Trip To The Store

I’ve been married to my wonderful wife, Jade for 10 years now. We have two children and my wife is more beautiful, in better shape, than when I first met her. She is a 5’7″, 126 lb auburn haired beauty with smallish perky breasts and nearly perfect legs that seem to go on forever, especially when she has on short shorts or my favorite, a miniskirt.

My story begins when Grandma came and got the kids for an extended weekend. We worked on the house Friday night but when we awoke on Saturday morning Jade surprised me with a, “Let’s go shoe shopping!” This is code for my wife dressing sexy and in the process of shopping, exposing herself to me and the occasional lucky stranger. We have done this on several other occasions and it has made for some really great sex!

After getting out of the shower Jade said, “Dress me.”

I picked a silky white button up the front blouse that would tease her nipples and keep them hard all day. It was loose fitting and she left it unbuttoned to where if she bent over slightly, you could see all the way to her bellybutton. I then picked my favorite flared, pleated jeans skirt and decided that no panties or hose were in order, just short sports socks and sneakers. I
was already getting very horny and tried to fuck her right then and there but she loves to tease and said, “Let’s wait till we go to at least one store!” 

We decided to drive across town to a locally owned department store that was one of my wife’s favorite shopping destinations as they have unique stuff not found in other stores. Also there was less chance of running in to someone we knew. Flashing a stranger is one thing. Flashing a friend or acquaintance is another and could affect your reputation in a hurry! Our fun began right away, quite unintentionally. 

As I opened the car door for Jade to get out, she swung one leg out, exposing her almost hairless pussy. We were involved in a conversation and I hadn’t noticed the man pushing a cart past our car at that very moment. I had my back to him but my wife noticed as his glance turned into a fixation on her pubic area. She bent back into the car, pretending to get something, leaving her pussy wide open to be stared at by this man (and me!). 

I was confused, trying to figure out what she was reaching for, when I heard a bang behind me. I looked around and he had run his cart right into a light poll! Jade and I pretended not to take any special notice but I was laughing my ass off inside! 

As we turned the corner out of the row of cars, I gave a quick glance back. He was still trying to pry his eyes off my wife’s beautiful ass, probably praying for the wind to blow! I know that’s what I’d be doing! We grabbed a cart and went to the cosmetic isle for some of that specialty stuff (you can tell it’s special by the price!). As I stood leaning against the cart my wife gave me a quick glance over her shoulder and a quicker look around. She was standing in front of the cart with her back toward me. 

She oh, so slowly bent over at the waist, legs slightly spread and knees locked. He short skirt patiently lifted, finally completely revealing her lower ass and her pussy. Her slit was closed tight but moisture was clearly showing through her pussy lips. She stood like this for almost a minute, looking at several items on the lower shelf. No one was near enough to see anything. I decided to move the cart in front of her and got a excellent flash of her tits. She slowly raised up and straightened herself up, just as a woman came around the corner. Getting almost caught really added to the excitement for both of us! 

Jade found what she wanted and we were headed to men’s toiletries when a young black man dressed in a security uniform came up to us. He was about 23 well built and I could tell by the way my wife stared at him, she thought him attractive. “Would you mind coming with me? My supervisor would appreciate you taking the time to talk to him for a moment.” 

Taken aback and surprised I said, “Sure, okay.” 

We followed him to an employee’s only area where he showed us an area to leave our cart. We then got on an elevator to the 2nd floor where he opened a door marked “Security, Loss Prevention” and asked us to step inside. It was darker in there and took a minute for our eyes to adjust. When they did we saw a large black man in a suit, sitting with his back to us, in front of a council with 10 TV monitors in it. 

He heard us come in and swiveled around and said, “Hello, my name is Mr. Thompson, this,” he pointed to the young man who had escorted us in, “is Mr. Hyde. And whom am I addressing?” 

I’m James and this is Jade,” I said sheepishly, beginning to have an idea why we were brought in here. “James and Jade, would you step over here for a minute.” We did as we were asked. 

“Watch this monitor, please” Mr. Thompson said. He pushed a button and up popped a clear picture of Jade’s ass. The camera zoomed in and Mr. Thompson pushed the pause button. You could see exactly what I had seen earlier including the fact that my wife was obviously aroused. 

“You do know that public exposure is against the law, don’t you?” He asked sternly. We both sheepishly nodded in affirmation. “You two put me into a dilemma. I have customers clearly breaking the law in my store. Public exposure. A serious matter. I could call the police and have you ticketed, possibly arrested for this!” 

