Make My Fantasy Come True

As Anita looked into the mirror she saw that her sperm-covered breasts were red and the nipples swollen. “No wonder,” she thought to herself as she reviewed what had transpired in the last two hours. She had been the center of attention for three very well endowed black men. She turned on the water and waited for it to get hot. After Anita rang out the washcloth, she started wiping the semen off her neck and breasts. The warmth of the washcloth felt good as it cleaned her and her mind drifted back …

“Good evening,” Anita said as she opened the hotel door. She was clad in a black and silver brocade bustier that laced up the front, sheer black thong panties; black thigh high stockings that didn’t require garters and a pair of 3-inch black high heels that brought her height to 5′ 6″. George, her husband, had selected the outfit and helped her get ready earlier. Her makeup was heavier than she normally wore, with black eyeliner and black and silver eye makeup accentuating her green eyes. Her lips were painted a deep red. George had taken her to the stylist just that morning and had them put her hair up. The auburn hair was brighter than her normal color but she loved the way it looked piled on top of her head with a few curls loose on each side.

As three black men entered the room they looked Anita up and down and smiled. Anita felt the nipples on her 36C breasts stiffen at the attention she was receiving. She also sensed herself getting wet. She had fantasized about this night for the last two weeks but still was nervous.

“Hey guys,” George greeted them as he continued getting the lights set up. George had found the three of them through a web site that catered to interracial experimenters. He had posted a note, along with a photo, that Anita was interested in trying an interracial gangbang. That first post had resulted in about two-dozen responses. He had corresponded with the most promising posts and after viewing numerous pictures had settled on Andrew, Dwayne, and Sean. George intentionally didn’t share the nude photos showing the equipment they were going to use on his wife.

His questioning had let him know that Sean was 22 and worked at a car dealer detailing their cars. The photos he hadn’t shown Anita let him know that Sean’s cock was only about an inch and a half longer than his own seven inches. The biggest difference was in the girth of it; while George’s cock was normally proportioned, about an inch and a quarter wide when hard; Sean’s was over two inches wide.

Dwayne brought a slightly longer cock, according to the ruler held next to it (by a nicely manicured, petite, white hand George remembered) it was just over nine inches long and about an inch and a half wide. Another thing that had intrigued George was the fact that it was uncircumcised. Dwayne’s information stated that he was 24 and worked as a bouncer at a nightclub. From the photos George could tell that Dwayne obviously worked out regularly and had a head full of dread locks.

The last of the three was the one that had won this group over for George. Andrew was nicknamed “Mule” on his profile. When George saw the photograph of Andrew’ equipment he knew why. George actually spent some time making sure the image hadn’t been manipulated in PhotoShop. Andrew didn’t hold a ruler next to his cock; instead he had it resting on a yardstick that showed his cock reaching just past the 13-inch mark. He was over three inches wide and to put it into perspective he had a photo of four 3 ½” floppy disks lying underneath it on a pillow. His cock almost blocked them from view. Andrew worked as a construction worker and was 32 years old.

The rules for the evening had been simple; George got to watch Anita live out her fantasy of being gang banged by three well-endowed black men. There weren’t any limits on what Andrew, Sean, and Dwayne could do. However, for her comfort, Anita had a safe word, “Domino”, which would bring the activities to a halt if she felt they had gotten out of hand. George was going to record it all on video and take digital stills as well so they could remember the night in the future.

This evening was a result of months of planning on George’s part. They had been married for a little over three years and George had fantasized about his wife doing another man while he watched. He wasn’t sure why he fantasized about that; after all he was lucky beyond belief to have her. George was 40 years old and this was his second marriage. It was the first for Anita, who had just turned 24 when they had gotten married. He had mainly kept the fantasy to himself until they had bought their first realistic dildo and she saw how turned on he was when she used it.

It wasn’t until he had bought a large life-like black dildo for Anita that he found out about her black gangbang fantasy. George had bought it as a surprise and Anita had literally stripped naked in the living room when he opened the box and pulled the dildo out to show her. As Anita was trying the dildo on for size, and having her third orgasm of the day, he asked her if she liked black cocks. He knew she had been with a few guys in college but because of their age difference hadn’t pried too much. She told him, in between grunts, that she’d never been with a black guy but had heard stories of how big some of them were and had always fantasized about doing one or more of them.

A second and finally a third had soon joined that first black dildo. The third one he bought her had been bigger than he thought she could handle but she had practically begged for it when they found it on the web. It was 14-inches long and almost three inches wide. The first time Anita tried to use it they employed an entire tube of lubricant getting it into her.

By the time they had gotten this monster dildo, Anita had told George about her fantasy of being used by three well-hung black men. When he asked her why three she replied that she wanted all of her holes filled at once. George had come to look forward to the blowjobs he received while Anita would take a black dildo in her ass and one in her pussy.

When UPS delivered the box containing the third dildo Anita had called George at work and asked him what he wanted her to do with it. George knew that if he was going to see her one-day do someone else while he watched he needed to teach her to follow directions. So he told her that the box would remain sealed until he got home. It was Thursday so he told her further that she was going to have to wait for Friday night to enjoy it. As her response came across the phone, George could almost feel Anita’s wetness from the protest she offered. But she agreed to wait.

When George got home from work on Friday, Anita met him at the door wearing only a white garter belt, stockings, and a pair of high heels. She had done up her make-up and put her hair up in a ponytail. After a very wet, tongue-intensive kiss George grinned and asked Anita what she was all dressed up for. With an even bigger grin Anita replied, “To entertain three black cocks.” She then took George by the hand and walked with him to their living room. There, lying on a folded bath towel on the coffee table, were the three black dildos and a tube of lubricant.

Anita immediately began undressing George. As she pulled down his pants she kneeled in front of him and began sucking on his rapidly hardening cock. As she started stroking up and down the length of him with her mouth, Anita reached up and took first one, then the other of George’s hands and placed them on top of her moving head. This was a signal George recognized and he immediately grabbed her by the hair and began face fucking her as hard and fast as possible.

Shortly after there marriage, George had discovered that when Anita got really turned on she liked to be treated like a slut. From the way she was opening up and taking his cock, George knew that this was one of those times. As good as the blowjob felt, George recognized an opportunity to get Anita to do something she had never done to him before. Holding Anita’s head firmly against him, with his cock buried in her mouth, George turned and placed one foot on the arm of the leather sofa. “Stick out your tongue,” George directed as he pulled her off his cock. He immediately pushed her face down between his legs and guided her extended tongue to his asshole. “Lick,” he commanded as he felt the wetness of Anita’s tongue touch him. George’s anus was rewarded with an immediate, firm tongue washing.

George took hold of his cock and began stroking it slowly, enjoying the sensations caused by Anita’s tongue. When Anita sensed George pumping himself she pushed his hand out of the way and took hold of the shaft herself. Anita quickly ran a very wet tongue over her palm and then began pumping the length of it. George felt her tongue probing his backside and squatted down slightly allowing her easier access.

Anita pulled her tongue away long enough to say, “Sit on the edge of the couch for me.” As George sat on the edge, Anita asked him to pull his knees up towards his chin. This motion caused him to rock back fully exposing is asshole to Anita. Placing a hand on each ass-cheek, Anita spread him open and resumed licking and probing with her tongue. Since both her hands were in use, George resumed stroking himself. Anita began licking the area between his scrotum and anus with renewed vigor. She sensed that George was approaching orgasm and moved her attention to the head of his engorged cock. As it entered her mouth, Anita took the entire length in one stroke. George watched her ponytail bouncing as she withdrew his cock and then slammed it back in to where her nose rested against his pubic bone.

As George felt his orgasm hit he grabbed hold of Anita’s ponytail and used it to hold her tight against him. As he emptied his load down her throat he felt her recoil slightly, but George didn’t loosen his grip on her hair. As he continued to spew his cum into her mouth Anita coughed around the blockage in her mouth, causing some of his cum to spray out.

George released his grip on Anita’s ponytail as he felt his cock stop convulsing. She slowly slid it in and out of her mouth while she used her hands and mouth to clean it. As she sucked gently on the head of George’s cock Anita used her hand to milk the shaft, emptying the last of his cum onto her tongue.

George let his legs fall to the ground on either side of Anita and leaned forward. As he took her face in his hands, he leaned over and kissed her gently. As his tongue entered Anita’s mouth, George could taste his semen. George definitely wasn’t gay, but he always got turned on tasting his cum; whether it was in or on Anita.

