Don’t Get Me Pregnant

She was my first real girl friend. We had met at a party and been going out together for some time but had not progressed further than kissing and gentle groping of her breasts through her clothes.

In those days before the pill, even being 18, this was not unusual.

I was shy and she like most girls at the time seemed vary wary of sexual advances. I suppose it was the risk of pregnancy although we were all ignorant about sex in those days. I always wondered if  her other boy friends had got further with her but I didn’t have the confidence to demand it and always took no for an answer.

That evening we were listening to records in her front room having been to the cinema like on many other occasions. I can’t remember what film we had seen but it must have turned her on. She lay

back on the couch and we necked for some time. Whilst in a prolonged kiss with my tongue in her mouth I slid my hand down and stroked her knee. Her skirt had ridden up a bit and it was only natural

to trace my hands slowly further up her nylon-clad leg.

She took her mouth from mine and put a hand down to restrain mine but only lightly. Then she turned her lips to me again and I took this as a signal to stroke further up her thigh, suddenly finding

my hand reaching the top of her stockings. I slid my fingers onto that delicious soft flesh at the top of her leg and whilst she put her hand to restrain mine from going higher, she did not push it

back down.

I took this as a signal for this far but no further and enjoyed the thrill of caressing that enticing skin and moving my fingers further round stroke her inner thigh. All the time I was expecting

her to call a halt to my gentle advances but perhaps that was the key to my success or perhaps just the way her emotions were stirring that night.

Suddenly, accidentally my hand strayed onto her groin and reached the edge of her knickers. I was a bit shocked and dismayed for I thought she would end the petting then but was amazed and

delighted when she made no great effort to stop me. She just lightly resisting my hand going much further Emboldened I slid my fingertips under the edge of her knickers, as the elastic was not

tight and eased opened invitingly.

Then suddenly I was there with my fingers on her moist warm cunt lips for the first time ever. I was amazed how wet she was; she was obviously very excited. I had always thought she was very

passionate but her upbringing stopped her thought too easy and she would only allow necking, cuddling and some gentle groping through her clothes.

Any attempt to get my hands anywhere intimate on her body, or to start to undress her, even trying to undo the buttons of her blouse was firmly stopped. So that her body was so eager for heavy

petting was a revelation to me. I gently eased her cunt lips aside, they were so wet and sticky they were reluctant to part but I opened them gently apart and explored, found her button and began

to caress it slowly.

She grunted in delight through the French kiss and made mewing noises of pleasure in her throat. She was thrusting her tongue all around my mouth now and I extended the range of my caresses all

around her genitals and tried to get a finger into her cunt. The tightness of the edge of her pants made it difficult to get enough movement to obtain access to all her pussy area and I disengaged

my hand from her knickers and moved it up to her waist under her skirt.

For a second I mentally cursed myself for a tactical error thinking that I should have been happy with what I had got. I thought that she would now call a stop to the fun and I should have been

grateful for what I had already achieved. Luckily it was not to be like that and I was allowed to slip my hand under the waistband of her knickers and down her smooth rounded stomach. What bliss as

my fingers slid over her bulging mound and through that soft downy hair. Then I was there, with unobstructed access to her wet warm slit.

Oh what bliss. It was so exciting to feel her cunt for the first time. I could not believe the way she was reacting to my caresses. Normally so cool and controlled, loving but with great propriety

suddenly she was transformed in my arms. She responded immediately to me, kissing me passionately as I explored her, mewing in pleasure as I gently ran my fingers over the hardening swelling

clitoris, pushing her legs wide apart to give me better access.

Her little gasps of pleasure became moans as I pushed two fingers deep into her soaking my hand with juice and then when I found the spot little convulsions of her cunt squeezed my fingers tight.

Her breath stated to come in pants as she began to babble “Darling, darling love you that is so good I can’t believe it. Oh darling, Darling I have never felt like this before, Please, please

darling, love me, love me, please I can’t bear it, its too much, oh so good.” Her loins convulsed and she forced herself on to my fingers as the orgasm swept inexorably over her.

“Oh Darling what’s happening, oh, oh please I can’t stop, Darling, please stop its wrong I know but so good, god I’m bad, so bad I must be bad because I want you so much and I must have you.” She

thrust her hand down the band of my trousers, fumbling with the button and then sliding her hand into my pants and squeezing my hard prick.

“Oh you’re so hard, is that good, I want you to feel as good as I do, I want you but we mustn’t go too far, is it good for you when I stroke you like this?” “That’s it darling, touch the tip, move

up and down and stroke the rim. Oh yes that’s lovely, I want you please, I want to get my prick deep inside you.”

“Oh darling I’m sorry. I want you so much too but I’m frightened of getting a baby” I started to caress her again, stroking gently, slowly with my finger tips the hardening tip of her clit and

pushing two fingers deep into her. She exploded, panting, moaning and crying “that’s so good I can’t bear it, oh god I want you, I want you, need you in me, ooooh but we mustn’t, I daren’t, I hate

to refuse you, what else can I do to make you feel good, I love you so.”

