I didn’t need to see the look on her face to know her expression. I was busy in her bedroom when she walked in the front door. The drop of her gym bag on the foyer’s hardwood floor confirmed my hunch. Amber was unnerved by my presence.

I never came over unannounced. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the anticipation created by calling her beforehand. I usually instructed her to be ready and waiting. However, this was a special occasion.

Amber had crossed me two days ago. In an unpleasant telephone conversation, she lost her composure and spoke to me in a way that I never expected. Until then, she’d never cursed in front of me.

I guess she felt adventurous. I reacted quickly and quietly. An instant after the word “asshole” passed her lips, I hung up. Although I was angry, I smiled trying to picture her face reacting to the click and dial tone that replaced her rage with reality.

What had she been thinking about these last two days, while I ignored her phone calls and lengthy apologies left on my answering machine? God, I loved this game. Tonight, in our own little world, we would define some important terms… respect, penance and frustration. By the time we were done, Amber would have a deep appreciation for all three.

“Hello, Amber,” I said, as she turned the corner into her bedroom.

“Josh… I didn’t expect you… I…” she stammered.

“I know, darling. Please remove your clothes and sit down in the chair. We have work to do.”

“Work? What type of work?”

“Amber, don’t bother yourself with details. Take off your clothes and sit down. I don’t want to discuss this right now.”

I worked quickly. I was anxious to see how she’d react to my new device. It was ingenious. It really was. It fit Amber’s peculiar sexual needs precisely. She loved her vibrator and would dance like a cat when I pressed the humming toy to her clit, but when I buried it deep inside of her she went wild. When I held it against the back of her pussy, she often climaxed violently. That’s what gave me the idea for The Standing Vibrator.

It started simply as your typical hand-held massager. I’d cut off the head and created my own, which looked like a standard adult toy vibrator. I would have used a store bought model, but it was important that I be able to plug it into an outlet, which is unusual for sex toys.

I mounted the contraption on a low height microphone stand, which was perfect because I could adjust the height from two to four feet. The end result was a heavy duty, AC/DC vibrator on a stand, but the creative part was in the guts of the vibrator. (I’ll save that detail for later.)

I tied Amber standing on the balls of her feet with her wrists and ankles wrapped in black leather cuffs. Her arm and legs were spread and tied to four eyebolts, two in the ceiling and two in the floor.

“Josh, how long is this going to take? I have plans tonight,” she chattered.

“You’re plans are with me, Amber. I’ve canceled your other engagements. Knowing you…you won’t have any trouble lubricating yourself for this,” I commented, as I dipped two fingers into her pussy before I slid the dildo inside. “Amber, you’re going to have to really drop down on this thing if you want it to do its magic.”

“Josh, that’s not fair! You know I can’t with my arms tied like this. I can’t lower myself at all.”

“I know, my pet…patience…you’ll need a lot of patience tonight. First, I want to attach the nipple clamps.” From a hook straight above Amber’s head, I strung the clamps to her nipples and pulled them tightly to the ceiling.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” she moaned.

“You see, Amber. I’m going to untie your arms, so you’ll be able to press down onto the vibrator.”

I could see the fear in her eyes, “But Josh… my nipples…”

“I know, but we all have to make sacrifices. No one says you have to cum. In fact, orgasm will be more difficult than ever, tonight,” I said, as I released her wrists from the ceiling bolts and locked them together behind her back.

“You see this vibrator is special. It senses things, so to speak. I’ve built in a leveling device… you know… the kind they put into space heaters so they don’t set the house on fire if they tip over. If the vibrator moves from its place, even a fraction of an inch, it will shut off until it’s level again. So, I don’t recommend moving too much if you want to keep it humming.”

“Josh, that’s impossible and you know it!”

“Amber, I’m tired of your complaining. I knew I’d have to gag you for this experiment.” I stuffed a ball gag into her mouth and locked the strap tightly behind her head. “Shall we begin?” I moved to my chair directly in front of her, a mere three feet away, and flicked on the vibrator. The sight was amazing… beautiful Amber with legs spread wide and the unmovable vibrator stuffed between her legs, prying apart her pussy lips.

She stood almost teetering on the balls of her feet, with her arms clasped snugly behind her back. Her nipples were in tight knots and looked distressed, as the clamps gripped them and the thin chain connected them to the ceiling. Her eyes pleaded, but the rest of her face was contorted by the shiny red ball sticking halfway out of her mouth. She was beautiful.

The vibrator worked its magic. I crossed behind her and ran my hands along her shoulders and ribcage, then down her quivering stomach. I kissed her lightly on the back of the neck, just as she began to shake. I could tell she was thinking about cumming because she lowered herself onto the vibrator.

Perhaps, she did it unconsciously. Perhaps, she weighed the pleasure between her legs against the pain in her nipples. I wasn’t sure. The first few times, pain won, and she lifted herself back to her toes, but the seduction of desire eventually took over, and she drove her cunt deeply onto the vibrator.

I was anxious to see how well my contraption worked. As Amber approached orgasm for the first time that evening, her hips begin to rock back and forth…Bingo! The vibrator shut off completely. It wouldn’t start up again for 30 seconds. I relished the look in her eyes. Let’s call it a cross between anger and fear. Tonight would be a long ordeal.

I kissed her cheek in a playful show of sympathy, that I didn’t really feel, and strode to my gym bag to retrieve my cat-o-nine tails.

“That was your easiest chance to keep that thing still and orgasm, Amber,” I mocked. “Let’s see how still you hold with the cat burning your ass and thighs.”

She groaned into the gag, and I commenced a slow buildup of heat and reddened flesh with my whip. Amber wavered between determined stillness and wild dancing under the thin leather strands. When I was satisfied with the color of her behind, I moved to her front and rained strokes on her stomach. Then, I whipped her back…then her calves…and then her ass again.

I tired of whipping her, as the room darkened. I knew she couldn’t last much longer, tied as she was. I slumped in my chair, directly in front of her, and asked her to cum for me. With steadfast determination she pressed downward and shattered into a blissful climax for the first time that evening. She ground her hips onto the vibrator, even though the mechanism shut it off.

She sagged onto the glistening contraption, and I carefully lifted her, untied her and carried her to bed. The night was still young.

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