As George lowered his head further he used his hands to lift Anita’s breasts to him. He quickly took each nipple into his mouth, sucking it firmly before gently biting. Anita’s nipples were very sensitive and she showed how good it felt by letting out a low moan.

Reaching to the coffee table, George selected the smallest of the three waiting toys and brought it to Anita’s lips. When the head touched, Anita opened her mouth and slid the entire length into her mouth. She looked into George’s eyes and smiled as she started sliding her mouth up and down on the ebony shaft.

“Sit on the couch,” George directed as he pushed the cock further into her mouth. As Anita slid onto the couch George took hold of her ponytail and held her head still. Pulling her head forward as he pushed the cock even deeper caused Anita to gag slightly. “Suck him harder,” George commanded as he held the cock buried in her mouth.

As he withdrew the saliva-coated dildo, George saw her slide her left hand down to her neatly trimmed pussy. As her fingers started tracing circles on her clit, Anita closed her eyes and started sucking harder on the cock between her lips. George picked up the medium sized dildo and brought it to Anita’s face.

As George pressed the head of the second dildo against Anita’s cheek her eyes opened. Without breaking rhythm, Anita turned her head to allow the second cock access to her mouth. George then moved the saliva covered smaller cock to her pussy lips and slid the head of it into her. “You ready for a good fucking?” George asked. In response, Anita’s mouth formed a grin around the shaft now sliding into it. As George slid the cock further into her pussy, Anita let out a low moan.

Anita spread her legs further as George started stroking the dildo in and out. “Faster?” George asked as he continued stroking. Anita nodded her head yes as she increased the speed of her sucking on the cock between her lips. George immediately slid the dildo in Anita’s pussy all the way in. When he looked down he could see Anita’s juices flowing freely each time he withdrew the glistening cock.

As George picked up the speed of stroking the cock in and out of Anita’s pussy he could hear her breathing increasing in frequency. She was also rocking her hips forward to meet the cock entering her. As he saw her orgasm approaching he pushed the dildo in her mouth in to the base and pushed her back against the couch with it. As she squirmed to try and move the cock that was blocking her ability to breath, Anita’s orgasm hit.

As she came, George slammed the first dildo in as hard as he could to imitate the fake cock cumming. He pulled the cock from her pussy and the one from her mouth at the same moment. He immediately replaced the first one with the second in Anita’s pussy.

Because of the greater width of the second dildo, Anita grunted as it entered her. Still lying back against the couch, Anita pulled her legs up to allow the cock better access to her pussy. Anita’s body moved with each inward thrust of the dildo and George saw that she was rapidly approaching a second orgasm in a matter of only a few minutes.

“Play with your clit while he fucks you,” George directed. Anita immediately placed her hand on her clit and started rubbing hard and fast. “You like this cock filling you?” George asked as he thrust the entire length of the rubber cock into Anita’s dripping pussy. “Yes,” Anita said in a low voice, “but I want him to fuck me slower.”

“Why do you want it slower?” George asked. “I don’t want him to cum as fast as the first one,” Anita answered with a grin. As George slid the cock back into her, Anita let out a grunt and pushed her hips forward meet it. George continued slowly stroking it in and out, using the entire length of the dildo. As George withdrew the entire length of the cock from his wife’s pussy, Anita slowed the rubbing on her clit. He immediately slammed it all the way in which caused Anita to cry out.

As he repeated the full withdrawal and rapid reinsertion, George saw Anita arch her back as the next orgasm hit. “Fuck me harder,” Anita cried out as the cock was withdrawn slightly and slid back in. George did as Anita asked and immediately started slamming the dildo in and out as fast as possible. This prolonged Anita’s orgasm and George fully withdrew the cock one more time and buried it to the hilt.

Anita collapsed back on the couch breathing heavily as George held the cock buried in her throbbing pussy. As he slowly pulled the glistening dildo out of her pussy Anita continued to rub her clit in slow circles.

“You ready for number three?” George asked as he slowly traced his fingers across her wetness. “Yeah,” Anita replied, “I want all three to fuck me today.” George saw a smile spread across her glowing face as he told her to get onto the floor. Next he told her to get on all fours.

As Anita was getting into position, George continued to run his fingers across her pussy. As wet as it was, George knew she was going to need some lubrication to help get the biggest toy in. As he was spreading lubricant over her pussy and working it in, Anita took the first dildo that had been in her and started sucking on it again. As George pressed the head of the largest dildo against her pussy lips Anita pushed back to meet the pressure. As he started to enter her with it she started to lift her head and let out a moan. George immediately grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face back down onto the dildo she had been sucking. “Keep sucking him,” he had said in a gruff voice, “and push back onto your new lover’s cock.”

George held the dildo steady as Anita pushed back against it. From his vantage point he could see the skin of her labia stretching in an attempt to accommodate the girth of the intruder. He heard her breathing heavy through her nostrils as she continued to stroke the dildo in and out of her mouth. He pulled the head of the dildo away, inserted the end of the tube of lubricant and squeezed, emptying the tube into her already soaking pussy. He immediately pushed the head of the dildo back in and started rotating it to spread the lubricant.

While pushing steadily against her with the dildo, George smacked Anita hard on the ass leaving a red handprint and said, “Take it now.” The plastic cock in her mouth muffled her cry of surprise. George watched as she braced her hands against the couch and immediately pushed back against the invader entering her pussy. As the first few inches stretched her open Anita’s breathing came in ragged gasps around the cock toy resting between her lips.

“More,” George commanded as he pushed more firmly with the dildo. George recognized the gush of fluid as Anita cried out in orgasm. This was accompanied by a further relaxing of her muscles and George was able to slide another four inches straight into her. Anita now had as much of the fake cock in her as George had real cock – and it was only half way in. “Fuck that cock,” George commanded and Anita started rocking back and forth against it. With each forward lean George pulled more of the dildo out so that as Anita rocked back he could reintroduce it along with more of the length.

As George saw Anita’s approaching her second orgasm with this fake cock in her, he judged that she was taking about ten inches of it. The cock between her lips fell to the side as Anita’s orgasm hit. Her arms gave out and she collapsed forward with just her ass raised in the air. With another smack, and another red handprint, George directed Anita to take it all. Anita lifted herself back up onto her hands and knees and pushed back with renewed energy. As she looked back over her shoulder, George saw her biting on her lower lip. He also noticed that she was sweating profusely and that the hair that had escaped her ponytail was sticking to the sweat on her face.

As he shoved the last two inches of fake cock into her dripping pussy George reached underneath Anita and grabbed her breast. As his fingers wrapped around her nipple and he started pinching Anita threw back her head and let out a loud moan as she felt the fake balls pushing against her clit. “Fuck me baby,” Anita cried out as she started rocking her pussy up and down the length of the dildo.

George placed his free hand between Anita’s shoulder blades and pushed down, causing her arms to give way again. As he pulled the fake cock almost all the way out and quickly slid it back in to the base George saw Anita’s fingers digging into the carpet as she tried to hold on. George began fucking the dildo’s entire length in and out of Anita’s dripping pussy at a steady pace. After a couple of dozen steady, rhythmic strokes George asked Anita how she wanted it. “Fuck me harder,” Anita grunted as she thrust back to meet the imitation cock violating her. As George slammed it home Anita grunted and started encouraging him to fuck her harder. With full, foot-long strokes George slammed the dildo in and out of her dripping pussy. As Anita’s orgasm hit George shoved the cock in as far as it would go and used it to push her forward off of her hands and knees.

George held the dildo firmly in place as Anita wiggled on the floor, trying to escape its size. He continued to hold it still as her orgasm subsided. As she lay there George noticed again how hard she had been working to ride the artificial cock, as evidenced by the sweat that was collecting in the small of her back. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “You like getting fucked by that big black cock don’t you?” A big grin appeared on her sweaty face as she shook her head yes.

While kissing her gently, George began slowly sliding the dildo in and out. With each stroke George left less of the fake cock in her. As he withdrew the head he saw that her pussy was red and swollen from the stretching it had taken. A gasp escaped Anita’s lips and he gently ran his fingers across her engorged clit. George lifted Anita onto the edge of the leather couch where he had sat originally. With her hips partially extending over the edge of the couch, George pushed her knees up to her shoulders. After telling her to hold her legs like that, George dropped to his knees and began licking up and down the length of her dripping pussy. After a few deep licks George said, “Pull you legs up higher.”

