Abuse Me Bad

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Eric ? Linda speaking. I’ll just pop the question. I know you write some very nasty stories on women been treated like pieces of fuckmeat. Just wondering if you could make your dick as daring as your pen…

So we putted two and two together and here I stand, on a sunny afternoon, at your loft.

You open the door and without hesitation you kiss me full on my mouth. « Well, if we’re going to be raunchy with eachother, that is the least to start with », she giggled. I smile and i’m happy to see you so horny.

We sit down and you start to talk. « I want to fuck like animals even don’t dare. Without limitation, without shame, without taste. If you think, gee, that will be way out of line, take that for starters and just fuck your way through this slavebody. » One moment she stops to measure the tention in my blushing face. My god, she means ‘all the way’… « I like to get fucked in every possible hole, if you can batter your dick into my ears, just rape them. Like me to suck you ? Fuck my throat instead. Like me to drink your cum ? Of course, but wouldn’t you rather piss directely down my stomache ? I’ve dreamed long enough of a man who forcefully could make me keep his shitting ass on my face… Are you in ? » After catching my breath I stand up. « You’ll be a whore and a slave. I’ll fuck you up so good you like regular banging no more… »

I violentle grab her hair and I pull her up. The few clothes she waas wearing I tear from her gorgious body. Her D-sized tits jump up in my face and I slam the back of my hand in her face. She falls back, naked, on the coatch. « Use me, master, take advantage of thhis slave. I’m your fucktoy, your toilet, your evverything you need to please your dirty mind ! » I deside to check out how determend she really is. In no time my clothes are pulled of and I walk over to her. « Lay down with your face upwards. If you want to be the dirtiest slut alive, you better pass this test. I’m gonna fart in your face, take a load of gaz in your mouth, you cunt. Show me you love it all the way ! ! » « Sit on my face, Master, I’ll lick your brown shithole and I’ll swallow everything passing through. Fart on your whore. Rub your farting ass over this willing and obeying mouth ! » I lower myself over her licking tonghue and feel immediately my ass bbeeing opened by her powerful lips. She’s eating my ass so deep I assume she tastes the shit beeing sucked out. Freaked out I press and a loud fart blows against het nostrils. She moans in lust and blows in my ass. Another big load comes up and she closes her lips tightly around my shitty hole. Vaguely I hear the gaz forcefully enter her mouth and nose. She inhales the smelly air and trusts her tongue in the shitstained opening…

So far she’s convinced me plenty, but i think it’s time we stoped playing and got into the real bussiness. By her hair I pull her up and i make her sit in front of me. She has a face, showing the lust of her brute abuse and the pain of her hair pulled at my will. She looks with a greatr appetite at my pulsatingg cock, a few inches from her slavemouth. With my free hand I pull back my foreskin and reveal the wet and throbbing glans. A serious drop of pre-cum hangs aside, and i rub on your lips. Forcefull i thrust my hips forewards and I take with violence the barriere of your closed mouth. Thrusting forward with great force and pulling your hair and haed towards me results in a chocking gasp when my red glans slams against your airpipe. Both my hands grab your ears and with mean hard strokes i fuck myself in your head. Your hands wave in panic besides your helpeless body, toy of my perverted mind. Firmly I bang your face to my belly, thrusting every inch of my fat childmaker into this raped mouth. My god, this was what desirves the title ‘facefuck of the year’… Giving you limited time to catch a breath, I feel the semen climing up in my dick. I pull out, not allowing you to collapse in pain, but forcing your face against my almost spurting cock. I ame my pisshole against the entery of your nose and immobilise your head. With one stroke of my hand the jizzm shoots out of me, right into your nose. The sight of your confused eyes makes me ready for a secound wave of shots. Again I slam my shooting dick into your mouth and I yell « fucking cunt, swallow, blow me , eat that thick creamy seed and suck my balls dry ! « Gasping you try to work the massive load of cum away down your throat, semen leaking out of your nose and dripping on your full pounding tits. After some serious shooting you drop on the flloor, aabused and facefuck real nasty. You faint and everything turns black. But the last thing you feel is a huge desire and a leaking cunt craving for a real hard banging…

I watch your body, lying on the floor and I pick you up. Sperm drips out of your raped mouth and I tie you up, arms and legs spread widely.

