Crazy Pervted And Wild

“Do you want to fuck me?” she whispered to this man.
“You want to stick that hard cock in my wet pussy, and
then cum in me don’t you?”

He shook his head. He wanted to sample this lady. She
had teased him for several hours, with the slow
dancing, the drinks, and the low whispers in his ear.
Rubbing her crotch to his, with the rhythm of the
music. She wanted it as bad as he. Placing her hand in
his, she walked him to the door.

Outside the door, she walked to her Blazer, opened the
door, to the back seat, and pulled this strange man to
her waiting arms. She found his zipper, and with a
swift motion, released his hard cock. The pre-cum
glistened in the moon-light, from the top of his cock
head. Her fingers, entwined around his shaft, from the
base she began the stroke of a woman who had done this

The stranger, traced his hands, from the knee, to the
mid-thigh, and then disappeared under her mini-skirt.
The look of surprise, he had found her little secret,
all wet with nectar, flowing from her sex. She gasped
for air, as he inserted a finger in her wet pussy. The
fingers tightened around his shaft, milking the cock as
if it would be the last ever felt. She wanted this cock
buried in her.

She pushed him to his back, and straddled him, never
letting his cock free, from her stroking hand. She
reached to the crotch of her panties, moved the very
wet fabric to the side and, placed the cock head to her
waiting pussy, rotating the head, collecting the
nectar, dripping from her pussy. The man tried to say
something, “Shut up and fuck me.” She demanded.

He rose, and half of his cock disappeared into her
wetness. She in turn, ground her firm ass to him,
sinking the remaining half of his hard cock in her,
willing and open pussy. The fucking began, he rose she
ground her pubic to him. His hands went to her ass
cheeks, pulling, then pushing her pussy to his waiting
cock. She grabbed his hands, guiding his hard thrusts.
Driving his cock in her, with every withdraw, she would
grind her pelvic to his.

“Are you close?” she would ask. “Get ready…, I am
almost there…, cum in me… Cum in me now…”

His breathing stopped, for a short second. His ass
arched higher than before. In mid air, he shouted, “I’m
cumming, oh GOD, I’m cumming in you.”

“Give me all of it, I want all your hot cum.” Her
breaths short and weak, she gasped for air.

After the climax, he still buried in her, she raised
just enough to release his softening cock. She reached
down, held the crotch of her panty away just enough, to
pull his cock head from her. Quickly, she released the
panty crotch, unfolded from this man, and in a voice
that would freeze water, “Get out, and thanks.”

The man, looked as if he was about to speak, “Goodbye.”
She said, and started her Blazer.

I heard the door shut, and knew she had made it home
safe. I was in the bed waiting for her. “Hello,
sweetheart. Have fun?” as she walked in the door. Her
head held low, as if she were hiding something. “What’s
the matter?” I asked. “You know Babe, you can tell me
anything. I love you and noting will come between us.
Now what is it?”

“Adam” she started, “You know I love you?”

“I know that Sugar.”

“Adam, I have done something bad. Please don’t be mad at
me. Please.”

“I won’t, just tell me what you did. I love you Gail,
and no matter what you did, I will love you more for
telling me. I promise.”

“I brought you something, I hope you like it.” As she
was saying this, she got on the bed, stood over me, and
raised her skirt. I could see her panty crotch was
dripping, fluids. The aroma was unmistakable. She had
been used.

“Do you like?” with a sheepish grin on her face. “I did
this just for you. I wanted to bring home a present,
just for you. Do you want details, while you clean me,
or do you just want to sample what I have to offer

“Please, Baby, give me details!” as she lowered her
panty filled crotch to my waiting mouth. The aroma was
intoxicating. The wetness seeped down her inner thighs.
The mixture of fluids ran free of the soaked panty. She
placed her hands to my head, pulling me close, but not

“Smell that Adam. That is my pussy juice, mixed with a
strange man’s hot cum. Yes Adam I was fucked, not more
than thirty minutes ago. He fucked me hard and deep. He
shoved his cock in your pussy, and used me, till he
shot a load of his cream in your pussy. He fucked me
Adam, and I liked it. I came all over his big hard cock.
I rode him in the back seat of my Blazer. Adam, he
fucked me good. Eat me NOW! Clean my pussy! Stick your
tongue in my dripping pussy and suck out all that cum.
Show me how much you love me, by cleaning another man’s
cum from your pussy, after he fucked your woman long
hard and deep. And when you get me all clean, from him
fucking me, I want you to fuck my used pussy, harder
than he did. I want you to cum in me just like he did,
only I know you will shoot more and hotter cum in me,
and then Adam, I want you to clean that out too.”

