Big Apple Excitement

My boyfriend Dustin went to college at The University of Auburn. While at Auburn, Dustin became good friends with Peter, who was from New York. Peter was getting married and invited Dustin to his wedding. Dustin asked me if I wanted to go with him and who could say no to a trip to New York City!

Other than the occasional weekend trip to a Florida beach, I haven’t traveled far from home, much less visit a big city with millions of people. I have never strayed too far, even going to a community college instead of one of the bigger State schools.

Dustin and I started dating right after college, and I had never met his friend Peter. I didn’t know a soul in New York but I didn’t care, I was excited about visiting the famed city I had heard so much about.

The conversation of marriage had come up a few times between Dustin and me, but nothing official was decided, no date set and certainly no ring had been placed on my finger. We had been going out for 3 years and were living together for the last year. Things were exciting and fun the first couple months but it seems like everything had cooled off and the passion was gone.

Dustin took care of all the arrangements for the trip. My job was to show up and be the cute girlfriend. The wedding was on Saturday and we were going to arrive in NYC on Friday morning and return Sunday night. I figured a couple hours at a wedding are a small price to pay for a couple days of fun in the big apple!

The thought of flying made me a little nervous. I had never flown before, but once we took off I was fine. Dustin let me have the window seat and the views were spectacular. Right before we landed I could see all of the buildings and how enormous the city was. I couldn’t wait to get out there and explore. Dustin seemed pretty excited as well, this was also his first trip to NYC and he hadn’t seen his friend Peter in a couple of years.

We took a taxi from the airport to our hotel. I had my face pressed to the window as we drove through the city trying to take it all in. We checked into our hotel room and unpacked. It was now 2 pm and we were both hungry. The airline food sucked, a tiny bag of peanuts certainly didn’t curb the appetite.

“Hey I noticed a pizza restaurant on the corner when we were in the taxi on the way to the hotel,” I mentioned to Dustin. “Sure, pizza sounds good to me,” he replied. I had always wanted to try New York Pizza.

As we walked over to the pizza restaurant I was amazed at how many people were on the street. There was several different races, ages, both men and women. I wondered how many lived there or how many were just visiting like us.

We thoroughly enjoyed the slices and the ambience of the little Italian pizzeria. “What do you want to do next?” Dustin asked. “Let’s walk around and go see Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building,” I said around a bite of pepperoni. Little did he know I had been spending a lot of time researching NYC the previous couple months and all of the places to go see.

A couple blocks away from the hotel we walked past a strip club. At first I wasn’t even sure what it was, with a little grin Dustin explained to me. Are they really naked? I wondered. There are no strip clubs anywhere near where I grew up. I’ve seen porn online of course, but have never seen another woman naked before in person, not even friends.

We walked taking in the sights and sounds. I kept thinking about the strip club we had strolled by. I was intrigued and wanted to go check it out but was unsure of what Dustin would think of me. “On the walk back, would you want to go in the strip club?” I asked. He gave me a confused look and paused for a moment, “If you want to, sure why not”.

We walked around for several hours and even going to Central Park, having dinner in a ritzy upscale restaurant. At dinner we shared a bottle of wine and by the time I left my inhibitions were starting to fade away. “So, are you still up for the strip club?” I asked. “Only if you buy me a lap dance,” he laughed. I could tell he was joking, but the image was branded in my mind. The thought of it made me start to feel flushed and excited.

When we walked through the door of the club it was dark, a lot darker then I imagined. There were women walking around in high heels and lingerie and the only naked women were on stage. We sat off to the side on a plush couch against the wall. A waitress teetered over on humongous stilettos to take our drink order. I dubiously watched her wobble away, waiting for a crash at any moment, to my amazement she shimmied around the crowd up to the bar.

“So what do you think?” Dustin asked. I just smiled. I was still taking it all in. I guess I didn’t know what to expect and to this point wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into. It wasn’t long before one of the girls who previously were on stage sauntered over to us. She had put some of her clothes back on but a lot of skin was still on display.

She sat down directly in front of us addressing me instead of Dustin. “Hi, I’m Alexis, would you like a dance?” Me?!? I thought, Why would she want to dance for me?

She was a very attractive woman, had generous implants I am sure she paid a lot for and a pert round ass. But I have never been attracted to women that way. In an attempt to deflect her proposition, I blurted without thought, “No thanks, but why don’t you give him one”.

I could see the shock on Dustin’s face. Apparently he didn’t think I was going to really get him a lap dance. Up until that moment neither did I. She stood up and in front of him and started dancing. I leaned back a little to give her some room.

For the first few minutes she danced above him before she crawled onto his lap straddling his waist. She leaned down towards him and letting her berry red nipples brush up against his lips. . .

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