Black Lovers – Swinging Has Never Been So Good

Three years ago my wife had her first experience
with a black man at a swinging party. That evening has
changed the entire nature of our sex life – and for the

Our swinging was getting to be somewhat routine and
we were both about to drop out. The one fantasy Brandy
had never realized was to make it with a really super-
hung black man. She had always preferred men with larger
than my six incher, and the idea of contrast in color was
something that had captured her imagination. As it turned
out, the experience far surpassed her expectations – and
mine, too.

I am 40 and Brandy is 33. We have been married
for eight years, first marriage for both of us. Brandy
is brunette, petite, and has big brown eyes and a
perfect figure. I am 6 foot, 160 lbs, pretty good-
looking, professionally employed, and the vice-president
of a small company. We began swinging four years ago,
first with couples, and then just with single men for
Brandy – mainly because my ability to achieve and
maintain an erection degraded as I got older.

That evening three years ago we were at a
private home with three other couples and one single
man, named Malcolm. Malcolm was black, very tall, a built,
and not bad-looking at all. He was a close friend and
swinging partner of our hosts, Mark and Molly. Mark had
told me that Molly had a particular preference for young
black men. Mark, like myself, is several years older
than his wife. Also like me, he had more or less
stopped participating in swinging himself, leaving that
to his wife. Molly had told Brandy about Malcolm and had
invited us so that we could see her favorite partner in

The two other couples soon went upstairs to one of
the bedrooms. We were left with Mark, Molly, and Malcolm.

“Brandy,” said Molly, “you are going to have the
biggest and hottest cock of your life tonight. But you
have to share it with me.”

I think Brandy and I both blushed, because the
three of them laughed. Malcolm looked at me and said,
“Tom, I like Brandy’s looks and hope you don’t mind me
enjoying her this evening.”

Before I could answer, Brandy said, “Of course he
doesn’t mind! Right Tom?” I nodded my consent, and
with that Malcolm started removing his clothes as Molly and
Brandy followed suit. Mark then took me aside said that
we go to the kitchen and make drinks for everyone, suggesting
that he had to tell me something in private.

“Tom, you’ve probably not going to believe this guy.
Molly is totally addicted to him. He has an open
invitation and often comes over and fucks Molly
during the day when I’m at work. At first I objected,
but it was useless. Now he whenever he comes over he spends
night in our bed and I have to sleep on the couch. Molly then
cut me off! There’s no denying him anymore. I’m sure Brandy
will love it and think she’s never had sex before by comparison.
I hope you can handle it if the same thing happens to you.”
I didn’t know what to say. I mumbled something about it
never being a problem in the past. We finished the drinks
and went back to the living room.

What I saw was a scene which was to repeat itself
many times in the next three years, although at the time
I didn’t know it. Brandy was on her knees in front of
Malcolm, who was sitting on the sofa next to Molly. In her
hands was the largest cock I had seen in person: about
ten inches long and very hard and fat – and black. The
head was glistening from what I assumed to be Brandy’s
licking and sucking. She began licking it from top to
bottom. I was hypnotized at the sight. Realizing I was
there, Brandy looked over her shoulder at me and said,
“Tom, look at this! I can’t believe it!” Then she
began licking and sucking again while Malcolm kissed Molly
and played with her breasts.

Ten minutes later we were in the bedroom and Malcolm
was poised above Brandy with the head of his rigid cock
at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly he began entering
her, pausing every inch or so to savor the feeling and
to watch Brandy’s reactions. Her eyes were wide open
and so was her mouth. “Do it!” she yelled. He did it,
pushing his monstrous cock all the way in her and then
beginning to fuck her with a practiced rhythm. Brandy
picked up his rhythm, locked her feet behind his
butt and pumped for all she was worth. It didn’t
take long for Brandy to have an enormous orgasm, at
which time Malcolm paused a moment before pounding away
furiously for another half hour. He finally froze and
came deep inside her, filing her with cum.

Brandy held on for dear life, saying, “Give it all
to me. No one has ever been that deep in me. Only you,
Malcolm. That part of me belongs only to YOU!” Then he
withdrew, got up from the bed, and told Molly that it was
her turn. The tree of them left the room. We were
alone, and I knew what was coming next.

“Come on, Tom. You know what I love.” I got on
the bed with my face between her legs, looking at the
gaping hole of her cunt with Malcolm’s cum oozing out. I
began licking her. I had become used to sucking Brandy
after her lovers finished making lover to her. But this
was a somewhat different experience. “Sharing” was what
she called it. “Don’t miss a drop,” she said. When I
finished, we kissed, enjoying our traditional sharing of
the juices.

Since that evening we have limited our swinging
exclusively to black men. We have learned that there
are many, many white couples who do the same. And quite
a few black studs who “specialize” in white married
women. White men don’t do it for Brandy anymore, including
me. Mark was right. And after watching her with some of
her lovers, I’m surprised that there aren’t more white
women seeking out black men.

We now belong to an informal network of white couples
whose wives have black lovers. There are about fifty couples
in it, but it’s growing every day as more and more people are
learning about how great it is. I’ve put adds in swing
magazines specifically for black men with large cocks to fuck
my wife. After I check that they are her type, i.e., have a
cock larger than 9 inches, I introduce them to my wife. At
least once a week Brandy will invite a black man over. I
know whenever this happens, because she calls me at work and
says, “Guess who’s coming to dinner.”

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