Strawberry Lube

My wife Carly and I were is this scuzzy adult book
store and I had gone into one of the peep show booths,
leaving my wife still browsing the porn.

When I came out my wife was behind the counter kissing
this black guy and rubbing her hand all over the bulge
in his pants. I could see everything as well as several
other guys that happen to be in the store. This black
guy had his hand on her ass while he kept kissing Carly
and didn’t even notice I was watching them.

By this time the other guys in the store were getting a
free show. Carly loves to tease and put on a real show
for the guys in the store. She was telling The black
guy that she wanted him to come back to our hotel room
and fuck her. She was telling him how wet she was and
wanted to feel his hard cock inside her.

By now they had full attention of the small group of
guys in the store that were trying hard not to look
like they were watching. Carly had on one of her
business suites which reveals lots of cleavage. By this
time the black guy had moved his hand around to the
front of her suit and was cupping one of her full
breasts. From the side you could see him rubbing her

I was standing back trying to pretend I was reading a
book and had the biggest hard-on watching my wife
getting her tits touched by this black man out in
public. Carly kept kissing him and I could see his
tongue coming out and entering Carly’s mouth.

Then I noticed they were playing with a strawberry
lubricant. He would put some on his finger than into
his mouth and Carly would suck it off his tongue. This
playing back and forth went on for quite some time.

When the store closed Carly asked the black guy came
back to our hotel room with us. It didn’t take long
after the first drink, he and Carly were on the bed
kissing and laughing and playing. I was surprised at
how big the black guy’s cock was. Carly loves them big
and didn’t waste anytime getting this one in her mouth.

The guy had brought along the strawberry lubricant with
him and kept putting it on his cock for Carly to lick
off. I had to go the bathroom to piss and by the time I
came out he was fucking the hell out of her pussy and
she was thrusting down to meet his every thrust.

When he did cum inside her, you could see his cum
gushing out around his cock as he kept driving hard
inside her. When he finally pulled out, the guy poured
some of the strawberry lub on Carly’s gapped pussy
lips. They started kissing again and he brought his
hand up to his mouth to lick the mixed lubricant and
cum off his fingers. Then he stuck his tongue out and
Carly sucked on it too. This went on for at least 10

Then the black guy asked me if I was offended by him
fucking my pretty little white cunt. I said no, Carly
was enjoying herself and I liked to watch.

Carly really got off eating her pussy cream mixed with
the black guy’s cum and the strawberry lubricant from
his tongue. She wanted to do it again so he obliged and
did some more finger-fucking and tongue sucking.

Carly had had a few drinks too many and kept going for
more. She sat on his face and he ate her pussy then she
turned around to kiss his open mouth again. Then still
going strong, Carly climbed back on his stiff rock hard
black cock and rode him again until he shot another
load deep in her.

They played with the lubricant mixed cum again, and the
black guy kept digging his finger around inside Carly’s
stretched pussy and bringing up gobs of there cum to
his mouth and then having her lick it from his tongue.

I must say, I’ve seen Carly fuck a lot of guys but this
guy really had her loose that night. She climbed on top
of him two more times until he finally came in her
pussy again.

This had been one hot night. I got off twice watching
them fuck and share there mixed cum.

Before we left the hotel in the morning we invited him
to join us for Thanksgiving weekend. I was just as
excited as Carly when he accepted our invitation.


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