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When Audrey first saw Aaron, she thought he was a burglar. She had been going out to her car to get her briefcase when she saw the moonlight catch a figure on her neighbor’s garage roof. The Hammonds had only moved in four months ago, and Audrey was horrified at the thought that they would be the first family in the quiet neighborhood to be robbed. She froze in the driveway, in her bathrobe, and tried to see whether the figure was about to climb in a second-story window, or just climbing out.

Neither was the case. As Audrey’s eyes adjusted to the dark, she could clearly see a young man, sitting cross-legged on the roof. She could just make out the red glow of his cigarette, and he appeared to be staring at the stars.

She noticed the beat-up car in the Hammond’s driveway, and the University decal on the back window. Not like a burglar to park in the driveway, Audrey thought. More like a kid home from college. She had some vague recollection of a conversation with June Hammond the day after they moved in. Now the details came back.

The two-year-old girl, Kim, was June’s. George Hammond, the husband, had a son from a previous marriage who was a freshman at a school in Massachusetts. Audrey tried to think of the son’s name, but nothing surfaced. June had been far more eager to talk about Kim, that day. And most days since, Audrey noted.

Audrey got her briefcase and pulled her bathrobe tighter in the brisk air of late May. She looked back up at the boy on the roof, just to see him crawling back in his bedroom window.

The next morning, Audrey was on a plane to meet with a client in Philadelphia. She liked business trips; she usually had at least one co-worker or assistant with her, and it was nice to have people to talk to after hours in the hotel bar. Audrey had lived alone since her divorce two years ago, and work-related travel had become a welcome break from solitude.

Not always, of course. Audrey had gone to Philly with two other people from the office, a married man a few years older than her, and a female assistant a few years younger. It was apparent that those two would be sleeping together from the moment they got on the plane. And the client was horrible. And so was the hotel bar. So Audrey spent six days in the City of Brotherly Love, alone, watching TV in her room.

On Friday, around mid-afternoon, Audrey finally pulled into her driveway. As she got out of the car, she heard banging on her high back fence. She moved around the house to her back patio, and immediately saw what had been going on. A trail of water ran from her small in-ground pool across the cement and over the seven-foot fence that separated her backyard from the Hammond’s.

Normally, Audrey wouldn’t have been bothered by a pool-hopping teenager. She used to let the previous neighbor’s kids swim all the time. But that day, after that trip, the idea of other’s having fun while she was so tired and upset opened something inside her. And out of that new opening came a lot of emotion. Audrey got as far as her fridge before collapsing on the floor. She held her head in her hand and did a few months worth of crying.

It only took about twenty minutes. When it was over, Audrey stayed seated on the kitchen floor- exhausted and chuckling at herself. She glanced around the room, and marveled at how different everything looked from this perspective. Her wandering eye drifted to the sliding glass door where she had come in from the pool. She noticed that her uninvited swimmer had left his clothes on one of her patio chairs. She got up off the floor, splashed some water on her face and stepped out into the sun to collect the boy’s things. Jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, socks. Boxer shorts. A smile crossed Audrey’s face, and she tossed the clothes into a plastic shopping bag.

“Oh my God. Was he in your pool? I’m so sorry, I-” “It’s fine, June. I don’t mind.” Audrey stood on the Hammond’s porch. “Can I talk to him for a minute?” “Of course. I’m really sorry, he’s been impossible since he got back from college.” June stepped into the house. Audrey listened for the name. “AARON!” Came the holler from within. “Get down here!” Audrey watched as the young man appeared in the doorway. “Hi. I’m your neighbor. I think you left these behind.” Audrey held up the bag of clothes. “Thanks. Sorry about that.” “You must have looked pretty funny climbing the fence in the nude.” She had intended to embarrass him a little, just for a laugh. But as she talked, Audrey felt her own cheeks getting red. She couldn’t stop looking at Aaron’s eyes. They were the darkest, deepest brown eyes she could remember. “Yeah.” He turned his gaze a little and smiled. “I guess I probably did.” “Well,” she said. “You’re welcome to come swim, whenever you want. It’s ok.” Audrey stepped back toward her house. “Thanks a lot.” Aaron called after. “I’ll remember my swim suit next time.”

