Erotic Dancer

It was a miserable Tuesday night. A summer storm had
rushed into town from the Midwestern plains pushing
rough winds, heavy rains, and lots of thunder and
lightning. I sat beside the small stage in the almost-
empty back section of REX’s strip club watching Trisha
gyrate to Kid Rock’s “Cowboy” punctuated by the
occasional clash of thunder. The weather had kept the
place mostly empty that night and I was the only one at
the small, circular stage near the back of the club.
The few other guys in the club watched a different girl
on the main stage.

I watched Trisha come up from a crouch with the pole
between her large tits, press them together and begin
sliding up and down. She’d danced two songs already and
had just enough of a sheen between her boobs to make
the pole slide easily. It looked like a brass cock tit-
fucking her. I beckoned her to me with a dollar and she
laid in front of me, opening and closing her legs after
I tucked the buck into her G-string. She played with
her panties – like all strippers do – teasing with what
they almost show you.

Trisha wasn’t teasing tonight, though. As the song
ended, she let her hands stray a bit too far and pulled
the panties aside to flash me a shot of completely-
waxed pussy – definitely NOT legal in this state. This
was the first time I’d seen it and she gave me a full
ten second look. It was puffy and pale to match her
skin and had a hint of shiny pink just visible in the

I had been coming to REX’s for about two weeks since I’d
kicked myself out of my usual hangout by breaking up
with one of the dancers there. That girl had been doing
so much coke that she was acting like Brittany Murphy’s
character in Spun and became a major pain in the ass. I
didn’t want to switch clubs, but strippers tend to
stick together, so I knew I wouldn’t get any action
there for a while. REX’s was a nice club with good-
looking girls, and it was perfectly located on the
other side of town so none of the girls had friends at
my old club.

I saw Trisha my first night there. She stood about
5’6″ in heels, with very fair skin, dark eyes, and
chin-length, ash-blonde hair. She had a lovely round
face and pouty lips, but what really made her stand out
were her tits. They were natural 40D’s with just a hint
of droop and large pink nipples. The best part about
them was the sexy way that they moved when she danced
and their incredible softness.

Nobody would say she was fat, but she did have the
figure to support those 40D’s. I would guess she was
40-28-38 with a flat stomach and a stripper’s tight
ass. She was 31 years old when I knew her and was
surprised that I liked her because I was “only” 28 at
the time.

I came into the club 4 or 5 times a week for the next
two weeks, and worked on getting to know her. She was
very cool, smart, and didn’t seem to be as emotionally
damaged as most strippers. She seemed to like me a lot
and would have been perfect dating material except for
her pain-in-the-ass boyfriend who was at the club most
nights, sitting at the bar while she worked the room.
Makes it kind of hard to give a girl a ride home when
her boyfriend is waiting for her.

Nevertheless, I kept working on her. She was a great
deal of fun to hang out with and would spend hours with
me – as much as she could – without asking for money
beyond drinks. (In my experience, that is THE prime
indicator of whether you have a shot with a particular
girl. If all she wants to do is sell you lap dances,
money is the only reason she’s sitting with you.)

Even better, when we would go to the lap dancing room
for the occasional dance, she was wild. She let me to
touch and nibble her tits – both against the rules –
and once let me touch her pussy discreetly. I hoped to
get her away from her boyfriend once or twice and back
to my place for a little sex. She’d actually mentioned
the prospect to me, saying we should, “run off
somewhere and fuck.”

For the last week, we’d been playing an unspoken game
wherein she tried to make me cum in my pants by dry
humping me and I tried to resist. I love this game and
have had great results playing it with other girls in
the past. It’s like playing Hard to Get – strip club
style. They’re used to guys being all over them and
blowing their wad during the first song.

Holding out makes me unusual and interesting.
Eventually, they’re trying their best to make me cum
during a lap dance, which is really fucking fun. After
several nights of their best efforts not working,
they’ll come home with me and fuck me for real just to
prove to themselves they can get me off.

Monday, she had almost won our little game by reaching
up the leg of my shorts to grab my dick. She WOULD have
won, but the cameras that watch the lap dancing room
kept her from jerking me long enough to get me off.

