Drunk Husband

Many years ago I was promoted to manager of a business.  On my promotion I made contact with all the important customers and suppliers, and explained that whilst the guy who owned the business wasn’t selling, I was the one running it on a day to day basis and had authority to sign checks and such.

Included in these contacts was the bank manager. A guy a few years older than me, the usual banker type, straight laced in the office.

He suggested we go to lunch one day and wanting to make a good impression, I didn’t drink at lunch but noticed he knocked back a few glasses of wine.

We became quite friendly and luckily for me the business was successful so he invited me out one evening to a theater show. I arrived and there he was along with his wife, a very nice mature lady elegantly dressed with a good figure. Her skirt showed off her long legs and her breasts looked wonderful in a tight fitting top.

The bank’s expense tab was taking care of the evening. Alex, the bank manager, wasn’t going to miss out and he went straight for the bar.

His wife Sandra did not drink because she was driving, and I would have loved to of had a few but thought better of it, as again I wanted to impress them.

As the night went on Alex just got more and more drunk and Sandra decided that enough was enough.  She told him they were going home at the interval and that he had too much to drink.  What about Barry, said Alex. Referring to me, and Sandra said she would bring me home as well that I could get a cab from there.

Alex managed to order yet another drink before we finally got him out of the bar. When we walked outside and the fresh air hit him, he really went and his poor wife and I had to carry him in to the car. On the way home he got a little nasty with her and started bitching about the free night being ended early.

Sorry about this, she said but I told her not too worry by the time we got to their house he was truly out of it and could hardly walk. So we had to manhandle and carry him out of the car.  He then got really obnoxious, calling Sandra not so nice names and I felt really sorry for her.

We got him in and Sandra said put him in the spare room. We got him on to the bed and while she got him sorted out, I went back out to the living room.  I couldn’t stop thinking about what a prick he is. There were pictures all over the room in which she looked stunning.  One in particular caught my eye, it was obviously taken on vacation of her in a swimsuit.  She was beautiful.


She came back out and said I am so sorry about that, he just has a few too many sometimes.   I asked her how she was and she said that she was alright, but I could tell in her face that she was sad.  I didn’t blame her.

Can I get you a drink or anything she said now that I am home I need one.  What about him I said.  She told me that he wouldn’t wake until the morning and would not remember a thing.  She pleaded with me not to mention how he acted to anyone because his boss had already warned him about his behavior at the office Christmas party. I told her not too worry that I would not tell anyone.

I followed her in to her kitchen where she made us some drinks.  We sipped them without saying much.  I just looked at her and couldn’t help but think again who horrible he had treated her.  She asked if I wanted another and I said no, that I had better be going.  I went to hand her my glass and as I did our fingers touched, we both kind of froze and looked at each other.

I knew then was the time to either make a move on her or get out of there. I chose the former!!!

I set my glass down and took her glass from her.  I pulled Sandra into me and kissed her deeply.   Her response was spectacular, she really went for it and I thought she was going to try devour me then and there.

We stumbled and stepped our way back in to the living room where we stripped each other like two wild animals, her clothes were flying all over the room and she lay on the sofa and lifted her ass up as I pulled her panties off.  Man, what a sight she was naked.

I pulled my trousers off and my dick sprang out of my pants she pulled me down on top of her. With the minimum of messing around she guided me in to her, whispering that she was on the pill but asking me not to cum inside her. It didn’t take long before I felt myself ready to cum and pulled out of her and came on lovely belly.

We collapsed then fell asleep for a while.  I remember hearing Alex’s drunken snores from the other room. Sandra giggled and I felt her playing with my balls. Come on she said, lets take our time this time. What about him I asked her.  She told me if a fucking bomb went off in the garden and he wouldn’t wake up.  And besides she said, the stupid prick hasn’t fucked me in months he always gets too drunk.

We screwed half the night in many various positions. I finished her off with a magical rear entry with her over the end of the sofa.

The next time I met Alex, he was quite embarrassed and said something like thanks for not telling anyone that he and Sandra appreciated it.

We resumed a strictly professional bank manager and customer relationship but it was quite a funny feeling being in his office looking at a picture of Sandra smiling.  I used to get a hard on thinking what her and I had done while he slept in a wine induced coma next door.

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