As she did, Anita’s pussy and ass were opened fully to George’s view. As George began running a finger in and out of pussy, Anita’s juices began pouring out mixed with globules of the lubricant. George stood up and began rubbing his cock against her wetness, spreading her juices even further. While he was rubbing himself against her George began roughly rubbing her clit in circles. As a moan escaped her lips George placed the head of his now slick cock against her anus and shoved the entire length of his cock into her.

Anita let out a cry of surprise mixed with pain at the sudden pressure of George’s cock in her rectum. George pulled back, leaving only the head of his cock in her and slammed it back in as hard as he could. As be bottomed out in her ass, Anita felt George’s balls slap against her. Anita looked into George’s face and saw the look of concentration as he withdrew again and started fucking her ass as fast and hard as he could. “Yeah baby,” Anita grunted as George slammed his cock home, “fuck my ass. Use me like your little bitch!”

It didn’t take long for George to feel his orgasm approach. He concentrated hard on slamming it in and out as hard and as fast as possible. At the last possible moment he withdrew his cock from Anita’s asshole. George stood up and grabbed hold of Anita’s head, forcing his cock into her partially open, gasping mouth. As Anita felt George’s cock touch her tongue she also tasted the  mustiness of her own ass on the head and shaft. George shoved his cock all the way into her mouth and held it still as be started pumping out an especially large load of cum.

While Anita concentrated on sucking and swallowing George reached down and started massaging her clit again. George ran his other hand across Anita’s cheek and gently through her hair as he pulled her head fully onto his now softening cock. Without direction, Anita proceeded to clean his cock of all evidence of where it had been. She sucked gently as she pulled him from her mouth, and then planted a delicate kiss on the tip as she looked into his eyes.

George sat down on the couch, next to Anita, and pulled her to him. “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” he asked as he gently massaged the small of her back. Without words Anita shook her head “Yes” and kissed George.

After a moment, George asked Anita, “Would you like to try the real thing?” “What do you mean?” was Anita’s timid, yet obviously interested reply.  “Would you like to try three real black cocks?” George clarified. “Do you want to try your gang-bang fantasy on for size?”

“What would you do if I said yes?” Anita asked. Without a word George stood up and took Anita by the hand. He led her into the office and logged into his computer. He opened the website he had found Andrew, Sean, and Dwayne on and showed her their photos. “Do you want to have these guys fuck you?” George asked as he saw her body reacting to the photos.

After a pause, Anita looked at George and asked, “What if I said yes?” After a long kiss, George said, “If you want to, all I ask is that I get to watch.” “I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Anita responded.

George reached for the mouse and opened a new e-mail to the group. “Get over here in front of the webcam,” George directed as he typed the short message. “You’re going to send them a video message telling them you want them to fuck you.” George explained whom he had found and how he had found them.

As Anita looked into the lens of the webcam she tried to imagine she was talking to the three guys on her husbands computer screen. “Hi guys,” Anita said in a throaty voice, “my name is Anita and I was hoping to get together with you and have some fun.” “What did you have in mind for fun?” George asked Anita as he pointed to the camera. “I was hoping the three of you would use your big black cocks and fuck me in all my holes.” Anita said, as she looked straight into the camera.

“Do you want me to send it?” George asked, giving her an opportunity to change her mind. “Do you want to see me get fucked by them?” Anita asked, “Do you want to see me take on three black cocks at the same time? Would that turn you on?” In answer George stood up and showed Anita is quickly stiffening cock, “Does this answer that?”

Before dropping to her knees and giving George another blowjob, Anita reached for the mouse and clicked on the send button.

As Dwayne, Sean and Andrew entered the hotel room they saw that center of their attention for the evening was even better looking in real life than she had been in her video e-mail.

“You must be Sean,” Anita said to the youngest of them. “And from the hair,” she continued, “I’d guess that you were Dwayne.” “Which means,” Andrew interrupted, “that I’m Andrew.” “Or do you prefer Mule?” Anita replied. “You might,” Andrew replied with a laugh.

As their guests settled themselves on the couch, George approached and greeted them again. “Ok guys,” George began, “I just want to make sure you understand what Anita and I are looking for tonight. First, Anita decides if she wants something or everything to stop. If she does she’s going to use her safety word – ‘Domino.’ If she says that I want everyone to stop whatever it is they’re doing, is that clear?”

“Yeah man,” Sean answered as Dwayne and Andrew nodded, “we understand. We’re just here to party.” “Secondly,” George continued, “Anita wants condoms whenever you’re in her pussy or ass ok?” All three nodded and Dwayne asked as he looked at Anita, “You going swallow all our loads then?” “If you’re in my mouth when you cum sure.” Anita said with a grin.

“Now this is Anita’s fantasy,” George continued, “so I wanted to let you know what she’s been doing to get ready.” With that George pointed a remote at his laptop and pressed play. On the TV Anita’s face appeared, “I was hoping the three of you would use your big black cocks and fuck me in all my holes.” It was the video from the e-mail. He’d turned that clip, along with a number of stills and videos of the preceding couple of weeks into a music video.

As Anita saw what was on the screen she turned to watch. Dwayne reached out and took her hand, pulling her down on the couch between him and Sean. As Anita watched herself in action on the screen she felt Sean start rubbing his hand along her upper thigh. “Damn,” Dwayne said with a grin, “looks like you like that big one, don’t it?” On the screen Anita was slamming her body back to meet the largest dildo. George had filmed that particular shot only a couple of days earlier and Anita could still remember how strong her orgasm had been.

Sean placed his hand on her chin and turned Anita’s face towards him. As Sean’s lips touched hers, Anita felt Dwayne’s hand sliding up her leg to cup her crotch. Dwayne began rubbing her pussy through her panties as Sean accompanied his kissing with a hand on her breast.

As Dwayne pushed her panties to the side and slid his fingers across her pussy lips Anita moaned at the coolness of the air hitting her wetness. “Damn,” Dwayne said, “she’s already soaking.” As his strong fingers explored her, Anita found her hips rocking to meet them. Anita broke off the kissing long enough to look down and see Dwayne’s dark fingers entering her.

While Dwayne was playing with Anita’s pussy, Sean was untying the front of her bustier to allow better access to her breasts. While this was going on Anita reached out and rubbed her hand across Sean’s lap and was rewarded with the feel of his bulging cock in his jeans. With her other hand she reached for Dwayne’s crotch and found he too was growing hard. “Oh,” she said as she looked into George’s camera lens, “it looks like they’re getting hard for me.”

As Anita continued rubbing Sean and Dwayne’s crotches, George saw Andrew pulling off his shirt. As he stepped out of his pants, Andrew sat down in a chair and began slowly rubbing his soft cock.

“Stand up.” Dwayne directed Anita. Anita’s bustier was untied and it fell down, exposing her breasts as she stood in front of the couch. Sean and Dwayne scooted to the edge of the couch and started rubbing their hands up and down Anita’s legs and all over her ass. Dwayne returned his fingers to between her legs and pushed her panties back to the side and resumed rubbing her. As his fingers brushed across her clit, Anita let out a moan and squatted slightly to push against Dwayne’s hand. Sean stood up and striped off his shirt. Anita leaned over and ran her tongue across his nipples and sucked gently on them. At the same time she reached down and rubbed her palm against his crotch.

Anita then reached up and undid the button holding Sean’s pants closed. As she pulled down the zipper she saw his hardening cock fall into view. George snapped a picture of Anita’s grin as she looked at the thick black cock before her. He continued photographing close-ups as Anita reached out and took hold of the shaft of Sean’s cock. “It’s so thick,” Anita said to no one in particular, as she wrapped her fingers around it.

Without prompting, Anita began stroking her hand up and down the length of Sean’s rod. Sean reached out and started squeezing Anita’s breasts as her hand brought him to full hardness. Anita put both hands on the cock and squeezed firmly as she picked up the pace of the stroking. “How big is it?” she asked as Sean’s hips started to move in response to her hand job. “It’s a little over eight-and-a-half inches long,” Sean said as he pulled on her nipples. As she changed her grip on his cock, Anita asked, “And how wide is it?” As she made a circle around the shaft with the middle finger and thumb of her right hand, Sean replied, “It’s over two inches wide.” Anita licked the palm of her left hand and rubbed it across the head of Sean’s cock. As she squeezed her right hand tight, she stroked up and down the length of the cock in her hands. Anita again licked her palm and spread the wetness over the head of his cock. Sean let out a chuckle as his hips again moved involuntarily in response to Anita’s hands. “Save you time if you just sucked it ‘ya know.” Sean said as he placed his hand on the back of her neck and pulled forward.

