and said nothing. She took my hand and placed it under her dress on her sopping wet pussy.

Mr. Gill began speaking in his authoritative tone. “Well John, it seems that your wife is very enthusiastic with your participation in the fast track income acceleration program. While you were out of the room she made quite a convincing argument regarding your desire to join. There is only one more step left and you could be approved today.”

I looked at my wife in bewilderment as to what more they could possibly want from me.

“Honey” she started “They want to see you eat the cum from me.”

“WHAT” I blurted out spontaneously.

“Don’t get excited.” She said in her most soothing tone. “Now I have already gone through all this trouble for us and this is just the last little step for approval. If you get down on your knees and lick the cum from me just a little bit we will be all done and will be making more money right away. Otherwise this will all be a waste of time.”

There was no way that I wanted to go through with this, but she was right. I was beaten and I knew it. One more humiliation was not going to matter too much. I obediently got down on my knees and began to service my wife’s slopping wet cunt. She held my head tightly against her pussy for what seemed like 15 minutes while she reached two orgasms. When she finally released me my face was full of wet milky liquid.

“Very good!” Mr. Gill exclaimed. “It seems we have a new participant, congratulations!”

I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. Gloria and I left for home, where I had anticipated receiving my blowjob reward as promised. However, my wife was too tired from fucking and sucking the personnel department all afternoon. She picked up her top and asked me to jerk off while I looked at her tits. It didn’t take too long because I was already excited.

That night, as I dozed off to sleep, I tried to replay the events of the last week. Just seven short days ago, I was the master of my wife and my domain. I was on the way up. Now, less than one week later I was the company cuckold, letting my wife get fucked by the management and eating their cum from her well sexed pussy. I couldn’t believe it! I looked over at Gloria and saw her sleeping peacefully.

From that week on my life changed. Sure, I was making twice as much money, but every Thursday night my wife was at the Copper Top, every weekend at Gale Island and twice a month I was eating cum out of her pussy right there at work. Gloria stopped having sex with me because she was always too tired from being the “breadwinner” of the family. I finally resigned myself to my fate and tried to make the best of it. Someday, hopefully, I will figure a way out of this miserable situation.


The Following Morning »

The following morning they get up at the usual time, Lynn gets ready for work whilst he puts on his jeans and tee shirt as he has a day off work today. He makes the breakfast whilst Lynn baths and puts on her make-up. After she has eaten her cereal and drank her tea Lynn dresses, kisses him goodbye and leaves for her day at the office.

As he has the whole day to himself he decides to go into town and do some shopping. The events of the previous evening fresh in his mind he decides to put one of his fantasies into motion but needs to buy some items to make the reality possible, Lynn would never usually submit to his kinks, but know that she will do as he says for the next week he must act now or he may miss the opportunity forever, But before he goes shopping he must write her a note for her arrival home tonight, he sits at his word processor for about an hour typing out her instructions, which he prints out, folds and puts in a envelope with her name on , He leaves the envelope on the kitchen work surface, picks up his car keys from the hook of the key rack and leaves the house. He drives into the city center, parks his car in the multi-story car park and walks to the main shopping mall. He eventually finds the department store he wants and goes straight to the lingerie department where he browses for about twenty minutes before an assistant finally asks him if she can be of any help. He shows her the goods that he wishes to purchase and the size required. she takes all of the garments from their racks and places them in a carrier bag, he pays the assistant with his credit card as he does not have enough cash on him, he didn’t realize how expensive lingerie could be.

He leaves the department store and searches town for a shoe shop that stocks his needs, finally at the complete opposite side of town he finds what he has been looking for, a pair of court style shoes with a six inch heel. He buys the shoes and returns back to his car and drives home. he leaves the bags and parcels on their bed, and picks up his kit bag from the wardrobe before he again leaves the house. For the rest of the day he plays snooker at his club, has a light lunch and goes to the cinema in the afternoon with his best friend. After the film has finished they go to his local leisure center as they have booked a squash court.

Lynn arrives home to find the house empty and dark, her day has gone reasonably well but she has tried to stay out of her boss’s way to avoid any embarrassment on her behalf. The house is nice and warm as the central heating has been on for some time before she got home. She walks into the kitchen and finds the note he has left for her. Lynn decides to read it when Lynn is in the bath as she likes to relax after a days work by having a long hot bubble bath. She goes upstairs enters the bathroom and turns on the taps and adds oils and bubbles to the water, she removes her clothes and puts them all in the linen bin as she would never ware the same cloths twice without washing them. When she is finally settled up to her neck in bubbles Lynn opens his note.

“I have bought you some new clothes they are on our bed will you please put them on and nothing else. I will be home about seven o’clock and will bring home a Chinese takeaway for our supper, after you have heard me enter the dinning room you must come down stairs and serve the meal, after we have eaten you will go into the living room and turn on the television and video and play the tape which I have left in the video, when this is completed you will sit in the large armchair I have positioned to the side of the sofa, and copy the actions on the screen move for move. Don’t forget that if you fail to follow these instructions you will have to extend your period of going as I say or pay a forfeit.
Your loving husband.”

Lynn now wishes she had read the note whilst she was down stairs she could have watched the film first and known what to expect, but not to worry she has plenty of time to see the film before seven o’clock. Lynn lays in the bath relaxing for about half an hour and decides to get out and find out what new clothes he has bought her. She dries herself with the warm towel off the radiator and walks into her bedroom and sees the packages on the bed.

Back at the leisure center they have finished their game of squash and are having a shower, his mate turns to him and says “the girlfriends gone out tonight, do you fancy going out for a drink and a meal.” ” No not tonight I said I’d take home a Chinese take away and an early night was on the cards,” do you mind if I join you, I’ll piss off early and I won’t get in the way, I’ll even buy the food” .Rick’s not sure what to say, he hadn’t planned on company but as far as her forfeit was concern it seemed like a good way of getting his own back on her. “Yeah OK” he says “but Lynn’s not expecting company and she may not like it, cause she likes to dress up when we have guests for supper” “Oh Lynn won’t mind me” his friend answers.

Lynn finishes drying herself with the towel and dabs expensive talcum powder over her naked body, Lynn picks up one of the packages from the bed and opens it, It’s a pair of court shoes with an immense six inch heel, Lynn wonders if she will be able to walk in such high heels, she’s not surprised as he loves high heels and the higher they are the more he likes them. The next bag contains a black suspender belt, black fishnet seamed stockings and a white G-string which is so small it would hardly cover her pubic hair. The final package contains her biggest surprise its a maids outfit in black satin complete with frilly white apron and black and white matching lace garter belt and neck choker, Lynn laugh’s out loud as he’s been on at her for years to buy a maids outfit and she thought it was a waste of money. So he’s taken the bull by the horns and bought it himself. she starts with the stockings and feeds her long legs into the fishnet pulling the dark hem up as high up her thigh as it will go, when she has them both on she checks her rear image in the mirror to make sure her seams are straight, then Lynn puts on her suspender belt and attaches the clips to the top hem of each stocking, she then puts on the g-string and pulls the tiny string between the checks of her behind, this is followed by her garter which Lynn puts on her left thigh just below the dark band of her stocking top. with her bottom half dressed Lynn sits down and tries on her new shoes, she stands and tries to walk across the bedroom, she is surprised that she can walk reasonably well considering that it feels that she is walking on her tip toes. She then picks up the black satin maids dress and steps into it and pulls it up her body pulling her arms into it and finally doing up the zip at the back, it looks very plain but soon looks more like a maids outfit when she puts on the frilly white apron. she looks at her reflection in the mirror and now sees herself as the masters maid, Lynn puts the final touch to her outfit and puts on the black and white lace choker.

Lynn can’t believe the transformation she looks like a French maid to a tee, and feels like a bitch on heat, the soft cold satin against her bare breasts has made her nipples stand to attention and the pressure of the tiny G-string upon her crotch has made her pussy damp. Lynn can now go down stairs and preview the video before he gets home. But just as she is about to leave the bedroom she hears the front door slam closed. “SHIT” she says out loud and looks over to the clock, it is only quarter to seven and he is home. Rick calls out “Hi princess I’m home, I’ll lay the table and give you a shout when to come down.”

Lynn seats herself at her dressing table and puts on her make up, its unusual for her to put her make up on last but she wanted to try on her new clothes. “It’s ready ” his voice calls from downstairs, Lynn takes her time finishing her make up “let him sweat” she says to herself in the mirror, when she finally finishes her make up she walks to the bedroom door and looks back over her shoulder “You slut” she says to herself and with a wiggle of her hips she walks down the stairs.

The door to the dinning room is closed so Lynn goes out to the kitchen and sees the tray on the work surface loaded with tureens, she looks inside one, it contains prawn chow mein and it smells delicious, she picks up the tray and walks out of the kitchen, the dinning room door is closed but not fully shut so she kicks it open, while standing in the doorway Lynn can see her husband seated at the dinning table, his mouth falls open at the sight of her and she smiles back at him.” my god you look great” he says to her.

Lynn steps from the doorway and suddenly feels very silly and a little annoyed as she can now see his best mate sitting at the opposite end of the table behind the door Lynn had kicked open. “fuck me” his friend says out aloud as he admires her beauty, he’s never seen anything that horny, in the flesh, in his life .his prick has a mind of it’s own and jumped to attention as soon as he set eyes upon her. Lynn look’s into her husbands eyes and her lips whisper to him” you bastard.” Lynn sets the tureens upon the table and sits down at the center of the table where she can keep an eye on both of them. The meal is over quickly as very little has been said, the friend not sure if he should be their at all,Lynn is wondering how far things will go and he is wondering if it was such a good idea to bring his friend back after all and how far he can let his original plan go.

He breaks the silence and gets up from his seat collects the dirty dishes and heads off to the kitchen as he leaves the room he says “who’s for coffee” they both answer yes and he departs to the kitchen.

“I hope I’m not in the way” the friend says. “Well I didn’t expect you tonight as you probably guessed by the way I’m dressed” Lynn replies, “I don’t usually wear this around the house”. “you look wonderful, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look as sexy as you do now”,” that’s nice of you,” Lynn replies ” but I do feel a little bit silly, but you know what a kinky git I’m married to and this outfit is all his idea.”

He returns with the coffee and the earlier silence seems to have been broken, the conversation goes on for about an hour and Rick starts to feel that the atmosphere has changed to his advantage as the events he had planned would not have got off the ground with the earlier tension. He finally decides to push things forward when he looks her in the eyes and says “I hired a new video today its in the living room do you fancy watching it ?.” “what’s it about ” Lynn says turning the tables on him, it’s one of those topical adult cult movies ” he answers , which means nothing to any of them, him included. Not wishing to push him into a corner Lynn agrees, “well go and start the tape while we go and do the washing up. They all get up from the table, the men take the remaining cups out to the kitchen and Lynn goes into the living room. Lynn sees the chair he has positioned for her to sit on, but first she switches on the television and the video and puts the film from the top of the adjacent coffee table into the player and pushes the play button, then sits down in the chair following his instructions.

