Carol Sawyer

If I live to be a thousand, I will never forget that afternoon at Carol Sawyer’s house.  Carol Sawyer at 15 was short and stocky, by no means fat but curvier than most 15 year old girls.  She had long brown hair and perfect white teeth.  And, oh yeah, she was a slut.

Our crowd used to hang out at the back of an old mattress manufacturer that had long since gone out of business. We would sit on the abandoned loading dock, smoking cigarettes, talking baseball, or throwing stones at whatever intact window panes remained until the Police would come and chase us away.  It was on one of those lazy summer days that Kevin told us of Carol Sawyer. He said that she would “do anyone” if they brought some weed.  “I fucked her.” he said.

When you are 16 and a pimply-faced virgin, this is incredible news.  Shawn said that Kevin was full of shit and challenged him to prove his boast.  Kevin accepted the challenge but reminded us that we needed to come up with a bag of grass.  We quickly pooled our resources and came up with enough cash for a few joints. “Lets go.” Kevin said, and we all got on our bikes.  Turning to Kathleen, Kevin said “We’ll catch you later, okay?”

“No,” said Kathleen, “I want to see this too.”  Kathleen Jordan was the neighborhood tomboy.  So off we rode, first to the Burger King to score, and then to the Sawyer house, to, uh score.

The Sawyers lived in a modest bungalow on Granville Avenue, about 10 blocks from my house.  It was Carol that answered the door. “Hey Kevin, what’s up?” she said as she eyed our group.

“I’ve got something for you.  Can we come in?” Kevin replied, quickly flashing the 4 joints that we had bought. Carol unlocked the door, saying “Yeah sure, if you want.  Not for long though. My Mom will be home at 4.”  We all poured through the door and followed Carol to the rec room in the basement.  My eyes were glued to her ass as she led the way.  Once in the rec room, Kevin asked where her older sister Debra was.  We were told she was out.  The stash was produced and handed to Carol. “This is all for you then I guess.” Kevin told her, then leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.  Carol coyly drew away but did not relinquish her prize.

“Hey, don’t be like that, sweetie.  We all chipped in for this. I told the guys how much you like your smoke.” Kevin said, then drew her to his chest and kissed her again, this time on the lips.  Carol tentatively wrapped her arms around Kevin and returned his kiss.  That was the signal Kevin had hoped for.  He drove his tongue into Carols mouth and slid his hands down her back until he gripped her ass. Kevin proceeded to kiss her on her neck and shoulder, all the while kept a death grip on her ass cheeks.  Carol entwined Kevins shirt in her fingers.  I watch in amazement as Kevin slowly slid one hand around her hip and onto her crotch.  The other hand fought in vain to free her shirt from the waistband of her jeans.

Finally success!  Hand in hand, he led her to a mound of cushions on the floor.  Kevin popped the button of her jeans and drew down the zipper.   Carol held his hand still and quietly said, “Not here.”  She meant not in front of all these people.  Kevins response was to attempt to shield our view with his back. It failed. It was obvious to all what was going on as Kevin’s hand slid inside Carol’s open jeans. It wasn’t long before the jeans were pooled around Carol’s ankles and Kevin’s hand was plainly seen inside her white cotton panties.

Kevin lay on the cushions, pulling Carol down with him. Carol lay on her back with one knee bent, affording me a peek at her panty covered bottom.  Kevin lay along side Carol and resumed his kissing.  Easing her knees apart, Kevin placed his hand on her crotch again and gently rubbed her mound.

Carols palm lay flat against the obvious hardness of Kevin’s penis. “Lift up your ass.” he commanded. After stealing a quick glance in our direction, Carol obliged by peeling the white cotton panties off and stuffing them under a cushion.  With legs obscenely spread, Carol once again reclined on the pillows. Kevin slid a finger along the pouting lips of her pussy, then momentarily disappeared inside her.  Carol sighed with pleasure as Kevin pistoned his finger in and out of her cunt.

Carol worked on unfastening his pants.  The sound of Kevins zipper going down roared throughout the room then her hand disappeared into his briefs.  “Oh shit,” Kevin grunted as Carol grasped his throbbing member.  He sat upright and made a frenzied attack on his pants and underwear.  Carol also sat up to slip off her striped blouse and brassiere.  Naked from the waist down, Kevin got into a kneeling position, her legs on either side of him.   Carol lay back on the cushions, waiting in anticipation. The tension in the room was electric. Here was a pretty 15 year old teenage girl, naked except for her socks, on her back, waiting to be fucked.  And we all had front row seats.