That night, as Audrey sat on her bed, laptop glowing in front of her, finishing her second cup of tea, she finally let her thoughts wander back to Aaron. She had been having trouble concentrating all evening, but as she let the image of the young man settle into her mind’s eye, her powers of concentration picked right up.

She pictured him as she’d seen him, standing in the doorway, blushing slightly, his curly hair unkempt. But she also pictured him as she hadn’t seen him. Swimming naked in her pool. Climbing naked over the fence. Standing naked by her bed. Climbing naked under her covers. Audrey knew she should snap out of it. But why? In five years of marriage she had never been unfaithful. That, apparently, had been her husband’s job. Now that she was single again, why shouldn’t she fantasize about the beautiful boy next door? About his dark eyes. And light smile. And strong arms.

Audrey’s khaki pants were loose, and her and slipped easily beneath the waistband. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander unfettered through ever-changing scenes of passion with Aaron. Her fingers slowly massaged her vagina and she felt her lips thicken and part under her touch. The warmth from her pussy spread over her whole body and she gently rocked her hips against her hand. Audrey opened her shirt a few buttons, and let her nails glide gently over the soft flesh between her large breasts. She could feel her nipples stiffen in her bra, and the wetness of her pussy trickle onto her fingers.

In her mind, Aaron’s body pressed against hers, his arms pulling her hard against his cock. Audrey let out a short gasp as she came, her hips arching slightly off the bed. After a moment of lingering tension, she relaxed limply onto the mattress. It had been a while since she had masturbated. At that moment, she couldn’t imagine why she hadn’t been doing it every night. Audrey rolled off the bed and walked slowly to the dresser. She pulled a nightshirt out of the top drawer and dropped her khakis to the floor. She looked up, into the mirror and studied her face as she undid the rest of the buttons on her shirt. That’s when she saw the tiny red dot. In the mirror, out the window, on the neighbor’s garage roof. The tiny red light of a cigarette. As quickly and subtly as possible, Audrey grabbed her nightshirt and darted into the bathroom. Oh my God, she thought, sitting on the toilet lid. How could I have left the shade up? How much had he seen? He could certainly see the bed from the rooftop, had he been there while she jacked off? Audrey was mortified. She popped a couple Advil and splashed water on her face. Again, she started to see the humor of everything. I can’t even make love to myself without it going horribly wrong, she thought, and laughed a little. Audrey went back into the bedroom, immediately closed the shade without even looking out, and went right to bed.

“Mind if I swim?”

Audrey dropped the lime she was holding onto the kitchen floor, and turned to look out the sliding doors. Aaron’s grinning face was peering over the fence outside. “Sure,” she called back. When his face dropped away, she picked up the lime and cut a wedge for her gin and tonic. A moment later he was up and over the fence. “Thanks!” He called out, and pulled off his t-shirt. A moment later, he was in the pool. Audrey had planned to sit out on the patio herself, but now she couldn’t muster the courage. He was so casual, as if he hadn’t watched her masturbate the night before. She went into the den and peeked out between the blinds at the young man who was preparing to dive off the small diving board. God, she thought. Look at that ass.

Audrey sipped her drink and watched Aaron dive, swim to the steps, walk around to the board and dive again. She watched for a good five minutes before she realized that every time Aaron stepped out of the pool, he was glancing at the various windows of the house, trying to catch a glimpse of her. Audrey watched his lean figure move through the water. Here she was, watching him, the same way he watched her the night before. And she was pretty sure he had come over here hoping to see her again. She took a long drink of her gin and tonic, then set the glass down. She went upstairs and rummaged through her bottom drawer. There’s no way it will still fit, she thought. She pulled out the bikini, very stylish five years ago. A minute later, Audrey looked at herself in the mirror. It had been a while since she had gone out in public showing this much skin. But this wasn’t public, it was her backyard. And the blue color still flattered her eyes. She was never much of a gym person, but she ate healthy and her body looked better than she’d expected.