Driving her crotch in my face, I began cleaning the
lady of my life. I would do this for her, as well as
for me. The love for her, and the love for me, I knew
she had for me, was a driving force to please and
pleasure her anyway she desired. My cock throbbed, as
she guided my head to her treasure for me. The
bittersweet aroma drove my cock to full attention, as
it spread her firm ass cheeks apart, she began to
gyrate her pubic bone into my nose. From the heavier
mixture of her fluids, I knew she was close to one of
many orgasms to come this night.

“Eat my cunt, Adam. Clean this pussy and cunt that
belongs to you. Show me how you love me!” her moans of
pleasure spoke want. “EAT ME! SUCK ALL THAT CUM OUT!

Her fluids, poured from her pussy, and I drank all, and
wanted more. The distant taste of his cum, was almost
gone, just a hint remained, as her fluids flooded my
waiting taste buds. “Adam…I love you, drink my juice,
it’s all for you…” Her body shivered, trembled, and
turned bright red, her climax was in full bloom. Never
had she produced so much fluid. It’s taste sent my cock
into an untouched climax between her ass cheeks, up her
back, and into her hair. As the hot fluid hit her ass,
she screamed louder, “DRINK MY CUM!”

And I did.

She fell backwards, leaving me with the beautiful sight
of her very used pussy. Her breaths came in long
labored intakes. Several minutes passed, her breathing
returned to normal. “Adam, I love you,” as she reached
in the night stand, pulled out the scarf’s, and with
that sheepish little grin on her beautiful face, looked
me in the eyes. I knew what was about to happen.

She reached for my right hand, and slipped one end of
the blue scarf around the wrist. Not too tight, but
tight enough for no escape, and the same for the left.
My hands bound to the post of the headboard. Her locked
eyes to mine, I could see, her devilish side coming out
to play. Assured the tied wrist, would not cut the
circulation off, she traced her knowing hands to my
ankles. Oh yes, this night would be full of sex. The
same pains taking method as the wrist, the blue scarf
just tight enough to secure a little movement. Then to
my surprise, she reached back in to the nightstand, and
pulled out what looked like a blindfold.

“Do you know what this is?” with that sheepish grin.
“And do you know what I am going to do with it?” the
grin bigger.

“Is that a blind fold? And who are you planning to use
that on?” I asked grinning.

Her hands came to my head, slipped it on my eyes, and
asked, “Tell me what you see.”

“I see black.”

“That’s what you’re suppose, Silly.”

I could not see her grin, but I knew she was grinning
from ear to ear. “Adam,…(pause)…I love you.” In that
voice that just sent trembles all over my body.
“Remember how we have talked about some things, we
wanted to try? Well, I have thought about a few of
those things, and have deci…” before she could
finish, a knock at the door.

“Who the hell could that be?”

“Wait here…” as if I could go see for myself, I
thought, “…I’ll see.” she said.

As she got off the bed, I heard her soft feet walk to
the living room. I heard the door open, but I couldn’t
hear what was said, with the muffled voices…

“Adam we have a visitor.”

“At this time of night? Who is it, and what do they

She lay beside me, “Adam… I love you.” In that voice
that just sends me into orbit. Her hand traced down to
my cock, now growing hard from the “Adam…I love you.”
Her fingers went to work, as did her tongue in my ear.
Her mouth found my lips, and in an instant, I was
tasting her tongue. Our lips parted, “Adam (pause) I
love you.” Oh God that just drives me crazy.

I jerked, as I felt the bed give under pressure,
somebody else was in the room with us. I was shocked as
she spoke, “Adam, this is a friend, please don’t be mad.
I want us to experience something new tonight, are you
ok with that?”