Tonight, she came down from the stage and followed me
back to my table. Thanks to the storm, the place was
mostly empty; there were barely more customers than
dancers. More importantly for my plans, her boyfriend
wasn’t hanging around that night to keep an eye on
here. We had been hanging out drinking for about four
hours and she was getting pretty loose – as evidenced
by that pussy flash on stage. That stunt would have
gotten her fired instantly if the manager, bouncer or
bartender had seen.

When we reached the table, she sat on my lap and picked
up her fourth tequila sunrise. Since she’d almost made
me cum the night before, I had spent the day thinking
of a way to turn the tables on her. My plan depended on
the club’s chairs.

REX’s has great chairs. They’re big enough for two,
plushly padded and made like a cylinder with an arc cut
out for your legs. As she sat down on my lap, I made my
move. I slid my left hand around her waist and down
until it was under her ass. The sides of the chair
concealed what my hand was doing as I reached up and
pulled her G-string aside to touch her pussy.

She looked at me with startled eyes as I began to
stroke her hairless lips, but didn’t move to stop me –
a good sign. I slid my finger up and over the hood of
her clit, making her sigh and wiggle a bit to give me
better access. With the new angle, I could reach a
finger inside to touch her inner labia. They were wet
and I started spreading that wetness over her outer
lips and especially over her clit. I slid back the hood
covering her clit and managed to bump the hard little
nub more and more often as I explored her smooth pussy.

After a few minutes of this treatment, her nipples had
hardened and her breathing quickened. Several more
strokes and she was getting a bit shaky and trying very
hard not to hump my hand. Her pussy was soaking wet now
and I slid my thumb up inside her warm hole and began
rubbing her clit in earnest with my middle finger.

If anybody else had been in the back of the club near
us, we would definitely have been caught – chair or no
chair – because she was flushed, breathing hard, and
had that glazed look of intense concentration women get
right before coming. Time to bring this to and end
before we were caught. I began moving my thumb inside
her, squeezing her G-spot and clit between my thumb and
middle finger.

Hitting the G-spot sent her off on a ragged orgasm and
she threw her head back and moaned. Arching her back
and lifting her feet from the floor, she squeezed my
hand hard with those strong dancer’s legs and pushed
down to force my thumb as deep inside as she could. She
squirmed on my trapped hand for 10 or 15 seconds while
her pussy convulsed, spastically milking my thumb like
a little cock, mindlessly trying to coax a spurt of
seed that would never come.

She collapsed and I looked around to see if anyone had
noticed her obvious orgasm. REX’s is big enough that,
back in our corner, we were easily 20 yards from the
nearest person. I had chosen my table carefully so it
was out of the line of sight of both the bar and the
DJ. By some miracle, nobody was looking toward us.
Everyone else in the place watched the main stage where
two girls danced and play-humped each other. An unusual
act for these two particular girls, but I guess they
were bored with the place so empty. Whatever the reason
for the performance, it kept all eyes forward and away
from us.

Trisha lay back on my chest, breathing hard and
recovering herself. My thumb was still deep inside her,
though I’d stopped moving it, and her pussy still gave
random shudders. She wiggled her butt a little and I
pulled out my hand and moved it to cup her left breast.
I tweaked her nipple while she regained her senses
mumbling, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck,” under her breath the
whole time. She finally sat upright and moved my hand
from her tit leaving behind shiny wet evidence of where
that hand had been so recently.

Glancing around, she asked, “Did anybody see us?”

“Nope, doesn’t look like it,” I said, grinning.

“Good. Fuck!” she yelled quietly and kissed me hard. As
she slid her tongue into my mouth, I tasted a hint of
coppery blood where she’d bitten her lip to keep from
crying out when she came. She pulled back and took a
big gulp of the sunrise, glancing around again since
kissing is against the rules as well. Seeing all eyes
still glued to the lesbo show, she moved in for another
kiss. Now the blood was gone, replaced by the sweet of
the orange and the tangy musk of the tequila.