My wife then lost it and crying said “Please don’t do that Mr. Thompson. We’re sorry and no one else saw us. Can’t you just let it go this one time, PLEASE!.” 

“I’m sorry but I can’t just let this go,” Mr. Thompson stated. However, there might be a way to keep your names out of the paper, but you both have to agree and if at anytime you change your mind, the deal is off and the police get involved and I will deny ever trying to make any kind of deal with you and Mr. Hyde will back me up.” 

“What kind of deal?” my wife asked, still sobbing but hopefulness showing up in her voice. 

“You both will follow my every command for the afternoon. You will not be hurt but there will be sexual contact involving you both. I will direct and participate in that sexual contact. So will Mr. Hyde. Any deviation or refusal to follow my direction will result in the termination of any deal and the police will be called in. Mr. Hyde and I will now step out for a few minutes to give you both time to discuss this and decide”. They then walked out of the room.

“What are we going to do?” Jade pleaded.

“We can’t be arrested. That’s for sure!” I said. “I don’t know that we have a choice. Maybe we can get by you just giving them each a blow job.” Jade loves to give head and I knew this would calm her down a bit.

“Do you think so?” she asked hopefully.

“It’s worth a try, besides I don’t see as we have much of a choice here” I stated. “So we’re agreed, we’ll try to get by with blow jobs, but whatever happens, we’ll be there for each other. OK?

“OK” Jade said, hesitantly. They came back into the room. “We agree to your terms, Mr. Thompson” my wife said defiantly.

“Good, good” Mr. Thompson replied. “Then we shall we begin”. He went over and sat in his swivel chair. Mr. Hyde stood at the door. “Start by kissing your wife. Show us what you do to turn her on, to get her motor running.” Jade and I began kissing, slowly at first, then as instinct kicked in, more passionately. I reached up and began caressing and tweaking her nipples through the silky fabric of her blouse. 

It wasn’t long before that familiar “moan” came out of my wife indicating a higher level of excitement. I slowly reached down under her skirt as she instinctively spread her legs apart, slightly at first, then much wider as the gentle stroking of her clit started to take effect. She moaned again, noticing the two men watching our every move. Her hips started to move involuntarily, humping back at my hand. I knew she was getting close to orgasm and Mr. Thompson noticed also.

“Jade, take your blouse and skirt off. Mr. Fix It,” said Mr. Thompson, pointing at me “for the remainder of this afternoon, your name is Mr. Fix It. Go over and sit in that chair.” He pointed to another executive chair that had been jacked up way higher than normal. I sat in it. Jade, in the meantime had, somewhat shyly, removed her clothing and was standing naked about 5 feet away, trying ineffectively to cover her tits and pubic area. 

“Jade, go sit on Mr. Fix It’s lap. Mr. Hyde, would you please remove your clothing?” Both Jade and Mr. Hyde did as they were asked. As my wife climbed up on my lap, her eyes were fixed on Mr. Hyde who had started to undress. She pressed her ass hard into my lap, grabbed my left hand and put it at her tit, the right she guided to her clit and pussy. 

Jade didn’t even try to be modest at this point and had her legs to the outside of mine. She let out a whimper and moan as my hands began doing their magic. Her hips were now moving rhythmically, grinding her ass into my already over stimulated cock. 

I knew she was very close to coming so I was careful not to make that happen. Mr. Hyde had his back to us as he stripped. Now naked, Mr. Hyde turned toward us, revealing a large circumcised cock, I’m guessing a strong 8″ and it was also very thick. Certainly much larger than anything my wife had ever seen, much less experienced. It was attached to a young body that was in great physical shape. 

He didn’t hesitate. He walked right up to my wife, who was still sitting on my lap. I could see now what was going to happen and why the chair was jacked so high! He spread her legs farther apart, moved my hand aside, aimed that huge tool with his own hand and shoved it to the hilt with one stroke. 

My wife began to scream. In pain or pleasure I couldn’t tell but he quickly smothered the scream by kissing her, forcing her lips open as he ground his hips hard against my wife, shoving me hard into the chair. Jade’s hips pivoted uncontrollably, meeting every thrust and grind of Mr. Hydes with one of her own. The kiss broke and they embraced each other as they ground each other. 