What could I say, the love for this beautiful lady in
my heart was so over powering, I could not refuse. I
couldn’t speak, but my cock told all. It throbbed,
twitched, and a huge drop of pre-cum escaped from the
very purple head. As I felt a new set of hands, begin
to explore my balls, I couldn’t tell if they were man
or woman. They were soft, and yet firm, small but not
tiny, I was speechless. Her lips, pressed to mine, and
again her dancing tongue had me on fire, as the hands
gently played with my balls. The gentle massaging,
causing my cock to throb harder, I wanted to cum, but I
also wanted to wait. A million things ran through my
mind, as her lips, and the strange hands did there
magic on me.

“Adam, do you like?” she whispered in my ear. I couldn’t
see her face, but I knew that little grin was on her
beautiful face. “Do you want to stop?”

“No, Babe, please no…”

As I said “No’ to her, her body moved, her hands never
left me, as she placed her dripping pussy to my lips.
“Adam, eat my pussy, get it ready for a cock.”

The aroma and fluids pouring from her hot pussy, I
needed not a second invite. My tongue went to work,
gathering and drinking her nectar, it was like heaven.
The strange hands on my hard cock stopped rubbing. The
bed moved again, as I felt warm lips wrap around my
dripping cock head. GOD, what was going on?

Gail’s moans grew louder, as my tongue teased her hard
clit. The lips on my cock, worked to a gentle and
steady rhythm. I had never had anything like this
before. “Adam, do you like the way your cock is being
sucked, while you eat my pussy?” I moaned in response.
“Adam, I need to be fucked, NOW!” She moved from my
lips, “Adam, please don’t be mad. Promise you won’t be
mad.” She pleaded.

“I won’t be, I promise.” With this answer, the
blindfold came off. It took several moments for my eyes
to adjust. To my surprise, sitting on the bed, was a
man I didn’t know.

“Adam, this is the man who fucked me a little while ago.
This is the man, who’s cum you sucked out of my pussy.
I want him to fuck me while you watch. I want him to
cum again in my pussy, and then I want you to eat it
out. Will you do that for me?”

“Oh Baby, you know I will. Would you like for me to get
him ready for you?”

“God, Adam, will you do that?”

“Would like me to suck his cock, till it drips with
pre-cum, and then guide his big hard cock in your

“PLEASE, Adam, do that for me!” as she untied my right
arm, from our blue scarf.

Without, hesitation this man moved to me, with a smile
on his face. I reached for his semi-erect cock. The
first cock, other than mine I had ever held in my hand.
And in just a few moments, the first cock, I would take
in my mouth. It felt different than my cock, about the
same size, but he was circumcised. The little bend was
kind of cute, like it was pointing right at my lips,
asking for attention.

I looked at my beautiful Gail, her breathing had
stopped, as her glazed eyes, were fixed to my slow
moving hand, on this man’s hard cock. A small drop of
pre-cum formed at the tip. My finger went to this clear
drop of fluid, touched and gathered it. My hand never
stopped moving on his cock, as I lifted my finger to my
eyes for a closer look. It looked like mine, and felt
like mine. My finger went to my nose. The smell was
different, as I inhaled the aroma. The thought of
tasting was almost too much.

Still smelling this man’s pre-cum, Gail, lifted her
hand to mine, and with a no threat from me, moved my
fingers to her mouth. Her tongue snaked out, and with
ease, tasted. She then guided my finger to my lips. I
froze, was I really going to taste this man’s pre-cum
from my finger.

Then it hit me like a lead balloon. I had just eaten
this man’s cum from her beautiful pussy, yes I was
going to taste. Her hand finished its trip to my
waiting lips. “Taste this, Adam. Taste this sweet fluid,
from this man.” The taste was similar to mine, but
salty. I could tell, that the cum, in Gail’s pussy,
had came from this man’s cock.

“Adam, please put his cock in my pussy, I need it now.
Please, guide his cock in me for the second time
tonight, and watch him fuck your woman. Watch him, cum
in me, and then, please Adam, suck his cum from my used
pussy, that he has dumped in.” she almost was begging.

With my free hand I loosened the scarf from my left
hand, then untied my feet. I looked deep in her radiant
eyes, “Yes Sweetheart, I will do this for you, I will
do this for us.”

She positioned herself on her back, knees in the air
slightly spread. This man’s cock was hard, dripping,
and veins popping. He was ready, as I reached for his
cock. A small shudder came from him. I spread Gail’s
legs, but before she was to have this cock, I bent over
to him, and with a deep breath, took the head in my
mouth. The first cock ever to pass these lips, and was
done just for my beautiful Gail. I went down slow,
feeling, and tasting this object.