The start of the tape contains a lot of adverts for coming attractions and before the film has a chance to start the men return from the kitchen and seat themselves upon the sofa which gives them a perfect view of both the television screen and her. his friend keeps glancing away from the TV and looks at her long legs and high heels as he also loves fishnets and doesn’t often get the chance to look at such a wonderful sight. The film finally starts and as Lynn feared the first character is a maid in a uniform almost identical to hers except that the dress is shorter and exposes the tops of her stockings. the figure on the screen is busy doing house work for some time and the camera takes every possible advantage as the girl bends forward to look up her skirt at her tiny knickers as they disappear up her behind.

While watching Lynn’s not sure if he wants her to get up and start the dusting as his note did say to copy the actions on the screen but decides not to take him to literally. as the film progresses the maid finishes the works and sits down in one of the huge arm chair, and picks up a magazine and starts to read it. Now in reality Lynn starts to worry as she is also seated in a large arm chair exactly as the girl on the film, its from here on that she’s due to copy the action.

The screen maid is reading a porno magazine and is getting excited by the contents, her free hand starts to rub up her thigh lifting her very short dress up exposing her tiny white g string. Her hand wanders between her legs and she starts to massage her pussy through the thin material of her g string.He looks over to his wife and nods at her to begin her antics, which seem to take some time as Lynn needs to build up her courage before Lynn exposé’s herself to his friend, she puts her hand upon her thigh and starts to slowly move it higher until she starts to reveal the tops of her stockings and then further which offers a glimpse of white thigh, Lynn does not stop their and opens her legs and thrusts her fingers inside her white g strings, as she does so Lynn closes her eyes as she wishes to warm up before she can face his friends eyes which she knows by now will be looking at her and not the film.

Her suspicions were correct as her husbands friend has almost completely forgot that their is a similar scene on the television, he can’t believe that his friends wife is putting on such a performance, but he is even more excited then his earlier feelings when he first saw how Lynn was dressed. Her husband has also lost interest in the television and moves in his seat to watch her more closely.

Lynn now has made her pussy juice flow and opens her legs wider to give her easier access to her clitoris, to make herself more comfortable she hooks the leg closest to the sofa over the arm of the chair which gives her audience a clear view of her masturbation, Rick can stand the excitement no longer and gets up from his seat and kneels at the opposite side of his wife’s armchair and starts to feel her breasts through the satin of her dress, her nipples are rock hard, her self abuse has obviously excited her, he needs to get into the action and stands along side her and undoes his trousers and takes out his erect cock which he offers her to suck, Lynn is so absorbed with her own pleasure that she has not noticed his movements, so he gently turns her head and pushes his cock into her mouth, which she takes deep into the back of her throat.

His friend can stand the excitement no longer and takes out his penis and starts to masturbate. Lynn is now pumping his cock between her lips and licking the purple head of his cock, occasionally pushing her tongue into the eye of his cock. His friend just cannot take his eyes of their performance, to watch such a beautiful woman sucking an erect cock in real life is just to much for him and he shoots his wade of come all over his trousers, but he does not get up and leave he wants to stay and watch the whole performance. Rick has now taken over the massaging of her clitoris and is also finger fucking her pussy, whilst she massages his cock and balls continuing to feed the monster into her mouth. Lynn suddenly feels his cock start to pump its seed into her mouth, Lynn’s to late to stop him coming in her mouth as his first spurt is in the back of her throat, but she is able to pull her lips free of his penis before the second spurt, which hits her in the face and runs across her lips and drips off her chin. now he has shot his load he must act quickly to avoid the situation going off the boil so he takes his fingers from her pussy, kneels between her open legs and starts to lick her pussy, the effect upon her is electric and she grabs his hair and pulls his face into her quim.

His friends cock is once again hard and he again starts to stroke it up and down rubbing his thumb over its tip, Lynn is obviously enjoying the actions of Rick’s tongue upon her pussy as she is softly moaning and her head is swaying from side to side, he wishes it was his tongue running up and down the lips of her pussy he would love to taste her sex, he would also love to push his cock into her and fill her with his seed but he can’t imagine being allowed to do this with her husband present, but he never imagined watching them making love would ever have been a reality, But their Lynn is with her legs wide open and Rick with his face in between her thighs.

Rick’s cock within a short time has recovered and is once again hard, he gets up from between her legs and again pushes his cock into her mouth, Lynn is so excited by he situation that she has not noticed that her pussy is not receiving any attention.his friend looks up at him and says “you lucky bastard”, Rick pokes his tongue out at him and gestures towards her wid e open legs, he cant believe he is offering his wife’s pussy to lick but he cannot afford to miss such an opportunity, so he quickly gets off the sofa and kneels on the floor between her open thighs, the sight of her long legs, high heels, fishnet stockings and pink pussy lips has his heart racing, he rests his hands either side of her bottom and lowers his face towards the lips of her snatch, just before he licks her for the first time he again looks up to her husband, who confirms his actions by a nod of the head.

Lynn tastes sweet and smells of perfume, Lynn suddenly realizes that his friends tongue must be pleasing her pussy as her husband is stood beside her and Lynn is sucking his cock, Lynn removes her lips from his shaft and looks down between her legs, but before Lynn can voice her concern her husband gently pulls her head back to his cock and feeds it between her lips. soon the pleasure of his friends tongue upon her clitoris has her to excited to care who is between her legs, and within no time at all his skilled touch brings her to her first major orgasm. he looks down at his friend with his face between his wife’s legs, the sight gives him some sort of perverted thrill as his cock feels as if its grown another two inches, he gestures to his friend to get up, his friend unsure of what is happening does as he is told and moves back away from her but remains in the kneeling position, Rick removes his penis from her mouth and moves her onto the floor so that Lynn is upon her hands and knees facing his friend and the television, unable to face his friend Lynn looks at the TV screen, She then feels Rick kneel behind her, part her bum cheeks and feed his erection into her pussy and start to ram it in and out of her, Lynn feels nice and warm around his stiff cock.

Lynn finally focuses upon the TV screen, the scene is of the maid kneeling on the floor being fucked from behind whilst sucking another man’s cock, Lynn realizes now why he has moved her to the floor and positioned her so Lynn would notice the screen as his instructions had been to copy the action, Lynn is not sure if she wants to proceed, but only a foot away from her, his friend is kneeling upright with his cock out stroking it in time with her husbands thrusts into her womb. the feeling of his solid member sliding into her body brings on her second orgasm, as it rushes through her body Lynn feels him push harder into her womb, Lynn closes her eyes as the pleasure of it subsides, when Lynn opens her eyes his friends cock appears only inches from her face, As if her body has taken over and she is now on auto pilot Lynn opens her mouth and ducks her head forward taking his friends cock into her mouth it is large but not as big as her husbands and tastes very salty, Lynn feels in control now as if she now controls what happens next, although Lynn always was in control as far as her husband was concerned as she could have called a halt to his fun and games at any point and he could have done nothing about it. Now that she has relaxed she can start to really enjoy two cocks trying to please her.

Lynn licks, sucks and gently bites the cock in her mouth, whilst the cock in her pussy keeps her riding on the crest of a wave .she didn’t think it was possible but she was actually enjoying the experience, and the feeling of power over the two lovers was overwhelming, she can feel Rick must be approaching orgasm as his tempo had increased so Lynn works harder on the cock in her mouth and messages his balls with her fingers, but before Lynn can reach her next orgasm she feels Rick’s cock start to throb inside her and finally he pushes it hard into her as he fills her with his sperm but before his spasm has subsided Lynn feels a hot gush in her mouth as his friend fills her throat with his seed, which Lynn manages to avoid swallowing and gently spits it back over his cock and messages it into his cock, balls and pubic hair.

The two men now spent both pull away from her and the three sit resting on the floor leaning against the sofa, with her inhibitions long since gone Lynn is the first to speak “That was great, I cant remember last being that excited”. His friend replies “thanks for letting me join you both it was wonderful”, he leans over her and for the first time in his life kisses her full on the lips, Lynn responds by pushing her tongue into his mouth and at the same time leans to one side and again starts to message his cock. Her husband cant believe his luck he had a horrible feeling that Lynn would have spoilt it all by rushing Upstairs to sulk, but here she is getting ready for a follow up session, to ensure she does not change her mind he rubs his hand up her stockings and finally rests his fingers between the lips of her soaking pussy and starts to rub her clitoris. the sight of her kissing his friend and wanking his cock back to a full erection again, soon has his cock rising like a flag pole, he reaches into his pocket and takes out a condom and hands it to his friend, he don’t mind him fucking her but he does not want her being made pregnant by anyone but him. his friend opens the French letter and hands it to the wife as he wants to make love to her but this must be her decision. Lynn takes the condom and without looking at Rick for approval starts to unroll it down his friends erection, when in place Lynn pushes him to the floor and makes him lie on his back.

She climbs on top of him and crawls up his body until her pussy is just above his face, the sight of her stockings and pussy with its bush of pubic hair excites him and he pulls his face forward in an attempt to lick her snatch but it is soon pushed back to the floor as Lynn sits upon his face pushing her pussy into his mouth, his tongue slides into her and he proceeds to fuck her with his tongue, Lynn loves the sensation that he is creating between her lips, she can just see his eyes above the mound of her pubic hair and Lynn says to him “how does my husbands spunk taste”, but she does not give him the chance to answer as she pushes her pussy down harder onto his mouth. within a short time his expert tongue has her near to climax and Lynn needs to feel a prick inside her, so she lifts herself of his face and climbs down his body, reaches behind her and guides his erect condom covered penis towards her pussy, Lynn looks him in the eyes, blows him a kiss and impales herself upon his cock, she then starts to grind her hips as she fucks herself using him like a dildo.

Rick has watched the actions of his wife and cannot believe Lynn is the same woman; she is more like a bitch on heat rather than his quiet sensible wife, throughout the exhibition he has been stroking his cock and he needs to get in on the action. His wife’s ass is looking straight at him as she leans forward over his friend who is trying to suck her nipples through the satin material of her maids outfit. Her bottom rises and falls and he can clearly see his friends cock pushing in and out of her pussy. He can stand the temptation no longer and positions himself over his friends legs so that his penis is level with his wife’s backside, he puts his finger to his mouth and covers it with his saliva, he then, with his free hand parts the cheeks of her bum and gently slides his finger into her back passage, it feels strange as he can feel the cock in her pussy through the wall of her tunnel, he gently fingers her anus in rhythm with her thrusts upon the cock inside her, the effect upon her is electric and Lynn pushes back harder against his finger. when she is relaxed and well lubricated he removes his finger from her anus and replaces it with his erect cock.

At first the cock in her anus causes her some discomfort, but as her muscles relax she feels more comfortable, it is only now that Lynn comes to terms with the situation that she is having two men at the same time, Lynn’s not sure if its the pleasure the cocks are giving her or the though of what Lynn is doing that sends her over the top and orgasm after orgasm rush through her body. the experience leaves her numb, Lynn no longer feels in control.