Mr. Hyde’s head was over Jade’s shoulder facing me. He winked at me and mouthed the words, “I’m fucking your wife!” That’s all it took. I blew my load in my pants as my wife’s ass ground hard against my cock. Mr. Hyde new what had happened and whispered in my wife’s ear, loud enough so I could here “Your hubby just shot his load into his pants”. That was it for my wife. She screamed, “Uha, Uha, I’M COMING! FUCK ME!! AWWWA, AWWWA, UNH, UNH!”

There was more but you get the idea. She came hard and long. Her long legs were pointed in the air, toes curled as she reached the final throws of her amazing orgasm. She had been clinging Mr. Hyde’s muscled body until this moment but let go and fell back on me. Mr. Hyde followed her and they engaged in a long, wet passionate kiss, inches from my face! After a few minutes, Mr. Hyde lifted Jade up off me. He had not come and she was still impaled on his huge shaft. 

This was the first I had gotten to see of his black cock in her creamy white skinned pussy. The contrast was amazing. The fact her pussy could so easily accommodate his thick cock was also amazing and had me transfixed. I was brought back to reality by Mr. Thompson’s stern voice said, “Mr. Fix It, that door over there is a closet. In it is a mattress and several pillows. Bring them out and set them up as I direct.”

I did as I was told. It was a soft vinyl double mattress about 5″ thick. He showed me where he to position it. He wanted one pillow about halfway down on the mattress and the other at the top. Mr. Hyde than carefully sat down on the mattress, my wife still impaled on his tool, mind you! He then lay on his back, the pillow in the center raising his hips slightly. 

“Ok, Mr. Fix It, back in your chair. Enjoy the show. Jade, you just had a grand old orgasm. A gift from Mr. Hyde. It’s time to return that gift. Get to work.” 

“Yes, Mr. Thompson,” Jade said. She bend down to engage Mr. Hyde in another passionate kiss as she began to work her hips up and down on that huge chocolate colored shaft. At first I could tell, she was just working to try and get him to come. She would lift up until the head of Mr. Hyde’s thick tool would almost pop out of her tight hole, then she would slowly bury it to the hilt. 

Then she would move her hips up and down quickly for 5 or 6 strokes and repeat the process. It was having the desired effect on Mr. Hyde but something unexpected began to happen. Jade was clearly starting to feel it. She kissed him hard, shoving her tongue deep into his mouth, then she broke the kiss, pushed back and ground her hips hard into Mr. Hyde’s groin. This caused a moan to come from them both.

Mr. Hyde reached up and started tweaking my wife’s sensitive little nipples. This brought things to another level. Jade began to move her hips rapidly, small strokes at first, but soon the sound of slapping skin and loud moans filled the air as my wife lost control and began fucking Mr. Hyde for all she was worth. Mr. Hyde was now meeting Jade’s every thrust and the collision of their bodies made me wince, it was so violent.

I watched in utter amazement as this went on for what seemed like an eternity. My wife was the first to utter legible words and what she said shocked me. “Oh! Oh! Mr. Hyde! I’m there! Come! Come in meeeeee! Oh, oh! God! I’m there! Fuck me! Pump your seed in my womb! Make me pregnant! I want your baby! She had now stopped pounding, was sitting up, head tilted back and was grinding her pelvis violently into Mr. Hyde’s.

“You want my seed in you? You want a little black baby to raise?” Mr. Hyde asked. “Here it comes!”

Both reverted back to primitive grunts, screams and groans as they both came. It was one of the most sexual things I had ever witnessed. The scary part was my wife wasn’t on birth control and could easily be pregnant now! She meant what she said when she said, “I want your baby!” I was dumbfounded. 

My wife collapsed on top of Mr. Hyde, both breathing as if they had just run a marathon. Jade engaged Mr. Hyde in another long wet kiss, then rolled off to the side, letting Mr. Hyde’s softening cock pop out of her. Her cunt was swollen and gaped open, a small river of semen running out of it, already creating a puddle on the vinyl mattress.

“Mr. Fix It,” Mr. Thompson spoke out, “Now it is your time to perform. I want you to clean both of them up, starting with Mr. Hyde as he needs to get back to work. I felt uncomfortable with the thought of having to wash another man’s genitals but decided I just needed to get thru it. “Where can I find a washcloth?” I asked. 