Having her cum in my lap had damn near made me lose it
before she even touched my cock. Her collapse gave me
time for the danger to pass, but my cock was battling
my underwear to reach full size. The orange and tequila
tongue flitting around my mouth only added to my
distress and the throbbing in my pants.

She noticed the bulge and reached down to slide her
hand along the shaft, adjusting my dick in my pants to
a more comfortable position. She squeezed and rubbed
the tip through my shorts for a few seconds as the kiss
continued, but the song was coming to an end and so was
our little bit of privacy.

She jumped up, downed the rest of her drink and grabbed
my hand. “Your turn,” she said while pulling me toward
the lap dance room. “We’ll dance for tips. I want to
see you cum.” Dance for tips means that she would be
lap dancing essentially for free. A dance in this city
is $20 per song. Normally, the girl keeps $15 and the
club gets $5; they call it ‘tipping out the bar,’ same
as waitresses. She was saying that I only needed to pay
the bar tip of $5 per dance. At that price, she would
get tired of dancing before I ran out of cash.

Trisha led me to the lap dancing room and took the
booth in the corner by the fish tank. To anybody else
in the room with us, we would be relatively well lit,
but to the cameras we were almost invisible because the
low-light cameras on the ceiling got washed out by the
lights in the tank.

We were the only couple in the room, so this was the
booth where we could get away with the most rule-
bending. She knelt in front of me and waited for the
next song to start. She was already topless, of course,
and rubbed her soft tits across my knees. The next song
started, NIN’s “Fuck You Like An Animal,” and she slid
up into my lap and started to dance.

She tried hard to make me cum, I’ll give her that. She
buried my face in her big tits and ground her pussy
into my dick. She opened my shirt and rubbed her tits
against my chest. She whispered sexy shit and nibbled
my ears while I sucked her nipples into my mouth to
feel them harden on my tongue. She sucked MY nipples.
She bent over in front of me, moved her panties and
slid a finger inside, then brought it up to my mouth to

Riskiest of all, she unzipped my shorts to expose my
black boxers. (Never wear white underwear to a strip
club. It glows like a neon sign under black light.)
That let her ride my cock with nothing between us but
two thin pieces of cloth. I could have cum ten times
during those first five songs if I’d let myself. SHE
had at least one orgasm from grinding me.

But the goal of the game was to fuck her for real –
hopefully several times. She was excited by chasing me
and I didn’t think I’d get to fuck her if she managed
to make me cum in the lap dance room. So I held on by a
thread. I wouldn’t have managed even that, except she
had to keep switching what she was doing because the DJ
could see us from across the room.

He couldn’t see us very well, but doing one thing too
long or doing something that was obviously actually
fucking or sucking would quickly bring the bouncers.
Every time she would have to change positions, I’d get
a few seconds break to regain control. Needless to say,
I was having a GREAT time.

Somewhere during the sixth or seventh song, there was a
very loud crash of thunder and the lights went out.
Without the loud music, the rain pelting the metal roof
suddenly seemed very loud and thunder rattled the whole
building. It guessed the storm had gotten worse. It was
so dark that I couldn’t even see Trisha straddling my
legs. I’d just begun to wonder why they didn’t have
emergency lighting, when Trisha blew all thoughts out
of my mind.

She hopped quickly off me and pushed my legs apart. I
felt her hand reach into my boxers and pull my dick out
into the cool air. The cold lasted only a second before
she sucked my entire cock into her hot mouth. She
slurped up and jammed down again, and again, making my
dick head bump against her throat. If I hadn’t been so
surprised, I would have cum instantly, but I was too

I looked wildly around expecting bouncers to grab me,
but it was pitch black everywhere. The only light I
could see was a red ‘EXIT’ sign 50 yards away at the
front door. I came to my senses long enough to think,
“Holy shit! She’s blowing me,” and it was over. After
just five or six trips up and down my shaft, her lips
pulled away exposing me to the cool breeze again.

Two heartbeats later, she crawled up my chest and the
next thing I felt was the unmistakable wet warmth of
her cunt sliding down onto my cock. She slid all the
way down to the balls, then sat still. I still couldn’t
see her in the dark, but sensed her mouth coming to
mine for a kiss. She squashed her huge mounds to my
chest and whispered in my ear, “Now you’ll cum for me.”
Then she started to move.