Rick is now close to coming, he has always enjoyed anal sex but the sensation of his friends cock pumping into her womb can be felt through the wall of her passage, he can stand the excitement no longer and floods her with his hot come. Lynn feels his explosion, it feels warm deep inside her, this starts yet another climax rising from between her legs, it is brought to a crashing conclusion by the sensation of his cock being withdrawn from her which causes all her anal muscles to contract at the same time, this climax is the largest Lynn has ever experienced, as its starts to fade Lynn can feel the cock in her pussy start to jerk as it empties it seed into the French letter and is soon after withdrawn. Lynn kisses her friend, gets up and kisses her husband, pushing her tongue into his mouth, Lynn gives his limp cock a final stoke and says “I need a bath, I feel sticky all over”. Lynn walks out of the room and up the stairs. The time is almost midnight, his friend thanks him for a wonderful evening, which he hopes they can repeat, “well I don’t think Lynn will want to repeat it very often as its all part of my revenge, “I don’t understand”, says his friend.” not to worry, lets just says it’s up to her.”


Lynn’s Deception »

Tonight Lynn finally has some time to herself, she is going out without her husband for a night with the girls or so Lynn tells him. In true fact, Lynn has arranged to meet her Boss from work, the tall dark handsome bastard her husband hates so much. For the occasion Lynn has bought a new very short black skirt which only just covers the tops of her stockings, other than her skirt, stockings ,and high heeled shoes Lynn wares only a black leotard which fastens at the crouch. Lynn comes down stairs from their bedroom where she had been getting ready, and walks into the living room where her husband Rick is watching television “Well how do I look” Lynn asks, “You cant go out like that, you never wear short skirts and stockings when you go out with me.” “oh don’t be soft I’m only going out with the girls” Lynn says, As she leaves Lynn picks up his car keys and calls out “I’ll take your car as mine’s low on petrol” as Lynn walks out of the front door he follows her to wave goodbye. He watches her bend forward to insert the key into the lock of the car door, as she does so he can just see the tops of her stockings, the sight of her long beautiful legs excites him and he can feel his cock start to harden, He calls out “I think I’ll wait up for you, I don’t think you have much chance of getting back up those stairs until I’ve had my wicked way with you” ” I look forward to it” she responds, and gets in the car and drives away.

Lynn meets him at a pub out in the country as she does not wish to be seen out with another man, especially as her husband has so many friends who would be shore to tell him if she was seen, He is already their waiting for her, as Lynn enters the pub he sees her and gets up from his table and greets her with a kiss on the cheek, he buys her a soft drink as she does not drink alcohol and they return to his table, their is much small talk about work and how all the other girls at work can be such bitches unless they get their own way, and before they realize what time it is the bar tender is calling time and asking for their glasses, He know takes his chance and asks her if she would like to go back to his flat for some coffee and a snack, Lynn looks at him and says “OK but I cant be to late as Rick’s waiting up for me” as Lynn uncrosses her legs their is a swishing sound made by the nylon of her stockings and as her one leg raises very slightly he catches a glimpse of what he thinks is white thigh which can only mean that with that short skirt Lynn is wearing stockings, he was sure that as her skirt had been so short Lynn would have been wearing tights, Now he cant wait to get her back to his flat to confirm his suspicions.

They leave the pub together and both get into her car as he has been drinking and says that he will return in the morning to collect his car as his friend comes passed the pub on his way to work and he can bum a lift, They set off from the car park through the very dark lanes and while their small talk continues, in the back of his mind the question of tights or stockings plagues him, he can stand the suspense no longer and decides to push his luck in the darkness of the car by slowly moving his hand and placing it on her leg just below the hem of her skirt, his heart is pounding as he hopes that Lynn will not push it away. Lynn glances away from the road at him for a split second and says “your hands are warm” and continues driving, To him this is a signal that he has not blown it, so he starts to stroke her thigh very gently but with each stroke his hand pulls her skirt further and further up her thigh until at last his question is answered and he feels the tops of her stockings, By now his prick is rock hard and he wants this to go further but just as he is about to push his hand between her parted legs the car pulls to a halt outside his flat. He removes his hand from her lap and as Lynn turns to him to speak he surges forward and kisses her full on the mouth pushing his tongue between her lips, the kiss lasts for quiet some time before she pulls away and says “I think we had better go inside before your neighbors start to talk”.

They both get out of the car and he tells her its number 43, then he follows behind her unable to take his eyes from her long legs as Lynn climbs the stairs in her high heeled shoes, They enter the flat and he switches on a small lamp to keep the lighting in a seductive mood, he sits upon a large sofa but Lynn seats herself in an armchair opposite him and he cannot resist the temptation of glancing up her skirt as Lynn crosses her legs “So what about the coffee and sandwiches” Lynn says. He leaves the room and returns some time latter with a tray of coffee and sandwiches which he places upon the small table at the side of the sofa, he sits down on the sofa and pats the cushion beside him, Lynn gets up from her chair and sits down next to him.

Before long both the sandwiches and the coffee are consumed and he takes the tray back out to the kitchen, on his way back to the sofa he stops at the hi-fi and puts a CD on which starts as he seats himself beside her, the music is a slow seductive Motown classic, Which meets with her approval, “why don’t you make yourself comfortable ” he says and pulls up a small stool for her to put her feet upon, which Lynn does without hesitation. Now he can study her long beautiful legs moor closely, He decides that now is the time to resume his actions of the car and places his hand upon her leg again just below the hem of her skirt, he leans over her and starts to kiss her full on the mouth, his tongue again pushing between her lipstick covered lips, As he kisses her his hand wanders up her leg until he reaches the tops of her stockings were he enjoys the feel of her flesh as it spills from the dark band of her stocking top, his hand gently pulls Lynn’s legs higher forcing her to part her legs and as she does her skirt raises so that her charms are on full display. He undoes the clips of her leotard which gives him full access to her dark hairy pussy, which he strokes with the tip of his finger, it feels warm and moist, he slowly inserts his finger into her and she sigh’s with pleasure, Lynn breaks away from his kiss and settles back to enjoy the effect his finger in her womb is having upon her, as Lynn leans back she reaches forward with her hand and starts to massage his cock through his trousers it is already rock hard so Lynn undoes the zip puts her fingers inside and pulls it out, It’s smaller than her husbands but much fatter, in sequence with the trusts of his fingers in her pussy, Lynn wanks his cock up and down, but after only a few strokes, his cock jerks and his sperm fly’s from its head all over the sofa. Lynn wipes the remainder of his sperm from her hand on the pillow at her side, He then sinks down to his knees and pulls her legs wide apart pushing one of her legs over the arm of the sofa, he pauses to look at her beauty. What a perfect sight, wide open stocking clad legs with a nice bush of pubic hair, he wastes no more time and pulls his face into her pussy running his tongue up and down her lips, tasting her juices which are now running freely. He teases her anus by pushing his finger into her back passage while licking her clitoris. The affect upon her is electric as she reaches her first orgasm and her pussy juices gush into his mouth.

His cock is now erect again and he gets up from between her legs and kneels over her kissing her, as Lynn accepts his kiss her hand pushes between them and grabs hold of his cock and again starts to massage it, he leans back and stand up in front of her and offers his manhood to her which she accepts by pulling it into her mouth and sucking hard on its length. He looks down at the head bobbing up and down on his shaft, the sensation is wonderful, but before he shoots his final load he wants to feel his shaft between the soft lips of her pussy. He pulls his cock from her mouth, pulls her to her feet and makes her kneel on the sofa with her bottom in the air, he positions himself behind her and guides his rigid cock towards the lips of her snatch and enters her pushing his prick deep into her womb. He thrusts at her behind, grinding his cock into her body, Lynn feels hot and wet around his rock hard cock, to bring her closer to orgasm he pushes his index finger into her anus and fucks her anus in rhythm with the momentum of his cock in her pussy, within no time Lynn is screaming and waving her head from side to side as her second orgasm takes over her body and just as Lynn reaches the peak of her enjoyment, he pulls his cock from her snatch and sends his sperm flying through the air and all over the soft flesh of her buttocks.

Satisfied he takes his finger gently from her anus, picks up a tissue from the adjacent coffee table and wipes his come from her bottom, Before Lynn has time to sit down he kneels on the floor behind her and starts to kiss, lick and bite the cheeks of her bottom, until his tongue is level with her anus, he pushes his tongue between her cheeks and licks her back passage, with his tongue working overtime on her bum he pulls her legs wider apart and with the thumb of his left hand he massages her clitoris and pusses two fingers of his right hand into her pussy and proceeds to finger fuck her.

Lynn can stand the attention on her rear no longer and pushes her backside into his face as her third orgasm runs through her body. With her body feeling totally satisfied, Lynn finally sits down and he gets up from the floor and sits beside her, they sit quietly for a while, while he rubs his hand up and down the tops of her stockings, “they really turn you on don’t they” Lynn says, “yeah you can’t beat a great pair of legs in black stockings “he says. Lynn can see the effect her legs have had upon him as his cock is once again rock hard and reaching for the ceiling, Lynn leans over the arm of the sofa and picks up her handbag, she reaches inside and pulls out one of her spare stockings, as Lynn always keeps a spare pair in her bag, she knows she has nice legs and never wants to spoil her appearance by having ladders in her stockings. she takes the stocking, removes his hand from her thigh and proceeds to feed his rigid cock into the stocking and wraps the surplus material around his balls, “oh that’s nice” he says, with his hard cock encased in her stocking, Lynn dips her head and starts to suck his cock through the nylon, this she does for what feels like to him hours. but in reality within a very short time his cock erupts in her mouth, but rather than sending his seamen down her throat, it is captured inside the nylon. Lynn lifts her head from his lap, smiles and says “you can keep that one as a memento.

Lynn gets up, adjusts her clothes and says, “It’s time I was going, he said he’d wait up for me.” He removes the cocoon from his penis, and puts his cock back inside his trousers. Just as Lynn is about to leave he calls out to her, “Wait a moment, last time I saw your husband, he asked for a tape, I’ll get it for you now”, He disappears into the room next door and reapers some time latter holding a video cassette, ” Give him this I promised it to him last time we meet up his local.” “But if I give him this he’ll know that I’ve seen you ” Lynn says, “Just say I gave it to one of the girls in work to pass onto you.” Lynn looks at the cassette and sees that it has no label “It must be a porn film, it’s all he ever watches.” “yeah ” he replies, “this one he’s wanted to watch for some time, it must be one of his fantasies.”

