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I first met Becky about 3 years ago.  I wanted her from the moment I clapped eyes on her.  She is absolutely gorgeous, and one of the nicest people I know.  We were, and still are in a couple of classes together in school, often sitting next to each other and chatting to pass the time.

This particular day, it was first period on a Monday morning.  I was sitting next to her in our Careers lesson, which is a regular snooze fest, and I noticed that she was really upset and she’d been crying.

“What’s wrong Becks?” I enquired softly

“My boyfriends just dumped me because he thinks I cheated on him”.

She wiped a tear from her eye, and reached in to her pocket for a tissue.  I was stunned. Not only did I not know she had a boyfriend, but she must have liked him a lot because she was so upset. A though crept into the back of my mind, but I suppressed it for the time being.

“Oh I’m so sorry Beck.  Here…”

I slipped my arm around her, and as it flopped over the other side it gently brushed against her firm breast.  She quivered, looked at me in a way I’ve never seen her do before, and then faced forward again.

“He’s not worth all this Becky, he’s an asshole”

My over active cock started to harden at the thought of what I’d just done, and just as I began to think it maybe getting a bit too large for decency, she glanced down at my crotch. Tryin to act as casual as possible I lifted my knees slightly up to my chest, pulled my sweater over my cock, and reached into my jeans pockets, to make it look like that was why I altered my positioning.

“Why do you think he’s an asshole John?”

“Well anyone who dumps you would have to be a complete asshole because you don’t deserve to be treated that way”

“Ah thanks”

She looked at me, lovingly smiled, and faced forward once again.  We went quiet at this point, as the teacher had finally noticed we weren’t paying the slightest bit of attention and asked me what he had just said to the class.

“Uh…I don’t know…sorry Mr. Young”

“GET OUT! Why bother coming to my lessons if you don’t bother to listen!?! Go to the Principals Office…NOW!”

I gathered my stuff, and as I got up to leave he realised Becky was really upset.

“What’s the matter Miss. Shepard? John will only be at the Principals Office…”

His humour was unwelcome and encouraged yet more tears to fall out of her beautiful blue eyes.  Without replying, Becky grabbed her jacket and walked out after me.

“Do you fancy skippin school today John, I’m not in the mood for pricks like him”

“Sure…where shall we go?”

I was half hoping she’d say…”The back seat of my car big boy”, but what she did say was just as good.

“My parents are away so I’ve gotta free house.  You can come over and we can hang out all day if you like”


I checked myself for my over-eagerness.

“I mean…that’ll be OK, I suppose.”

When we arrived at her house, we chucked all our stuff in the closet and made our way into the lounge.  I sat down on the couch and immediately flicked on the TV.  It was at least five minutes before I became aware that she hadn’t come down stairs yet.

“Becky, are you coming downstairs?”

I repeated myself, and then decided to go up to her room and find out what was taking so long.  I knocked on the door twice.

“Hang on a minute John, I’m just getting changed”

My dick started to harden at the thought of Becky being naked a few feet from where I was standing.  Temptation took over, and I knelt down to peak through the keyhole.  I crammed my eye up to it, only getting a view out of her window.  Suddenly…WHAM…she opened her bedroom door to find me kneeling down with my semi erect cock poking at my jeans.

“I..uh…uh..dropped something”

Quick as a flash I dropped onto my belly in an attempt to hide my over excited member.  Waiting a few seconds for my erection to subside, I got back up onto my feet and declared I couldn’t find it.

“Couldn’t find what?”

As I looked at her to reply, I was almost knocked off my feet when I realised what she was wearing.  She had on a tight, white, halter top which displayed her nipples delightfully, and dark red jeans that accentuated all her curves.  I stalled for a few more seconds to make up what I’d lost…

“Uh I dropped a coin, nevermind”

She looked at me strangely and walked past me to get to the stairs.  I moved back to allow her past, but not quite enough, so she had to brush her nipples against me chest. Up came my cock, and I could have sworn I heard her groan with pleasure.  I was planning on playing down my erection on the way down the stairs, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off that perfect ass in those tight jeans.  This resulted in me being on full power as we came into the sitting room.  I jumped into an armchair with high arm rests to conceal my throbbing penis.  She plopped herself down on the couch, and the patted the seat next to her and motioned for me to sit next to her.  This was make or break time.  She was definitly going to see the state I was in, and I couldn’t exactly tell her I didn’t want to sit next to her.  Maybe she wouldn’t notice it…My brain wanted her not to, but my ego did…

“John!!  Whats wrong with you!!”



I looked down at my feet like a little kid.

“Why are you so excited?  Where you masterbating outside my room earlier??”

“WWWhat?  No, No, No!! I wasn’t masterbating. Jeez. ”

“Oh. Well why have you got a hard on?”

“Uh..I’m sorry…I’m a bit over exciteable…and you’re so beautiful…I’m sorry…shall I go..?”

“ think I’m beautiful?” I smile had crept onto her face, and I breathed an unaudible a sigh of relief.

“Well..yeah…you…you’re stunning. Look at you…”

“Ah thanks John, I didn’t know you felt that way about me”

Its now or never I reasoned to myself.

“I have done for the last few years.  You’re beautiful. You’re my ideal girl Becky.”