Getting fucked by a stripper is glorious. They spend
every night pretending to fuck guys, dry-humping guys.
When they have a real cock inside them to ride, they
really know what they’re doing. Trisha was no
exception to this rule and my dick felt like it was in
a velvet meat grinder. She didn’t move up and down, in
and out, but back and forth and side to side. She
ground her clit against the base of my dick and held
the head deep inside rubbing against the stiff cervix.
Her twisting, grasping cunt felt more like a mouth
trying to suck me off, but still had the heat and depth
of a pussy.

Trisha began to make little mewling noises in her
throat as she neared her third orgasm. She must have
wanted it harder because she leaned back, rested her
palms on my knees and started moving up and down. When
she leaned back, I realized that my eyes had adjusted
to the darkness and I could now see her. She sat before
me, body arched and head thrown back, revealed dimly by
the light of the distant EXIT sign.

I will always remember the way that small red light
looked on her body and the way her amazing tits swung
and bounced as she impaled herself on my cock over and
over again.

My own needs were becoming rather urgent at this point
so I grabbed her hips and met her lunges with my own
upward thrusts. I could feel the head of my cock slam
into her cervix over and over. Lots of women don’t like
this feeling, but Trisha obviously didn’t mind though
she would probably be sore tomorrow.

She again fell forward and started to kiss me, moaning
into my mouth to quiet her cries. Suddenly she
stiffened and gasped, cumming hard. Her pussy squeezed
so tight that I couldn’t slide out for a second, then
started that rippling milking motion again.

She collapsed onto my chest when she came. She may have
passed out, it was too dark to tell for sure. I was
seconds from cumming and long past the point of no
return. Without thinking, I held her hips and flipped
her over onto the couch so I was on top. I held her
legs high and started ramming my cock into her still-
spasming cunt as fast, as deep, and as hard as I could.
The buildup was exquisitely slow, pressure rising for
several seconds. My balls felt like a rubber band being
stretched to the breaking point.

Trisha was lost in a continuous orgasm while I thrust
past the last barrier to my own pleasure, and the
rubber band snapped. I stopped thrusting and held my
cock deep inside her as jolt after jolt of hot cum shot
from my cock tip to splash against her cervix. It was
the best orgasm I’d ever had. I shot ropes of sperm for
a full 30 seconds before I was spent. Her pussy kept
milking my drained cock as I slid down beside her on
the couch.

We laid there unmoving for a full minute with my prick
still inside Trisha. As it deflated, I regained enough
of my senses to straighten my clothes. My boxers were
soaked with pussy juice, but I zipped them back into
the shorts anyway. Trisha had just pulled aside her G-
string to make way for my cock; all she needed to do
was adjust her bottoms. She had not counted on the six
or eight big shots of my cum leaking from her pussy.
She didn’t have a towel so dripped onto the seat. She
kept reaching down and bringing tastes to her mouth. We
kissed some more while we waited for the lights to come

The whole escapade from the time she took my dick into
her mouth until I shot my load had taken no more than 5
minutes. The lights came up a few minutes later and
Trisha jumped up and rushed to the dressing room
immediately, hopefully to do something about the leaky
cum running down her leg.

I quickly went to the restroom to make sure everything
was in order before sitting down at my table again to
wait for Trisha. No one suspected a thing! She came
out a few minutes later looking totally fresh in
another outfit to find a new tequila sunrise waiting
for her. She sat on my lap and we talked for the rest
of the night. Turned out she was on birth control
(Whew!) and she was pretty unhappy with her asshole

She went home with me that night and I got to taste
that sweet pussy and shoot another load inside it. The
next morning she woke me with a blowjob and swallowed
every drop. This girl was a keeper.

The following Saturday, she broke up with her asshole
boyfriend and started seeing me. She was a fabulous lay
and our sex got better and better as we learned how to
best please each other. It turned out that her cunt did
that awesome rippling milking thing every time she had
an orgasm. I tried to make sure that she had a LOT of

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