Lynn takes the film, puts it in her bag, kisses him on the cheek and leaves his flat, walks down the stairs, gets in her car and starts off on her way home. When Lynn arrives, Rick her husband is still awake, he’s been waiting up for her to give her the goods he promised when she departed. Lynn walks into the living room and finds him watching TV wearing only his bath robe, “good night” he asks, “yeah I had an entertaining evening”. Lynn sits down on the sofa, whilst he remains seated on the floor, he puts his hand on her leg and starts to rub it up and down the nylon of her stockings, his motions get higher and higher until he reaches the tops of her stocking and the cool touch of her thigh. At this point he maneuvers himself and kneels in front of her pulling her legs apart to expose her pussy which is uncovered as Lynn did not wish to do up the catches of her leotard as her pussy was still damp from her earlier encounter, to avoid complications Lynn says “Ready and waiting, just for you,” he pushes the remainder of her tiny skirt out of the way, bends forward and starts to kiss up her leg past the top of her stocking, up her thigh and finally to her pussy which he kisses and licks, Lynn lifts her bottom to make his access easier and his tongue slips between the lips of her pussy and strokes her clitoris. Lynn pushes her hips forward and rubs her pussy into his face as she love him licking her snatch as he always makes her juices flow and Lynn never fails to cum when she sits on his face. Whilst he is licking her he pushes his finger into her and fucks her, within no time Lynn is screaming as Lynn reaches her forth orgasm of the night.He takes his face from between her legs and sits next to her on the sofa,” now its my turn for some attention” he says,

Lynn leans across him ,takes hold of his robe and pulls it open, underneath he is naked accept for a pair of pink knickers which conceal his erection, it then dawns on her that he is wearing a pair of her knickers, Lynn giggles then strokes his hard cock through the satin of her knickers, “oh by the way, I’ve got a film in my bag for you from my boss, do you want to watch it while I amuse myself in my knickers” Lynn says, as she knows he loves to have his cock sucked whilst he watches porno films. “When did you see him” he enquires “I didn’t, he gave it to Helen and she brought it out with her tonight,” she says. Lynn gets up, takes the video cassette from her bag, walks over to the television insets the tape into the player and pushes the play button, before the scene appears on the screen Lynn crawls back across the floor towards him, when she gets to him she pulls his legs apart and strokes his manhood through her knickers, then pulls down the front of the knickers with her left hand, takes hold of his cock in her right hand and yanks it roughly free tucking the elastic band of the knickers under his balls, she then starts to pump his foreskin back and fro over the purple dome of his cock, her hand speeds up, and becomes a blur as Lynn wanks his rigid cock. she stops suddenly and dips her head forward and licks the tip of his cock, after half a dozen licks she takes the head of his cock between her lips and proceeds to suck, lick and bite, allowing her saliva to run down his cock as he loves to feel his wet sloppy cock sliding between her lips, the effect she has upon him is electric as it feels as though his cock has grown another three inches whilst its been in her mouth and its harder than she can ever remember. As Lynn slides her lips up and down his shaft, Lynn squeezes his balls and tickles between the cheeks of his bottom and strokes his anus, Lynn has yet to build up enough courage to push her finger into his anus, as Lynn knows he wants her to.

The film must be exciting him as Lynn can feel his cock throbbing in her mouth, and his hips push forward to meet the back of her mouth each time she slides down his hard shaft. Without warning he shots his come into her mouth, it happens so suddenly that she swallows the full amount without thinking as she normally does not like him to come in her mouth and when he does Lynn usually spits it back out all over his cock and rubs it into his pubic hair, even though he has just shot his bolt his cock is still rock hard, this is unusual as he normally goes soft after he has come, so whatever he is watching must be having an outstanding affect upon him. Lynn takes his cock from her mouth and looks up at him, he glances back at her and says “Who’s been a naughty girl”, “I thought you would like me to swallow your come” Lynn says lying through her teeth, “I don’t mean that” he says nodding towards the screen of the television, Lynn looks over her shoulder and sees why his cock wouldn’t subside it’s erection, for their on the screen Lynn is sucking a cock and her husband knows its not his cock Lynn has in her mouth, and the clothes Lynn has on are the same as she is now wearing.

The bastard Lynn has just come from had filmed their performance on a hidden camera in the next room, and had the cheek to give her the tape to give to her husband as a porno film, well judging by her performance on the screen it did qualify as a porn film but Lynn did not expect to be the starring lead lady . Rick pushes her around and makes her kneel facing the television, he then kneels behind her and positions his cock between the lips of her pussy and with one push, shoves his manhood into her and starts to fuck her with long slow strokes, the scene on the screen now shows her in a similar position with her lover “well which one feels the best” he says, but Lynn is still to stunned to talk, his rhythm increases in time with the action on the TV and he finally comes, but unlike her screen lover he does not spurt all over her backside but fills her with his hot come.

They sit together on the sofa, Lynn still can’t believe that she has been set up by her own boss from work in such a way. “I suppose this turns you on” Lynn finally says to him, as his eyes have not left the screen and even though he has come twice already his cock is once again rock hard. “yeah it does” he answers “I didn’t think you’d have the bottle to let him fuck you, let alone you suck his cock and wank him off” “you knew where I was going !” “well I knew you were going for a drink with him and not the girls “,”and did you know that he was going to film us having sex”,”yeah”, he says with a smile, “we meet about two weeks ago by accident in the pub, after I’d been playing squash. We talked for some time and the subject of sex came up, he said what a lucky bloke I was to have such a good looking sexy wife and how he would love to give you one. “”so you said go ahead pork away ” Lynn says starting to get angry,” not exactly, all I said was that you were a free spirit, even though your my wife, and if she wants you to make love to her that’s for her to decide.” and I suppose it was your idea to film the event.””again not exactly, he’d told me earlier that he had a secret video camera set up behind a two way mirror and if he ever got he opportunity to make it with a new woman, he always tried to do it on the sofa as he could keep the action on film to savor on the nights he was alone.” so you suggested that if he got lucky he should film it and give it to you, so you could get your perverted little kicks out of it.” exactly, and it worked like a charm, and now we know that you’ve played away I think it’s only fair that I get some sort of compensation from you.” your a crafty bastard. “Lynn says,” shall we say that for the next week you have to do anything I say without question, I think that will be the best solution and then we can call it quits.” she looks at him in surprise “I thought you’d what to fuck some other woman as recompense” Lynn says.” No, I don’t need another woman, I got all the woman I need in you, I just want a little more adventure in our lives and think we’ll start with you sucking my cock until it comes in your mouth again, I could get used to that”. “OK” Lynn replies, “but it’s only for one week, not a day longer.”


Tim’s Birthday »

Hi, my name is Sue. I was 36 when this happened. I’m married to Tim. Tim was having his 40th and didn’t want a large party. But he asked me to think of something he would find very special. Well, I thought hard and remembered that Tim always said he wanted to watch me making love with another man. I had said no. However, for his 40th I couldn’t think of anything more exciting.

I invited two of his bachelor friends and one of mine over for a birthday dinner on a Saturday evening. I dressed in a filmy white see thru blouse, with a shelf bra underneath that was cut below my nipples. A black miniskirt, with no panties completed the outfit. I never had dressed or felt so slutty. When Tim saw me he said ” Wow, that’s a great birthday present.” I replied that that was only the first part of the present.

By the way, I’m quite small as you can see by my photo’s. 5’3″, 110 lb, dark hair, 32C. Most men think I’m very attractive. Steve, Dave and Stu, the three guests thought so, as they reacted with many sexual compliments. The comments became increasingly bold as we drank wine and the evening progressed. As I would serve I would always bend over so that my rear would be exposed to someone. All of them could see my breasts.

Eventually, the guys began asking me about my sexual experiences and fantasies. I told them that this evening was not about my fantasy, but to fulfill Tim’s that he watch me with another man – and that they were the men tonite. Tim asked if I was serious. I said yes, if that’s what he wanted. Stu, Dave and Steve were enthusiastic. I was trembling as Tim told me to go for it. With that Dave stood up and reached around me from behind, roughly putting both hands inside my blouse and cupping my breasts. Stu reached under my skirt and began fingering my already wet pussy. They moved me to the couch, where Dave tore my blouse and bra off as Stu pulled my skirt down. Then Steve led me behind the couch, and while I was facing the back of the couch he bent me over it and entered my wet slit. He was only six or seven inches, but rock hard and thick.

He pulled out without cumming, even though I had already had an orgasm, and then did something I never contemplated. He forcefully rammed his steel cock up my rectum. It hurt a first and I said stop, but he wouldn’t. Instead, Stu climbed up on the couch an pulled my head onto his cock. He was so excited that after less than a minute he began to cum, with me swallowing until he pulled out dripping hot, creamy cum all over my face.

Dave took himself out of my butt. Steve had laid down on the floor and had the largest erection I have ever seen. He was very thick ( like my wrist ) and about 10 inches long.Steve pulled me down, facing him, until I had all of him buried in my pussy. I was going wild as Steve grabbed my head, moving my lips down to his mouth and we locked in passionate kiss as I was bent over sitting on his amazing penis.

Without warning, Dave knelt down and as suddenly as before, he again forced his cock into my butt, as I continued to ride Steve. I must have had three or four orgasms in a row almost immediately. I was in another world.

To be continued….

Confessions of a Cheating Wife »

When I first got married, I honestly thought I could remain faithful to my husband Jared. I was wild and sex crazy before we met, and I was sure I had gotten that out of my system. But not long into our marriage I realized that one dick would never be enough for a cock craving little slut like me.

At 20 years old, I guess my sex drive and need for variety still control me. It’s not that I don’t love my husband, I just don’t think he can fill all my desires. My pussy is always aching for cock. I simply must have a dick when the urge hits. Jared can’t always be there, so I have a long list of backups.

We have been married for only 15 months now, and already I have fucked 11 other guys behind my husbands back. The first incident happened when the guy next door came over to borrow a wrench for something he was working on. His name is Raif and he is absolutely gorgeous. He’s 21, and lives with a roommate named Ian. They have a pool behind the house they rent, and often I watch them through the window. They both work out constantly and have chiseled bodies. Raif has black hair and Ian light brown, but other than that they are similar. However, it’s Raif who really makes me wet. Sometimes I stare at him in the pool and finger myself imagining how big his cock is and how it would feel.

Raif came to the back door that day looking for a crescent wrench. I fumbled around Jared’s tool box and finally found one. “Is this what you’re looking for hot stuff”, I said. “That’s it. Thanks… for the compliment too.”, he told me. “No problem. You have a great body”, I admitted. “I could say the same for you Adrian. I’ve always thought you had a killer body, Why don’t you go slip into a bikini and come show it off at the pool. It’s a hot day and you need to get out and have fun.”, he told me. “Only if you join me”, I urged. “A beautiful lady all wet….I’m no fool. I’ll go get my trunks”, he told me.

I ran back and put on the skimpiest bikini I owned. My tits were practically falling out and the bottoms were barely covering my pussy, which was dripping wet. I went out and stood by the pool until Raif came out. Soon he opened the patio door and stepped out. He was wearing a pair of tight trunks which flattered his body. He wasn’t trying to hide anything just like me. I could tell that his apparently large cock was struggling to be free. We jumped in the pool and slashed around for a while, making small talk. He told me that my husband and I were welcome to use the pool at any time we liked.

