Angela In The Hamptons

I sat across the room and watched as the beautiful little brunette ran her tongue slowly along the top of his semi-hard shaft. Even though he was not yet fully erect, he was already longer than me, and much thicker. She let out a soft moan as she took him into her mouth, her lips stretching over the wide member, her big brown eyes looking up at him as if for approval. As she began to slowly, lovingly, suck him, I fought the waves of feelings washing over me. On the one hand, I was extremely excited, on the other, I could not help but feel a bit jealous, a bit out-manned. You see, the big, muscular man having his cock worshiped just a few feet away was my boss, and the woman kneeling before him and giving him a long, sensuous blow job was my wife, Angela.

She was sucking him as deep into her mouth as she could now, and undoubtedly the head of his cock was deeper in her throat than mine had ever been. She reached up with her left hand and began to slowly stoke his shaft in rhythm with her sucking. The sight of her fingers wrapping around his shaft, with the moonlight steaming through the window and glinting off of her wedding band and the engagement ring I had slipped on years before, was the most erotic sight I have ever seen.

None of this was planned, of course. We had been invited to attend a big 4th of July party at my boss’ house in The Hamptons and had made the long drive down from our home outside of Hartford. The party was wonderful, with plenty of great food and expensive booze and waiters and waitresses dressed in little sailor outfits attending to our every need. My boss, Charles White, owned an immense estate overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The sprawling lawn sloped down to his private beach, and inside, room after room of elegance awaited his weekend guests, including Angela and I.

The day of the party, Independence Day, the weather was oppressively hot and muggy. After we were shown to our room, Angela had changed into a flimsy summer dress that highlighted her wonderful figure. The dress was just dark enough for her to go without a bra, a choice she made because of the heat, and she wore tiny thong panties. Angela is a beautiful thirty year old, with shoulder length dark brown hair and the deepest brown eyes I have ever seen. At just five foot six inches tall, she weighs a trim one hundred and thirty pounds. I am not exaggerating when I say she has a perfect body on that small frame. She has big, round, firm breasts that stand up perfectly on their own, and a magnificently full and firm ass that could make a blind man hard when she walks by. By the time of that party on the fourth, she had a wonderful tan going, and thanks to the tanning booth in our house in Connecticut, it was an all over tan.

We made our way out to the lawn, where the party was in full swing, and soon I was introducing Angela to our host. Mr. White is the type of guy I have always been a bit intimidated by. He is well over six feet tall, and has a athletic and well muscled build. The guy is a millionaire many times over, owns several companies, and just exudes self confidence. He is one of those rich, privileged, handsome men that always seem to get what they want in life. As I would soon discover, the thing he wanted the most that holiday weekend was my wife Angela.

He began flirting with her as soon as I introduced them and even though his own trophy wife was at the party, he kept laying it on thicker and thicker as the afternoon wore on. Angela and I went our separate ways during the party, and every time I saw her Mr. White was never far away. He seemed to have her completely charmed, and he made sure she always had a full glass of wine.

Eventually the party wound down and most of the guests departed. Angela and I were one of only three or four couples staying on at the estate, and as we sat around the pool, good old Mr. White had the entire bunch in the palm of his hand. He was charming, he was witty, he was interesting. He had the women practically drooling over him in his stylish slacks and his linen shirt, unbuttoned to show off his perfectly tanned chest.

Alcohol has always made Angela horny, but that night I could practically smell her scent in the steamy night air. Part of me knew that it was mostly Mr. White, hell I may as well call him Charles now, part of me new it was Charles that had my wife so hot. The thought had me a bit intrigued, I must admit.

Like many men, I had fantasized about seeing my wife with another man. To some that sounds strange, but the visual aspect of seeing the woman I married, the proper business woman that usually wears smart business suits and is fairly conservative in bed, being a purely sexual being with another man, thrills me. There is the added thrill that comes from the forbidden nature of the act. Our whole society is set against adultery, relationships dissolve over it. It is a bit frightening to think that another may please your wife more than you can. Like a strange thrill ride, I wanted to see my wife’s reaction, hear her moan as another man filled the pussy that, since we met in college, only I had penetrated.

Once, and only once, Angela had let me use the life-like toy that I had purchased while we were in bed together. I slid the big thing in and out of her pussy while she gave me head. The experience was so exciting that I had exploded in her mouth unexpectedly, causing an abrupt end to the night’s festivities, as she never liked it when I came in her mouth. Afterwards, I was still so excited that I asked if she thought the idea of having two men at once was exciting to her. She said no, then rolled over and went to sleep. I never had the guts to bring it up again.