“Washcloth?!” You won’t be needing that! At least not yet. Your tongue and your mouth are your cleaning tools, Mr. Fix It!” Mr. Thompson exclaimed. My jaw dropped! I looked over at my wife, she had turned on her side, one leg bent, resting on Mr. Hyde and propped herself up on an elbow. Her jaw dropped at the same time. There was a short silence.

“I’ll clean Mr. Hyde” Jade offered.” I would love to suck on that beautiful cock for awhile anyway.” 

“You’ll get that chance in time, Jade. Right now its time for Mr. Fix It to do his job. You do remember the terms of our agreement, don’t you, Mr. Fix It?” inquired Mr. Thompson.

“Yes” was all I could get out. I got out of the chair and slowly walked to where Mr. Hyde was laying. Jade moved her leg as I got on my knees between My Hydes legs. He had propped himself up on a pillow watching me with amusement and curiosity.

“Help him out Jade. Hold Mr. Hyde’s tool up so your husband can start his work. If it looks like he is going to miss anything, you tell him where to suck” directed Mr. Thompson. She held the cock to my lips. The beautiful scent of my wife, along with the pungent smell of this man’s seed filled my nostrils. 

I hardened myself and just started in, inserting the head if his flaccid penis into my mouth, licking and sucking as I buried the shaft clear to the base of my throat. I spent a full minute sucking that ebony shaft clean. He started to harden. I looked up and he and my wife were kissing again. I then squeezed his shaft, putting my thumb on the huge discharge tube, running it to the head of his shaft, sucking the remainder of cum that dribbled out down my throat. 

Large gobs of mixed fluids were intermingled in his pubic hair. I sucked hard and licked the hair like a dog licking his balls. That’s what it sounded like too! I was going to get thru this! I then licked his huge balls, sucking each one into my mouth separately, then I lifted them up and licked as far as I could reach. Mr. Hyde then pushed me back and rolled onto my wife on his knees. 

“Keep cleaning,” Mr. Hyde said.

I was floored! He wanted me to lick his ass clean. I looked at Mr. Thompson. He just nodded. I opened his ass cheeks which was hard to do as he was very muscled. I began to lick his anal opening and the area around it. Mr. Hyde and my wife were watching as best they could. My wife’s breathing was getting faster, with short breaths. A sure sign of arousal. Her look was one of fascination and lust. Satisfied I’d done a good job, I backed away. Mr. Thompson then threw me a warm wet washcloth. “Now you can wipe him off.” I did as I was told.

Mr. Hyde gave my wife a final kiss. Whispered something in her ear to which she giggled and kissed him back hard. Mr. Hyde then promptly got up, patted me on the head and said, “Good job.” Got dressed and left. My wife was now laying on her back. When I came to her, she propped herself up on both elbows and watched as I began her “Clean up”.

I started with her pubic hair, sucking it out. As I got close to her clit, she began humping motions. I obliged her for a moment, gently nibbling on her swollen clit. Her breathing became even heavier. “Go down there and bring some of Mr. Hyde’s cum up in your tongue and show it to me,” she ordered.

I did as she wanted. There were huge amounts to be had in her gaping hole. She stared at the thick fluid on my tongue in growing lust. “Now, use it as a lubricant on my clit.”

I spread the cum around with my tongue as she watched, letting out a lust laden moan. She had sat clear up now and was playing with her own nipples. All of the sudden she fell backwards, screaming in another amazing orgasm. She pinched her left nipple hard as her right hand grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my face hard into her pussy. I thought she might rub my nose off she was so rough. The orgasm lasted longer than any orgasm I remember her having and when it was over, she had actually passed out or fainted! Jade lay there limp and totally wasted.

“That’s good.” Mr. Thompson said. “That’ll help her handle me.” I was trying to figure out what he meant as I turned toward his voice. Mr. Thompson had moved out of his chair, gotten undressed and was stroking one of the biggest cocks I’d ever seen. Even in pornos! It was engorged. He had evidently liked the show so far. This penis was the size of my fist and forearm. It was all of 12 inches. “Stand back and let a man go to work!”

I did as I was told. Jade was still out as he put the head of his massive thing up to my wife’s opening. Even though she had been stretched by Mr. Hyde I couldn’t imagine how she could possibly accommodate this monster. Since I hadn’t completely cleaned Jade out, there was still large globules flowing like a river out of her. Mr. Thompson took advantage of this and moved his cock around to where the head was pretty lubed up. He aimed and began to push. 