“What if I want to go swimming in the nude?”, I asked him. “You and your husband like skinny dipping do you?”, he replied. “Who said anything about my husband”, I said. “I mean right now.” He was taken back by that remark. But I could tell he was turned on too. I couldn’t believe I was acting like such a little whore. It was different when I was single, but here I was a married woman. “Hey, don’t let me stop you. That bikini looks like it’s about ready to pop off anyway”, he said. While in the water, I took off my top and then my bottom. God, it felt good to be naked in the water, especially in front of this young stud.

I wanted him to look at my body, so I walked up the steps and turned around towards him. “What rating would you give me in a nude beauty pageant?”, I asked him. “The highest rating on record. Damn Adrian, you’ve got some nice tits”, he told me. I was loving it, so I kept leading him. “What about my pussy Raif?”, I said. “It looks sweeter than I had imagined. Jared is one lucky s.o.b. to be having that all to himself”, he told me. “I must confess, I’ve also imagined what your cock looks like too. You’ve been in quite a few of my fantasies. Why don’t you come up here and let me have a look at it”, I said.

He got out of the pool and came up beside me. “I hope this is as good as the fantasy”, he said. He slowly lowered his trunks and stepped out of them. Now I’ve been with a lot of men, and I can safely say that this young stud had what we women call a belly tickler. It wasn’t the thickest dick I’ve seen, but it was easily 8 and a half inches long. The kind that you can feel up in your stomach. “Oh God yes Raif. That’s a fantasy cock alright.” “Bigger than your husbands I take it?”, he asked. By the look on my face, he already knew the answer. “Oh baby! You’ve got him beat by a mile”, I told him. It was true too. I love Jared to death, but his 5 and three quarters inch dick just can’t reach those pleasure spots.

Maybe I should have weighed all the options before I got married. I mean I knew Jared had an average size cock. What really makes me mad is the fact that I had fucked a few big dick guys and loved it. It was just a feeling you couldn’t explain. I also knew Jared had never gave me that feeling. I guess it was the way he treated me with respect and kindness. All the guys with big cocks would treat you like shit, because they knew you would come back to them. The sad part is, it’s true. I’ve let more than one guy treat me like shit, and I would take it too, because I knew if I didn’t he wouldn’t give me his huge cock. That was something I couldn’t live without. So all you guys out there with 8 and 9 inch cocks, I’m giving you the inside scoop. You can treat us women like dogs and we’ll keep coming back for more. As long as you give us that dick.

Anyway, my love for Jared was real, But so was my desire to fuck this stud with the long dick. “You know you shouldn’t have showed me how big it is. Now I want it. Well, are you going to give it to me. Or are you just a tease?”, I asked him . “I never tease baby. Besides, I’d have to be crazy to turn down that fine married pussy you have”, he told me.

Raif picked up all our clothes and led me into his house. He took me into his bedroom and we layed down on the bed. He gently started to squeeze my tits. Damn, it felt good to be naked with a man other than my husband and to be felt all over. I should have been ashamed, but instead I was proud to be so hot for this stud. While he was exploring my pussy, I reached down and took hold of his oversized cock. It felt so good to have a large dick in my hands again. “Shit Adrian! I can tell you have a man with a small dick at home. Your pussy is tight as hell”, Raif said. “Well maybe you can stretch it out with this nice big cock of yours”, I told him.

“I don’t know. You are married after all”, he said. “Don’t you even try to hold out on me now. You know I’m burning to get that cock in me. You’re such a tease. How many girls have you shown that long dick of yours to, and then wouldn’t let them have it?”, I asked him. “I’ve shown it to plenty of girls. But in the end, I let them all have it”, he told me. “Good. You had me worried there for a minute. Please Raif, put it in me now”, I begged.

I laid on my back and spread my legs for him. He rubbed his cock on my pussy lips for a minute and then started to enter me. It felt great to have a strange cock in me, especially a big one like Raif’s. He kept taking short strokes, burying more and more in me. “Yeah baby, that feels good. Keep giving it to me. You’re already deeper than Jared’s ever been. Oh God, you’re a good fuck!”, I moaned. He kept screwing me hard, then slow for about ten minutes before he came in me. I swear I must have had 12 orgasms. I told him he had tickled my belly with his long cock.

Well, that was the first of the 11 guys I have fucked behind my husbands back. I just love sucking and fucking cocks, and I’m afraid Jared will never be enough. Soon after I had Raif, I fucked his roommate Ian. Damn, he loved to lick pussy. I even fucked a black guy who I met at the grocery store. He told me he loved my white pussy, and I must admit I enjoyed sliding up and down on his black cock. It was as good as I always had heard. I can never tell Jared. He would not understand I’m afraid. But still I maintain that I love him and it’s only lust that makes me cheat. Sometimes while me make love, I’ll tell him my fantasies of fucking other men. I told him my fantasy of Raif the night it happened. Little did he know it was reality. I’m surprised my loose pussy didn’t spark any suspicion. Even if he would understand I’m not sure I would tell him. It’s just so much fun fucking guys behind his back. Yes, I’m a cock crazy slut. But hey, at least I can admit it.

end –

Three Nights to Get Even »

Terri and I were married for six years, before I found out she’d been slutting around town. We had a pretty decent sex life, nothing real out of the ordinary, but good. She gave great head when she was in the right mood and even let me fuck her up the ass a couple of times, even though she claimed not to like it much. But her big thing was adding the extra excitement of almost getting caught that really got her pussy wet.

When we were dating and throughout our marriage she liked to fuck in places that exposed us to getting caught. So the idea of her fucking around with other guys was just another thrill of almost getting caught.

The trouble is that I did catch her. It didn’t bother me as much that she was giving it to someone else. We had done a foursome once and had a blast. It was the dishonesty of her sneaking around behind my back that really pissed me off.

Anyway about three months after we’d separated, she came back to the house and said she wanted to get back together. I told her that I wasn’t sure that I could ever trust her again. She started crying and swore that she would do whatever it took to get back together. I told her to prove it by sucking my cock. She looked through her tears to see that I was serious, then dropped to her knees in front of me. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. She didn’t hesitate to take it all the way in her mouth. As I stood there fucking her mouth, I was beginning to put a plan together. While she bobbed on my cock, I said so you swear you will do anything to get back together. Is that right? She looked up at me and tried to nod while still gulping on my meat. As my plan took shape I could feel that feeling in my balls and as I grabbed the back of her head I shot my cum down her throat, causing her to gag a little. She swallowed as much as she could before releasing my dick to get some air, while the last of my cum dripped on her chin and shirt. I zipped up my pants and told her to clean up while I thought over her wishes. While she was in the bathroom I decided it was worth it, and would follow through on my plan.

When she returned I told her that if she truly meant that she would do whatever I wanted, I would consider getting back together with her. She said that all I had to do was tell her what I wanted and she would do it. The trap was set. I told her that I had three tests for her and she would have to pass all of them for us to get back together. She asked what the tests were. I told her that she had to do exactly what I told her from then on, and that on three separate nights, without her knowing it she would be tested. If she failed even one of the tests, we were through. She again said what ever I wanted was fine with her. Later that evening I fucked her a couple of times, including driving my cock deep up her ass just to let her know that things would be on my terms from now on.

While slamming my dick into her ass I again said, are you sure you want to do whatever it will take to make me happy? Through clenched teeth she grunted out a yes. She was mine.

First Night

I hadn ‘t let her move back into the house yet, since she hadn’t passed the tests, but she did spend a lot of time there sucking and fucking me. She wasn’t a beauty queen by any stretch, but then again, I ‘m just an average looking guy myself. But there was something about her that was very fuck worthy. She was carrying a few extra pounds and her ass had some extra cushion. Her tits were proportional around a 36D.

When she came over this night, I had her cook me dinner wearing only panties and an apron. She complied willingly. After dinner, as she was clearing the dishes, she came over by me and I reached up and grabbed her left nipple firmly between my fingers squeezing it tightly. As she winced in pain, I asked her if she thought that someone who had whored around on me could ever be faithful and obedient. She said that she could and would. I gave her a firm smack on the ass and told her she was a good little bitch. I could see by the way her face got red that I had humiliated and angered her just a little which was fine with me.

As she was in the kitchen washing the dishes, the doorbell rang. I got up, already knowing who was there, and let in Tracy. She was a friend of mine that Terri had also gotten to know over the years. Tracy had a definite wild side and liked sex of any kind. I had talked to her many times about her sex life and found her most interesting. Earlier that day, I called her and told her what I had in mind. She readily agreed to my plan.

I told Terri to come see who it was. Since she was still just in an apron and panties she tried to just stick her head around the corner and hide her body. I said, get your ass out here and say hello to our guest, slut. Terri bowed her head in shame and came out to greet and hug Tracy.

As Tracy and I sat down, I told Terri to get us some drinks. As she turned to leave, I saw Tracy staring at her pink panty covered ass. When she returned with the drinks I told her to put in a porno movie for us all to watch. After she started the flick, I motioned for her to sit next to me, while Tracy sat on my other side. A few minutes into the movie I started to rub Terri ‘s pussy through her panties, then abruptly stopped. This wasn ‘t lost on Tracy, who saw the whole thing. A little later, I told Terri to take off her apron. She looked at me with a pleading eye, but when I glared back at her, she removed the apron exposing her big tits to Tracy and I. Terri had always been a little envious of Tracy. Tracy was absolutely gorgeous, and Terri couldn’t match up physically. But her tits were bigger than Tracy and in spite of her unease, her rock hard nipples stood out like marbles.

After a few more minutes of watching the two guys on the screen getting sucked and fucked by the one blonde, I tapped Tracy on the leg. It was time. Still fully dressed she reached a hand down to her pussy, and started rubbing it and said damn am I getting wet and horny what about you Terri? Terri just looked at her playing with herself and didn’t answer. Again I grabbed her nipple roughly and said answer our guest slut!

She agreed that she was also horny. Tracy said it was too bad that I only had one dick and there were two horny women there to satisfy. I said that we should be able to figure out some way of keeping this fair. Tracy then said, but I would be uncomfortable if she could see me fucking you. I assured her that wouldn’t be a problem.

I led them both into the bedroom. I took out two scarves and told them they would each put one on as a blindfold and then get completely undressed. Terri complied. As was our plan, Tracy didn’t put on the blindfold, but did get naked. She had a dynamite body, long slim legs, a tight small ass, and small firm tits that just begged to be licked that would come in time. Even though Terri and I had done some interesting things sexually when we were together, she always maintained that she would never have any sort of lesbian encounter. That’s what she thought.