Okay, she thought. You look good. Audrey stepped through the sliding door just as Aaron was stepping off the diving board. She noticed his head turn sharply just before his body smacked into the water. By the time he surfaced, Audrey was stretching out on a recliner chair. She lifted her dark sunglasses as Aaron climbed out by the steps, water dripping off his tight physique. “How’s the water?” “It’s good. Nice.” He crossed his arms over his smooth chest and smiled. “Well I’m going to try to get a little sun. Start this summer out right.” She leaned back and dropped the shades back over her eyes. “Don’t let me fall asleep.” “Okay, I won’t.” He moved back toward the diving board and did a front flip into the pool. Oh my God, Audrey thought, I think he’s showing off.

Behind the sunglasses, she figured she could pretend to have her eyes closed while she looked at Aaron. But the hot sun felt unexpectedly lovely on her exposed flesh, and she did let her eyes close for a moment. When she opened them again, she saw Aaron by the edge of the pool, staring at her. She watched his eyes as they slowly traced her reclined form. She saw him drink in the view of her legs and belly. She could feel his eyes caressing her breasts. She knew tiny beads of sweat were forming around her cleavage, and she watched as his view lingered on them.

Audrey realized that she was holding her breath. As she filled her lungs, Aaron snapped out of his staring and climbed out of the water. She could clearly see that he had a large erection, straining at the fabric of his swimsuit. He turned his back quickly, and moved toward his t-shirt. “I brought you a towel, it’s over here,” she said. Aaron looked over at the towel sitting next to her on the patio table. “Thanks.” Aaron turned toward Audrey and walked the few feet to the towel with his hands held together in front of his crotch. He took the towel and dried himself quickly. “I’ve got to run,” he said. “Thanks for the swim.”

“Any time, really.” Audrey watched as he headed toward the front yard, the long way around the fence. She knew where Aaron had gone. The bulge in his swimsuit needed to be relieved. And it was Audrey that had caused the bulge. A wide smile spread over her face. The whole day reminded her of her teen years, when she would hang out at the beach with her girlfriends and turn every head. She took off her sunglasses and looked down at her body. Her breasts were still full and wonderfully shaped; her legs still went all the way to the ground. A little loose skin around the stomach, but not much. I have a great body, she thought. It was a thought she hadn’t had for a long time.

That evening, Audrey went out to dinner with an old friend that she hadn’t seen in several months. They ate at their favorite seafood place, where all the waiters were cute. When she got home, around 10:30, she was still feeling a little warm from the Chardonnay. As she got out of the car, she glanced up at the Hammond’s roof, but Aaron wasn’t there. Audrey tossed her keys on the dresser and glanced into the mirror. Red dot. He was there. He must have heard her drive up. Audrey went downstairs and quickly poured herself another glass of wine. She was going to need a little courage if she was going to go through with what she had in mind. Her plan was a little strip tease; nothing too revealing, just enough to excite.

She kicked off her shoes as she walked in her bedroom door and set the wineglass on the dresser. She faced the mirror, with her back to the window, but she knew he could see the reflection of her face. She took a deep breath and looked at herself in the mirror. Her auburn hair was up in a loose bun. She wore and ivory-colored silk blouse, and a black skirt that came just below the knees. Hose, of course, and a simple string of pearls to accentuate her long neck. She looked great.

Start slow, Audrey told herself, and sat on the edge of the bed. She put her leg up on the stool and started taking off a stocking. A few inches at a time, she slowly rolled the nylon down her thigh. Her heart was beating so hard in her chest, and Audrey was glad she’d started sitting down. If I go too slowly, she suddenly thought, he’s going to know it’s a show. Act natural. She rolled the left stocking down a little quicker. When she stood back up she went straight for the wine. Her courage was faltering a bit, and all she could think about was the pair of eyes she knew was following her every move. She set down the glass and undid the first button of her blouse. Then the second. A moment later she opened the silk top and let it slip to the floor. Her heavy breasts were held in place with a beige, lacey bra. Victoria’s Secret; very classic. As the blouse fell away she felt a shift of energy outside in the darkness. She knew he was out there, his cock hardening in his pants.

A thrill of electricity rushed through Audrey’s body. She unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. The matching beige panties rode high on her hips, and she looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair up and her pearls still on, Audrey thought that she had never looked more beautiful. She had planned to be done; to head for the bathroom and put on her nightshirt there. But as she stared at herself, she felt like going a little further.