As Anita leaned forward to take the head of Sean’s cock between her lips,Dwayne pulled his shirt over his head and off. Dwayne then stood and unbelted his trousers and dropped them to the floor. His uncut cock stood out from his body as the sight of Sean’s cock entering Anita’s mouth further aroused him. He placed his hand back against Anita’s wetness and resumed rubbing it hard. As he stood behind her and stroked her pussy Anita felt the head of Dwayne’s cock brushing against her thigh. Anita reached back with her left hand and wrapped her fingers around the shaft.

Dwayne felt Anita’s fingers suddenly stop exploring his cock when she reached the head. Anita had seen pictures of uncircumcised penises before but had never seen one in person. As Dwayne sank his fingers back into her wetness, Anita began stroking Dwayne’s hardness. Anita rolled the uncut foreskin back and forth as her hips pushed back to meet Dwayne’s fingers.

Anita continued to slowly stroke Sean’s cock in and out of her mouth while she sucked firmly on it. With her right hand Anita began gently kneading Sean’s balls, rolling them between her fingers. As she took more of him into her mouth Anita’s fingers explored further back on Sean and were treated to a groan as her index finger pushed against his asshole. Anita withdrew Sean’s cock from her mouth and began licking his ball sack. As she worked her tongue over them she placed her hand back on his shaft and began firmly stroking him.

“Lift your leg for me,” Anita requested as she pushed on Sean’s right thigh. He lifted his foot and placed it on the arm of the couch. When he did this, Anita pushed her tongue back between his legs and began licking as his asshole. An even louder groan escaped Sean’s mouth as he felt Anita’s tongue pushing against him. “Oh fuck that feels good,” Sean said as he dropped his hand to the top of Anita’s head and held it against him.

While Dwayne watched Anita rimming Sean he began sliding two fingers in and out as quickly and roughly as he could. He kept lifting up with his hand so Anita was forced to stand almost on her tippy-toes. Anita continued to rock her hips back in time with Dwayne’s probing fingers and he slowed the stroking when he sensed she was approaching an orgasm. As Dwayne felt her muscles contracting around his fingers he quickly withdrew them. He reached down with his free hand and pulled further open, allowing for even freer access to Anita’s pussy. Dwayne quickly delivered a hard open-handed smack against Anita’s sopping pussy. Anita’s cry of surprise was muffled by her tongue being partially buried in Sean’s asshole.

As Dwayne delivered another swat to her pussy, Anita pulled her head out from between Sean’s legs and cried out. Dwayne quickly rubbed his hand across Anita’s wetness as she hung her head and pushed back to meet his fingers. A third, even harder blow caused Anita to call out, “Oh Fuck!” Dwayne began smacking Anita’s wetness with a steady rhythm eliciting a steady stream of “Oh Fuck’s!”

Sean stepped to the other side of Anita and pulled on her other ass cheek to allow Dwayne a clearer shot at her wetness. Anita couldn’t see Sean and Dwayne’s eyes meet but the nodded at each other as Sean took over the punishment being inflicted on Anita’s pussy and Dwayne moved around to her head.

As Anita felt Dwayne’s uncut cock brush against her cheek, she reached out and took hold of it with both hands. Anita opened her eyes and surveyed the dark-skinned cock before her. She gently stuck out her tongue and used it to lick the very end of Dwayne’s cock. As her tongue began exploring the folds of foreskin before her, Anita began slowly pumping the shaft. She discovered how she could pull the skin taught and be able to drag her teeth gently over the now exposed portions of Dwayne’s dick.

While Anita was busy exploring her first uncut cock, Sean slid two of his fingers up inside Anita’s wetness and began twisting them from side-to-side. As she pushed back to meet this probing Sean withdrew and added a third finger to the mix. As he felt her tightness around his fingers Sean began slamming the three fingers in and out as fast as possible. As he held her spread open, Sean leaned over and let a stream of spit fall on Anita’s asshole. As he continued stroking his fingers in and out of her pussy he began pushing the thumb of his left hand firmly against Anita’s puckered backdoor.

Anita let out a small grunt as Sean’s thumb slid into her rectum. As he continued probing her pussy with his fingers, Sean alternated the thrusts of his fingers with that of his thumb. Anita pulled her mouth off of Dwayne’s cock and let out a longer, louder moan as Sean added a fourth finger to her pussy. “Make me cum,” Anita panted as she continued stroking Dwayne’s cock, “Please make me cum.”

“Why don’t ‘ya bring her over here if she wants to cum,” Andrew suggested from his chair. His slow stroking had brought his cock to almost full hardness and it stuck up from his lap like a flagpole. As Anita pulled Dwayne’s slick cock from between her lips she sucked noisily. Sean pushed his hand firmly up and into Anita’s wetness and ass, lifting her onto her toes and she grunted from the pressure.

As Anita caught her first glimpse of Andrew’ cock she stopped in her tracks and let out a gasp. “You like?” Andrew said with a grin as he pulled the skin fully taught along the length of his cock. Wordlessly Anita shook her head “Yes.” Andrew spread his legs slightly and pointed the head of his cock towards Anita, “Suck it,” he directed firmly, “Suck it like a whore.”

Anita blushed at the name calling but immediately dropped to her knees between Andrew’ legs and placed her mouth over the head of his cock. Anita closed her eyes as she pushed the warm ebony head between her lips. She felt her jaw aching as she opened her mouth to try and accommodate it. As she pushed it in she wrapped both hand around the shaft and started pumping it. Andrew didn’t wait for Anita to tell him she was ready; he grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her further onto his hardness.

As Anita’s gag reflex hit, she felt Andrew’ cock blocking her throat. But still he pulled her head towards him. “I saw that plastic cock buried down your throat so I know you can go without breathing for awhile.” Andrew joked as he tightened the grip on Anita’s hair. “Swallow it bitch,” Andrew grunted as he pushed more of his cock into her mouth. Tears welled up in Anita’s eyes as the pressure on her jaw increased, but she did what Andrew demanded and swallowed to work more of him into her mouth.

When George saw the tears he lowered his camera and stepped forward, “Anita, are you alright? Do you want this to stop?” Andrew instantly released his grip on Anita’s head and let her pull the eight inches of cock she had managed to swallow out of her mouth. After a ragged breath and a brief spell of coughing, Anita shook her head and said, “No, I want him to force every inch of this beautiful cock down my throat. I want to be his slut tonight.”

With a big grin on his face, Andrew more gently took hold of Anita’s head and guided it back towards his cock. Before she put it back into her mouth Anita looked into Andrew’ eyes and said, “Help me get it all the way down my throat. MAKE me take it all!” Without another word she shoved his cock into her mouth and pushed forward forcing it deeper down her throat. “Yeah Baby,” Andrew grunted as he felt his cock sliding into her throat, “We gonna give you a real good party tonight!”

As Andrew intertwined his fingers in Anita’s hair for a better grip, Sean reached underneath her and started squeezing her breasts roughly. Dwayne moved behind Anita and pulled her up to where she was on her knees, allowing him better access to her pussy. As Anita worked to force more of Andrew’ cock into her mouth, Dwayne leaned over and ran his tongue across her wetness. The tongue came as a surprise and he was welcomed by a cock-muffled groan from Anita. Dwayne began probing and licking rapidly, pushing her already excited pussy rapidly towards orgasm.

“You ready for the rest bitch?” Andrew grunted as he slammed Anita’s head forward onto his cock, burying the entire length in her throat. As Anita felt her nose flatten against Andrew’ pubic bone her first orgasm of the night hit. Dwayne was rewarded for his efforts by a gush of juices from Anita’s pussy.

Andrew released his grip on Anita’s hair as she pulled back slightly. As the slick hardness withdrew from her throat Anita was finally able to take a ragged breath. Without fully withdrawing Andrew’ cock from her mouth, Anita sucked gently on the head as she tried to catch her breath. After a few seconds, Anita reached out and guided Andrew’ hands back onto her head, “Again?” Andrew chuckled as he understood what Anita wanted. As she pushed forward, Anita looked into Andrew’ eyes and shook her head yes.

Andrew firmly gripped Anita’s hair and forced his entire length into her mouth and throat in one fluid motion. As Anita’s nose again squashed into Andrew’ pubic hair Andrew pulled her head back partway off his cock. He allowed her a single breath of air before he slid her lips back down to the base of his hardness. “Damn,” Andrew grunted, “looks like she likes getting face fucked. Is that right bitch?” Anita pulled Andrew’ cock all the way out of her mouth and in a raspy breath said, “Yes. I want you to fuck me in my mouth.” With that Anita ran her tongue up the side of Andrew’ cock and swirled it around the head before sliding her mouth back down onto his manhood.