After Terri was blindfolded, I told them to both lay down on the bed. I said that I was going to ask them a series of questions, and when I got all the responses I wanted, someone was going to get a good fucking. All they had to do was raise a hand if they would agree to my wish. I started out simple asking who wanted a hard dick inside them. Terri raised her hand and Tracy nodded. Who was willing to suck my cock first. Again, a hand and a nod. Who was willing to let me shoot off all over their face and tits. Both again agreed. Who was willing to let the other lick my cum off their face and tits. Terri, hesitated but eventually raised a tentative hand, while Tracy gave an enthusiastic nod. Who was willing to lick my cum off the other. No hand from Terri another nod from Tracy. I stuck a finger into each girls cunt and sloshed it around in their hot wet boxes. I pulled my finger out of Tracy and took a taste and told her how good her pussy tasted. Then I pulled my other finger out of Terri ‘s cunt and put it into Tracy ‘s mouth, and again said how good it tasted, as Tracy nodded her concurrence. I asked if they wanted to taste their own pussy juice, and got affirmatives from both. So I again put my fingers in their hot pussies, and after getting them nice and wet, put my finger soaked in Tracy ‘s cum into Terri ‘s mouth, and vise-versa.

By now I was so hard I thought I ‘d cum right there, so I got out of my clothes and told them it was time to get serious. I got down between Terri ‘s legs and started to lick her pussy lips and tickle her clit. She began to moan and squirm. After a few minutes, I moved over and gave Tracy the same treatment. Then I asked Terri if she wanted some more, to which she greedily said yes. But instead of me, Tracy got down between her legs and stated to lap at her fat pussy. Within a minute or two she reached her hands down and realized that it wasn ‘t me there, but she was enjoying it too much to stop her. I told Terri that while she was getting a good cunt lapping I was going to be fucking Tracy, so she better just lay back and enjoy.

Tracy was there on her hand and knees eating away at Terri ‘s hot box as I got behind her upturned ass and slowly slid my cock into her warm wet tight pussy. I started to inch it in as she began to thrust her hips back at me to pull me in further. All the while onguing Terri ‘s pussy. Terri was just laying on her back in her own world enjoying the moment. I could tell the first time Tracy made her come as she thrashed all over screaming for her to keep eating her pussy.

As I burried my cock in Tracy’s tight cunt I began ramming into her for all I was worth. She was incredible. The harder I thrust the more she seemed to like it. I put one hand on her ass, and slid my thumb into her tight little asshole, as she moaned her approval.

Then after she got Terri off a second time, I couldn’t hold it any longer and flooded Tracys pussy with cum. I kept thrusting till I felt like every drop of cum in me was now deep inside her awesome cunt. As I pulled out with a pop, I could see a little of our combined cum dribble down her leg, but she was still tongue deep in Terri ‘s cunt. I put my still hard cock on Terri ‘s lips and told her to lick it clean. She opened her mouth and began to lick Tracy ‘s pussy juice and my cum off my cock. I allowed her to keep this up for a while after it was clean, just so I could watch Tracy bring her to what must have been her third orgasm. I asked Terri if she was ready to be fucked, and she quickly said, oh yes, I want that big dick inside of me sooo badly I told her that if she wanted my cock, she would have to earn it. Once again, she said that she would do whatever I wanted. On cue, Tracy got up from between her legs, and with Terri ‘s cunt juice dripping from her chin kissed her full on the lips, and put her tongue deep in Terri ‘s mouth. I told Terri that Tracy was loosing all my cum, and would make a mess if it wasn ‘t cleaned up. Tracy, straddled her face and slowly lowered her dripping cunt onto Terri ‘s mouth. As a drop of our combined cum hit her lips Terri opened her mouth and tentatively began to lick our juices out of Tracy ‘s pussy.

While this was going on I got down and put my cock into Terri ‘s pussy in one quick move causing her to gasp at the suddenness of it. Tracy was facing me with her ass over Terri ‘s nose, so that she could watch me fucking Terri, while she began to pull hard on Terri’s nipples. Terri gave no signs of being uncomfortable eating pussy, she was diving in like an old pro. I pounded her cunt for all I was worth while I watched Tracy rub her cunt up and down Terris mouth and face forcing her to occasionally lick her ass instead.

Finally when I could take no more, I shot another load deep inside her pussy and kept fucking her till I had no more energy. We all rolled over on to the bed and fell asleep. She had passed the first test.

Second Night

About a month after the night with Tracy, it was time for the second test. It had been a good month, I was getting all the sex I wanted from Terri, with no complaints. And even though she loved lots of dick, folks that I knew around town said they hadn’t seen her out whoring anymore. Maybe she was changing. We’d see.

That night, my friend Rob was supposed to come over and play cards with Terri and I. He did this from time to time, just to get away from his wife. She was a petite, hot little piece of ass, but she was a stone cold bitch. So from time to time he liked a night away from her. Again, he knew what was to come this night, as was willing and ready. We played some three handed poker for a while. Just nickel ante stuff. Terri was sitting between Rob and I. I had instructed her to wear a fairly short dress and no underwear, just in case I wanted a quick piece of ass during the night.

I got up to go to the bathroom, and as the door to the bathroom closed(I was in the hallway watching the whole thing), Rob moved in on cue. He put his hand on her thigh and told her how hot she looked. She thanked him and made no move to remove his hand. He then told her how his wife was withholding sex from him for an argument and how much he had always wanted to get Terri between the sheets. As he was saying this he was moving his hand up her thigh, under her dress. She parted her legs for him to have easier access. He leaned over and kissed her as his hand reached the wetness of her cunt. She put an arm around his neck and a hand on his bulging crotch.

He put a finger into her pussy and began to finger fuck her right there at the table. She proved that she couldn ‘t be trusted that made everything else easier. I stood there and watched as he continued to dip his finger into her wet pussy, while she rubbed his cock through his pants. They kissed while he used his other hand to grab and rub her big tits.

After a while, I went down the hall and pretended to be done in the bathroom and walked out. By the time I got out there they were sitting as I had left them, although a little bit flushed. I asked what they’d been doing while I was gone, and Terri said they were just talking. Now she ‘d lied to me again. If she’d just been honest she could have fucked Rob and still stayed together, but she had to lie.

So we continued to play cards for a while longer. After another hour, we went to the living room and began watching TV, Terri was seated on the couch between Rob and I. After a little TV and a few more drinks, I told Terri that I had a surprise for her, but I would need Rob ‘s help to carry it in. She always loved surprises. I told her to close her eyes and not peek until I told her to. If she looked early, the surprise would be taken back to the store. She complied.

Rob and I got up and went toward the bedroom. We quietly got out of our clothes, and since we both knew what was about to happen, our rock hard cocks, sprung toward the sky. I asked if he was ready, and he grinned and nodded his eagerness. We walked into the living room and stood on either side of Terri holding our dicks straight toward her. I told her to lean forward, until our cocks were within inches of her face. Then I told her that she could open up her eyes. As quickly as she realized that there were two hard cocks staring her in the face, she drew back her head a few inches. I told her it was OK and that her honesty and faithfulness was about to be rewarded. She reached a hand out to each cock, and began to lightly stroke each of us. Then she alternated sucking each of us into her hot mouth. After a few minutes of this, we stood her up and began kissing and fondling her body, four hands and two set of lips carressing her whole body had her on the verge of her first orgasm (assuming she didn’t have one while Rob finger fucked her earlier). In one quick move, I pulled the zipper to her dress all the way down and her dress came off, so she was as naked as we were. Again we resumed rubbing her whole body, and she jerked slowly on our cocks.

I told her we wanted to play a game of quarter with her. She asked what it was. I told her to get down on her hands and knees, which she quickly did. Then I told her the only rules. She was the quarter. I got in front of her and told her that I got heads and pulled her mouth onto my dick. Then as Rob entered her pussy from behind I said he had tails. And after a while we would flip her and switch. As Rob pounded her cunt, she began moaning into my cock as she sucked its length feverishly. After a few minutes of this I pulled her head back by her hair and yelled flip. Rob pulled out of her all at once and I told her to lay on her back with her head toward Rob. As she complied, Rob stuck his cock wet with her juices into her mouth and I began to fuck her swollen pussy. After a few more minutes of this, we again flipped her to the original position.

By now I was finding it hard to maintain, and Rob must have been pretty close to the edge too. I saw him slap her ass hard and then ram his cock into her with all the force he could muster as he came deep inside her pussy. With that sight, I grabbed the back of her hair, and thrust her mouth around my cock till it was buried in her throat and shot my load.

After we both finished spewing our sperm into her, we told her to flip again. As she sucked Rob back to life, I fingered her clit just to make sure she was horny as could be. After she had yet another orgasm, I let my hand trace down her pussy, till it was wet with Rob and Terri ‘s combined juices. As I let my finger coat with their cum,I slowly moved it down toward her ass, and inserted it into her tight ass while more of his cum began to flow out of her. The thought of what was yet to come and watching her suck Rob ‘s again hard cock, was enough to get me hard again.

I told Terri to lay on her side and I got behind her while she continued to slurp his dick. Slowly I began to inch my cock into her tight ass, and I could here from her grunts that it hurt and felt good all at the same time. As I got all of my dick shoved up her ass, Rob repositioned himself and put his dick again into her gaping pussy. It was a wild sensation. I could feel his cock rubbing against the wall of her pussy and my dick. As we fucked her in rhythm, our balls would slap together causing her to moan even louder. We gradually began to increase the speed of our pounding until we were fucking her with all the speed we could manage. Within a few more minutes, I could feel myself building up to orgasm. With one final thrust, I shot hot cum up her ass. Rob kept up his pace for a few more seconds before also shooting his second load of cum into her whoring pussy. She had failed the second test, but still brought us pleasure.




Final Night

Every year I have a halloween costume party. I get friends to come over in some of the most inventive costumes I’ve ever seen. This year I was going to give them a treat to thank them for showing up. My specialty was the jungle juice I mixed up. It was guaranteed to pack a punch, and a few drinks was enough to get many people hammered.

So I was dressed as a priest, and I had Terri dress as a harem girl. The outfit left little to the imagination. Even with the layers of light material flowing over her body, her large tits jiggled and swayed with every step, and the full patch of her pubic hair was unmistakable. Our guests started to arrive with assorted costumes. Everything from just your basic toga, to very detailed and intricate outfits. The evening was going along well.

As the night wore on, I noticed Terri getting a lot of looks for her outfit. Looks of excitement from the guys, and a few less endearing glances from some of the women. The bulk of the night went on as normal. Lots of music, talking, jokes and of course, drinking. Around midnight, you could start to see a lot of the couple groping each other and getting themselves worked up. Soon they would be leaving to find somewhere to go and fuck. That would leave the die- hard partiers behind. The people who felt it was disrespectful to leave a party while there was any alcohol left.

As the couples departed, we got down to a group of 14.

Terri, and two other women, me and ten other guys. It was time for the entertainment portion of the night. I turned down the music and got everyone ‘s attention.

I told them that as a special gift this year, Terri was going to do the dance of the 7 veils for us. This brought forth a cheer from the guys, and a laugh from the women. Terri looked at me, her face flushed red, but also a gleam in her eye that told me she would follow through. I whispered in her ear that she was to loose all 7 veils before she was done. She reminded me that that would leave her totally naked. I smacked her on her large ass and told her it was time to begin.