I felt a nudge from behind and was surprised to see Kathleen leaning in for a better view.  She had her hand deep inside her pants and her tongue poked slightly through her lips.  Her t-shirt and bra were bunched around her armpits and Shawn was squeezing her apricot sized tits.

No one blinked as Kevin placed his cock against Carol’s slit, then he pushed forward.  His cock disappeared into her body. Again and again Kevin lunged into Carol’s crotch.  The room was silent except for the sound of Kevins faint grunts every time his cock slammed into her. Carol made no sound.  Her gaze never left our group, as if searching for some sign of approval.  She made tiny upward thrusts to meet Kevins downward pile driver assaults.

Gripping her hips tightly, Kevin strained against her, then sagged.  He pulled his cock out and flopped onto his back.  Carol lay with her legs still spread, eyes closed, her cunt damp from the activity.  Charlie, the big kid from 3 doors down took his place between her legs.  He was naked.  Placing his cock at her slit, he pushed into her in one stroke. Carol did not open her eyes.  She had no idea who was fucking her.  She didn’t care.

Charlie’s cock was bigger than Kevins and Carols tits shook with the force of Charlies frantic effort.  His size and energy were no match however, for the inexperience of a young boy and Charlie emptied his load into Carols waiting pussy within moments.

Shawn stood naked, stroking his erection.  He poked Charlie on the back, saying “Move over, man. I want some.” Charlie obliged with a grunt.  Shawn lay on top of Carol and palmed her breast. For the first time, Carol showed interest in this bawdy exhibition.  She stroked Shawns hair and gently held him as he pinched her protruding nipple.  He sucked her nipple into his mouth, lapping around the sensitive area with his tongue.  Just as Carol moaned with pleasure, Shawn withdrew from her breast. Lifting her thighs with ease, Shawn struggled to find the mark It was Carol who placed the tip where it was meant to go.  Shawn drove his cock deep into her cunt.  Harder and harder, like a punch in the belly, Shawn slammed into Carol with all the force he could muster.

Kathleen gingerly knelt beside the couple and tentatively touched Carol’s enflamed nipple.  Carol grimaced in discomfort while Shawn worked his cock deep into her snatch.  As Carol turned towards us, Kathleen slowly knelt forward and kissed Carol deeply, her tongue sliding along Carols lips, parting them, probing Carols mouth with her tongue.

Kathleen slowly traced the length of Carols body from breast to bush.  With practiced expertise, she slowly massaged Carols clitoris.  Shawns cock brushed her fingertips and the contact succeeded in slowing his action.  “Holy shit, man,” Shawn gasped. “She’s a fucking dyke!”  It all seemed to make sense now. Kathleen, just one of the guys, was a lesbian.

Georgie Armstrong slid his hand between Kathleens thighs and cupped her crotch through her cut-off jeans.  This was met with a bitter “Fuck off.” from  Kathleen, enraged at this intrusion. Red faced, nostrils flared and nipples hard in obvious arousal, Kathleen glared at the embarrassed boy.  There was no love lost between these two.  Georgie was often the butt of Kathleens sarcasm. At that moment, Shawn pulled his prick from Carol’s pussy and spewed his come onto her tummy.  Kathleen looked on in awe as spurt after spurt of the creamy substance splashed onto her skin.

I’d seen enough.  Quickly shedding my clothes, I stroked my penis and waited for Shawn to move.  Kathleen watched in amazement as I positioned myself between Carols thighs.  “Can I?” Kathleen asked.  Without waiting for an answer, she boldly held my shaft before placing it against the now well lubricated orifice.  It was the most wonderful feeling as my penis slid into a womans vagina for the very first time.  I wanted to explore every part of her but it was difficult with Kathleen poised as she was.  So I did the next best thing.  Leaning over, I took Kathleens breast in my hand.  She accepted this without complaint.  Placing her hand on on mine, Kathleen showed me what she wanted.  Her nipple poked against my palm. Pushing rather than squeezing. Like my friends before me, I barely made the three minute mark before I felt as though the top of my head was about to pop off.  Carol lay motionless beneath me, my cock still deep in her belly.