Jade winced and moaned in her sleep state as the huge head was forced into her. Amazingly it soon completely disappeared. Mr. Thompson then stopped for a moment, giving my wife’s pussy time to adjust. All this time he had been on his knees. He now gently laid on my wife, his massive body seemed to swallow up my wife’s thin frame. He began to kiss her as he started to move his hips. Even though still mostly asleep, my wife began to respond, kissing limply and moving her hips slightly. 

I watched as he slowly worked his tool into her. Jade’s tight, lubricated pussy was having an effect on Mr. Thompson as his breathing became heavier and his strokes quicker and deeper all the while being careful not too go to deep to fast. Mr. Thompson was a little over half in with his tool when my wife woke up with a start. 

It took her a second to gain her bearings as Mr. Thompson continued his patient assault. It took about 4 strokes after my wife woke up before “everything” woke up. All of a sudden she let out a moan-wail. She raised her legs into the air above her hips which was an accomplishment in itself considering the girth of Mr. Thompson. 

His cock and movement had gotten to her as she screamed, “OH FUCK! OH FUCK ME MR. THOMPSON!!” She began to pull on his hips to get him deeper. She had no idea what she was in for!

“That feel good, baby? You want more of me? SAY IT!!” Mr. Thompson screamed.


He kissed her wetly, licking her face and pushed his fat tongue deep into her mouth as he rammed his cock in to the hilt. Her legs came crashing down and lay flat on the mattress as she screamed in utter surprise and pain but it was too late. 

His lust had taken over and he began to pound her even though she had quit responding and was trapped with no escape under his massive body. She grimaced in pain as the assault continued. I was thinking I better do something, my wife is getting hurt when a transformation happened. Lust began to come back into her eyes.

She told me later that it had hurt terribly but it made the pleasure, when it came back, just that much more intense! Soon she was matching him, thrust for thrust. His strokes were absolutely huge and his body would slam down on my wife’s small frame just as she would rock her hips and take him as deep as she could!

It was so surreal to see that massive cock disappear then reappear in and out of my wife’s tiny womb. I looked down in amazement as I shot my second load all over the front of my shirt. I was so transfixed on what Mr. Thompson and my beautiful wife were doing, I didn’t realize I had pulled my cock out and had been pumping it hard. I used the now cold damp washcloth I had been given by Mr. Thompson to use on Mr. Hyde to clean myself up.

“How do you like, unh… this black cock — unh… that is fucking you now, Jade?” Mr. Thompson inquired as he pounded my wife. “You know no other cock will satisfy you now don’t you?”

“UNH! YES! I love it!! I KNOW!! OH GOD MR. THOMPSON! FUCK ME! SPLIT ME OPEN!! I’M GOING TO COME!! With that, Mr. Thompson grabbed my wife’s ankles, spread her legs farther than I thought was possible and ground his now completely buried cock into Jade’s pelvis. She pivoted her hips in involuntary thrusts, actually lifting Mr. Jone’s huge frame as he pushed hard against her.

I hoped the room was soundproof as their unintelligible grunts and screams reached a crescendo. My wife started to come first. “Eaaaaahhhooooh! I’m coming!! FUCK ME PLEASE MR. THOMPSON! Mr. Thompson pulled out and started pounding her again as she screamed in absolute ecstasy.

He let out a loud groan as he began his orgasm. The sound of their bodies slapping together and the sight of that huge ebony cock rapidly moving in and out of my wife’s now horribly stretched pussy was too much for me. I began pounding my meat again for all it was worth and came shortly after Mr. Thompson.

He collapsed on top of Jade, breathing heavily. My wife looked like flattened road-kill underneath him. Her legs were spasming and quivering like jelly after that intense orgasm. He soon rolled off. My poor Jade’s once tight pretty pussy was now a gaping hole filled with the come of two men .”Mr. Fix It, come and clean up your wife, now. Then you both can work on me. This is a two person job!” Mr. Thompson said as he held his now flaccid penis up for me to see.

I went and knelt down to my wife. I gently started to lick her clean but had to be careful as she was very sensitive and sore. I never knew one man could store and release so much semen. It seemed as if I drank down a gallon! Her poor hole was gaped open so far that I could stick my tongue in as far as it would go and have it not touch anywhere.

Jade had somewhat recovered by the time I was done cleaning her and I helped her over to My Thompson and his waiting genitals. She picked the flaccid monster up and even limp, she couldn’t close her hand around the circumference. She seemed to worship the thing as she began to suck the head.