I restarted some appropriate music, and with all the guys cheering, she began to shimmy and shake her body while slowly removing a veil. Then came the second, and the cheers grew. Then the third. With each veil, came a louder cheer, and a broader smile on her face. She was really getting into it now. By the fifth veil, one of the two women decided it was time for her to leave. The other woman stayed and enjoyed the rest of the show with us. Six veils gone, and the only thing between Terri and us was a whisper thin piece of fabric covering her waist and thighs. Some of the guys were obviously sporting major hard-ons. As the last veil hit the floor they all let out a holler that I thought would bring down the roof. Everyone began to applaud as Terri stood there naked, drunk, and obviously unsure of what to do next. I moved toward her and told the group that for the rest of the night, she was going to be our genie. She would grant any wish we wanted, without hesitation, or reservation. And to prove the point I told her that my first wish was for her to suck my cock. She dropped to her knees and reaching into my costume pulled out my dick and began to suck me right there in front of the group.

The group watched as she expertly sucked in the length of my cock, and then slid it out again. Then she began pumping my shaft with one hand while bobbing her head on my dick. I looked around to see a few cocks out in the open, and the other female, Sharon was openly rubbing her own crotch. But no one moved to join, they seemed content to watch. As I got to the point that I could feel myself getting close I pulled her head back by her hair and shot my load into her open mouth and on her face. This again brought a cheer from the crowd.

I told Terri to lie down on her back, while the guys lined up to take their turn at her. Sharon asked about her, and I told her that she could help the guys recover after they had come on or in Terri. It wasn’t quite what she had hoped for, but by now she knew that this was Terri ‘s night to perform. One of the guys offered to fuck Sharon while he waited his turn for Terri, and that seemed to satisfy her growing lust.

So with Terri on her back, one guys quickly rammed himself full inside her pussy, while a second guy sitting above her head, fucked her mouth with his cock, and two others sat on either side of her to play with her big tits while she jerked them off. As soon as one person came, another was there to replace him. I saw Sharon sucking on dicks covered in come to get them hard for the next trip back to Terri. She laid there sucking fucking and jerking off one after another after another. And judging from the tell-tale moaning, she was enjoying herself. Before long, her front was covered in come. Her tits had globs covering them, while her face and hair fairly oozed with it. And there was a big pool of come running out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass.

After all 11 of us had come on or in her at least once, I told her to get on her hands and knees. Once there, I put my cock into her gaping cunt to coat it with cum, and then sunk it deep into her ass in one stroke. As I fucked her ass, one of the guys again got in front of her and lifted her head onto his cock as it disappeared into her mouth. Since she wasn ‘t really fond of being fucked in the ass, it was incredibly tight on my dick, and didn’t take long before I let loose with another load of sperm deep within her bowels. As soon as I pulled from her, another guy took my place. Since we were now just fucking her two at a time, Sharon was getting a little more attention. But I cautioned the guys to save their come for Terri. After all it was her night. Some of the guys came in her ass as I had, some shot off on her ass and back, while others continued to fuck her well stretched pussy.

I laid back and had Sharon give me a blowjob while I watched guy after guy mount and fuck Terri. I couldn ‘t even begin to count the number of times a cock went into some hole of hers. Soon the cum was running down her thighs, and forming little puddles behind her knees.

As the last of the guys fucked her for their final time and pulled out, Terri fell onto the floor in a heap, exhausted and sore. The guys and Sharon got dressed and left Terri and I there alone. They all commented that it was the best party I had ever thrown. I looked at Terri there on the floor covered virtually from head to toe in cum and asked her how she liked the night. She said it was fun but she was sore. I told her that her night was not yet over. I made her suck my cock back to full erection and then turned her around to fuck her ass one more time. I rammed my cock into her sore ass with all the force I could muster. I was trying to punish her one last time, and from her facial expressions I could see she was in some pain. As I came and pulled out of her, I told her to get her clothes on and leave.

With her face covered in sweat and cum she asked if she could take a shower first. I told her that she had failed the test by fucking with Rob while I was in the bathroom, and I was through with her now. With tears rolling down her face, she left and never again came back. It was a cruel thing to do, but at that time in my life, I wanted to get even for the hurt that she had caused me. But I must say, no one before or since has ever been so willing to please and to put on such a show for me.

The End

Three on a Bed »

My wife is the type that could be called almost prudish in her sexual desires.

When we met she was still a virgin, so everything she’s learned about sex has been with me. I’ve tried to get her to loosen up, but it’s been a long and tough process. She believed that sex was just a little foreplay and then intercourse. And no matter how much I tried to get her to loosen up, she always resisted.

We had been married 10 years before I finally convinced her to give me the occasional blowjob. She thought it was disgusting, but finally relented when I convinced her how much I really wanted it. The thing is, she’s really great at it. She sucks a cock like she was brought up on it. It was definitely a hidden talent that I was glad I finally unlocked. Now on special occasions, I could get a blowjob. But I wasn’t satisfied with that. Like any guy, I wanted more.

For our 12th anniversary, I put together an elaborate plan to get her to try something a little different. It took me nearly a month to plan, and it was very risky, but the possible reward was worth it. If things backfired, I’d surely piss off my wife on our anniversary and wind up divorced. But if things went well, our sex life would change forever.

As our day approached, she asked what I wanted for a gift. I held her close and told her that I wanted her to be my little slut for one night. When she asked what I meant, I told her that I wanted her to dress the way I said and do what I wanted for one night. Initially, she said no, but eventually gave in.

So on the appointed night, I came home with a single red rose, and gave her a long deep kiss, while grabbing a hand full of her firm round ass. I told her I was taking her out to dinner, and that we were going to dress up. As we went to the bedroom to get ready, I pulled out a short tight dress for her to put on. She’d worn it before, and even though it was more revealing than she liked, she resigned herself to wearing it to live up to her promise to me.

As she reached for her pantie drawer, I told her no panties this night. She balked at that idea, but when I reminded her of her promise, she relented. Dinner was uneventful. We went to a nice restaurant and had a good meal. The fact that she was sitting there with her pussy bare under her short dress drove me nuts, and I guess she thought that was all I was after.

When we got home, I got out another bottle of champagne to go with the one we drank with dinner. I lit a candle and we sat on the couch sipping the champagne and necking. I started to rub her round tits till her nipples got hard. My hands were now exploring her body, and as I reached her bare pussy, the wetness became very apparent to me. I suggested that we go to the bedroom to continue. So we took the candle with us and went up to the bedroom. We quickly shed our clothes and began to explore each other with our hands while passionately kissing. I was so horny I could barely stand it, and I could tell by my wet fingers that the foreplay and champagne was having a similar effect on her.

I whispered in her ear that I would really like a blow job. She told me that she figured when I said that she had to do what I wanted, that I had a blowjob in mind. I told her that I wanted her to get on all fours at the end of the bed while I layed in front of her. She complied and soon was giving some excellent head. I held her head as she bobbed up and down on my hard cock. I asked her if she was horny, and of course she mumbled a yes. I said that it was too bad that I couldn’t fuck her wet cunt at the same time she was sucking my cock. She tried to nod her agreement while not removing my cock from her mouth. I told her to spread her legs a little wider and imagine a hard dick entering her wet pussy. After a little coaxing she complied. She seemed to be getting into the fantasy as she was rocking her hips while sucking my dick.




Then, just as I had planned, my friend Jon snuck out of our closet, naked with a raging hard-on in his hand. As he crept up behind my wife I asked her if she was still imagining that hard cock pounding her tight pussy, and she moaned her yes. I grabbed her head a little tighter and fucked her face. At the same time Jon grabbed her hips and plunged his dick into her dripping cunt in one swift movement. She struggled for a second, trying to understand what was happening, but the combination of the position she was in, the champagne she had consumed and the ecstasy she was feeling, she soon resigned herself to her predicament.

As Jon began to pound her hot little box, she responded by sucking harder on my cock. The sight of another man fucking my wife while she swallowed my dick was driving me to the brink in a big hurry. In no time I was shooting a huge load of cum into my darling wife’s mouth. She nearly gagged on it as she pulled away to let some of it splash on her face and in her hair.

As my cock stopped spurting, she tried to look behind her to see who it was inside her. Again I grabbed her face and told her no. She was not to know who her mystery fuck was. In fact, I found a scarf and tied it around her eyes to keep her from seeing him. Soon I could hear that she was reaching an earth shattering orgasm. As she bucked and moaned, Jon sped up his assault on her cunt and soon jammed his cock deep in her, depositing his cum within her pussy. This sight had the desired effect of getting me hard again. I told her to turn around on the bed, and when she did, Jon grabbed her head and placed his wet semi-hard cock at her lips. She surprised me by not hesitating to take him into her mouth and bathed his cock with her tongue.

As I kneeled behind her I could make out their combined juices running down her thighs, and slipped my dick into her soaking wet snatch. The feeling of her pussy filled with his cum was different to say the least. I began fucking her for all I was worth. My balls were slapping against her clit with each stroke.

I wet my finger with the cum that was oozing out of her hole, and began to lube up her tight virgin ass. Her only response was to moan even louder than she had been. While I continued to ram my cock into her hot pussy, I slowly inserted a finger into her tight ass. It was kind of weird feeling. I could feel my cock with my finger and the other way around. She made no move to stop me as I fingered her ass while pounding her cunt, while she sucked Jons dick like a pro.

She had her second and third orgasms before each of us came for the second time. She collapsed on the bed spent and sore. Jon quietly left, and I wrapped my arms around her and thanked her for a great anniversary as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning she somewhat embarrassed asked me who the other person was. To this day I haven’t answered her question. That one secret frightens her and excites her all at the same time…and that’s the way it’s going to stay.

– The End

Football Fun »

Being in the military, I’ve met friends from all over and we often get into discussions about which football team is the best. My good friend Rick is a die-hard Chicago Bears fan and I’m a hard-core Oakland Raiders fan. We often give each other a hard time about how well our teams played that week. This progressed until we began putting a bet on each season. The guy whose team had the worse record had to buy $50 worth of fan merchandise for the winner. For the last couple of years my Raiders, while not playing championship ball, were at least outplaying the Bears. This had earned me a lot of stuff, as well as bragging rights. At the end of last season, I was over at his house, harassing him about another losing season while we drank and joked. His wife, also a Bears fan was getting a little tipsy and said that next year would be different; her team would win. I asked her if she was looking to lose a bet along with her husband. She said she’d love to earn some free Bears stuff.

Joking with her, I said that her team sucked so bad that I already had all the Raiders stuff that was made, but that if she was interested we could make the bet a little more interesting. When she asked what I meant, I told her that if I won, she would have to wear nothing but Raiders stuff one night, and do whatever I said for that night. She thought about it for a minute and said she agreed if it was OK with Rick. He smiled and said it was fine with him. The bet was on.

Fortunately, that was the season that the Raiders decided to show the league they knew how to play ball, while the Bears kept up their recent mediocre play. As the season wore down, I started getting everything together that I needed and went over to their house to collect my prize

Rick’s wife Sandy is a petite little brunette with a dynamite little body. I’d always lusted after her and often envied Rick, but tonight I was going to do more than lust after her. After exchanging pleasantries, I reminded Sandy that tonight was the night she had to pay up her bet. She tried to get out of it by claiming that she was drunk that night and therefore didn’t have to pay up. Rick surprised me by stepping in and telling her that a bet is a bet and has to be paid, no matter what. She relented, but asked if we could sit and have a couple of drinks first.