It hit the back of my throat, and I nearly gagged. On
the outstroke, I realized this was not bad, nor good. I
wanted him hard, to see him fuck my lady. After a few
strokes, I released him form mouth, raised, and guided
him between her spread legs. The look on her face, I
knew she wanted this cock, deep in her. I placed my
hand to his cock, and pulled him forward.

On reaching her pussy entrance, I gently circled his
cock head, gathering her fluids to the head of his
shaft for the awaited penetration of her wanting pussy.
She touched my shoulder, I glanced to her, and with
wanton desire in her, “Adam (pause), I love you. Please
let him fuck me, now, please.”

Before releasing his shaft from hand, I placed the head
to the entrance, and said, “Don’t move yet.” I moved
away just a bit, and with a trembling hand placed on
his ass, moved him forward. His cock slowly disappeared
into her wet, hot pussy.

“Oh yes…” she moaned. “Oh God, Adam, thank you.” He
reached for her ankles, clasped his hands around them,
and spread her legs wide. He began the strokes, in and
out, slow at first, then faster. Her moans of approval
rang through out our bedroom. “Harder” she screamed,
“Fuck me harder…” as she reached for my cock. “Adam, I
want to suck your cock, please let me suck your cock,
while he’s fucking me, please.” The sight of his rapid
cock, fucking her, my cock was harder than I could ever
remember. I raised to her awaiting mouth, and with one
stroke, I was deep in her throat. Her throat muscles
went to work, milking the head of my dripping shaft.

He fucked her pussy till she was so close to cumming,
then stopped. “Turn over” the first words he spoke. She
released my cock from her moist mouth, and turned to
her knees. He placed his cock at her pussy and drove
deep. She screamed from the roughness and the depth
reached from this position. He drilled her pussy deep
long and hard. I not wanting to be far from the action,
crawled under these two bodies. She swallowed my cock,
and the milking began again.

I watched as his hard cock fucked her pussy. The fluids
pouring from her well-fucked pussy, I raised my head,
and without a second thought, touched his cock coated
with Gail’s juice. I felt him tremble as I teased the
length of his cock as it drove in and out of my lady’s
pussy. Lapping her fluids from his cock, tasting and
wanting more of these silky smooth juices dripping from
her pussy.

As she fucked back on his cock, my tongue reached,
teased, tasted and sucked the hard bud of womanhood.
The shivers from her, caused her nectar to pour from
her, the harder I sucked her clit the more she gave.
Her moans of pleasure became screams of joy, from the
fucking of his hard cock, and my teasing tongue,
gathering their fluids from the rapid fucking.

Her mouth on my cock, sucking and teasing the head, I
was close as I knew the both of them. She lifted her
head from my cock with flop, “Adam, I love you… Adam,
come in my mouth, when he cums in my pussy…OH GOD,
I’MMM CUMMING! Please fuck me harder! Shoot your cum in
my pussy! NOW! NOW!” Her screams, her pleads, drove all
of to the edge.

“Now, I’m cumming in your pussy, feel that hot cream
going deep in your fucked pussy…”

“Yes, OH GOD YES! Cum in me… Adam, I ‘m cumin, I want
your cum in my mouth… NOW! Cum in my mouth now!”

I could hold no longer, the first blast hit her at the
back of the throat. I felt her muscles contract and
then swallow. “OH GOD, I thought, I couldn’t say
anything, I was to busy drinking her fluids mixed with
his hot cum. I had never dreamed this would be so

The hot fluids gushing from her fucked pussy, pouring
into my mouth, the taste was like nothing I had ever
experienced. My cock exploding in her mouth, her
cumming on his cock, and he shooting loads of hot cream
in her pussy, I was in a state of bliss, as I knew the
both of them as well.

“Fill me with cum… shoot your cum in my pussy!” she
was screaming in between the exploding of my cum in her

The pace slowed, as we finished our orgasms. His cock
still buried deep in her well- fucked pussy, she fell
forward, and with a pop, his cock escaped the confines
of her dripping cunt. A huge blob of his cream, fell to
my lips, from her opened pussy. My mouth open, I
watched it string to my mouth, and with the heat of the
past climax, I grabbed with my mouth.

