College Domination

Janet not only had the unfortunate luck to be roommate with a white rich girl named Chelsie but unfortunately her mother was a part time instructor at the college. Why she just couldn’t live with her mother was beyond her. The twit was always trying to keep the room in perfect order, fusing at her for throwing her stuff down or putting posters on the wall. She was a goody-two-shoe who was totally against everything she known her life. 

As for herself, if she didn’t get a scholarship for being black there was no way she could ever attend this college. Her parents had to work for a living and it took everything they made to feed the family. Today, she had just taken some pictures at the local park and was very tired. She hoped the girl was gone so she could lie down and sleep. Their room was at the end of the hall and almost everyone was at the ballgame. Hopefully she was too.

She found the door slightly open and quietly opened it up. Chelsie was lying on her stomach naked on her bed. She had her toothbrush long plastic tube up her ass and was stroking her pussy underneath looking at a magazine. She couldn’t resist the urge and since her camera was still mostly empty took a few photos from the doorway before getting closer. 

Chelsie had her eyes closed she noticed and the magazine was still open. She noticed it contained pictures of black women spanking white women and smiled. Taking a few more pictures till her camera emptied, she approached her and reaching behind without her noticing grab the holder and push it deeper in her ass.

“Owwwwwww!” Cheslie woke up as if in a dream from the onslaught of her asshole. 

“What the?”

She didn’t get to finish her words as Janet had jumped on her back pinning her hand underneath her still on her pussy and the other hand to the side underneath her thigh.

“So you like to see white girls getting their butts spanked by black girls like me, huh?” She told her.

“No, Janet,” Trish yelled out. “I just found the magazine. Get off.”

Janet pushed the holder deeper in her asshole as she yelped from the pain.

“Wrong answer, sugar.” She told her. “I bet you been watching me shower and change with your pussy twitching at the thought. You’re a dyke bitch aren’t you?”

“No, I’ve never done it with a girl. I promise!” Chelsie was crying out. “Get off or I tell mother and get you throw out of school.”

“I don’t think so,” said Janet. Reaching back she started pushing the holder in and out her asshole. “I took pictures at the door of your little orgy on the bed. I think your mammy would really enjoy seeing them don’t you think?”

“Please, don’t show them to her.” Chelsie begged. “I’ll do your homework or anything else. Honest. I’ll carry your books.”

“Again, wrong answer. Tell me again,” said Janet, stroking her asshole with the holder, “you have been looking at me change and shower and getting your pussy all wet.”

“Yes. I mean no. Ah… Don’t shove so hard! Okay! Yes I was looking. I was just curious. That’s all, I promise.” Chelsie begged.

“You been thinking about licking my ass, haven’t you?” Janet continued savoring the moment.

“Yes, please it hurts back there. I was just horny and I didn’t try anything.” Chelsie continued to squirm.

“I think I’m going to make you my little white slut? You can lick my feet and ass and service me with your fat mouth whenever I want. You’d like that wouldn’t you slut?” She announced shoving the holder deeper in and out.

“Yes, yes. Anything you want Janet.” Chelsie continued to beg her. “No more please. I’ll be your slut. My ass hurts. Please stop.”

“Please stop mistress, to you slut.” Janet laughed. “Say it.”

“Please stop mistress,” Chelsie wept.

Janet got up in triumph. She had the girl now and could do whatever she wanted to her. She had pictures she could use anytime she wanted. She walked back to the door and closed it. Turning around she saw Chelsie still laying on the bed and trying to reach behind to pull the holder from her ass.

“Did I say you could take your cock out of your ass,” she yelled.

“No mistress,” Chelsie replied, removing her hand immediately. “Please don’t yell. Someone will hear.”

“I’ll yell if I want. Now get your butt off that bed now. Get on your hands and knees slut.” Janet yelled out loud. Chelsie slowly got off the bed and got on her hands and knees beside it. Janet walked up from behind and sat down on the bed. She kicked off her shoes and with her foot pushed Cheslie’s head to the floor. 

“Lick my feet slut, while I see how to treat a slut like you.” She said. She picked up the magazine and started looking at the photos. There were white girls getting their asses spanked by black women and licking the black women pussies and asses. Plenty of foot worship she noticed as she herself was getting her toes sucked on by Chelsie below.

“Does my feet taste good slut?” She asked.

“Yes mistress,” replied Chelsie not looking up but continuing her worship.Her ass was wiggling in back Janet noticed, and knew she must be soaking wet in her cunt. Janet herself was getting turned on by the photos and her own pussy was damp.

“Where is the rest of your magazines slut?” She asked again. “Bring them to me now.”

Chelsie got up and went to her drawer and uncovered her clothes to retrieve the rest. There must have been 10 magazines in her hand when she returned. Janet had removed all her clothing except for her panties and lay on her back on Chelsie’s bed.

Taking the magazines and laying them to her side, she looked up at Chelsie. “Lick my pussy while I read slut and I better not catch you playing with your cunt.”

