Cum Sluts

Shyan and Erin were sitting at Shyan’s small dinette
table one summer morning, discussing the neighborhood
gossip and local news. Their husbands were out playing
golf, and as was their wont, Shyan and Erin got
together to chat, shop and generally goof off. Each was
wearing short shorts and a light blouse, as the summer
weather was quite warm.

“I tell ya, honey, that husband of mine is a real dud
in bed sometimes. I dress sexy for him and talk sexy,
and all he wants to do is shove it in me, jerk a few
times, come, and roll over and fall asleep. I really do
miss the wild times I used to have when I was younger,
you know?” said Erin as she slowly sipped at the cup
of coffee in her hands.

“Exactly, I mean… I love Ted dearly, and wouldn’t
really want to spend my life with any other man, but
jeeezus, I do get HORNY once in a while.” Shyan
responded. “What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever done,
Erin?” she asked almost shyly.

Erin looked at her for a few minutes, gauging the
depths of the other woman’s sensitivities. She
swallowed the sip of warm coffee in her mouth and
leaned forwards surreptitiously.

“When I was in college I got drunk accidentally on
purpose at a fraternity party. After it got real late,
I ended up being the only girl there. The guys all
started talking about their sexual conquests, and they
all claimed to be the worlds’ greatest lovers, you

She stopped for a second to take another sip of coffee.
“I said that any woman worth her salt could outlast ten
guys, and they all laughed. I challenged them. I got up
real slowly, and stripped as sexily as I could, without
falling on my face! A couple of the guys hauled some
mattresses out to the living room, and I lay down right
in the center of them. I started stroking my cunt and
licking my lips really sexy, and before you know it,
there were 20 or 30 naked guys dancing around. I laid
back, crooked my finger at the nearest one, and
motioned him over.

“What’ll it be, smarty?” I asked. He said he wanted to
fuck me but good, so he got down there, jerked his cock
until it was hard, and shoved it in. Let me tell you,
these guys were just drunk enough so that they couldn’t
last very long. This first one must have stroked about
10 times before he shot off straight up my pussy. The
next guy wanted a blow job, so I sat up, stuffed his
teeny cock in my mouth, and a few seconds later had a
sperm chaser after all the beer I’d had.”

Erin stopped for a moment to look at her friend.
Shyan’s cheeks had tinged a slight red and her eyes
sparkled a bit, and Erin thought she could see Shyan’s
nipples beginning to harden and poke out from the light
blouse she wore.

“Oh God, that’s hot! So what else?” queried Shyan with a
breathless smile.

“So, for about the next 2 hours, I fucked and sucked
every guy in that frat house until there wasn’t a drop
of sperm left in any of them, and it was all up my
pussy or down my throat, or mostly, all over my tits
and face and in my hair. At one time, I counted six
guys jerking off all over my head while I fucked this
black football player’s ass off, and wouldn’t you know
they all came all over my hair and face. I had to stop
and get a towel to wipe the shit off my face. I was
drenched in it, I swear!” whispered the young wife.

“I never saw so much cum in all my life, before or
since. They absolutely ruined the mattresses, and when
I finally got up, I leaked a trail of sperm all over
the house looking for a shower to rinse off in. But
they all were pooped out, and I could have gone on for
another couple of hours by then. It was great. But, I
had to transfer to another college, because the word
got out, and everybody thought I was some kind of tramp
or something, so I left and went to the State
University instead. That’s where I met Hank, and we’ve
been together ever since. I haven’t even seen another
cock except his since then.”

“Even on TV or a magazine or anything?” asked an
incredulous Shyan.

“Oh, hell, they don’t count! I’m talking about in the
flesh! Hey, what about you, Shyan, what’s the wildest
slutty thing YOU’VE ever done?” questioned the leering
Erin, leaning forward and licking her lips devilishly.

“Well, I NEVER balled thirty guys in one night, if
that’s what you mean!” she responded. “In fact, I’ve
never made it with more than one guy at a time, even.
Ummm, I guess the nastiest thing I ever did was ask
Ted to cum in my mouth one time while I was sucking
him off.”

“ONE time! Are you telling me that you don’t sip the
sperm cocktail, young lady?” asked Erin in a mock
stentorian tone.


“You don’t swallow cum? You don’t let that gorgeous
Ted shoot off in your mouth?” Erin asked again.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t like him to, or that he
hasn’t, a couple of times. But he usually just wants to
use my pussy instead, so we don’t do a lot of oral sex
or anything kinky. He doesn’t even like to lick me down
there either.”

“Oh shit honey, we’ve got to get you fucked and sucked
up right one of these days!” exclaimed the amazed
Erin. “But anyway, tell me all about the one time you
let little Rog there blast off over your teeth. I wanna
hear all about it!”

“Well, it’s not as sexy a story as yours. Ted and I
were making love, and I was getting a little sore down
there, you know, from all the pounding, and I finally
had to tell him to stop if he didn’t have an orgasm
quickly. He pulled out, and crawled up over me. His
dick was all wet and red and bouncing up and down right
in front of my face. He grabbed the base of it and
waved it right in my face. I was fascinated with it, I
tell you. He told me to suck him off then, if I
couldn’t bear to have him in my pussy.

