After a hard days work, Isobel decided to pop into a local pub for a quick drink. She was in no hurry to get home, as her live-in lover Dele was away on business as usual. “Large G & T,” she said to the young barman, “plenty of rocks.”

“How’s business?”

“Business is fine.” she said, “Home life is a bit boring though whilst hubby is away.”

“Ah, but think of all the money he’s earning, and I’m sure you can find something to occupy yourself with at home.” Isobel had not failed to notice the two men halfway down the bar, they looked like builders, she had deliberately mentioned about her hubby being away, just to give them a hint if they were vaguely interested in her. 

“Yes, Wayde, I can always find something to occupy myself with.” She sat down at a table, and crossed her legs in such a way that the inner thigh of one leg was clearly visible if you were in the right place. 

The builders, if that’s what they were, happened to be in the right place. Occasionally she would take a sip from her G&T, as she did so, she would glance across at the two men, admiring their ruggedness, their tattered jeans and their bottoms. God she loved firm tight buttocks. One of her many fantasies was to lick a mans bottom and play with his cock at the same time.

She shuddered and brought herself back to reality. However, she had been looking at the blokes for far too long and they had noticed her. She quickly glanced down at the evening paper that she was reading. Fantasizing about mens bottoms had started to make Isobel tingly between her legs. She decided to quickly finish her drink and go home to make use of her fingers. Just as she finished, another drink was placed on the table in front of her. 

“Here you are, Wayde the barman tells me that you like large G&Ts.” It was one of the men. He was about 30, with laser sharp blue eyes, mousy brown hair and clean shaven. She noticed that he had large hands. Due the state of her mind she momentarily visualized those hands mauling all over her body, their fingers touching, probing and feeling every part of her.

“Do you mind if me and my mate join you? We heard you saying that your old man was away, so we thought that you might need some company for the evening.” For the night more like it, Isobel thought to herself. The other man approached the table. “This is Tom and I’m Simon, so is it OK if we join you?”

“Yes, yes that’s fine, sit down.” Simon, the talkative one who had brought her the drink, sat alongside her and Tom sat opposite. For half an hour they made small talk, with Simon telling reasonably good jokes. Isobel was enjoying their company. And it turned out  that they were builders, working at a nearby house.

“So what do you do for a living?” asked Tom. She explained that she was a self-employed sales consultant.

“And what does your husband do?” asked Simon.

“Well he doesn’t do me a lot.” They laughed at the joke that Isobel intended.

“Oh, an unsatisfied wife,” quipped Simon.

“I’m not unsatisfied Simon, far from it, it’s just that a woman like me needs more than a husband who is away on business all the time can provide her with.” She knew it was a risky thing to say, and she hoped she knew where it would lead to.

“Come on Tom, it’s your round.” said Simon. Tom dutifully went to the bar. “So, how does a woman like you get satisfaction when your husband is away?” said Simon looking directly into Isobel’s eyes. Each of them knew where this was leading to, they were playing a game, going through preset motions. She put her hand over his hand and drew it onto her exposed inner thigh. Halfway between her knee and cunt.

“Something as simple as this can excite a woman like  me, how about you Simon, do you think you could handle a mature woman’s sexual appetite?”

“Yes,” he said with youthful confidence. He removed his hand as he saw Tom about to return from the bar. “Shall I get rid of Tom?”

“Certainly not! What makes you think that I want you more than him?” Isobel said in a teasing manner. Her earlier fantasy about licking a mans bottom now looked like having a chance of becoming reality. She could sense her cunt getting wet in anticipation of what these two blokes could do with her. She decided that under cover of the dark evening that she could sneak these two guys back without the neighbors noticing. 

“Come on, I think it’s time that we all went back to my place,” said Isobel. The two guys looked at each other knowingly. But unsure of exactly what Isobel would do with them. When they got back to Linda’s house, she sat them on the sofa and offered them some drinks. “What would you like to drink boys?”

“Beer please,” said Tom.

Simon replied, “A juicy woman please!”

Isobel went to the kitchen and returned with two beers. She gave one to Tom. She moved over to Simon and gave him his. At the same time she leant right over him, one hand on his shoulder and one on his crotch. She gave him a kiss on his lips, squeezed his crotch and said, “You’ll have to wait for the juicy woman, I’m just about to have a quick shower.”

“There’s more beer in the fridge if you need any.” Isobel left them watching TV as she went upstairs to have her shower. About 10 minutes later, she reappeared. The guys were totally stunned by her
appearance. She was wearing a white baby-doll nightie, which just about covered her bottom. She was beautiful, both guys admired her long legs and full bosom. Hardly able to contain their excitement and hardly able to contain their cocks.

“Is everything OK guys?” Isobel asked. She could see that both of them had cocks straining to get at her body. She was eager for one of them to plunge into her. She went over and sat in between them. She rested a hand on each of their crotches. 

“Hm, you both seem to have bulges in your pants, I wonder what could be causing them?” she said in a teenage girl sort of way. They both started to make a grab for her, but she stood up, “Hold on, let me switch the TV off.” 

She went to the TV and bent over to reach the switch. She kept her legs as straight as possible so that her nightie rode up and fully exposed her bum. Simon could take the torment no more. He tore his clothes off, his cock was rigid and ready to fuck. He held it and started to wank.

