Are You Bisexual

I must admit it was my wife’s idea. For her 47th birthday, a “romantic” getaway at an Atlantic Bed and Breakfast with a promised “breathtaking” view of the sea and a rooftop hot tub with champagne service. It did sound inviting.

We were met on arrival by the owners, Devon and Charles, quite accommodating hosts who showed us to a spacious top-floor room with a queen-sized modern bed and then took us to the rooftop to explain the operation of the rather large hot tub. Devon, quite fit and in his early 50s, enquired quite openly whether we would mind if they also made use of the hot tub this weekend as we were the only guests so far.

Neither Michele nor I had any objections, which brought a smile to Devon’s face as he told us that he and Charles usually use the tub very late at night after the chores had been completed and the guests bedded down.

Later in the afternoon, Michele, a shapely green-eyed redhead with a thin patch of auburn hair covering what can only be described as a “weeping” cunt when thoroughly aroused, made the observation that the owners clearly were a comfortable gay couple, but I said there’s the possibility they might be bisexual so don’t be surprised when and if we’re all in the tub she might learn differently. She laughed it off as we spent the rest of the early evening shopping for some lingerie. I managed to convince her to go for an average-covering bikini just in case it turns out the two men did join us and bathing suits were required.

After a delightful dinner at a local Italian restaurant we were eager to use the hot tub and sample a preferred bottle of Bordeaux I had picked up on the way. After showering, a quick check of the hot tub gave no sign of the owners so my wife and I chose the “clothing optional” route and slid naked into the tub, naturally positioning ourselves for the most relaxing situation.

As dusk gave way to a misty starlit evening and we delved into the claret, it was Charles who broke the stillness, from the doorway “Mind if we join you?” I glanced quickly at Michele who moved to cover her ample 33ds with her hands. “Uh, we’re naked,” I chimed in quite uneasily. But then Devon added his view, “Don’t worry, we never wear suits in the tub anyway… really, we hope you don’t mind?”

I gave my wife a quick “What are we to do?” glance and she realized the hopelessness of the situation we had honestly created, and resigned herself. “Okay, hop in” I told the pair. Michele slid down to just cover her stiffening nipples as Charles, the younger of the two owners, stocky, with a boyish crew cut and a clearly soft, average length — but very very thick — cock, slid into the bubbles. Devon slid in quickly next to him; a little thinner but sporting what even I consider a very long and hefty package for a man his size.

They had brought their own claret and after a half hour of pleasant conversation and some healthy wine tasting, Michele was clearly more relaxed than when the owners arrived and had settled back against a corner of the hot tub, her breasts just above the water and nipples still erect as I ran my hand along the inside of her thighs. With Devon and Charles clearly enjoying the sight of her becoming slightly aroused, I reached over for her free hand and guided it to my cock. She quickly pulled away and blushed, to which both the owners chuckled.

“Don’t be shy, pretty lady,” Devon told her laughingly, “What happens in the tub, stays in the tub.” She smiled back weakly, and blushed again deeply as I pulled her against me and reached around to caress her right nipple.

“But, we can’t…..” her voice trailed off as I bit her lightly on the shoulder as I massaged the erect nipple and allowed my other hand to brush lightly over her slit below. The we both glanced over Devon had put his arm around Charles and both men began lightly fondling each other’s cocks, clearly enjoying the show we were putting on.

It had reached the point where I had to ask, “Are you guys gay or bisexual?” They both smiled easily, with Charles answering: “Clearly we’re bi, folks, otherwise what you two are showing us wouldn’t turn us on so.” That flipped the switch I needed. As Michele questioningly at me I asked her outright, “Do you mind if they just touch you?”

“You make the call,” she said smiling as I delved two fingers deep into her. “You heard her, guys,” I said, “Let’s take it slow.” Positioning my now clearly aroused wife on my lap and full erection, Devon moved to the right of us and Charles to the left, each putting an arm around me as they slowly but expertly massaged Michele’s open thighs, then her stomach and breasts to the accompaniment of her soft moaning before offering them both a deep tongue exchange.

Charles slowly moved her left hand into the water to stroke his very thick seven-inch erection while, to my surprise, Devon took my hand from under Michele’s heaving buttock to place it on his at least 10-inch raging and quite thick cock. I wrapped my hand around it and gave it a soft jack while watching Michele lightly run her fingers over Charles’s heavy member. It was all too much and I announced it clearly was time to move either to the patio recliners or the bedroom. Charles and Devon jumped up and out to place three of the recliners’ mattresses together to form more than a king-sized play area while Michele, her eyes still questioning where this night would lead, took my hand and lay down face up inside my open legs.

Obviously, the night’s dilemma had been resolved. Her eyes widened and glanced to and from Devon and Charles’s raging erections as they settled alongside us on the mattresses and commenced deep kissing and fingering my wife’s clearly flowing cunt, each dropping down to taste her juices. “Which is it to be?” I asked lightly while pinching eagerly at her stiff nipples. “You choose” was the throaty reply.

I nodded to Charles who smiled back gratefully and moved to loom over my wife’s splayed form, his enormously thick cock just teasing her weeping opening. Devon gave her a deep tongue-swallowing kiss, as did I. Then Charles began to push, ever so slightly, Michele grunting softly as with some visible effort, the massive head of his uncut cock seemed to just pop into her open cunt lips. She bucked as both Devon and I put a cupped hand under a buttock to help open her for Charles’s monstrous intrusion. Her eyes opened wide as she screamed “Oh, God! It’s so damn thick… push, push!!”