As we each finished our second drink, I told her it was time to go get dressed. She asked what I wanted her to put on. I told her that I’d accompany her to the bedroom to help her get dressed and surprise Rick. He just grinned and told her to get on with it.

As we got into the bedroom, I opened the gym bag I brought with me and told her to get undressed. As she slowly took off her shirt and pants, I couldn’t help but admire her firm flat tummy and small shapely ass. She stood there in her g-string panties and bra waiting for me to give her some clothes. I told her to get completely naked. After a momentary pause, she complied. Standing there with her tiny tits staring me in the face and that small patch of curly pubic hair over her pussy was nearly driving me nuts, but it was a long night, and I had a plan all worked out.

I pulled a black g-string, boxers, t-shirt, socks and complete sweat set (all with Raiders logos on them) out of the bag and told her to wear as little or much as she was comfortable wearing. She started to reach for it all when I said, but first, we need a little ornamentation. I pulled a pack of temporary tattoos out of the bag and told her that she needed to be a complete Raiders fan for the night.

First I applied a small tattoo to each of her tits. As I started to rub them on, her nipples got very hard and so did I. Then I told her to get on all fours, and placed two larger tattoos on her magnificent ass cheeks. My hands were shaking as I applied them. I was no longer sure I could control myself, but somehow managed it.

Now properly adorned, I told her to get dressed and come out so we could see her. I left her standing there looking a little relieved and surprised. I told Rick what had happened so far and what I wanted to see happen the rest of the night. He said that plan was fine with him, and he would do his part to help.

Minutes later Sandy came out covered from head to toe in black Raiders attire. After some good-natured ribbing, I told her to get us all a round of drinks while we watched some TV. After a few more drinks, we put on some porn videos that Rick bought. Of course this got all three of us hotter. Rick told Sandy that he was tired of seeing her with so much on and asked her to take off her top. She smiled and seductively started to remove her sweatshirt. But to Rick’s dismay, she had the T-shirt on underneath. But the film, alcohol, and everything had her nipples poking through the shirt. For someone with such small tits, her nipples were pretty large.

I then told her to remove her pants. Again she pranced around till she dropped them to reveal her boxer shorts. Even in them, she was a sight to behold, and I wasn’t going to be able to drag this out much longer. After another drink and some more of the porn show, I told her to take off the boxers and shirt. As she complied she was left standing there in only the g-string which disappeared between her ass cheeks, revealing to Rick her “new tattoos.” He laughed at the sight of them. Sandy sat between us on the couch and we began to explore her body with our hands, rubbing her slim shapely legs, her little titties, and her very wet pussy. There was no turning back now.

I told her that she needed to accompany me back into the bedroom to continue what we had started. She asked about Rick. I told her that his team had not won, so I would be the one getting the grand prize. Rick said it was only fair, and went back to watching the film.

Once inside the bedroom, I began kissing her deeply, while grabbing two handfuls of that awesome ass of hers. After a few minutes of tongue hockey, I pulled back enough to start to remove my clothes, and told her to remove the g-string.

I laid her down on the bed and laid next to her kissing and fondling her body. My hands and lips roamed over her tattooed tits, her firm little tummy and down to her wet cunt. I could feel her excitement and rapid heartbeat as I easily slipped a finger into her tight little pussy. She began to slowly move her hips in rhythm to the finger fucking I was giving her.

After a few minutes of this I told her that tonight I was going to have her every way I wanted. She asked what I meant by that. I told her to start by giving me a blow job and she would see. I laid on my back, and she got on her hands and knees next to me and engulfed my cock in her mouth. She was fantastic at sucking a cock. She sat there with my dick sliding in and out of her lips and her ass up in the air next to my head. I was wishing I could be enjoying this tongue bath and fucking her at the same time, but that would have to wait for now. I reached over and again stuck a finger into her moist pussy and began to massage her clit. This got her sucking my cock even harder. Soon there was no holding back and I shot a huge load of cum into her mouth. She responded by drinking down every drop like she hadn’t eaten in a week. I was in heaven.

I pulled her leg over my head so that her sweet cunt was just above my face, and pulled her ass down so that I could start to dart my tongue into her juicy pussy. She continued to lick and massage my cock as I tasted the sweetness of her cunt. She began to moan softly, and then more loudly as I alternated between flicking my tongue across her clit and dipping it into her tight little hole. Soon she had my cock standing back at full attention as she ground her pussy up and down on my mouth. Within a few more minutes, she began yelling, ” Oh yessss…eat me you bastard. Eat my pussy raw!” Then I felt her whole body shake as she flooded my face with her warm wet juices. I’d never seen a woman cum so much in my life.

As her orgasm subsided, I rolled her over onto her back and pulled her legs up and bent them under till her knees were up against her chest and spread wide apart. Slowly I began to sink my dick into her hot cunt. She was so wet, but so incredibly tight that I was having trouble going slowly. After inching about half way into her steamy cunt, I sank the rest of my dick all the way into her with one thrust. She reached up to grab my ass and pull me into her with each stroke. I kissed her and roughly pulled her nipples as I pounded her little box. Having just cum a little earlier I was able to maintain the pace for a while before I felt that familiar tingling in my balls. By now she was thrashing around deep in her second orgasm, growling for me to fuck her harder, which I willingly did.

Then I took one final thrust deep into her pussy and blew another big load of cum up inside her hot cunt. We lay there for a few minutes to recover from the moment before I pulled out of her and let a trail of cum follow my semi-hard cock out and up on her well trimmed patch of pubic hair.

She told me that she enjoyed that, and I told her that she wasn’t done yet. She asked what I meant, and I told her that I’d only been in two of her holes so far.there was still one to go. She said that she’d only let Rick in her ass twice, and wasn’t sure it was such a good idea. I reminded her of the bet, and told her it was time to get my dick ready for action again. She resigned herself to her fate and got up on her hands and knees to start cleaning our combined cum from my cock. Within a few minutes I was hard and ready for action again.

She told me they had some KY in the nightstand, so I reached over and grabbed the tube. I put some on my dick and then began to spread some around her asshole. Then I put a little more on my finger and began to slide it up into her ass to make sure she was good and lubed up. As I got into position behind her upturned ass, I could see the two Raiders tattoos on her cheeks and smiled. Slowly, I started to feed my cock into her extremely tight ass. As the head popped in, I stopped to give her time to adjust, but the sensation was driving me crazy. Her ass was gripping my cock like a vise and I was loving it.

Soon I had it buried all the way into her ass, and began pumping her butt slowly. Then as she began to get into the rhythm, I speeded up. Because of the enormously tight feel and grip on my dick, it didn’t take too very long before I again shot a load deep into her ass.

As I pulled my cock out of her ass, I could see cum leaking out of both of her holes. She asked if I was through now, and I told her sort of. When she asked what I meant I told her that now she had to go out and tell Rick exactly what had happened. She got this surprised look on her face. It was almost as if she’d forgotten all about him. Then I told her that not only was she going to tell him in nasty detail what we had done, but that she was going to do the same thing for him while I watched. By now I guess she figured, what the hell, and got up to go to the bathroom and clean herself up. I told her that she was to go out cum and all and start to seduce her husband.

I walked out first and gave Rick the knowing nod. As Sandy walked out naked, with my cum running down her thigh, she walked over to Rick and gave him a big wet kiss. Then as she massaged his dick through his pants she said, ” Don’t be mad at me, but I have something that Dan is making me tell you.” Rick just sat there enjoying her touch and waiting for her to continue. “As soon as we got back there Dan took off his clothes and started feeling me all over my body. I didn’t want to cheat on you, but I was so horny, and I didn’t want to welsh on the bet.” She hesitated while she unzipped his pants and released his hard cock. “After he got me really wet by fingering me, he made me do this.” With that she lowered her lips to the head of his dick, and slowly took the whole thing into her mouth and began to give him a great blow job. He leaned back and just started to enjoy her expert mouth and tongue. Before long, he blew his load down in her mouth. I guess the combination of the porn flicks and knowing what she was going to do to him really excited him. He came so much it began to dribble out of her mouth. What was even more amazing was that he never lost his hard-on. Then she told him how I had eaten her out, and he placed her on her back and cleaned her pussy of our combined juices, helping her to two more orgasms in the process. Without her giving him instructions, he then mounted her and fucked her missionary. I’ve seen a lot of fuck flicks, but before now, had never actually watched two people fuck live right in front of me. It got me hard again for the fourth time.

Rick was pounding into her while she begged him to fuck her hard. I watched as his cock pulled almost all the way out of her tight twat and then slammed back into her. After what must have been 10 minutes, he thrust one last time and held himself deep within her. After a few moments, he pulled out and their combined cum was evident from her pussy. Rick said that he needed to rest. I told Sandy to stroke him while she told him what else had happened. She took his wet dick into her hand and began trying to pump him back to life while telling him the rest of the story. “After Dan came in my cunny, he made me lick him clean and told me he was going to fuck my ass. He was nice enough to use lube, but my ass is still sore from the pounding he gave me.” Rick was growing harder, but not there yet. While I on the other hand was hard as a rock. I told her that while Rick was recovering she could do me one more time. I got down on the floor and told her to climb on and put my dick in her dripping hole. After giving Rick a kiss she moved over to where I was and straddled my hips. Slowly, she sunk down and grabbed my cock. Then she guided me into her sloppy wet cunt. She sat straight up, fucking herself with my cock. After a couple of minutes I saw Rick moving toward us. I pulled Sandy down to my chest and held her with her tits pressed against me. Rick moved up behind her and spread her ass cheeks. She was startled for a second, but never lost her rhythm while we fucked. Slowly Rick started to enter her upturned ass. I could feel his cock as he entered her ass while I was in her pussy. I had heard that this was a really erotic experience for all three involved, and at least for me, it was true.

Rick got all of his meat into her ass and then began matching my thrusts, while Sandy began moaning and saying “Oh God, oh yes, oh please fuck my brains out!” We were only too happy to oblige. We continued our assault on her holes, me from below in her cunt and Rick from behind in her ass. The sounds and smells of sex in the room were almost overpowering. She had what must have been her 5th or 6th orgasm and screamed at the top her lungs that she was cumming. That sent Rick over the top and he came deep within her ass. That chain reaction continued with me as I once again filled her pussy with my seed. We all stayed right there with all of our combined cum leaking out of her and onto me and the floor. After a couple of minutes, we managed to pull ourselves apart and Sandy walked awkwardly toward the bathroom to clean up. Rick and I smiled and followed her in. After she was in the shower, we walked in to rub her body clean of all of our combined cum. After toweling her off, we led her to the bed and went to sleep with her in between us, all of her Raider tattoos plainly in site. That was the best bet I’ve ever made.

The End