Chelsie got on the end of the bed on her belly between Brandy thighs and started licking her pussy through the damp panties. Janet was getting more and more turned on with the photos and found several stories, which was to her liking. Her pussy was flowing from Chelsie’s licking as she looked up and told her to remove her panties and continue licking. She tried her best to keep from cumming but the tongue was driving her wild as she exploded on Chelsie’s face.

“Not bad slut,” she said, looking down at Chelsie’s face in her bush. “Now it’s time to do the other half.” Laughing she rolled over on her stomach and picked up a new magazine.

Chelsie hesitated.

“Do you want to show mammy your photos slut?” Janet yelled back.She felt Chelsie’s tongue working on her buttocks as she focused back on her reading. “We’ll be here all day if you don’t get your tongue in my asshole,” she called back reading the next story. She felt her tongue start working between her cheeks and then rimming around her asshole. 

After a short bit, the tongue was snaking its way in and out her asshole as she was getting close to cumming again. She told her to quit and lick her pussy from behind as she finished a couple of more stories before she came again.

She put the magazines aside and sitting up looked down at Chelsie’s face. She was pushing her thighs together in back and she knew she needed to come.

“Does my slut want to come?” She asked.

“Yes mistress,” said Chelsie. “Please let this slut come.”

“Stand up slut!”Chelsie got up.

“Put my panties in your mouth,” Janet said, getting up. She got her camera and loaded another roll of film smiling at Chelsie’s horror look as she stood in the middle of the room with Janet’s panties in her mouth.

“Play with your pussy and be sure to fuck your ass with that holder back there.” She told her.

Chelsie had tears in her eyes but she needed to come badly. She reached back and grabbed the holder working it in and out her butt while she fingered her pussy. Stroking it up and down in a hurry. Janet was walking all around taking photos from various angles to be sure she got everything she needed. It was so exciting to watch her cum with her panties in her mouth. She was moving forward and backwards while pushing the holder in and out her upturned butt. 

She knew she now owned this slut but she had more plans in her mind. She let her remove the holder and panties and prepared her bath, which she had to wash her all over, and then tongue bath her. After her bath, she put her over her lap and gave her an ass spanking to ensure her position as slave. She left to get the photos developed leaving her cleaning the room. 

By the time she returned, it was late, so she decided to lock up the film and told her to sleep on the floor by her bed naked. She couldn’t play with herself unless she gave her permission. She slept like a baby that night knowing Chelsie was rolling over and over beside the bed on the floor. If she asked for permission, she doubt if she would have heard it.

The next morning she woke up to find Chelsie still asleep on the floor.

“Get up slut. Time to go to school.” She told her. She slapped her ass with her hand as Chelsie jumped up in pain looking at the clock. “Get dressed and you better come straight here after school today. Is that understood?”

“Yes mistress,” said Chelsie, searching fast for clothes to put on.

“No panties, slut.” Janet said glancing at her surprised face.

Chelsie put the panties back down and put on a pair of pants and a blouse. Putting her shoes, she stood before her mistress with downcast eyes and asked for permission to go to school, which Janet approved. When she was gone, Janet lay back on the bed and formulated her plan for the day. She wasn’t going to go in today. No, she had big plans that didn’t include studying. 

Picking up the phone, she dialed Chelsie’s mother, and told her Chelsie had gotten in trouble and she needed to come their room and she would show her. Chelsie’s mother, Lynn, was very thankful and said she would come over immediately.

Janet lay back on her bed and stroked her pussy. This was going to be a great day. She just knew her luck had changed. Getting dressed she ran to pick up the photos and then came back and waited for her visitor.About an hour later, she heard the knock on the door and had everything in order as she answered it. Lynn, one of her college instructors and a real bitch to Janet, stood there.

“I came as fast as I could. What did Chelsie do now?” Lynn asked.

Janet led her over to Chelsie’s bed and told her to sit down while she showed her. She opened her locker and threw the photos on Lynn’s lap.

“Your daughter is a slut. She wants to be a slave to a black woman,” Janet smiled.

Lynn was still looking at the photos when Janet threw the magazines on the bed beside her. She was reading these when I caught her. “Isn’t she so pretty all naked and playing with herself? I guess a lot of people on campus would love to see these.”

Lynn hadn’t said anything but continued to look at the pictures and photos. Not only was her own daughter career in jeopardy but her own was also. Not to count her husband who would kill her if he found out. He was an important businessman whos career depended on being respectable.

“How much do you want to keep silent,” she said quietly looking up at Janet.

“How about straight A’s in the two classes all year that you have me in and of course I would enjoy having you as my slut and slave too.” Janet smiled.

“What?” Lynn got up from the bed. “Young girl, I’ll have your thrown out of school for this!”

She started towards the door with the photos still in her hand.

“By the way,” Janet said. “I had plenty of copies made. I even had some put in an envelope to mail to the Dean already. I heard he has a hard on for young girls.”

Lynn froze at the door, realizing her situation. Standing there, she turned around and faced Janet. “What will I have to do?”

“As I said,” Janet repeated. “Straight A’s and one day each week you will be my slut and do anything I tell you. Of course there will be special occasions that I may want to use also.”

