The office was quiet when she entered. She was nervous, as she had never been to see this doctor before and it was such a personal matter.

She rang the bell on the desk then and waited. In a few minutes a tall, well built men entered and smiled at her. She had never been as absolutely taken with a man on first sight before.

“May I help you?” he asked.

“Yes, I am here to see the Doctor?”

“Ah, good, why don’t you come right in?”

He led her into the back office and into a small examining room. It had all the standard stuff in it. 

“Disrobe and put on a robe, please,” he said, leaving the room. “The Doctor will be with you in a few moments.”

She stripped then waited for the doctor. Her problem was sex. She had been unable to orgasm with her new husband, no matter how hard she tried. She had been faking it since their honeymoon and was now desperate for a solution. For the last six months she had been masturbating in the bathtub or in bed after he left for work, her only release. 

She put on the hospital gown and sat on the cool examining table. The stirrups were there, ready for use. She grimaced, thinking about the doctor, a little weasel of a man, who had examined her just before she got married. 

The doctor entered, along with a nurse.

He took her blood pressure and checked a few other things. 

“Ok, you seem healthy enough, so what seems to be the problem.”

“Well, it’s sex. I can’t orgasm with my husband while having sex. I can masturbate to orgasm, but not with him.”

“Does he orgasm quickly?”

“Well, yes, he does.”

“Did you had sex with other men before marriage and were able to orgasm?”

“No, I have never cum with a man in me.”

“Hmmm, well, let’s take a look and see if everything is OK, shall we?”

He helped her into the position, putting her legs in the stirrups and putting on a glove. She knew she was even wet now. Known what was going to happen had made her so. He put some KY on the glove and turned and looked down at her cunt, which was now spread for him.

He looked up at her then down at her cunt and slowly inserted a finger into her, making her almost gasp with the sensation. It was not supposed to feel like this with a doctor. He removed his finger then and spread her cunt lips, looking at her vagina more closely. 

“I’m going to touch you now. Relax.” With that he stimulated her clit with a finger gently. She gasped and arched her back. 

“Uh, well, nothing wrong there, I must say,” he said, smiling at her. 

“I have no idea what is wrong, doctor. Is there no way of testing me?”

The phone on the wall rang at that moment and the nurse picked it up. “Doctor, Mrs. Brennan has just had a heart attack in the waiting room!” she said. They both ran out, leaving her in the stirrups. 

She lay there for a moment, wondering what to do when the door opened and man who had met her in the reception room came in. He looked at her and then her position and closed the door.

“Hi there,” he said, walking up to her, “there has been an emergency.”

“I know, will the doctor be back?” She tried to cover herself, but was not very successful. 

“Not for some time,” said, putting a hand on her leg.

“I, I think I should get dressed…” 

“I know what your problem is,” he said, looking into her eyes as his hand ran down her thigh.

“You do?”

“I read your chart and I think I can help you.”


“Yes,” he said. He moved between her legs then and looked down at her exposed cunt, his eyes staring. 

“I’m a married woman, please…”

He leaned down then, kissing her thigh and she shuddered, then her belly and she groaned. 

“You’re so soft, so beautiful,” he said. He kissed the top of her pussy, then with a single finger spread her pussy lips. 

“No, no, please, I can’t… Oh… oh…”

He was licking her clit with soft, light caresses of his tongue. Her husband had never done that, maintaining that it was not “proper” and against the scriptures. Now this stranger, this ravisher was doing it to her. His touch was deft and yet direct and firm. She squirmed and lifted her hips to him, her legs trembling as he ate her. One, then two fingers slipped into her wet cunt, spreading her pussy lips as he ate her. 

“You taste delightful,” he said, looking up at her. His other hand caressed her thigh, then ran up to cup her breast and then pinch her nipple. She groaned as he went back to work. She was going to orgasm that was for certain she thought as he continued to lick her clit. 

Suddenly she was cumming, her body trembling, her back arching, her toes bending. She had learned long ago to make minimal noise as she came, but this was different and she cried as she orgasmed, involuntarily yelling at him… she was not even certain what she had said. 

“Shhh, someone will overhear you,” he said, standing up. He kissed her thigh and she groaned. She had never been as aroused as she was now, nor as ashamed and guilty feeling. She had never considered cheating on her husband. As she watched he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. She could only stare at the large, beautiful cock he now pointed at her wet, vulnerable cunt.

“You, you can’t…”

“I know you are on the pill,” he said, smiling at her, “I read the chart.” 

“But, I can’t…” yet she knew she wanted this man’s cock. She needed it…

He entered her then, her hands on his chest, not sure whether to push or pull, to cry out or accept his attentions. The entrance was smooth, but he was twice the girth of her husband and two inches longer! She felt so full! Oh, god, he was fucking her… was she being raped or not, OH, it felt so good, but it shouldn’t!

He stroked in and out slowly, his large cock filling her. He grasped her legs and held them up, pushing them up to her chest, leaning forward so his cock buried itself in her. She cried out at the deep penetration and feelings it gave her. He started fucking faster now, harder, his balls hitting her ass as he fucked her.

She grabbed him then holding him as she fucked back, her back arching to meet his strokes. She groaned, ignoring her feelings of shame and guilt as he screwed her, fucked her like a whore. Never before had fucking been so satisfying, yet terrifying. Was it the strangeness of the place and the man? Was it her intense frustration? 

Who could tell, all she knew was that the cock in her was driving her toward an orgasm like she had never had before. He thrust it deeper and deeper as he neared his own orgasm. She fucked back, enjoying the intense pleasure of his cock in her, the feeling of being possessed completely.

She looked into his face and said, “I am cummmingg!” She held in her scream, making the orgasm all the more intense as it ripped through her guts, the very fabric of her mind being ripped apart by it. He groaned and then she felt his seed squirting into her, filling her, his hot essence giving her cunt an even hotter glow. 

“Oh, oh, god, you feel so good!” he said, pumping the last of his load into her pussy. He slowly pulled out and back, looking at her through half closed eyes. 

“Was that what you needed?” he asked.

“Yes, but, I, I can’t do it again!”

“Well, at least you know what it feels like now. You should get up and get dressed. I don’t think they are coming back.” He put himself back together and left the room then. 

With some effort she got up and cleaned herself up. Just then she realized she did not even know the man’s name. She dressed quickly and went to the front desk, where a matronly woman now sat.

“There was a man, he helped me when I arrived. What is his name?”

“Man? There is no other man working here except the doctor.”

She looked at the woman, disbelief in her eyes. The who had just given her the best fuck of her life? The janitor?


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