But that night in The Hamptons something was different. Angela was practically flirting with Charles right in front of me. I was getting pretty turned on by the possibilities, but when the party finally died and we all headed off to our beds, I assumed the night was over. I was wrong.

When we reached our room, Angela was all over me, groping at my crotch and stuffing her long tongue in my mouth. I figured that I was in for a great fuck at least, but she sprung a surprise on me that has changed our marriage forever. She broke off a long kiss and said in a husky voice. “Charles wants to fuck me.”


“He made a pass at me this afternoon.”

“What are you taking about.” I said, trying to sound upset.

Angela rubbed the bulge in my slacks and smiled slyly at me. “You obviously don’t mind it, I mean you obviously knew he was coming on to me all afternoon. When we were down by the beach earlier he tried to kiss me.”

“Tried to kiss you, or did kiss you?.” I asked.

She rubbed my rock hard cock through my slacks and slid the tip of her tongue along my bottom lip. “He kissed me.”

My heart was racing again, the ride had begun. “Did you kiss him back?” “Yes.”

“Is that when he said he wanted to make love to you?”

“No, just before we came up here, he asked me to meet him in his study.” She had freed my penis now, and was stoking me with her hand while she spoke in a sexy hiss. “And he didn’t say he wanted to make love to me, he said he wanted to fuck me.”

My head was spinning and I was not sure what to say. My fantasy had been to watch Angela with another man, but this was different. I asked her what she wanted to do.

Breathlessly, she said, “I want to go.”

“Then I guess you should go,” I said, hardly believing what I was doing. And so it was that the new and most exciting phase of our marriage began. Angela left me standing there with my cock standing out in front of me and after quickly checking her appearance in the mirror, left the room to meet Charles in his study. She was gone much longer than I had expected. I tried to think of what to do when she came back, but all I could think of was what she was doing. After a good hour of pacing back and forth with a raging hard-on, I lay on the bed and stroked myself off. I cleaned myself up and continued to wait, but I eventually fell asleep waiting for Angela to return.

I woke up late the next morning and was panicked to find that Angela had not returned at all. I slipped on a robe and began to search the giant house, and finally found her sitting by the pool sipping a bloody Mary. She was wearing a short, silk robe over her bathing suit and smiled warmly as I approached. She had a totally new glow about her. She seemed relaxed and happy and frisky. I tried to be mad that she had not come back to the room after her little adventure, but she simply explained that she had spent the night in another room because she did not want to wake me. She said that she had not gotten to sleep until the early morning hours. I begged for details but she smiled and said, “Later.”

We went up to our room for a few minutes after breakfast. We did not have much time, because Charles wanted us to go with him on his boat for the afternoon. I was desperate for details, but all I could get were short answers from Angela as she changed into a skimpier bikini bathing suit.

“What happened?.” I asked.

“Well, I met him in the study and he took me to an empty bedroom.” “What did you do?”

“What do you think we did?” she smiled.

“Well specifically, I mean did you…you know, suck him?”

“Well, yeah of course I did, and he went down on me too.”

She was naked now, her big breasts wobbling as she reached for the tiny bikini. “And you let him fuck you?”

“That was the whole idea, remember?”

I was stammering, feeling rushed and excited and confused. Angela had her suit on in no time, and after pulling her hair up in a cute pony tail she was headed for the door. I rushed after her and stopped her at the door. “Wait!” I said. “Was he you know…big, I mean was he good you know…did you like it?”

She smiled a very, very sexy and beautiful smile, touched my face tenderly and said, “Yes, yes and yes. Yes, he was big, very, very big. Yes he was very good, he made me come over and over. And yes, I definitely liked it.”

Then she was out the door and I followed in a trance, staring at her perfect ass as it twitched beneath the tiny patch of material that covered it.

We spent that afternoon cruising around on the seventy foot yacht that Charles had just purchased. Besides the Whites there was one other couple that joined us on the boat and of course there was the captain to drive it and two servants to bring us our drinks as we cruised about in the brilliant summer sun. Angela lay on the bow with Mrs. White. They both wore very skimpy suits and their bodies glistened with perspiration and oil as they took in the sun. Charles had found himself a very beautiful woman to parade around to all the social functions he attended, but as she lay next to Angela, there was no contest when it came to pure, natural beauty. Where Clara White had large breasts, you could tell they had been enhanced, while Angela had big, soft natural breasts. Clara was sort of skinny from the constant workouts and diets she undoubtedly put herself through, while Angela had a beautiful shape, complete with perfectly curved hips and the world’s most perfect ass. I could make more comparisons, but you get the point.