“You’re sick,” Lynn said, looking at her with scorn in her eyes. “Do you really think you can get away with this?”

“I already have. Leave if you want or strip now,” Janet laughed.

Carol didn’t say anything, as she knew the girl had her at all angles. She had made love to a woman before but never tried anything as kinky as this. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad and she’d get tired of the game soon. She slowly started unbuttoning her blouse letting it fall to the floor. Removing her skirt and then bra and finally her shoes and panties. She was totally naked in front of the young black girl revealing all her assets.

“Get on your hands and knees and crawl to me slut. Kiss my feet and beg to be my whore.” Janet yelled at her.

Lynn was stunned by her change in voice but got down on her hands and knees and crawled forth. She started kissing her bare feet.

“Please let me be your whore,” she begged.

“Now lick them whore.” Janet said with her pussy dripping looking down.

Lynn started lapping her feet tops as Janet smiled down.”Between the toes. I want to feel your tongue between them.” She teased.

Lynn started working her tongue between her each of her toes. Somehow she found herself getting excited being dominated by this young ebony girl. Her cunt was started to get wet as she started to get more and more into it wiggling her ass behind. Janet was quick to notice and raised her dress up over her head and off revealing her nude body towering over her ex-teacher. She started stoking her pussy lips and demanded Lynn look up.

“Does my whore want to lick my pussy?” She asked. “Tell your mistress you want to lick her pussy.”

“Please mistress,” said Lynn looking up. “Please let this whore lick you pussy.”

“You haven’t earned the right yet whore. Crawl and put your head under your daughter’s bed. Hurry up.” Janet laughed.Lynn crawled quickly and pushed her head under the bed with her butt sticking up in back. She was scared of what may happen but her own pussy was wet and she was beginning to enjoy the thought of licking her pussy. Meanwhile, Janet had gotten the camera and taken a few pictures in back where she couldn’t see her.

“Time to spank your ass slut for treating me bad in the past.” She announced to the woman.

She grabbed a belt from her drawer and stood behind Lynn’s large ass. “Count them and thank me whore.” She raised the belt and hit her across both cheeks.

“Oh! One. Thank you mistress. Oh! Two. Thank you mistress.” She continued to count as Janet was swinging the belt all over her buttocks. Tears were forming in her eyes and she started begging by the fifteenth for mercy. By twenty she was crying as Janet stopped.

She took several more photos with the cam and then came back with the toothbrush holder Chelsie had used the night before.”Shove this up your ass whore and fuck yourself with it.” She told the teach.

Lynn reached back and took the holder and started working it in and out her ass while Janet was taken more photos in back. She had the slut and her daughter now. The scar above her right foot would give her away for good. Hiding the camera, she felt it was her time to relax and enjoy.

She picked one of the magazines up and sat on the bed.”Come here whore and leave that tube up your ass.” She told her.

Lynn crawled out teary face thinking now she would lick her pussy. Her wetness was almost gone from the beating, but it was starting to come back as she crawled and saw her target just feet away. Janet held the magazine open in front of her.

“What is this whore doing,” she asked.

“She’s licking her mistress ass,” replied Lynn softly.

“You’re my whore. I think you should lick my ass. Do you want to lick my ass whore?” She asked her.

Carol dejected replied, “Yes mistress whore wants to lick your ass. Please let whore lick your ass.”

“On your back whore. I think your ugly face is going to make me a good seat.” Janet told her.Carol got flat on the floor tilting her ass to the side slightly from the holder in back and awaited her

Janet took her time standing over her head as she slowly lowered her ass down wiggling it sideways so the teacher could have a good view of what was going to be sitting on her. Finally she felt her nose and started working her ass cheeks so it was in the middle and then laid down fully smothering Lynn underneath.

“Ugghhh.” Lynn moaned. “I can’t breath. Please mistress, I can’t breathe.”

“Start licking and I let you breathe every once in a while or you can just breathe my fart.” Janet laughed.

Lynn’s tongue started working her asshole in a hurry as Janet would raise slightly hearing her trying to regain her breath and then sat back down as the tongue started in again. She was really enjoying the total control she had now and pretty soon both Lynn and Chelsie was going to be her full time slaves. She kept it up till she was satisfied Lynn was under control and then pushed her ass back so that her pussy was over her mouth.

“Get busy whore, I want to cum on your face.” She yelled.

Lynn tongue was working her clit like a pro as she rocked on her face. When she felt it was close to cumming, she moved so that her tongue was working in her pussy hole. Lynn was doing a good job as she came with her tongue lapping still lapping all her juices underneath.

It was close to time for Chelsie to return. She threw several magazines on the floor in front of Lynn. “Get on your elbows and knees whore she said. Read me the stories while I play with my clit.”

Lynn started reading with her ass pointed in the air facing the door.  Janet knew it was time for Chelsie to return and knew she wouldn’t be late. She started stroking her pussy just thinking about the slut walking in and seeing her mother ass stuffed reading her dirty books. Ideas were flowing in her mind as the door opened.

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