Bath Time

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After a long day at the office, I head into the bathroom and draw myself a nice deep hot bath. I sprinkle in some Orange & Ylang Ylang “Bath Fizz” and breathe in deeply as the aromatics react with the hot water.

I have been feeling tense all day, combination of work stress and sexual tension – but you are not here to help me through it. I light a vanilla scented candle, turn out the lights and slowly undress. I enjoy the sensation of my clothes slipping off my body. The warmth in the bathroom is comforting. I step into the water and lower myself. Feeling the water touching my pussy, I sigh. I lower myself further under the water, feeling the warmth work away at the work day stress!

I relax and enjoy the water caressing my body. I grab my favourite ‘womans’ erotic magazine and head straight to the “Readers Stories”. As I read, I start to run my hands over my body, starting with my full DD breasts, teasing my nipples to stand erect. I lean forward and suck them. I can feel a faint stirring in my loins. I keep reading and rubbing my breasts, occasionally running my fingers through my pubic hair, massaging my lips. The erotic stories have started the juices flowing and I can stand it no more. My pussy needs attention. I throw the magazine on the floor and start to caress my breasts, pinching, licking and sucking. I close my eyes and imagine you here with me in the bath, you know how much I love water.

I trail my hands down to my pussy, and use one hand to spread my thick, luscious lips to get to my clit. I start circling gently. I position myself under the running water,the combination of my fingers and the water caressing my pussy drive me crazy, I so wish you were here with me. I work at my clit and occasionally finger fuck myself. I slide back to the end of the bath and lift my feet out of the water and rest them on the edge of the bath, raising my hips to the meet the thrust of my hands.

I work myself into a frenzy, feeling the orgasm building, but not wanting to come too quickly. I have that sensation that I am not alone, but quickly dismiss it as I know you are not due for another day or two. My hands delve into my warm soft, moist place, caressing, poking, circling, thrusting my hips higher and harder. I feel my orgasm building, but I have that feeling I am not alone again. This time I open my eyes, and can’t believe what I see. You are home early, standing in the doorway, watching me with lust in your eyes and a smile so wide. I hold my hands out to you, but you shake your head, “keep going”, you whisper, the words catching in your throat.

I lick my breasts, my eyes never leaving yours, then trace a line with my finger down to my clit. You edge forward, still fully clothed and sit on the edge of the bath. I grab your hand and replace it with mine, you straight away find my love button. I reach up to release the incredible bulge from your pants, but you push my hand away, “No, my love, this one is all yours!”

I gyrate my hips, meeting the movement of your hand, putting my feet back on the edge of the bath. I open my legs wider, so you can get better access. You start to rub harder on my clit, alternating between circles and pinching, then plunging your fingers deep in my hot hole. You get off the edge of the bath tub and kneel along side, lean over, and start licking my clit, while finger fucking me. My breath quickens and you feel the muscles inside me start to contract. You rub harder and faster.

My orgasm is at the point of no return. You rub and manipulate my clit with pure lust. Wave after wave of delicious orgasm rips through my body, water goes everywhere. I lay back in the bath, relaxing, enjoying, savouring the pleasure between my legs – you never fail to get me off. You sit back up on the bath, I lean up to kiss you passionately and pull you into the water on top of me. I feel your hard throbbing dick sticking into my thigh. I reach down into your pants and release you, massaging your balls… but that’s another story.


– The End –

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