Slowly you start coming to yourselves and with a mixture of incredible lust and fear you wwisper « was that the best you had, I think i’m intitled to some more and serious raping, stud. Why don” you let it all go and do me like nothing can keep you from abusing me the way your perverted mind feels like… » I smile and twist here nipples firmly. She cries out in pain and lust. I spread my legs and grab my shrunken dick. Playfull I pull back the foreskin and I aim the pisshole at her face. You lift your head a little upwards, facing my gennitals. « Gonna wet your slave , Gonna piss the shit outta me ? I’m waiting, pervert, empty your bladder with force on this whore, I’m gonna be like a toilet for you. Get it on my face and aim it at my melons. » I kneeled down and forced my dickhead between her protesting lips. « No, not iin my mouth ! Don’t make me drink your urine ! Gleub ! Gloob ! » The screaming died away when my bladder started releasing the piss and her mouth got filled with golden piss. Her Eyes locked on to mine while she felt my dick shoved deeper and deeper into her urine-filled mouth. For two seconds i pulled away, letting her spit the massive load of fluids. She heavely breathed, crying out when i thrusted the oosing cok into the back of her throat. I enjoyed a good piss, feeling the urine flow directely into her stomache, and the gagging made her head bob in a lustful way. I stood up and watched her blush on her face, a little smile shining through. Some drips of piss felll on her tits.

I prepare you for the next step. I untie you and roll you over, putting a few pillows under your piss-filled belly. You burp and warn me politely. « take care, Eric, I ‘m gonna fart. » Quickly I stick my head into your raised ass and I finger your shithole, letting you moan and shake. « Oooh, Eric, pull away, I’m gonna fart, I feel a big messy one coming up, I’m gonna blow… » « You let go when I tell you, slut, You’ll know when the time is right. « I watch your pulsating tight asshole and I can imagine how difficult holding inside a fart can be, esspecially in this position. I gentely lick the crack of your butt and spit on your contracting asshole. A little bit of gaz escapes. I know you are embarresed to be so intemite. Having a man pissing down your throat, OK, but farting on a guy, hell now… We’ll see. Before the spit can drip of, I place my cock at your arse and in one violent burst of energy I break throug this tight virgin-ass. A huge load of gaz gets pumped out, floating besides my raw penetrating cock. My god, this was narrow. I could feel her flesh getting torn when i slammed my balls firmly against mmy lustslaves cunt. A intense and loud cry escapes from your painsowed face. This is rape, this is using a body for wild, raw fucking, no limits, no rules, no mercy. You play your part and hell, you feast on your pain. Every feeling of pain accelerates your craving for a cosmic sized orgasm. My banging cock turns red, stains of blood an shit mix on the shaft of this penetrating monsterdevice. Finally I allow myself to blast away. Pulling both your ass-cheaks open i Batter a last time the full lenght of my dick into the dephts of your intestinals. A shiver flows over my back to my balls as the spurts hit the inner walls of your ass. Thick loads of sperm disappear into your shittube. You feel me shake above you and you smile through the pain. Feeling the power of this slavebody, controling the needs of the Master instead of the other way around, makes you cross the line. Your cunt starts to squeeze and thick streams of whitish cum pulsates from your cunt. Your ass rithmically cruches the brutal intruder, who leaves a messy content in you belly. A cry, coming from the dephts of you slavesoul shouts into the air when you loose yopurselvve in thhis cosmic orgasm. This is your way, thhe violent way. This is your turn-on, the rape and abuse. This is your moment, alone in your body-splitting orgasm…

Calmly I pull back and walk to the bathroom. I clean myself up and return with a towel and some vaseline. You lay still shaking on the floor, brused and battered, but more woman than before. Soft and tender I clean up your body, gentely caressing your back. I nurse your wounded asshole and take you to your bed. And as I close the curtains, I wisper in your ear, just before you fall asleep smiling : « Sleep fast, still want to break that cunt of yours… »


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