Once in my mouth, I rolled the hot cum around, savoring
the taste, and texture, of the hot cream. I let it
slide down my throat and wanted more. My tongue went to
work cleaning her free of her fluids and his cum. My
head spinning, with the desire of this new thing, we
had together. Life was good.

My tongue lapped, gathered, and teased her clit, with
just a few light flicks of my hot tongue to her clit,
she shivered and another orgasm was upon her. Her pussy
opened wide, exposing his cum coating the inside of
her. With every contraction of her orgasm, the hot cum
let loose, and dripped into my waiting mouth. My cock
grew hard, as I felt her mouth grip the head and suck
the remaining cum from my shaft. “EAT MY PUSSY! CLEAN
ME!” she screamed as this little orgasm slowed.

“Adam (pause), I love you with all my heart…” her
words as she lay on my now also limp cock.

The man was still on his knees holding Gail’s ass,
with cum dripping from his cock. Looking at the last
traces of Gail’s cum on his cock, it was just to
inviting, not to sample. I reached for his soft cock
with shaking hands. “Only if I can do the same.” He

I didn’t know what to say. I knew I wanted to taste her
from his cock, and from there we would just have to
see. I wrapped my fingers around his cock, and in an
instant, it started growing. The moan startled me. It
hadn’t come from him. Gail, was sitting up now, with a
finger in her very well used pussy, watching was taking
place. The moan was from her, and a smile as big as all
out doors.

I continued holding his cock, and watching her facial
emotions. She wanted to see this as much as I wanted to
do it. I knelt forward a little and slowly placed my
mouth around his cock. I slid my tongue around the
head, causing him to now moan, with his cock growing
with every taste and tease of my hot tongue. Gail,
reached under me, and with her soft warm hands, began
stroking my already erect shaft.

The taste of his hard cock, covered with his cum and
Gail’s pussy juice, from their recent fuck, was a high
of it’s own. Pre-cum was now coming from the tip, and
the taste was different than the mixture of both
fluids. There was almost no taste, from the clear
fluid, escaping from his cock head, something similar
to what my pre-cum tasted like. This was truly a new
experience for me. Gail’s hand quit moving, to my

The bed moved, and the drawer of the night-stand opened
were we kept all our sex toys. I continued the tasting
of his cock, listing to him moan, from the enjoyment of
what he was receiving. I thought at any time, as I felt
his cock head expand, he would shoot a hot load of cum
in my mouth. This, I was not too sure about.

Yes I was sucking and enjoying what I was doing, but to
take a load of hot creamy cum, directly from his cock,
that was something different. The cock sucking was
getting him to a fevered pith of excrement, his hips,
started fucking my hot mouth, faster and faster, his
cock head grew larger, and then, the first spurt hit my
tongue as he was on the back stroke. Then another, and
another, my mouth was filling with his cream, hot and
thick cum, was filling and now spilling from the
corners of my mouth.

He stopped as soon as he started, as I kept sliding my
mouth on his cock, I would let the slick cum, dribble
down his shaft, stroking it into the hard cock with my
hand. He placed his hands to my head, with a gesture of
stopping, the sucking. I rose, from my kneeling
position and just looked at what I had done.

Before I could totally absorb the act I just finished,
I felt Gail’s hand on my hard cock. Her knowing
fingers, rolling a condom onto me. The unknown gaze was
written all over my face. The condom, now placed on my
cock, she placed her hand in mine, and guided me to the
edge of the bed.

She looked right at this man’s upturned ass, and then
looked at me, with that beautiful smile on her face,
saying, “I want to see you fuck his ass. He has fucked
me twice tonight, and now I want to see him fucked,
with your big cock. Will you do this for me Adam? Will
you fuck him, and show him how a real man fucks? Will
you shove your cock deep in his ass, and make him
scream for more? Will you do this for me?”

As she was asking me these questions, and she knew the
whole time I would do anything for her, her hands were
busy, applying KY, to his ass hole, and my condom
covered cock.

This man, was now moving to the edge of the bed, as she
was preparing his ass, for the soon to be cock invading
him. I walked closer to his upturned ass, covered with
plenty of lube. Gail, placed her hand around my cock,
stroking and guiding the head of my very stiff cock, to
his small puckered backdoor. Her hand, while holding my
cock, drawing circles around his exit, soon to be
entrance hole, smiling, with wanton desire, to see my
shaft buried deep in his bowels.