I started in at the base of his huge balls and worked my way up. Jade never got past the sucking of the head and as much of the shaft as she could get into her mouth. Mr. Thompson was starting to respond and warned her that if she kept that up and got him hard, he would have to fuck her again. Unbelievably, she began sucking him all the harder! His cock was clearly responding now as she was barely able to get the head in her mouth. I could not believe she wanted this huge tool to be used on her again.

Mr. Thompson soon was moaning as my wife’s passionate cocksucking was having the desired effect. I decided to touch my wife’s clit to see if she would respond and sure enough, she began to hump my hand. I slowly worked almost my entire hand into her stretched out pussy and all it did was to make her moan and hump harder! My wife was rapidly converting into a cock hungry slut. “Ok, that’s it Jade. Get on your knees on the mattress.” Mr. Thompson ordered.

“Mr. Thompson, may I use the bathroom first?” Jade asked.

“Of coarse, my dear. Mr. Fix It will keep me at the ready until you get back,” Mr. Thompson said. I didn’t even try to argue and began sucking his tool as soon as my wife let loose of it. She stood there for a few seconds, watching me work. His cock was indeed a mouthful and after a couple strokes, he shoved it clear to the back of my throat. I began to gag but this didn’t stop him. He slowly forced it down my throat and held it there until he was sure I wasn’t going to puke. He then began to slowly fuck my throat! 

What had I gotten myself into? I began to get used to having it in there and figured out how to breath. I then began to match his strokes until my lips were burying themselves in his pubic hair every stroke. He moaned and said, “My, look at the wonderful little cocksucker you turned out to be! If I didn’t have to fuck your wife again, I’d let you drink my cum direct from the source.”

I kept the rhythm going and soon he grabbed my head and pushed it away on the verge of coming! It wasn’t so bad and it was kind of fun tempting him to cum in my mouth. I latched on to his cock again shoving it all the way in, just as my wife came out of the bathroom. She gasped at what she saw her macho husband doing. “Get on your knees, Jade. I’m ready to come and I’m gonna do it in you!” Mr. Thompson pushed me away again and said, “I want you to put my cock into your wife.” 

“Yes sir” I said as I grabbed his cock and held it as he walked and knelt behind my wife. I squeezed at the base and rolled my fingers up it’s length, forcing out a sizable amount of precum. I took his massive tool and rubbed the precum all over my wife’s still gaped pussy. In spite of all my licking and her going in the bathroom to clean up, cum was still seeping out of her hole. 

I took his cock and rubbed it in that as Mr. Thompson began to push forward impatiently. I put his head right at Jade’s opening and he started to shove it in again. My wife winced a little as she was clearly sore from the pumping she had received so far. That’s when I got an idea. “You’ve got her pretty sore in that hole, sir. How about fucking her ass now? She likes it there once in awhile.”

Jade screamed “NO! You’re way to big for that! I don’t think I can do it! PLEASE, NO!”

“Your husband made the suggestion. I think it’s a good one. Tell you what. He can get down an lick your pussy and tweak your titties while I try. If it starts to hurt too bad, I’ll quit. Ok?” Mr. Thompson asked.

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I slid, head first between Mr. Jone’s legs up to my wife’s pussy which was still filled to the brim with Mr. Jone’s monster. I began to work on her clit and gently tweak her nipples as Mr. Thompson gently but deeply continued to fuck her. She told me later that the thought of having me lick her while she was being fucked by another man had always been a fantasy of hers and that it got her going fast as I started to lick. I watched her abdomen in fascination swell every time Mr. Thompson buried his cock in her. There was a lump formed clear to her belly button every time, then it would disappear. “OK, my wife said. But you have to stop if I ask.”

Mr. Thompson proceeded to pull his cock completely out of Jade. The thought of fucking that tight little ass must of been working on him as his cock had swollen to a monstrous size. I was glad my wife couldn’t see it as it would of scared even a pro! I began licking her again as Mr. Thompson began to move his cock around my wife’s tiny little anal opening, spreading precum and old cum around in order to ease the pain of the penetration. I knew he succeeded in getting the head in when Jade’s hips became still (she had been humping my tongue) and she let out a loud, “Owww! Slow! Go Slow!”

Mr. Thompson held still for a short while. I reached up and began working my wife’s nipples again as I continued to lick her swelling clit. Her breathing picked up as her arousal grew and soon she began to slowly push back on Mr. Thompson cock and then grind at my face. Mr. Thompson began to match her thrusts gently working his monster in a little more each time. 