Disappointed bitterly I groaned, “Put it in your mouth then, suck it, lick it, now deep, to the root and move slowly while gripping it, now out and suck the tip, yes, yes you had better get it out

I’m going to cum.”

She slid her lips away and then looked puzzled, “Will it hurt? If you are enjoying it why stop, I love to make you happy,” and she slid it back in and ran her tongue around the tip. I could not

hold back and a great spurt shot into her mouth. She pulled back, “Eeeeeeeh, its sticky messy and tastes funny.”

I groaned in disappointment and she responded, “I’m spoiling it for you, I don’t mind it’s not too bad. I love you so much that I will do anything to please you,” and she thrust her lips around my

prick again.

I could not believe luck; my prick that had softened stiffened again and began to pump spurts of cum. I groaned in pleasure and after instinctively pulling back at the spurt, forced her to work her

soft lips and tongue around my prick, bobbing her head steadily.

“Oh yes darling yes please that’s good, go deep right down to the root.” She responded until her face pushed on my belly, gulping cum as my prick convulsed and spurted down her throat. Cum drooled

from the edge of her tips as she opened her mouth to gulp some air. She choked as the cum ran down her throat but swallowed whilst keeping my prick deep in her throat.

“Oh my god darling that’s fantastic,” I moaned and she redoubled her efforts until my prick eased out its last drop and began to subside. She pulled back and looked at me, “Is that alright,


“No, no, keep it in and lick gently for a while, its delicious like that,” and she obeyed for a long time until I said, “that’s enough, wonderful, you were amazing darling, almost as good as really

having you.”

She looked disappointed, “I know darling I want you so, but I can’t, it’s so hard but I couldn’t risk a baby.”

“I understand love,” and I reached for her again. “Let me give you a thrill like you just gave me,” and I eased her legs apart and pushed my mouth to her thighs. I licked steadily up her inner

thigh whilst she gently tried to keep me away.

“No please, it’s dirty,” she gasped but as my lips inexorably crept higher she began to squirm. Then I was there and I ran my tongue up her groin, slowly lingering as she muttered, “That’s so


After a while I moved my tongue to her cunt lips, enjoying her involuntary movements of pleasure, that fabulous female smell and the smell and taste of her. I slid her lips apart with my tongue,

and licked up and down her crack as her excitement rose as she began to gasp and pant. I licked the entrance to her cunt before thrusting my tongue as far up her as possible and rotated it licking


Then I withdrew and licked her little button. The effect was dramatic as she began to babble incoherently, “Oh god not again, oh yes lovely darling, darling. I can’t believe I feel so intense, please darling I love you, more, more yes, yes, yes.”

I nipped the end of the button between my lips and tongued its tip and her body convulsed, great muscular spasms convulsing her belly as she orgasmed yet again and she cried out “P-please, please, no more it’s too much I can’t stand it. ooooohhhh daaaarling, daaaarling Oh god on god I want you so.”

I sucked lightly, whilst pushing her thighs wide apart and she reached forward to pull my face tight to her. She orgasmed for fully five minutes before her body stopped convulsing and she cried, “S-stop, stop please, it’s too much, I’ve finished darling…”

I let her relax for 5 minutes before slowly starting to lick her again. “No, no!” she gasped, “It’s too much.” But I forced her legs wide with my firm grip on her thighs and squeezed that hard little button firmly between my lips. Her body began to shudder again and another orgasm began to grip her. She thrashed her head from side to side in uncontrolled spasms and pulled my head to her once more.

“Darling, darling that’s so wonderful, I want you so, please love me.” I slid up to kiss her mouth wildly and then thrust my hips forward. I could feel my hard prick twitching on the bare flesh of her cunt and reached down to put the tip against her opening. The tip nosed into the wet gap and as I pushed she opened slowly.

She froze and her eyes opened wide and locked on mine, “Oh, I mustn’t, you mustn’t, stop its too dangerous.”

I was too excited to stop now; I thrust steadily and could feel her opening as I slid deep into her. She tried to back away from me, but I was on top of her and the firmness of the couch only allowed a little movement. I thrust hard and my prick went in until our bellies were tight together. “Oh god no!” she cried as I began to hump steadily. “You mustn’t cum in me please, I’ll get pregnant.”

But as my excitement rose and the pleasure built I humped faster and faster and her body began to squirm with me. Spasms swept over her belly and gripped my prick causing the welling of an ejaculation to extend deeper into her.

She felt the twitching of the end of my prick as i pushed against her cervix and struggled to get away but her orgasm swept over her uncontrollably and she abandoned the unequal struggle wrapping her arms and legs tight around me. She thrust her tongue down my throat, humping back at me with moans and cries. “Oh I love you I can’t stop it, I want you, I need you darling. It’s, so wonderful,” and she gave into her fate and her body’s urges.

I gripped her tightly and cried aloud as my spurts shot into her and increased my thrusting frantically. She felt the hot spray deep in her and her eyes opened in horror but we were beyond control now and she was mine.

Luckily she did not get pregnant. Even luckier for me she had learned to love fucking so much that she was now keen to get it as often as possible. As soon as I was home we forgot about the pictures and got on that couch. Even out in public she loved my hand up her skirt to get a feel. Some of these stories I will tell later.

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