She stopped with the head on target. Held me there, and
then with a soft push forward the tip of my cock, found
it mark. I held the pressure, till I felt it give, it
was tight, as the head disappeared in his ass. I held
tight, giving his ass time to adjust to the size of
this invading object. Gail’s smile turned into a smile
of lust, instead of wanting.

As I felt his ass relax, I pressed forward. The warmth
and tight ass, was starting to feel good, holding my
cock. He moaned not of bad pain, but of good. He rocked
back into me, wanting to have more of my cock in his
body. With about half of my shaft in his ass, I pressed
forward till my balls were against his cheeks. My cock
buried to the hilt, I gave just a few seconds for him
to adjust. I backed out till the head was all that
remained inside.

The generous amount of lube, which Gail, had applied,
made the first penetration easy. Before I could sink my
cock back into him, she reached down, and applied more
KY. She then placed her hand to my ass, and pushed with
all her strength, boring my cock to the depths of his

When my shaft was at it’s end, I backed out, and with
out hesitation, drove harder this time. His moans
became louder, and longer, the harder I fucked his
tight ass, which was growing looser with each stroke of
my cock. The rhythm was now at a steady pace for giving
my cock a good feeling, and to this man, whose ass I
was fucking hard.

“Oh Baby, I like the way your fucking his ass, give it
to him hard, make him moan…” as she was talking to
me, urging me to fuck his ass harder, she was pouring
KY, on her finger. “Do it Baby, fuck that man who
fucked your woman. Fuck his ass hard and deep, show
him, I am your woman, and if he fucks me, he gets
fucked too. Fuck his ass hard, Adam!”

Her finger, with the KY, slid to my behind, was she
going to do what I thought she was going to do? Yep!
Her finger found my backdoor, and slid in to the first
knuckle, with no challenge. Dam, that felt good, and as
her finger begin finger fucking my ass, I drove harder
in his ass. My cock felt harder than I could remember,
then to my surprise, another finger was introduced to
my virgin ass. OH GOD, I thought, it can’t get any
better. But was I ever wrong.

All of a sudden, her fingers were gone, and at the
entrance of my now welled lubed and slightly stretched
asshole, was a blunt object. Her hands rested on my
shoulders, and with a slight forward movement,
something was invading my ass. “Adam, you know we have
talked about this, and I thought the time was right. Do
you like?” as she rammed another inch in me.

“Yes, just take it slow and easy, please.” as I moaned
from the invasion of my use to be virgin ass.

In just a few strokes, we were in unison, with the
strange object in my ass, me out of his, her out of my
ass, me in his ass. In several minutes of hard fucking,
I knew I would not last. My cock head grew to the first
stage of cumming. He had been stroking his cock, right
along with our fucking, the strap on Gail was fucking
my ass with, was rubbing her clit, we all were about to
cum, and cum hard.

“OH GOD Adam, I’m going to cum…” she moaned

“Close Baby, I’m close…” I breathed out.

“NOW Adam! NOW!” She screamed. Neither one of us worried
about him, this was our thing, he was just along for
the ride, and had to take what he got, but he was right
with us on.

Her screaming she was cumming, blew me off to the wild
blue. My cock head grew large, and larger, inside the
loose ass of the man I was fucking. My ass tightened
around her strap-on inside my ass. I feared the tip of
the condom would explode with the force of the cum,
blasting from my cock. My ass grew tight as I shot in
this man. Gail’s moan, “I’m cumming,” in my ear was
deafening, only caused my orgasm to strengthen. My
breath came in gasps, as we all climaxed together.

Gail, fell forward onto my back, with the dildo buried
in my ass, spearing me onto the back of the man whom I
had just fucked.
We lay like this for several minutes, catching our
breath. The man under me made a move to get up. He
crawled off the bed, and proceeded to get dressed.
After he was dressed, and started out the door, turned
and said, ” You two are crazy, perverted and wild.”
turned and walked out.

I looked at Gail, she looked at me, and as if
rehearsed, we burst out laughing. When the laughter
settled down, she looked deep in my eyes, “Adam (pause)
I love you.” In that voice that sends shivers through
out my body, I wrapped her in my arms, held her like
never before, because I loved her, like never before.

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