Andrew reached out and held her mouth in place on his dick as he stood up. “Well then bitch,” he said as he slammed his cock once more down her throat, “I guess I’ll have to do that for you.” George saw the muscles on Andrew’ arms stand out as he held Anita’s head firmly in place as she kneeled in front of him. Andrew began thrusting the full length of his cock in and out of Anita’s mouth. Andrew didn’t fully withdraw like he had been doing, instead he would keep Anita’s throat blocked for a half dozen thrusts before allowing her one quick breath. After fucking her face like this for a couple of minutes straight, Andrew asked, “You ready for some action in that pussy of yours?”

As Andrew slid Anita’s mouth off his cock she replied, “Please. I want a big black cock to fuck me right now.” As she finished her words, Anita leaned forward and resumed deep-throating Andrew’ manhood. George saw Dwayne tear open the foil on a condom and start rolling it over the head of his cock. Sean also reached for the table where the box of condoms lay and began putting one on his own manhood.

Without warning Dwayne slapped Anita firmly on her ass and said, “Get up on your knees bitch.” George moved to get a close-up of the red handprint that remained as Anita pushed her ass up into the air. Dwayne looked at Andrew and nodded. George realized that they had done this before and watched as Andrew pulled Anita’s mouth fully onto his cock and held it in place. As she kneeled there with her mouth full of black cock, Anita reached back between her legs and began rubbing her clit.

Unlike earlier, Andrew didn’t relax his grip or pull her off his cock. Instead he held her still as the seconds counted by. George saw Anita’s eyes open wider as she realized she wasn’t going to get a breath soon. As her oxygen level began to decline, Anita moved her hands up and placed them against Andrew as if to push herself off the obstruction in her throat. Anita’s fingers began to dig in slightly as she started pushing against Andrew’ stomach.

With her attention focused on getting a breath of fresh air, Anita didn’t see Dwayne position himself behind her. “Now!” Andrew said as he released his grip on Anita’s head. As Anita pushed herself off of Andrew’ rod to get air, Dwayne grabbed her by the hips and pushed his cock into her dripping pussy. As she realized what was happening Anita threw back her head and cried out, “Fuck!”

“That’s what I had in mind,” Dwayne grunted as he started pumping his latex covered cock in and out at a steady pace. “Oh, oh, oh,” Anita panted in time with Dwayne’s thrusts. George moved around to get a close-up of Dwayne’s cock stretching Anita’s pussy open. When Anita noticed him she looked into the camera and said, “Thank you for letting me do this Darling. His cock feels so good.” With that Anita lowered her head and concentrated on pushing back to meet Dwayne’s thrusts.

Dwayne’s pumping increased in both speed and force as George observed Dwayne’s balls tightening in preparations for orgasm. The feel of him bottoming out in her, rubbing his balls against her clit, pushed Anita over the edge and she cried out as her arms collapsed and her orgasm began. As Anita’s pussy spasmed around his cock Dwayne stopped pumping and held himself buried inside her.

When Dwayne sensed Anita’s orgasm was subsiding he slowly slid his hardness out of her pussy. As he released his grip on her hips, Anita rolled onto her back with her legs splayed open wide.

As soon as Dwayne stepped clear, Sean kneeled between Anita’s legs and placed the head of his thick cock against her wetness. As he pushed forward Anita cried out from the pressure on her pussy. Anita threw her arms around Sean’s neck as he leaned forward. George noticed Anita’s toes curling as Sean slowly pushed his cock deeper into his wife’s pussy.

“You’re so wide,” Anita observed as George photographed her pussy being stretched even wider than it had been with Dwayne. As Sean began thrusting his cock in and out Anita ran her hands over his back and ass. At the same time she encircled his thrusting hips with her legs and locked her ankles behind him.

Sean maintained a steady fucking as he ran his hands over Anita’s breasts. As he kneaded her breasts roughly, Sean began kissing Anita again. After a couple of minutes of stroking Sean stopped kissing long enough to ask Anita, “How do you want it?”

With her hands massaging Sean’s thrusting ass, Anita answered, “Hard. Hard full thrusts. Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before!” With a grin to the camera, Sean pulled out almost completely and slammed his cock home. He immediately withdrew again and repeated the thrust. His second brutal thrust brought Anita to her third orgasm of the night and she threw her head back and cried out as another torrent of pussy juices was released.

Sean continued to pound her pussy mercilessly as Anita’s climax continued. After what George would later count on the video to be forty full strength thrusts Sean held himself buried in Anita for a few seconds and then slowly withdrew his cock. Anita lay still trying to catch her breath. With her orgasm, Anita’s legs had fallen fully open and George snapped a couple of great close-ups of Anita’s swollen, well-used pussy.

Sean sat down on the edge of the couch and motioned for Anita to come to him. “I want some more of that pussy,” he said as she stood and approached him. “Climb aboard,” Sean said as held his hard cock pointing strait up in the air. Anita stepped onto the couch and immediately squatted down placing her pussy against the head of Sean’s thick cock. As the head of his cock entered her wetness, Sean placed his hands on hips and began guiding her up and down along the length of it.

As the pace of the fucking increased Sean leaned forward and took Anita’s right breast into his mouth. As his lips closed around the nipple Anita let out a moan and a grin appeared on her face. Anita placed her hands on Sean’s head and pulled it firmly against her. Sean opened his mouth further and pushed more of Anita’s breast into his mouth. As another moan escaped Anita’s lips Sean started chewing on the part of her breast that was in his mouth.

George saw Anita’s breast turning red from the pressure of Sean’s teeth on it and moved in to get a close-up as Sean shifted his attention to her other breast. As Anita watched Sean’s teeth sink into her left breast she threw her head back and let out a louder cry. “Oh Fuck!” Anita cried out as Sean returned his teeth to her swollen right breast and bit down on her stiffened nipple.

While Sean was abusing Anita’s tits Dwayne rolled a fresh condom onto his manhood and picked up a tube of lubricant and began spreading it over his still stiff cock. Without invitation Dwayne approached Anita’s back and pushed her forward against Sean’s chest. As Anita fell forward against Sean, and he understood what Dwayne was doing, Sean used his hands to pull her ass cheeks apart. As he spread her backside for Dwayne, Sean pushed Anita firmly down on his cock burying the entire length inside her pussy.

As he pushed a lubricant covered finger against her puckered asshole Dwayne leaned forward and asked Anita, “You ready to put this hole to work now slut?” Without waiting for an answer, Dwayne pushed his finger into Anita’s backside. A cry of “Yes” escaped Anita’s lips as she felt the pressure of Dwayne’s finger entering her.

Dwayne began stoking his finger in and out of Anita’s rectum feeling it relax with each successive probing. With a squirt of lubricant, Dwayne introduced a second finger and pushed them both fully in, twisting as he did. “Give me your cock now baby!” Anita whimpered as Dwayne began rapidly finger fucking her anus.

With a speed that showed practice, Dwayne withdrew his fingers and placed the lubricated head of his cock against Anita’s rectum and pushed firmly. As Dwayne pushed, Sean bit down firmly on Anita’s left nipple causing her focus to shift to it, if only for a moment. As Dwayne saw the head of his cock open her he pushed the entire length of his cock into Anita.

Anita’s head dropped and she began panting rapidly as a wave of pressure and pain rolled over her. George watched her dig her fingernails into the back of the couch as she braced herself against the intruder. Neither Dwayne nor Sean moved as Anita was pinned between their cocks. A sharp intake of breath came from Anita as Dwayne began slowly pulling his slick cock back out.

When half of his cock had slid back out, Dwayne pushed it back in causing Anita moan. Dwayne moved his hands to Anita’s shoulders as he started slowly thrusting in and out. “How’s that?” Dwayne asked as he picked up the pace. “I’ve never been so full,” Anita grunted. Sean continued chewing and pulling on her breasts but without the earlier intensity.

As Anita began rocking her hips to accommodate Dwayne’s cock, Sean started lifting her up an inch or so before pulling her back down. The speed of both cocks increased as George noticed a sheen of sweat on Anita’s back. Anita turned her head as Dwayne kissed her, sucking on his extended tongue.

“I’m going to cum,” Dwayne announced as he further increased the speed of his fucking. Anita turned her head and looked over her shoulder into Dwayne’s eyes as she said, “I want to swallow your load.” With a big grin on his face Dwayne slammed his cock into Anita’s ass as fast as he could for a dozen thrusts before suddenly withdrawing it.