Audrey lifted her tits in her hands and turned side to side, examining her form in the mirror. As she did, she thought of Aaron on the roof. Was he rubbing his cock, while he watched? She decided that if he wasn’t, he soon would be. She took a deep breath, another sip of wine, and reached behind her back to the bra clasp.


Audrey froze, her hand on the clasp. Did she just hear a zipper? There was no way to know, but she thought she had heard the faint sound of Aaron unzipping his fly. She unpopped the clasp, and with a shrug of her shoulders, the bra fell to the floor. Audrey’s breasts hung free against her chest, and she stared at them, knowing that her eyes were not the only ones. Audrey let her fingertips glide along the underside of each tit, then up the soft skin to the large, dark areolas. The skin of the areolas was already bunched and rough, and her nipples were stiff and long with excitement. She stroked each nipple a little before lifting her boobs in her hands and letting them settle back to their natural position.

Her heart was beating so fast. The sound of the zipper had inflamed her imagination. He must be touching his cock right now, she thought. She had already gone farther than she had planned, but… She caught the edge of her lace panties in her fingers, bent slightly, and slipped them over her ass and down her thighs.

Her bush was auburn, like her hair and she stared at herself wearing nothing but pearls and a hair comb. Audrey couldn’t remember feeling so overcome with arousal. Just looking at herself, knowing that someone else was looking from the darkness, affected her libido far more intensely than she had ever imagined. Wave after wave of heat was washing through her blood, and the thought of relieving herself only deepened the feeling.

Her legs gave out, slightly, and she fell back against the bed. From where she sat she could still see herself in the mirror, as well as the dark rectangle of the window where she knew Aaron was. Her legs were parted slightly and she could just smell the faint odor of her arousal. She couldn’t bear any longer. Audrey’s fingers parted the curling hairs of her bush and plunged into the wetness of her pussy. Her clit was so hard under her fingers as they urgently stroked her nub. She could feel her juices dripping onto the bedspread and she pushed the fingers of her other hand into her hole.

She knew Aaron had his cock out now, and was stroking it in his hand. She knew he was watching her, jacking off with her. She lay back on the bed, her tits spreading off to her sides. As she fingered herself more rapidly, she couldn’t contain a slight moan from escaping her lips. She pulled her slippery fingers from her pussy and twisted her stiffened nipple between them. Her other hand was furiously working her clit and her hip bucked up against it. “Oh!” She cried, as her body was rocked by orgasm. “Oh! Oh!” She writhed on the bedspread, one hand kneading the flesh of her tit, the other pressing hard against her pussy. As soon as she could stand, Audrey stumbled to the window, her naked, sweaty body only eight or nine feet from where she knew Aaron sat, and slowly pulled the shade.

When Audrey awoke, late the next morning, she knew Aaron was already in the pool. She could hear the splash each time he dived into the water. She put on her bathrobe and went quickly down to the kitchen. Through the kitchen window she could see Aaron from behind, on the diving board. She had thought he would be shy, but this was clearly not the case. He had apparently forgotten his trunks again. God, that’s an ass, she thought. Audrey waited until he dove, then stepped out into the sun. “How’s the water today?” Aaron was surprised to hear her voice. Water streamed from his curly hair as he swam over to the edge. “Hi,” he said. “Hi. How you doing?” Audrey was a little unnerved by the way he stared at her. She spoke again. “Don’t let me stop your fun. Keep diving.” “Well, I’m a little nervous to get out of the pool, actually.” His chocolate eyes stayed focused on Audrey. “How- how come?” She felt the stirring inside that was becoming so familiar. “I’m naked.” He smiled slightly. Audrey knew what he was asking. She tried to swallow. “That’s okay.”

Aaron smiled again. He reached up and pulled his magnificent frame from the water. His chest was smooth and hard, his abdomen defined. His cock was already growing hard, and it was long and thick. God, though Audrey, when was the last time I saw a nineteen year old dick. Aaron walked straight toward Audrey and immediately reached for the tie of her robe. She looked up into his open face as she felt his arms part her robe and wrap themselves around her back. He pulled her firmly to his body, her bare tits pressing against his chest, his hard cock against her belly. Her lips parted as he kissed her, and she felt the warmth of his mouth. She closed her eyes as his lips massaged her own. Her robe fell to the floor and he lay her back on the recliner, his lips traveling to her long, graceful neck. She felt his teeth slightly on her neck, and electricity shot through her body. His strong hands came up to her tits and firmly kneaded the flesh.