We cruised around and took in the sun and the salt air and we drank a lot of expensive liquor. Angela and Charles barely acknowledged each other all day, as if nothing had happened the night before. I got pretty shit faced thinking about what I knew had happened. By the end of the day, the combination of the booze and the sight of the scantily clad women had me as horny as hell. I was no longer feeling the jealousy I had been experiencing earlier in the day, and in my drunken state I convinced myself that I could handle the fact that my wife had fucked my boss, and liked it. On the way back in, Charles asked if we would like to stay over again, since I had been drinking, and drive home in the morning. I knew why he really wanted us to stay, and yet I still said it sounded like a good idea.

So here I was, in one of the many empty bedrooms in my boss’ mansion, sobering up and watching in a daze as my lovely Angela sucked the big man as if I was not even there watching. Once, I happened to look up from where his cock was sliding in and out of Angela’s mouth, and I made eye contact with him. The look he gave me, that sort of smirk and those knowing eyes, made me feel practically impotent. It said “Is there still any question as to who is the better man here?” One glance at my wife worshiping his now fully erect pole left no doubt in my mind at all. The look hurt, and the truth behind it hurt even more. Yet I was hard as a rock despite the booze I had consumed, and I could hardly contain the excitement I was feeling as I watched like some lame pervert.

He moved her to the bed, where she laid back and spread her legs willingly for him, and she never even glanced my way, she was transfixed on his swollen cock. She moaned deeply and wrapped her legs around his hips as he started to enter her. By the time he had slid himself all the way in Angela was on the verge of an orgasm. Her head rolled back and forth and she was bucking her hips up at him, trying to get him in a s deep as she could. He fucked her with slow and long deep strokes that sent her over the edge twice in rapid succession before flipping her over so that she was on her knees. Angela leaned forward on her elbows and thrust her perfect ass up at him. He grabbed her roughly by her hips and entered her that way, drawing a squeal from her. For the next twenty minutes or so he hammered her from behind, until she was reduced to a grunting animal, completely lost in the throes of passion and lust. I had never seen her that way. Charles arched his back and filled my wife with his sperm, a lot of which ran back out and down the inside of Angela’s thighs. They collapsed together on the bed and lay there catching their breath and gently stroking each others sweaty bodies. I got up and went to get a drink, leaving without saying a word.

I made my way through the immense house, still and dark at this hour, and found one of the bars and poured myself a big glass of scotch. I sat there alone in the dark and tried to collect my thoughts. I had just lived out one of my fantasies, and that was good. But I just knew that after being with a guy like Charles that Angela would never feel the same about me again. I knew I could never please her physically the was Charles just had. The way I looked at it, this thing could go one of two ways.

Angela could just decide that she wanted what other men, men like Charles, could give her and she may leave me altogether. I would not be able to take that. On the other hand, she may just say that this weekend was the only time she would want to be with another guy, and things would slowly get back to normal. I thought of the way her body shook when Charles made her come, and I did not think that would be the route she wanted to take. I passed their room and thought of going in, but I changed my mind at the door. I could hear Angela grunting and begging Charles to fuck her harder as I made my way back down the long dark hallway to my own room. When I finally passed out that night, I though my days with Angela were finished.

It was not until the ride home the following morning that I knew everything would be fine. Better than fine, I would have the best of both worlds and so would my lovely wife. We didn’t talk much at first, but then she told me how much she loved me, and told me that all I had to do was say the word and she would never do anything like what she had done with Charles again. I told her that I wanted her to be happy, but that I was afraid I would lose her, that she would find a better man. She assured me that she would never leave me, and that I was the only man she would ever truly love. That was good enough for me. I told her that she should continue to enjoy herself with other men, and she promised that as soon as I wanted her to stop, she would. And that was that.

To show her appreciation, and to give me some much needed relief, she went down on me in the car. It was very erotic. She gave me a wonderful, long blow job in broad daylight as I drove. I could feel my balls starting to tighten as she worked her magic on me with her mouth, but suddenly a large truck pulled alongside of us and the driver obviously had a clear view of what Angela was doing. I told her to stop, that the guy was keeping pace with us and watching with a big grin on his face. She let me slip from her mouth just long enough to say, “Let him watch.” before finishing me off, gulping down the mouthful of jizm that I gave her. She gave the trucker a big smile when she sat up, and a wave. He smiled, blew the horn on his truck and slowed to let us pass in front of him. My only regret was that Charles had left Angela’s pussy a little too sore to make love to me that night, but that was ok, there would be plenty of time for that.

The End


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