Anita twisted on Sean’s cock as she reached for Dwayne’s dick. With one pull Dwayne removed the condom from his hardness and stepped forward. Anita closed her eyes as the head of Dwayne’s cock slid between her lips. She pulled on the skin of his cock fully exposing the sensitive head to her tongue. As the roughness of her tongue slid along the underside of his dick Dwayne let out a loud groan. Anita opened her mouth as the first burst of Dwayne’s cum erupted from his cock. The amount of cum caught Anita by surprise and some ran out of the corner of her mouth before she had a chance to swallow.

“Damn that feels good,” Dwayne remarked as Anita licked the sensitive head of his semi-hard cock. With a big grin on her face, Anita replied “Thanks” and returned to her ministrations. As she swirled the tip of her extended tongue around the glans of his cock Anita slowly milked the shaft bringing another teaspoonful of cum out.

As she felt Sean lifting her hips further away from him, Anita released her grip on Dwayne’s cock and returned her attention to the cock in her pussy. “Oh yeah,” Anita groaned as Sean controlled the reentry of his cock to her wetness. Sean slowly raised Anita until just the tip of his cock was in her and then eased her back down the entire length of his hardness. As Anita felt his hardness stretching her anew an orgasm started that caused her to cry out in pleasure.

As her orgasm rolled over her, Anita heard Andrew say, “I think she about ready to try me out don’t you George?” “Yeah I think you’re right,” George replied, “Just let me put in a fresh memory card.” As George inserted a new memory card in his digital camera Anita watched Andrew begin unrolling a condom on his manhood. She knew from the way it had felt in her hands and mouth that he was big but the fact was reconfirmed when she saw that the fully unrolled condom only covered about two thirds of his hardness.

Seans pumping continued as Andrew approached, “My turn bitch.” Without another word Andrew lifted her bodily and gently tossed her into an overstuffed arm chair. Anita’s legs spread as Andrew pushed her knees up and onto the arms of the chair. Anita was caught off guard as Andrew dropped to his knees before her and immediately began roughly licking her wetness. As his teeth brushed across her clit Anita felt yet another orgasm start. She leaned back and opened her mouth, panting at the pleasure Andrew was bringing her.

Anita’s eyes opened as she felt a wetness brushing across her cheek and a hand turning her head to the side. As Andrew continued licking her, Sean slid the head of cock into her mouth and held it there as he started pumping the shaft with his hand. Anita tasted the beginnings of Sean’s orgasm and she realized he had removed his condom. As Anita’s right hand slid across Sean’s balls she began gently squeezing them.

Andrew continued to lick and chew on Anita’s pussy as he pushed his face more firmly against her. Anita’s left hand caressed Andrew’ close shorn head as she spread her legs even further in an attempt to get his tongue deeper inside her. Andrew placed his hands on the backs of Anita’s legs and pushed her knees up to her shoulders.

George saw Sean increase the speed of his pumping and knew his orgasm was eminent. Anita must have sensed it too; she slid her right hand back between Sean’s legs and slid the tip of her middle finger into Sean’s anus. “Oh you fucking bitch,” Sean grunted as the pressure of her finger entered his backside and his orgasm began. Sean pulled back slightly as he began cumming and Anita opened her mouth fully to catch the jizm erupting from the head of his cock. Sean’s hand was a blur as he stoked furiously up and down the length of his cock causing his cum to spew out and over Anita’s outstretched tongue.

Anita lifted her head from the chair back and began gently sucking on the head of Sean’s cock. She withdrew her hand from between his legs and used it to begin slowly milking the remainder of his load into her mouth. There was a smile in Anita’s eyes that matched the one on her face as she pulled Sean’s cock from her mouth with an audible pop. “Mmmm that was good,” Anita chuckled as she licked her lips.

The attention Anita’s pussy was getting from Andrew’ mouth pulled her awareness back as she felt Andrew use his fingers to spread her further open. Her right hand joined the left in caressing Andrew’ head as the pace of her breathing increased. “Ohhh, you do that so well,” Anita sighed as she unconsciously began rocking her pelvis against Andrew’ probing tongue.

A chuckle escaped Andrew’ lips as he pulled away long enough to say, “Years of practice baby, years of practice.” Andrew shifted his efforts to Anita’s clit and focused on it to bring her to yet another climax. As a fresh burst of juices erupted from her over stimulated pussy, Anita cried out. Andrew slowed the licking as Anita tried to catch her breath.

“You ready to try me on for size now?” Andrew asked as he ran his finger tips lightly across Anita’s glistening wetness. “Yes,” Anita replied as she looked Andrew straight in the eyes, “I want you to fuck me with that big black cock of yours.”

Without taking his eyes off Anita’s Andrew straightened up and placed the head of his cock against her recently licked wetness. A sharp intake of breath from Anita confirmed that she felt him pushing against her. “Rub you clit,” Andrew instructed as he pushed forward slightly. Anita immediately complied as she started rubbing her fingers across it.

Andrew pulled Anita’s hips forward slightly to the edge of the seat cushion. He then placed his hands on the back of her knees again forcing them back against her. In this position, Anita’s knees pressed against her shoulders while her neck was being bent forward by the seat back. George saw Andrew begin slowly thrusting, he saw Andrew’ hip rocking back and forth as the head of Andrew’ cock alternately spread and pulled away from Anita’s pussy.

Anita’s fingers began rubbing across the head of Andrew’ cock as she rubbed her clit. Andrew pushed more firmly as he thrust his hips forward and was rewarded by another intake of breath as the head of his cock almost fully entered her. “Hold onto your knees,” Andrew instructed as he slid his hands down to Anita’s hips.

Anita immediately took hold of her knees and watched as Andrew raised himself still further above her. She had an unimpeded view as she felt her pussy stretching further to try and accommodate the new intruder. Andrew let out a low grunt as he felt the head of his cock fully enter Anita. “It’s so big,” Anita said through gritted teeth as she felt herself being split open, “It’s bigger than even my biggest dildo.”

“Well,” Andrew laughed as he pushed another two inched into Anita’s pussy, “let see if we can’t make it work for you.” As Andrew withdrew those couple of inches of cock, Anita moaned, “I want you to get it all into me.” “Well,” Andrew replied as he thrust back in, adding another three inches to what was already in her, “then her we go.”

With those words George saw Andrew increase the speed and pressure of his thrusts. With each additional thrust Andrew added more cock to Anita’s pussy until shortly almost a foot’s worth was buried in her. “How’s that bitch?” Andrew asked through clinched teeth as he thrust forward savagely burying all thirteen-plus inches of his hardness in Anita. “Oh fuck,” Anita cried out as she felt his balls slap against her and another orgasm hit.

Andrew held himself buried to the hilt in Anita’s pussy as he felt her muscles convulsing around him. “Fuck me baby,” Anita cried out as her hands went to his shoulders, “pound my pussy with that fuck stick!” Andrew didn’t wait to be told twice and he began savagely thrusting the entire length of his hardness in and out of Anita’s sopping wet pussy. After thrusting deeply for a couple of dozen strokes, Andrew suddenly withdrew his cock and stood up. “Stand up,” Andrew commanded as he grabbed Anita by the hair. The pressure on her scalp ensured immediately compliance and Anita practically leapt to her feet to relieve it.

Andrew released her hair and spun her around. As he pushed her forward, Anita found herself bent over the arm of the chair she had just been laying in. Anita braced her hands against the opposite arm rest as she felt Andrew seize her by the hips. Another cry of pleasure escaped Anita’s lips as Andrew shoved most of his hard cock back into her. She felt his fingers digging into her flesh as he began fucking her with full bone-jarring thrusts.

Anita felt her head being pulled back as Andrew again grabbed her by the hair. The intensity of his thrusts didn’t slacken as he moved his hands to Anita’s shoulders. Loud grunts escaped Anita’s mouth with each inward thrust. Anita was rocking her hips in time with the fucking and George moved to the side to get a wide angle shot of her arched back as Andrew bottomed out in her pussy once again.

“Yeah baby,” Anita cried out as another climax approached, “pound that pussy. Make it hurt!” Andrew slammed his cock fully home as his hand moved to Anita’s hips and he began pummeling her pussy with his cock. Anita’s grunts turned to cries as Andrew pulled fully out with each thrust and then forced the head of his cock back between the lips of Anita’s abused and swollen pussy.