After my first fuck all that remained was for Georgie to have his go but suddenly Carol sat up and announced she had to go to the bathroom.  And she did, leaving a sullen Georgie to stroke his cock and hope for the best.  When Carol returned, she was dressed in white tennis shorts, a blue halter and a look that said no more.  A rather animated conversation ensued with poor Georgie Armstrong leading the discussion.  Carol pointed out that she had already fucked 4 guys in the past 30 minutes and she was sore “down there.”  It was Charlie who offered “Why don’t you let him fuck you in the ass?”

More animated discussion ensued. It transpired that 4 cocks spewing their loads into her cunt was one thing but her invading backside was quite another story.  So it came as a shock during the debate when we suddenly heard Kathleen quietly say, “I want to try it.” Silence as we all waited for the other shoe to drop. It did.  “But I want Mark to be the first.”

Once again Georgie looked crestfallen until Kathleen added, “If I like it I will let you fuck me too.”  I couldn’t believe this was happening but I wasn’t about to argue about it.  I watched in awe as Kathleen stepped out of her tattered shorts and quickly skimmed off her panties.  With a deep breath, she lay on the cushions and spread her legs for me.  My cock was like stone. Laying on top of her, I felt her reach around and hug me tightly to her body, as if shielding herself from the stares of the others.  “Are you sure about this Kath?” I whispered in her ear. She said nothing but an imperceptible nod told me there was no turning back.  To be honest, I wouldn’t have stopped now no matter what she said.  I wanted to be inside her and I was going to do it.

I aimed my prick at the spot and shoved.  Nothing. “Here, you asshole”, Carol admonished as she reached between us and grasped my cock, then positioned it at the entrance of Kathleens virgin lips. Once again I shove with no result.  What the fuck was wrong now I wondered? Anxiety started to creep in.

“She’s too dry.” Carol matter of factly pointed out. “Wait a minute.”  Once again I felt Carol reaching in, this time she deftly massaged Kathleen, rubbing her clitoris and gently saying, “Isn’t this better?  Just wait, you’re going to love it.”  Like magic, Kathleen began to respond, partly I’m sure because it was another girl ministering to her needs.  Carol bent over to kiss her while slowly sliding her finger against Kathleens clit. Taking my cock in her hand once again, Carol slid the tip along Kathleens slit.  I could feel the wetness.

“Okay, now,” Carol cooed, “but be gentle.”  Easing my hips forward, with Carol still guiding me, I was able to slide an inch into Kathleen before I heard a gasp.  Slowly pulling out, I paused, then eased back into her another inch.  I heard her breath catch in her throat and she gasped “Oh God.”  Gripping my shoulder she squeezed out “okay” and I pushed harder.

“Huph hupph…fuck…fuck me…huh” she grunted as our pubic bones met  This was way better than the first time. Slowly and cautiously I pushed my 6 inches into Kathleen again and again. Looking at her I could see her eyes were closed and there were tears. God only knows what she was imagining. Reaching under her, I cupped her ass cheeks, gently lifting her to meet my thrusts. “Don’t come inside me.” I heard her whisper.  It was time. Pulling out with a plop, I started to shoot my load.  Once again Carol grabbed onto my prick and held it against Kaths belly. Completely spent, I silently leaned over to kiss Kathleen.

She was still breathing hard as Georgie scrambled into position. Forcing her legs wider apart, he buried his hard cock to the hilt in one thrust.  Time and again Georgie lunged  mercilessly into Kathleen. There was cruelty in his actions.  Months of putdowns and biting remarks poured out as Georgie took his revenge on the defenseless Kathleen.  She cried out in pain as he twisted her nipple.

“Oh yeah, the bitch loves it…” he sneered.

She sobbed in silence as Georgie held her tight, his cock deep inside her, his come soaking her womb.  I wondered if the tears on her face were from Georgies’ frantic assault on her crotch or the thought of her most private moment being sullied by this indecency.

On the other side of the room, Carol had gotten her second wind. She lay on the floor, impaled by Kevins cock, her tennis shorts dangling from a floor lamp.

Many times that summer we would pool our cash and visit Carol.  I even took her to a movie one night where she took me in her mouth not long after the opening credits. Kathleen never went back with us.  She slowly dropped out of our circle of friends, finally moving away to another city with her family.  I’ll never know what she felt in that moment when she gasped as my cock broke through her hymen.  I’ve often wondered.  Did she give her virginity to me….or to Carol?

The End

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