Dinner Then Dessert

Bill and Tad had been friends of mine for almost a year. We had dined together
periodicly, but they had always kept their sex life a private matter they never
discussed with me. It was clear that they were gay and I knew they had been
living together for at least six years.

One evening, after Bill completed his presentation of yet another gourmet feast
and the wine had almost entirely dissappeared from the bottle, I was surprised
by Bill’s suggestion that the evenings sensual pleasures would not be complete
without a more physical expression of our friendship. I was taken aback
because I knew that neither of my friends had taken other lovers since they
began sharing their living quarters.

To be honest, I had never had sex with two others simultaneously. The idea was
intrigueing, but also a little frightening to one who is somewhat reserved and
shy by nature. My fondness for both Bill and Tad also brought a desire to
please them, and not to hurt their feelings on exposing themselves in such an
offer. As I mulled all of this over, I saw Bill begin to form a lacivious lump
in his jeans which was quickly being echoed by one of my own. Smiles quickly
broke out all around as I agreed by putting my hand on Tad’s shoulder and told
them both it would be a new experience for me, but sounded like a good
alternative to another Cognac.

After we got into the bedroom, I watched Tad
slowly take off his clothes as Bill gently undressed me, caressing me as he
went along. Bill started to kiss my dick as soon as he had access to it. His
kisses soon turned to licking, and then progressed to gentle sucking. Waves of
pleasure were eminating from the head of my dick. Tad rubbed his own penis and
then disrobed Bill.

They turned me onto my side so Tad could begin to rub and kiss my ass. Bill’s
sucking was having the desired effect and my penis was ready to explode.
Sensing this Bill stopped sucking and helped Tad put a firm pillow under my
ass. They gently spread my legs, pushing my thighs into the air and both began
to lick my ass. I knew they were going to give me a good ass fucking and I
couldn’t wait for the first sensations of penetration. Bill’s tongue began to
probe into my asshole as Tad started to suck me.

I was really getting hot and told Tad to reposition himself so he could have me
suck his big dripping dick. I took it with both hands and guided it into my
mouth. His prick was so smooth and warm that it had, simultaneously, a
soothing effect and an exciting one. After a few moans into my pubes, Tad
caressed my balls then returned his oral attention to my cock, which he suckled
with muffled moans of pleasure.

Bill began by working his fingers (which he had lubricated with some KY) into my
ass, one after the other until he had three of them in me, and when I was
relaxed enough, rubbed more KY on his rod and around my ass slit. I remember
being impressed by the warmth of the KY and wondering how he managed to warm it
before he continued my lovely ass and asshole massage. Before I fully realized
what was happening, Bill started to push his cock into my asshole while he held
my ankles. With the excellent buzz I had on and all the lubrication he entered
me with ease.

After Bill was in all the way, he picked up the pace a bit and pulled my legs
apart farther. My dick was giving me sublime sensations as Tad chewed it up
while his penis spurted a load of cum into my mouth. I was amazed at how his
dick swelled up before he shot his slimy load into my mouth. I milked every
drop, and then swallowed it all. Tad got off me and rubbed my balls while Bill
continued my deep ass fuck. “You like getting your ass fucked, don’t you!” he
said. I just groaned. “Say it!” he commanded as his penis slammed into my
ass. “Yes, yes I do” I panted. “Beg for more, or I’ll stop and fuck Tad!” he
threatened. “No! Don’t stop! Fuck me! Fuck my ass, Fuck my ass!” I
screamed.”Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….More, more !!!” My cock seemed
to twitch around with a mind of its own and felt like it was a smoldering
volcano ready to erupt in a flood of hot come without warning.

Bill and Tad embraced, agreeing that this had been a good idea and teasing each
other about who came up with it first. Then they began kissing passionately
while Tad rubbed Bill’s asshole and finger-fucked him. “Don’t neglect our guest”
Bill told him “You know your fingers make me crazy, but he needs to come.”

Tad started to suck my dick, pulling the blood into it and making it swell to
maximum size. “Bill, spread my legs and put it in deep. I need your hot cock
deep in my ass, spreading my asshole, stretching my asshole wide. I love to
feel my ass cheeks quiver when you ram your cock up my ass!” He was sliding
his hot cock around in my asshole with ease, possessing me totally. My ass
felt like it was simultaneously open wide and clamping tightly around his
prick. When he pushed it in to the hilt, he pulled my legs apart the most and
ground around my ass enough to make me moan with pleasure. Soon he was
groaning with each thrust and finally lifted me almost completely off the bed,
shoved hard and then I felt his pulsating rod squirt his come deep into my
bowels. Bill screamed with the ecstasy of his orgasm. This made Tad suck
furiously and he wimpered as my cock banged against his tonsils. It was all too
much for me and I came intensely just as Bill’s pulsations began to wane in my
ass. When he stopped rooting around my hole and slowly pulled out, it was
feeling wickedly warm and sticky. Bill and Tad kissed deeply, sharing my come,
and after a few moments we all drifted off to sleep.

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