“Oh you bitch,” Andrew grunted as he thrust forward and held her against him. “Cum for me baby,” Anita said as she looked back over her shoulder, “let me drink your load!” “You ready for it now?” Andrew asked gruntingly as he resumed his brutal fucking. “Yeah,” Anita grunted as Andrew again buried himself to the hilt in her wetness.

“Then get ready bitch,” Andrew commanded as he again assaulted her engorged pussy with his cock. After half a dozen hard, full thrusts Andrew grabbed Anita by the hair again and twisted her around to face him as he pushed her to her knees. As Andrew’ cock came into full view George saw that the condom that had been encasing it had split down the side and it now formed a ragged latex ring around the shaft.

As the sight of Andrew’ unprotected cock registered in Anita’s mind she cooed, “Ohhh, what have we here? Naked cock in my pussy?” With a big grin on her face Anita leaned forward and swirled her tongue over the head of Andrew’ twitching cock. George saw the diamond on her wedding back sparkle as Anita’s hand encircled Andrew’ ebony shaft and started stroking.

“Swallow,” Andrew commanded as he pulled her mouth onto his cock. His timing was perfect as the head of his cock entered Anita’s mouth the first gush of cum spewed from the end of his cock. Anita was amazed at the amount of cum issuing from the cock in her mouth. She was unable to contain it all in her mouth as she started to swallow and she felt it dripping from her chin onto her breasts. As the second burst of cum entered her mouth Anita allowed more of it to fall to further coat her breasts. The hand on Andrew’ cock continued to pump as Anita attempted to prolong his orgasm.

“Damn she uses that mouth good,” Andrew said as he looked down at Anita’s head as it started to bob up and down the length of his slightly softened cock. With a slurping sound Anita pulled the head of his cock from between her lips and said “Thanks.” Instead of returning it to her mouth, Anita rubbed Andrew’ cock against her cheek and all over her face. Andrew reached down and took hold of his cock and swung it against Anita’s face slapping her with it. As the weight of his meat impacted her face, Anita got a big grin on her face and started to laugh.

George looked at his watch and saw that over an hour and a half had elapsed since Anita had started living out her fantasy. Dwayne and Sean were relaxing on the couch, slowly stroking themselves as they watched Anita enjoying being slapped by a dick. The scooted to the sides as Andrew turned and walked to the couch.

As Andrew sat between Sean and Dwayne, Anita stood up and felt some of the cum on her breasts sliding down her stomach. Anita moved to where she faced the three on the couch and placed her hands on her hips. “Who’s next?” Anita asked as she surveyed the state of the three cocks before her.

Sean’s cock appeared to be the hardest, not surprising considering his age. As George watched, Anita dropped to her knees between Sean’s spread legs and immediately took his hardening cock into her mouth. A groan escaped Sean’s lips as he reacted to the sucking of his cock. “This fucking bitch is so hot,” Sean said to no one in particular as he intertwined his fingers with Anita’s hair and started controlling the depth and speed of the blowjob he was receiving.

“Hey D,” Sean asked as he reached for another condom, “how was her ass?” With his words Anita’s head stopped moving on his cock. Anita knew from the way her jaw was straining to accommodate Sean in her mouth that if he fucked her in the ass it would probably tear her apart. Dwayne chuckled as he saw Anita freeze in her sucking, “Some of the best I’ve had, she knows how to work it.”

As Anita pulled her mouth of Sean’s now fully erect cock she looked at him and said, “I don’t know if I can take you back there. I’ve never had anything this big in my ass before.” George noticed that despite any concern she might have at taking Sean’s think cock anally, Anita continued to firmly stroke both encircling hands up and down the length of it. “You sayin’ your safety word then?” Sean asked as he stopped tearing open the condom package.

“No,” Anita replied immediately, “I just don’t know if I can handle you in my ass that’s all.” Without a hint of a smile on his face Sean began rolling the condom over his cock as he said, “Well I guess we’ll just have to take it slow won’t we?” With that Sean pushed the head of his latex encased cock against Anita’s lips and commanded her to get it wet. Anita began licking the rubbery head of his cock as she dropped one hand to his balls to begin caressing them.

Dwayne grabbed the tube of lubricant from the table and stood up. As he stepped behind Anita she tensed in anticipation of what was to come. The first cold stream of lubricant landed on her ass just an inch from her already used rectum. Dwayne took two fingers and used them to spread the lubricant across her puckered hole as Anita took the entire length of Sean’s cock into her mouth.

A cock-muffled cry escaped Anita’s mouth as Dwayne placed the same two fingers against her ass and shoved. Anita’s muscles involuntarily tightened at the sudden intrusion. Dwayne immediately used his free hand to deliver a stinging smack to Anita’s upturned ass. “Listen bitch,” Dwayne growled as he delivered a second blow to her ass, “You’d better loosen up back here or that cock in your mouth is going to tear you apart.”

As Dwayne was talking to Anita he began twisting the two fingers in her ass, spreading the lubricant all around. Dwayne squeezed more lubricant on and around his probing fingers. As he felt her beginning to relax, Dwayne introduced a third finger to Anita’s backside. Anita pulled her mouth of Sean’s glistening cock and let it hang as she started to pant.

The pressure and sensations in her ass were so intense that Anita didn’t sense Sean standing and moving behind her. A low groan came from Anita’s lips as she felt Dwayne slowly withdraw his fingers from her. The relief Anita felt was short lived as Sean immediately placed the head of his cock against her ass and pushed firmly. George saw how practiced the three of them were as Dwayne squeezed more lubricant from the tube onto Sean’s intruding dick. At the same time Andrew leaned forward and took hold of Anita’s nipples between his thumbs and index fingers.

As Sean pushed harder, forcing Anita’s ass to try and take the girth of his cock, Andrew yanked firmly down on Anita’s breasts using just the nipples to stretch her breast as far as possible. As the head of Sean’s cock popped into her backside Anita threw back her head and cried out. As she dropped her head George saw that her entire body was glowing with sweat. “FFF…FFF…FFF…” Anita panted as Sean held his cock still inside Anita.

When Sean felt her muscles begin to relax he pushed a couple more inches of his cock into her ass. Anita again started panting “FFF…FFF…FFF…” George saw Sean freeze once again until Anita’s panting had stopped and her felt her backdoor relaxing again.

As he pushed another two inches into Anita’s rectum and her panting returned Sean asked, “You trying to tell me to stop or something?” “No,” Anita shook her head as she said it, “I want you to fuck my ass with that big fat cock of yours!” As the words left her mouth Sean tightened his grip on Anita’s hips and pushed forward easing the remainder of his cock into Anita’s spasming ass.

“Reach back and spread your ass cheeks so I can get in deeper,” Sean directed as he started sliding his cock slowly in and out of the tightness. Anita’s head rested on the sofa cushions as she reached back as directed. As the speed of the ass fucking increased, Sean also increased how much of his cock he worked in and out on each stroke.

“How do you like it now bitch?” Sean asked as he slammed his entire length fully into Anita’s ass. A loud groan was Anita’s only response as Andrew reached underneath Anita to deliver a sound smack to Anita’s dripping pussy. The groan turned to a pleasure/pain cry as a second harder blow landed on Anita’s clit.

“Turn her over,” Andrew directed as he started slapping Anita’s clit in time with Sean’s fucking. Sean pushed the entire length of his cock into Anita’s ass as his arm encircled her waist. Holding her around the waist, Sean stood with his cock buried in Anita’s ass. While he kept his cock deep inside her Sean sat on the couch and leaned back. Grasping Anita by the waist, Sean resumed fucking her ass.

As Anita felt Sean’s cock fully fill her ass, Andrew stood and reached for the last condom in the box. As Andrew rolled it over his engorged member the condom stretched past it’s breaking point and a snapping sound accompanied the splitting of the entire length of the rubber.

Anita’s eyes flew open at the sound and she stared at the shredded condom hanging from Andrew’ cock. “Fuck me baby,” Anita said to Andrew. “That was the last rubber,” Andrew observed as he held up the empty box for Anita to see. The concentration on Anita’s face was only interrupted by the grunts that emanated from Anita whenever Sean’s cock bottomed out in her ass.

“I don’t care about the rubber,” Anita grunted, “I want you fucking my pussy while I’ve got this monster in my ass.” Without a look at George, Andrew peeled the remains of the torn condom from his cock and stepped forward. Anita practically screamed as Andrew skipped all the earlier preliminaries and simply placed the head of his cock against her pussy and pushed.

Andrew immediately started stroking his cock in and out of Anita’s pussy as she began another climax. Both Andrew and Sean held themselves buried in Anita until they felt her orgasm starting to subside. Anita’s eyes opened suddenly as she felt something pushing against her lips.