“I started to say that it was just that he was getting
a bit rough, and before I could, he poked me in the
mouth with his cock. There must have been something
about it, I don’t know, but the moment that cock hit my
lips, I just kinda quivered all over and wanted to suck
the guts out of him so badly, I didn’t know what I was
doing. I normally didn’t go for that deep throat stuff,
but I grabbed Ted’s ass and pulled him right into my
mouth, as deep as I could. I think it scared the shit
out of him!”

“I can imagine!” answered Erin breathlessly. She had
felt her own pussy get a little wet as they talked, and
now dropped one hand to her lap furtively.

“So anyway, I pushed and pulled him in and out,
actually fucking myself with his cock in my mouth.
Then, I don’t know what came over me, no pun intended,
I pulled his dick out of my mouth with one hand and
looked up at him. He was looking down at me like I was
some kind of angel or something, this totally
incredible look on his face. I knew, deep down in my
soul, then, that I could have this amazing power over
him, or any man, for that matter.

“I knew what he wanted. We’d watched enough porno
movies for me to see that he always liked it when a guy
spermed on a girl’s face or in her mouth. So I looked
him straight in the eye, and in the nastiest voice I
could, I said ‘I want you to come right in my mouth,
lover. I want to taste your sperm.’ I poured it on in
the sluttiest way I could think of – you know, telling
him I wanted him to shoot his stuff all over my face
and in my mouth and all that really gross stuff we used
to giggle about in high school.

“So I’m jerking him a little bit, and then he just kind
of grunted once and BAMMO! – right on the kisser, he
lets fly with that cock of his. I was so shocked I
opened my mouth in reflex and BAMMO! Again, another
spurt, this time right in my mouth. I’m going crazy
now, loving the feel of the stuff, and I jerk him some
more, and he shoots his stuff all over my face and in
my mouth. It was in my hair, and all down over my neck
and tits and just all over the place!”

Shyan finished breathlessly. Erin just looked at her
and said “Wow.”, arching her eyebrows knowingly. “So
now you like eating cum, eh?”

“Well, I suppose so. But I don’t very often, ’cause in
the last few months, Ted’s gotten so busy with his
job and all, that I’m lucky if we even make love once
or twice a month, much less have time for all kinds of
other fun stuff. But yeah, it was kinda neat, I really
liked the feel of his sperm spraying on me, and for
some reason, I LOVED the taste of it – you know, kinda
bitter and salty, but interesting?”

“Shyan darling, you don’t have to tell me. I’ve
swallowed enough sperm to float a battleship. It’s
still my favorite drink!” she giggled. “It’s amazing
how icky and gross we would have thought this was a few
years ago, but God, now that I’ve done it, I just gotta
say I love it! Hey! I’ve got an idea!”

“What now?” Shyan knew her friend had some deliciously
wicked thought that she was about to hear. “I know this
is gonna involve sex and fucking, so you might as well
spit it out!”

“Shyan, I NEVER spit it out!” Erin laughed. “No, what I
thought was this. We go around and see in how many
different ways we can drink sperm. You know, there’s
gotta be other ways than straight from the tap, so to

“ERIN! What do you mean? Are you actually proposing
that we suck other guys off and swallow their cum? Are
you crazy!”

“No, no, listen, it’s perfect. We turn the tables on
the guys – you know, wham bam thank ya ma’am? Well,
we’ll make it wham bam thank ya mister! They don’t have
to know our names or anything, we’ll just rustle up,
drain ’em dry, and hustle off. They’ll go crazy
wondering who we are, but they’ll never see us again!
It’s perfect!”

Shyan stopped to think about it. It was the craziest
idea she’d ever heard, even from the usually whacked
out Erin.

“You mean just go up to some guy we like the looks of,
tell him we want him to cum in our mouths and that’s

“No, silly. That’d be too easy. No, we get them to give
us our favorite drink in strange and exciting ways! Oh
hell, let’s see….like having a waiter in a fancy
restaurant jerk off in your coffee. Or the grocery
delivery boy pop off real fast in your car in the
parking lot. Stuff like that!”

“Hmmmm. Yes, that could a been really hot!” agreed
Shyan. “And we could keep track of each of the ways that
we get them to do it! Yeah, that’s great!” she clapped
her hands excitedly. “When do we start?”

“Right now, if you’re game!”

Forty-five minutes later found the ladies strolling the
local mall. They had changed into short skirts and very
light sweaters. Erin had decided that they would
alternate with the ideas for getting the cum from the
men they eyed, and she would go first. She thought it
would be exciting to try to seduce a shoe salesman into
giving her a sip of his sperm. The girls walked into
the first store they found with few customers and a
likely looking guy. He as a tall, dark-haired man they
both found attractive. Erin sat down in one of the
fitting chairs, crossed her long legs, and inched her
skirt up even more. The salesman hurried over.