Both of their breathing was getting heavier and more urgent. Soon I could feel his huge balls stopping to rest for a second on my neck and chin, which was a sign he was close to bottoming out that 12-incher deep in my wife’s rectum! I was numb from over stimulation and wanted to pull on my penis again until I came but my hands were busy with the task at hand. Mr. Jone’s rhythm began picking up as he started to stroke harder and deeper.

His balls were now slapping the bottom of my chin pretty hard. My wife was close to cumming. Her clit was as large as I’d ever felt it. By Mr. Thompson’s heavy breathing and the fact his balls were tightening up, I could tell he was close also.

All of a sudden I felt pain as my wife reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair, seemingly trying to pull my face into her ravaged cunt. “Unh, unh, OH, OH, FUCK ME HARD!! I’M CUMMING!!! OHHHHH! COME!! COME IN MY ASS!!!

“HERE IT COMES BABY! MY SEED IS FILLING YOUR ASS!!” Mr. Thompson had stopped deep stroking and had a hold on my wife’s hips and had his monster cock buried in her ass as deep as it would go. The involuntary movement of my wife’s hips as she fucked my face and his cock at the same time was all the movement he needed. The orgasm lasted for minutes. They both lost their strength andcollapsed. 

Jade’s spread legs straddled my head and Mr. Jone’s cock, which was still in my wife, along with his balls were resting on my face. I began to lick clean the part of his cock which was exposed and I could reach. I watched as it grew softer and soon plopped out of Jade’s stretched bung hole. Along with it came a load of cum which I dutifully cleaned as best I could. I had cum all over my face, forehead and hair at this point. 

She lay down on her stomach, legs spread with the top of my head quickly getting soaked with fuck juice oozing out both her holes. Mr. Thompson got up on his knees allowing better access to his cock and balls which I cleaned until he was satisfied. His cock was absolutely spent as it did not respond at all to my sucking it clean. He got up, went to the bathroom with clothes in hand. As I got up I noticed my wife was asleep on the mattress legs still spread. I had been laying in a pool of cum juice which I now cleaned off me as best I could. 

My hair was saturated with thick cum which was not coming out without a shower. Jade’s bung hole was stretched and gaping open. It puckered with every heartbeat, trying unsuccessfully to regain its former closed state. Like a little pump, a small amount of cum would also ooze out with every heartbeat. I laid down between her legs and licked and sucked her poor butthole until I had all the accessible juices cleaned up. I gently awoke her and told her we better get going. I helped her get dressed. She appeared absolutely spent. She could not walk on her own and I had to support her. 

Just then Mr. Thompson came out of the bathroom all cleaned and dressed in his suit as if nothing had happened. My wife’s face lit up as he walked over to her. He gave her a hug and then began to kiss her, shoving his thick tongue into her mouth and down her throat. Jade responded with equal passion. He then reached down under her skirt and slid his middle two fingers deep into my wife’s stretched pussy. 

“Now that’s how a pussy should feel!” he said as my wife moaned and began to respond again! “You want me to fuck you again, don’t you?” his huge fingers moving in and out of Jade’s pussy easily, sliding against her swelling clit as they did. She gyrated and moaned an affirmation. “You’ve turned into a big black cock loving white slut. Haven’t you? Tell me what, you are and what you want.” No answer but a moan. “Tell me!!”

 “I’M A SLUT AND I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME NOW!!” My quiet dignified, beautiful wife blurted out. He was skillfully slamming his fingers into her cunt, causing loud slurping sounds as he did so. He again kissed her deeply as she fucked his fingers as hard as she could in that position. Mr. Thompson then repositioned his hand to get all four fingers into her. He was hooking his fingers deep inside her ravaged pussy as the palm of his hand rubbed her clit. He found her “G” spot and she came with a scream “YEAOWWWWW, AH AH OHHHHHH!!!” Again he had to hold her up. 

 He gently removed his hand and said “My what a horny slut you are” as he wiped his hand on a towel he was carrying. He handed her over to me and pulled out a couple business cards. “Here is how to get a hold of me should you care to do something like this again. I have a couple friends who would love to fuck you Jade. One of them has a larger cock than me. Give me a call if your interested. Goodbye for now.” 

He escorted us to the elevator. Our life hasn’t been the same since!

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