“Oh yeah,” Anita panted, “Three cocks at once. This is what I wanted.” Without further words Anita slid Dwayne’s cock into her mouth and placed her hands on his ass cheeks to pull him closer.

George moved rapidly around the tangle of bodies on the couch as he took picture after picture to record it all. Anita deep throated Dwayne as Sean and Andrew took turns thrusting their cocks in and out of Anita’s already abused pussy and ass. There was no talking, as all three men appeared to be concentrating on keeping their orgasms at bay.

Anita pulled Dwayne’s cock from her mouth long enough to say, “I want you all to cum in my mouth.” She immediately returned her mouth to Dwayne’s cock and started noisily sucking on it as she stroked the shaft with a free hand. Dwayne’s breathing increased in frequency and George saw him tensing his muscles as his climax hit. Anita kept Dwayne buried in her mouth as she milked the shaft, swallowing the entire load.

As she reveled in the sensation of the two cocks violating her, Anita grunted, “Who’s next?” Without a word, but with an exchanged look, Sean and Andrew both increased the intensity of their fucking.

Anita cried out as Andrew yanked his cock from her pussy and stood on the couch straddling Anita’s head. As he squatted down, Andrew aimed the head of his cock at Anita’s open mouth and loosed a thick rope of cum. As his cum struck her, Anita leaned forward taking all the cock she could into her mouth.

While Anita slurped loudly on the head of Andrew’ erupting cock Sean increased the speed of his ass fucking. “Now bitch!” Sean cried out as he lifted her off his cock. While still swallowing Andrew’ load, Anita reached out and yanked the condom off Sean’s swollen cock. As her lips encircled the head of Sean’s cock Anita had to start swallowing to keep up with the stream of cum erupting from it.

Sean pulled his softening cock from Anita’s mouth and allowed her to collapse back against the couch as he stepped back. As she lay there with cum oozing from the side of her mouth, Anita opened her eyes to see the three black men who had been pleasuring her for the last two hours gathering their cloths.

“We’re not done are we?” Anita asked as a smile appeared on her face. All three of them laughed as they pulled on their pants and shirts. “I think that’s about all we’ve got available for tonight,” Andrew said as he pulled his shirt back on. Anita stood and approached her lovers.

“But I didn’t get to try all of you in all my holes,” Anita said with a wicked grin, “I thought that was the plan.” As he ran his hand across her ass Andrew said, “I’m not sure you’re ready for me back here baby.” Anita folded her arms under her breasts and with a pout on her face replied, “You don’t want to fuck me there, do you?”

Without a word Andrew turned Anita around and pushed her over the arm of the chair. As he started pushing his middle finger into Anita’s asshole Andrew used his free hand to unbuckle his pants. As Andrew’ pants dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them he said to Anita, “You know we’re outta condoms don’t you?” “Good,” Anita said as she rocked her hips back to meet his finger, “I don’t think I could handle the friction of a condom anyway.”

“Yo D, is there any of that lube left?” Andrew asked as began fucking her ass with his finger. Dwayne grabbed the tube of lube from the table and tossed to Andrew. Andrew flipped the lid open and squirted the last little bit of the lubricant onto the head of his stiffening cock. “Spread ’em,” Andrew directed as he increased the speed of his finger in Anita’s rectum. Anita immediately reached back and grasped her ass cheeks, spreading them as far as she could.

As Andrew stepped closer Anita looked back over her shoulder and saw his lubricant glossed cock. Catching Anita’s eyes, Andrew asked, “You sure you want this in that little ass of yours?” Anita shook her head in the affirmative before turning back to the front and letting her head drop. With a shrug and a grin to the camera Andrew placed the head of his cock against Anita’s puckered asshole and pushed firmly. A sharp intake of breath and an arched back signaled that Anita felt Andrew’ presence.

As Andrew forced the head of his cock into Anita’s tight rectum a cry escaped her lips. Andrew stopped pushing and asked, “You want me stop?” Anita shook her head no. “You want me to go further?” Andrew asked as he gripped Anita’s hips. Anita answered by shaking her head yes with her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Anita’s eyes flew open as Andrew forced the head of his cock into her abused ass and kept pushing. After he had a couple of inches in, Andrew slowly withdrew partway before pushing more in. Anita’s breath came in pants as she tried to accommodate the invasion of her ass.

Anita’s fingers had slipped from her ass and she moved her hands to the opposite arm of the chair. As Andrew pushed more of his cock in, George saw Anita’s knuckles whiten as she tightened her grip and braced herself against the pressure. With each thrust Andrew pushed more of his cock into Anita, stretching her ass further than it have ever been stretched before. George moved in for a close-up as Andrew pushed the last two inches in and held it still.

“Damn she’s tight,” Andrew said through gritted teeth as he slowly pulled his cock out. As he pushed back in Anita looked over her shoulder and grinned as she said, “You’re so big I can’t believe I took it all!” As Andrew picked up the pace of the fucking Anita threw her head back with a big grin on her face and cried out, “Fuck my ass with that big black monster of yours baby! Use it!” As Andrew heard her words he began pumping the entire length of his cock in and out of Anita’s ass as fast as he could.

“Damn your ass is good,” Andrew grunted as he slammed his cock home. As Anita cried out she said, “Harder baby, fuck it harder.” Andrew pulled his cock fully out showing George Anita’s stretched asshole. As George moved in for a close-up Anita let a sigh escape as she felt the absence of Andrew’ cock. The sigh changed to a cry of pain as Andrew reintroduced his cock and pushed it in to the hilt. “Oh fuck!” Anita cried out as Andrew resumed his hard and fast fucking of her ass.

Andrew’ breathing came in ragged gasps through clinched teeth as he tightened his grip on Anita’s hips and slammed his cock home as hard as he could. With each thrust Anita’s body shuddered and she cried out. “Where you want this load bitch?” Andrew asked as he slowed his thrusting. “Fill my ass baby. I want to feel you hot cum in me.” Anita said as she pushed back to meet Andrew’ slower thrusts.

Andrew grabbed Anita’s hair with his left hand as he held her against him with his right hand and lifted her with his cock. George saw Andrew’ balls contract as Andrew grunted, “Here it comes bitch!” As he held his cock buried in Anita’s ass Andrew felt his cock spasm as it spewed forth another load. “Yeah baby,” Anita screamed as she felt Andrew’ cum fill her and another orgasm came over her.

Andrew slowly pumped his cock in and out another half dozen times as he emptied load into Anita’s bowels. Anita collapsed forward as Andrew released his grip on her hair. George snapped a rapid sequence of photos as Andrew eased his cock from Anita’s well-used ass. A thick stream of cum connected the head of Andrew’ cock to Anita’s quivering asshole. “Clean this mess up bitch,” Andrew directed as he pulled on Anita’s head.

Anita dropped to her knees before Andrew and took his cock into her mouth without hesitation. As Andrew’ cock slid between her lips Anita tasted the muskiness of her own ass mixed with the saltiness of Andrew’ load. Andrew chuckled as Anita took all of his softening cock into her mouth, “There you go, now you’ve had us all in all your holes.” “MMMM,” Anita groaned as she finished licking Andrew clean.

Andrew stepped back as Anita let his cock fall from between her lips. “Now I know that’s all we’ve got available for tonight.” He said with a laugh as he reached for his pants and went to slide them on.

Sean reached down for Anita’s hand and helped her to her feet. “I know you used me up,” he said as he let go of Anita’s hand and ran his fingers across her cheek and down to her left breast. With a gentle squeeze Sean rolled Anita’s nipple between his thumb and index finger. “I see you’re not done though,” Sean laughed as he saw her nipples respond to his attention.

“I guess I’ll have to see if I can take care of her then,” George said as he set down his camera and approached. Without a word George placed his hand on the top of Anita’s head and pushed her down. As she dropped to her knees in front of him George looked at the three black men and said, “Thanks for helping out guys. I’ll be in touch.” With that George turned his attention to the upturned smiling face before him and reached for his zipper.

“Anytime man,” Andrew said as the three of them pulled the door open, “anytime.” A groan escaped George’s lips as Anita pulled his pants down. As she peeled his cum soaked underwear down Anita began licking up what had already escaped from George’s cock while he watched her.

Anita looked into George’s eyes as she extracted his stiff cock and said “I love you.” With those words Anita took the entire length of George’s manhood in her mouth and began sucking firmly on it. After only a few seconds George felt an enormous orgasm begin as his cock erupted in Anita’s mouth.

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