And Charles did and both Devon and I watched in amazement as my wife’s luscious thighs opened and opened more as at least four inches of his massively thick cock slid grudgingly into her, where the flow seemed to increase with each push. It was with a piercing scream that her eyes bulged from their sockets as Charles drove home, his balls slamming into her open ass. “Christ, honey, I’m coming apart!” she pleaded “If he cums in me I’ll burst!”

A glance down to where they were joined showed how far she was spread and the juices from their joining were flowing over the mattress. The tightness of their fucking was also obvious on Charles’s face, who warned, “I can’t… I can’t hold it.” To which Amy, her eyes nearly red with lust, announced to us, “Oh, God, God, he’s cumming in me! He’s Cumming in me… it’s so hot, it’s so hot!” And with one magnificent thrust Charles splattered her cervix with one thick string after another of hot cum that oozed out around his cock and her filled, steaming cunt. As he grunted loudly,Michele’s body surrendered itself to the most stretched orgasm of her life, bucking up against the massive, spurting head of Charles’s erection before nearly passing out in my arms.

Her eyes kept staring heavenward as Charles’s erection, now easing and covered with a beautiful mixture of her cunt weeping and his massive load, slipped from her well-stretched opening where with each breath she took another oozing of their hot mixing slid onto the mattress. Devon took one glance at me, then back at Charles’s load oozing from my wife’s gaping cunt, to announce: “I have to taste that… care to join me?” It was more than I could stand so I slid Michele off of me and joined him at the meeting of her sweating thighs where we took turns licking eagerly at the offering created by her dramatic fuck with Charles.

Then Devon made the offer with his tongue, a white gob of Charles’s cum on it as Michele looked down questioningly at us…and I accepted. Our tongues and lips met and Devon and I eagerly swirled the mixing of cum and Michele’s juices in our joined mouths in one of the hottest sexual moments of my life. I felt Michele’s hand on the back of my head in approval of this dramatic shift in sexual dynamics and I felt something else, Charles’s mouth closing around my six-inch erection and probing fingers working at my ass.

As Michele smiled down, I lost it, blowing my load into Charles’s mouth in spurt after spurt. It was my first unloading ever into a man’s mouth but that was just another surprise in a night of surprises. Having come down from her orgasmic high, Michele leaned down to were Charles was giving a final lick to my now weakening erection and eagerly matched lips with Charles to taste my cum, smiling as she opened her mouth to reveal a major gob, and then eagerly swallowing it.

We all lay back, only Devon among the men still sporting a major erection and Michele announcing softly that she was too stretched and too sensitive for any more vaginal intrusion. Charles said he was well finished for the night owing to my wife’s tightness and I had blown one of the major loads of the year into his mouth. “You have to feel sorry for Devon,” Michele said. “He helped everyone along so very well.”

“It’s OK,” Devon chimed in. “There’s always a helping hand, as they say.” But he seemed to smile most intensely direct at me. Then Charles made that whisper in my ear. I glanced once at Michele who smiled and nodded her head toward Devon’s still raging 10-inch hard-on, seeming to say, “It’s also OK.” I got the message. And as Devon smiled back and with a little urging from Charles, I slid across the mattresses to where Devon, his back against a raised mattress, guided my open mouth over the head of his large cock.

The oozing of his pre-cum was intense and lick and suck as best I could, I could only get a small portion of his massive package into my mouth, clearly not enough to bring him off quickly. Then he lifted my head from slurping on his hot member and told me in no uncertain terms. “I have to be inside you.” “But, but, I never…..” I implored only to have Michele help ease me onto my knees doggie-style as Devon and Charles, using the now cooling mixture of Charles and Michele’s cum and cunt juice from the mattress to lubricate my backside. Then she moved in front of me, softly remind me, “remember that old saying about the goose and the gander, honey? Just relax and enjoy it.”

Before I could even think that far ahead I felt Devon’s 10-inch tool gently nudging at my backside as he announced, “Charles will help get me in, just relax.” I felt my sphincter involuntarily squeeze tighter with that remark but the somewhat soothing intrusion of Charles’s finger, then his thumb, then finger and thumb helped relax me as my loving wife held me in a deep tongue lip lock to stifle any complaint. Then the head popped in. I jumped momentarily from the abrupt pain which slowly subsided as I felt Devon’s erection slowly but surely work its way into me, Micheleobserving “Now it’s your turn to be stretched, lover… enjoy!”

Stretch me he did. Over a period of minutes as I went down from my knees flat on my stomach I felt Devon’s cock worm its way deep into my innards, now pleasurably working with eagerness against my prostate and hardening my cock for the second time that evening. As I felt Devon’s urgency intensify and near that moment of cum, I myself felt about to blow a load. Without hesitation, he lie on his back and let me slide down his ever heating pole as Michele began deep kissing me and Charles once more covered my now fully erect cock with his mouth.

“Here it comes,” Devon announced and within seconds I felt the searing heat of his cum coating my insides; setting off my own explosion which Michele and Charles quickly devoured and swapped with each other before swallowing. I felt my ass tighten once more over Devon’s giant cock as it quickly lost its rigidity and he slid smoothly out of me. For Michele and me, it had been the most astounding sexual experience of our lives, for me an introduction to extremely hot male sex and for her an enlarging experience that haunts her to this day as we seek out very large — especially thick — cocks for her enjoyment.

As for me, there is always that delightful drink at the end.

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