Audrey’s nipples were hard as they had ever been, and they pressed into Aaron’s palms. “Oh…” she cried, as his lips moved down from her neck. His tongue slipped between her tits and tasted the salty sweat that was beginning to form. He caught a nipple in his mouth and sucked firmly, pulling the sensitive tip up into his wet mouth. Audrey’s hands slid down his shapely back and over his ass. She arched her back slightly, losing herself completely in the moment. His ass slipped from her hands and she opened her eyes. Aaron was sliding down her body, his tongue tracing a slow path past her navel. She clenched her hands on the sides of the recliner.

Audrey had never had anyone go down on her before. She was experienced, sure, but somehow this was something she’d just missed. She stared straight up at the passing clouds. She felt his tongue slowly moving over her bush, just grazing the hairs. His strong hands slid over her thighs, moving them slightly apart. Audrey put her hands on Aaron’s head, tangling her fingers in his curly hair. She closed her eyes.

His tongue slid lightly up and down over her pubic hair, until her bush was completely parted. Then his lips placed the most gentle of kisses perfectly on her swollen clit. Audrey shuddered. Aaron let his tongue slip from between his lips and slowly encircle the opening to her hole. Then upward, so slowly, until the perfect pressure of his tongue reached the aching need of her exposed clitoris. Slowly and firmly, his tongue massaged her hardened nub, sliding the little hood back to find more of her clit to stroke.

“Unggh.” Audrey’s moan emanated from deep within her, bursting into the air. Aaron’s hands found her tits, which were now heaving with the passion of Audrey’s breathing. His upper lip stroked her clit as his tongue probed inside her warm pussy and his fingers tugged on her swollen nipples. Audrey dug her fingers into Aaron’s hair as the pleasure mounted within her. His tongue began to work more rapidly on her clit, flying across it with an unyielding pace. His face pressed deeply against her, as she ground her pussy into his mouth. Her hips were bucking and she could not control her moaning as Aaron made mad passion to her most sensitive spot. “Oh, Aaron!” She cried. “I’m- I’m-”

Audrey came. She was barely aware of anything as the flood of heat drowned her senses. She felt Aaron back off slightly and move his strong hands to the small of her back, which was arched a foot off the recliner. Her pussy throbbed with a deep, pounding rhythm, and she bit down on her lip as her body shook. Still lost in orgasm, Audrey felt a touch at the opening of her pussy. Slowly, Aaron slid the head of his aching cock into her throbbing hole.

“Oh God!” She cried, as he pushed slowly in. The walls of her pussy clenched his hard cock again and again as it slid deep into her. As his stiff cock filled her, Audrey’s orgasm intensified, causing her vaginal muscles to milk and massage his hard-on with great strength. His hands on her hips, Aaron began to fuck in and out of Audrey, getting faster and deeper with each stroke. He pulled her hips against him, burying his cock inside her again and again. Finally, as her orgasm subsided, Audrey was able to match Aaron’s strokes. She fucked him as hard as she could, lifting her sweaty ass off the chair and grinding against him. Their rhythm was perfect, and they continued to buck against each other for several minutes.

“I can’t, I can’t last-” Aaron managed to say. “Come here.” Audrey said. She pulled off his cock and grabbed him by the ass, pulling him up so he straddled her chest. His slippery cock twitched and glistened in the sunlight, and she knew he was close to coming. She wrapped her tits around his cock and he slowly moved his cock in and out of her warm cleavage. She looked up at his open face, and smiled back. “Ungh.” He cried. And she felt his cock throbbing between her breasts. His come shot out onto her beautiful neck and puddled on her chest, warm and sticky. His eyes were clenched closed as the orgasm shot through him.

Finally, he opened his eyes and gazed down at her face. He put his hands on either side of her head and bent forward for a long, deep kiss. When he parted he spoke softly. “How you doing?” He said. Audrey looked at Aaron’s beautiful face, the clouds moving slowly behind him. She smiled.

“Great,” she said. “I’m great.”

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