“Oh, so you like the sight of my bum, do you?” said Isobel in a domineering manner. “Would you like to see more?” 

By now, Tom had also stripped and was massaging his cock. She turned away from them, with her feet about a yard apart, she removed her nightie and threw it to one side. She then bent fully forwards. The two men were wanking furiously at the sight of this married woman performing for them. They could see her cunt lips, glistening and ready to be fucked. She put one hand between her legs and fingered herself so that the guys could see. 

Simon moved behind her and put his rod between her legs. The tip of his cock touched her cunt. She was soaking wet. He started to poke his manhood into her. But she was determined to tease and torment him just a little longer. She squirmed and pulled away. “Wait Simon, I want to kiss Tom’s bum. Lay down on your front Tom,” said Isobel.

Of course Tom obeyed. She got behind him and knelt between his knees. Using one hand, she manipulated his balls and rigid cock. She then started to gently kiss his buttocks, and run her tongue up and down his crack at the same time as she was pumping his hard cock. Meanwhile, Simon had knelt behind Isobel and guided his cock towards her cunt. He inserted just the head into her, and used his hand to move it in a circular motion. Isobel was moaning and screamed for Simon to push it into her. 

“Push it in! Fuck me hard Simon!” She began to rotate her arse and push backwards so that Simon could fully penetrate her. She rolled Tom over and squeezed his balls. “Will you cum in my mouth Tom?” Not waiting for an answer she started to suck on his cock and roughly massage his balls.

She was still being vigorously fucked by Simon from behind. She could already sense that Tom was about to cum. So she screamed at Simon to fuck harder and harder. She wanted them to both shoot their spunk into her at the same time. Simon fucked as hard as he could, his balls banging into her. He pushed and pushed, and knew that he could not last much longer. 

“I’m going to cum soon!” shouted Simon. 

Isobel was in heaven. She moved her mouth up and down on Tom’s cock, constantly squeezing his balls. His spunk shot into her mouth, she swallowed most of it, but some dribbled out the sides of her mouth, a sight which any man loves to see. She squeezed and sucked every last drop out of him.

“Shit!!” yelled Simon as he unloaded into her. The feeling was so intense that he felt he would pass out.

He kept going and pulled her arse towards him so he was deep inside her. He kept pumping as long as he could to give her maximum pleasure. Eventually he withdrew from her, completely exhausted and fell asleep on the floor.

“Thanks for spunking in my mouth Tom, you taste wonderful. Do you think that you can get hard and give me a straight fuck?” She fondled his half limp cock that quickly came back to life. She straddled him, held his cock vertically and impaled herself on it. She moved her hips in a circular motion, grinding her fanny into the base of his cock. She was extremely slippery with a mixture of her own juices and Simon’s spunk. 

She moved her body up, her cunt lips holding onto his cock. She moved down, up, down in a sensuous rhythm. Sometimes she would stop, just at the point where his cock would have come out if she had moved any more. She would pause there just for a brief moment, then bang, she would force herself down on to his prick. She could feel herself coming, so she speeded up the pace. She rested both of her hands on his chest. He moved in time with her. Grinding, pumping, gasping, fucking this wonderful woman. Her orgasm was near.

“More David, more. Oh yes, Yes that’s it, fucking hell, do it.” Her orgasm had started. Tom’s spunk exploded inside her and enhanced her orgasm. “Fuck,” murmured Isobel through her clenched teeth. Her eyes were tightly closed, relishing the feelings which were happening throughout her body. “Fuck, that was good Tom,” she kissed him on the lips, then snuggled in between the two men on the floor. 

Throughout the night they made love with Isobel, there was no sense of time. Isobel was sometimes asleep whilst being screwed. Tom loved fucking her from behind whilst she was asleep, he felt good that he could just please himself, spunking over her bum and then massaging it in between her cheeks. It was about 7 in the morning before any sense of normality returned.

“Quick!!” shouted Isobel. “My husband is due back before 8!” They said good-bye to her and Simon gave her his number.

“Don’t forget to call us if you need any building work.” Isobel quickly tidied the room, had a shower and got into bed. Ten minutes later Dele arrived home. He got undressed and quietly sneaked in beside his wife. He cuddled into her. “Have you slept well?” he asked.

“Yes darling, but I’ve been dreaming about being fucked all night, and I’m so glad you’re back to give it to me.” Dele was desperate to make love with his wife and had already planned how he was going to have her. He moved her so that she was laying across the width of the bed, her arse just at the edge and legs dangling onto the floor. He knelt on the floor between her legs and started to lick her cunt. 

“Wonderful, you always taste so good.” He sucked on her clit and probed her with his tongue, sometimes using his fingers to assist his tongue.

“Fuck me Dele, it’s been a long time.” Well, a long time since Dele had fucked her she thought to herself. He stood up and guided his cock to her juicy lips. She raised her legs in front of his shoulders. He fucked her hard and furious almost withdrawing his cock from her creamy hole and then slamming it into her. It was only a short time before he shot his load into her. 

They slept for an hour then got up for breakfast. “Dele, do you think it’s time that we had that conservatory built that we’ve been thinking about?”

“Yeah, that would be great,” said Dele. “Do you know and good builders?”

“Hmm, possibly,” replied Isobel.

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