She leant over and kissed me, our tongues intertwining.  We lingered there for about 5 minutes, and suddenly I realised she had her hand on my cock.  I was shocked and lapsed my tongue in her mouth.  She pulled away and looked confused.

“What’s the matter…don’t you want this?”

“Yeah, but do you?”

“Its all I’ve been thinking about since I saw you erect this morning”

“You…you saw me??”

Damn! I thought I’d got away with that one!


She smiled and gently unzipped my jeans, exposing the head of my cock through my boxers.  It shivered as the colder air hit it.  She giggled and slowly lowered her mouth onto the head.  It felt so good I let out a loud moan.

“Like that do you?”

I replied with a look of pure lust.  She unbuttoned my jeans, and in one movement ripped down all my clothing, leaving my fully erect pecker wobbling with expectation. The head of it glistened as she lowered her mouth to it again.  She started to bob her warm juicy mouth up and down my shaft, playin wit my balls with her hands at the same time.  I knew I couldn’t hold on for much longer and I could feel a tightening in my shaft, she must have sensed this and pulled away at just the right moment.  Spurt after spurt of boiling hot spunk flew out of my dick all over her face. She lapped it up, wiping it off her face and into her mouth.

“Now its your turn…”

She looked puzzled then grinned at me as she lay back on the couch.  I took off my sweater and t-shirt so I was totally naked infront of her.  I was on all fours, looking at her awaiting crotch.  I crept slowly toward her, positioning my groin over hers.  I reached out and slid my fingers underneath her halter top, and gradually pulled it gently over her head.  To my utter surprise and delight I discovered she had no bra on.  I discarded her halter top, and cast me eyes upon her perfect breasts.  I had waited 3 years to see these in the flesh, and I wasn’t gonna pass this oppurtunity by.  I reached out and caressed them, pinching her nipples lightly.  I looked deep into her eyes, and she willed me to go on.

I put my mouth to her pink areolas and sucked for all I was worth.  She started to squirm due to the attention and I knew she was ready.  I slowly made my way down her stomach kissing it all the way till I got to her jeans.  I reached out for the zipper and released a fantastic aroma into the atmosphere.  She smelt amazing, and I couldn’t wait to get tucked into her juicy cunt.  I undid the button and slid her jeans over her thighs, down her legs and off.  All that remained between me and the holy grail was a pair of white, thin, soaked panties.  I ripped them off with my teeth and put them up to her face to sniff her own juices.  Her body quivered, and I let myself take in my first glances at Becky Shepard’s pussy.  I nearly passed out I was so happy.  It was absolutely perfect, and the smell was intoxicating. Being the first actual pussy I had seen, not counting magazines, it made it even better.

I savoured the moment, and then eased my face inbetween her thighs.  I brushed my nose and cheeks against the inner most part of her thighs.  Her legs began to twitch and I could resist the temptation no longer.  I slowly edged my tongue closer and closer to her bulging clit, and flicked it over the tip.  She shuddered and shouted out…

“Don’t stop John!! Lick it baby!!!!!”

I lowered my head and stuck my tongue inbetween her pussy lips, licking up and down the opening to her steaming vagina.  She was soaking wet, and she tasted great.  I couldn’t get enough of her juices, it was all over her pussy and I took time out to lap it all up. My tongue dived back into her pussy hole, and got trapped by her contracting pussy as it came over and over again.  She writhed about on the bed screaming in pleasure.  I directed my tongue back to her clit and sucked and licked it till she came twice more. My face and her thighs and pussy were completely covered in her cum, and it smelt and tasted fantastic.  I raised my head from between her legs and smiled lovingly at her.

“That was unbelievable John”

I was absolutely rock hard by now, and she could see it.

“Are you ready Beck?”

“I’m on the pill don’t worry about any protection”

“I’ll take that as a yes then”

Chuckling quietly, I prepared myself to lose my virginity. I realised she must be experienced as she was on the pill. Apprehensively, I moved my body inlign with hers, angling my cock to hover over her burning pussy.

“What are you waiting for???”

At that encouragement I rammed my cock up her steaming cunt. About half way up I felt some resistance.

“’re a virgin?? Didn’t you have sex with Alex?”

“No, that’s why I was so upset earlier, he had a 7.5 inch cock and I never got the oppurtunity to ride it.”

“Oh, OK.  Well size doesn’t matter…does it??”

“Depends what you do with it John, I’m guessing yours is about 5 inches, am I right?”

Embarrassed I replied,

“Uh yeah”

“Carry on going John”

The feeling of her vagina around half of my cock was awesome, and I nearly came right there and then.  I lent forward and pushed with moderate force through her hymen, making her squeel slightly in the process.  I quickly put my thumb on her clit and started to rub it gently, and her squeels soon turned to groans of pleasure.  I looked deep into her eyes once again and kissed her passionately.  I drew back and started to fuck her, kissing her neck as I rode her.  We got a good rhythm going, and our bodies became one. I had to build up to this cum as she had just sucked me off. I was overcome by the smell of her sex, and it turned me on so much I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. She came virtually the same time as me, and we both groaned with pleasure in a sweaty tangle of bodies.

We woke up a couple of hours later with my spent cock still inside her.  I withdrew and cleaned myself up with a towel. She sat up and got dressed infront of me.  Our eyes met.

“Lets skip school every day…”

The End

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