“Yes, miss, what can I do for you today?”

“Well, I thought it might be time for a new pair of
high heels, what do you think” Erin teased, stretching
her leg out and twisting and turning it, showing off
her long slim leg to great advantage.

“Um, well, I suppose so. What heel height did you have
in mind, and what size are you?”

“I’m a size seven. And I just love a four or five inch
heel, don’t you? Don’t you think it makes my ass stand
out real nice?” And so saying, Erin quickly stood and
turned around, thrusting her firm ass right in the
salesman’s face. He stammered and gulped, rising
quickly. Erin checked. ‘Yep, a boner. This one’s gonna
be easy…’ she thought to herself.

“Just let me go check the back, see what we have.” he
said, blushing. He turned and walked through a door
into the rear stock area. Turning quickly to make sure
Shyan had an eye on things, she followed him back there,
and shut the door behind her.

“Hey, lady, you can’t -” his protest was cut short by
Erin lifting up her skirt.

“Like what you see, pretty boy? Well, this pussy
belongs to my husband, and he’s the only man who’ll
have it anytime soon, if I have anything to say about
it. But I like your looks. Take out your cock.”

The man simply stared at her. He didn’t know what to
do, and not wishing to waste any time, Erin walked
over to him, threw one arm around his neck and kissed
him full and hard on the lips.

“Ok, then I will.” she said. She bent to her knees, and
rubbed the rapidly growing bulge at the front of his
pants. “Hey, feels like you’ve got a nice one here.
Let’s let it out to breathe a bit.”

She slid the zipper down and fished around inside his
underwear, finally extracting a bona fide boner. It
wasn’t especially large or fat, but seemed adequate.
‘Besides’, Erin thought, ‘it isn’t going anywhere
where size means anything!’ She bent to lick at the
head. The salesman groaned.

“Oh god lady, I don’t know what you came here for, but
that feels good, just keep on sucking…”

Erin stopped and looked up at him. “Honey, I want your
most expensive pair of Italian leather high heels,
right now and right here. Before I go any further.” As
if to accentuate her point, Erin straightened up and
smoothed her dress back down. The salesman hurried down
the aisle, finally finding the shoes Erin demanded.

“And while you’re there, an nice pair of suede boots,
too!” He grabbed a large box from the shelves. As he
walked back, Erin swept her sweater up over her head,
freeing her nicely formed breasts. The man’s eyes
bugged out and his cock twitched.

“Are these shoes waterproof?” Erin demanded.

“Ah, yes, yes, they are, as a matter of fact…”
mumbled the salesman, peering quizzically at one of the

“Good. Now I’m gonna suck you, and you’re gonna love
it. But, and this is a big but, no coming in my mouth.
If I taste even the tiniest drop of your spunk before I
tell you to cum, then out you go and you’ll be shooting
all over your pants. Got that?”

“Yeah, sure, I guess so.” Who wants to look a gift
blow-job in the mouth, right?

Erin sat on one of the small stools, and motioned him
over. He walked up to her, and she leaned forward and
fed his still-hard cock into her mouth. Erin prided
herself on her cocksucking talents, and it wasn’t long
before she had the man groaning and moaning in
pleasure. She stroked his shaft as she mouthed the tip
of his cock, wetting him down with her saliva. All the
time she sucked at him, she kept looking at him,
looking for that fateful sign of the impending orgasm.

While one hand stroked and massaged his balls, the
other felt for one of the leather shoes. Erin kept on
sucking the man’s cock, dragging it into her mouth,
rolling her talented tongue around the head, squeezing
the shaft with her lips.

Finally the man started to shudder. “Oh jeesuz I’m
gonna cum in a sec,” the man grunted. Erin looked up
at him. She whipped his cock out of her mouth just as
she felt the vein begin to pulse, just as he closed his
eyes in ecstasy. Pumping his prick with one hand, with
the other she brought the shoe up. Aiming his cock
right into the inside of the shoe, she jerked the man
to an orgasm.

SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! right into the soft leather lining
of the shoe, spit his cock’s load. Erin milked him
off, every drop of the large load collecting in the
heel of the shoe as she tilted it back. Finally he was

Erin looked at him. “Bet you never saw a girl do this
before.” she said calmly and quietly. Then staring him
right in the face, she tilted the back of the shoe up
to her mouth, and let the entire puddle of semen flow
directly across her lips into her mouth. As the shoe
emptied, Erin lifted it above her face, letting the
last few drops drip out and land with a small plop on
her cheeks and chin.

“Ummmm, my favorite. Cum ala Giorgio.” She dropped the
shoe back into the box. “I’ll take them. Don’t bother
wrapping them.” He was too astounded to say anything,
but nodded his head. Erin picked up the shoes, the
suede boots, and tossing the sweater back over her
head, walked back out into the front of the store as if
nothing had happened. As she walked past one elderly
matron looking at rubber-soled shoes, Erin couldn’t
help herself. She slid one finger along her cheekbone,
sliding the small drops of sperm…

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