Erotic Love Making

The room was dimly lit. He could see little except the lithe outline of her frame.  She stood there in front of him, the woman he had always desired and hungered for, now totally his, totally devoted to serving his pleasure. 

Who was she? It didn’t seem to matter, looking at her youthful, slender figure sparked a surge of affection in him. It didn’t matter where he was, who she was, why they were in this room together. He let his mind and his caution lean back, relaxing in the august radiance of her presence.

She was wearing a long red gown, giving her the appearance of a fountain. Her smooth, silken black hair stretched out behind her. Her face, as flawless and beautiful as the evening sunset, gazed at him with deep affection in her dark brown eyes.  She stood there, perhaps three feet in front of him. He gazed at the perfection of that calm, peaceful looking face, at the softness of her cheeks, the brightness of her smile. 

She pulled something and her skirt fell off. Underneath it, she had on a red, very thin bikini. The bra was only a short triangle covering her nipples and very little else; the thong was a little patch covering her pubic hair, and a T-shaped strap up the crack of her ass. He could now see her form, and he felt the desires stirring within him. Her waist, her beautiful waist, turned inward invitingly, and long he stared at that perfectly flat, smooth tummy. Her legs were even more of a marvel, curved sinuously, like a river coiling through the desert, every part of it arousing his senses with his sight. She turned round for him, wiggling her body from side to side. 

She bent to the ground and approached him, on hands and knees until she was at his feet. Then she rose. Her body was right in front of him now, he could smell the sweetness of her perfume, see her tender skin moving in front of him. Closer and closer her chest moved towards him.

And then, her bra came off. Her breasts, generously sized but not large, were inches from his eyelids. He drank in the sight of them, staring at their round, delightful appearance. She swayed her hips, tantalizing him, leading his eyes to the small patch between her legs.  Her fingers strode down that lovely body, pulling down at the slender G-string, revealing at last the glistening shine of her pubic hair and the twin folds of her pussy.

He was staring at her now, staring with raw, undisguised, animal lust for her. She smiled knowingly, and once again sank down to her knees.  He felt her body brush up against his lower legs. Slowly, each part of his body was enveloped in her warm naked body. She slithered up him, hands stroking his chest, and he put his arms on her body, desperate for the soft smoothness she had there.

His hands were on her breasts. He could touch them, freely, without hesitation, without limit, without refusal, enjoying their soft, spongelike sensation in his hands. She smiled at him, gently, and slid further up his body, her mouth in front of his. 

He drew her naked body over his. Dutifully she undressed him. He lay there, passively, enjoying the touch of her fingers on his flesh, the soft hands awakening his skin. She pulled off his shirt and gently stroked his chest, sending waves of desire through it. His erection was plainly visible now. She undid his belt and took his pants off, stroking his legs a little. Finally she pulled off his underwear, already wet from semen that had started to leak.

His cock was rock-hard with animal desire for her. He wanted her, to possess that body, to own it, to explore its delights, its touches, its tastes, its scents. She stood there, naked, showing no sign of embarrassment at his lust. Touching her hand to his shoulder, she nudged him and he rolled over. Soon her hands were stroking his back.

Her hands were so soft, so gentle, they felt like a healing solace. She gently caressed his back with the lightest of touches, inflaming his feelings still more. He moaned as her fingers tantalized him, sliding down his sides towards his stomach. Slowly her hands settled on his buttocks, gently squeezing them, playing with them, even nudging the side of her palm a little down his crack. She spread his legs out wide and began to stroke it.

There was always something magical about a female hand on his private parts. He felt himself getting excited as she stroked his inner thighs, and as she touched his balls from behind he nearly jumped with ecstasy.  She stroked his balls and groin for a while, saying softly….I love you…

Then he rolled over. His naked body lay exposed beneath hers. Her hands began to massage his stomach, softly, gently, lighting him up like wildfire. He thought he would die of desire, as he lay there, exposed, open, his raging passion open for her to see, nonchalantly.  Her hands felt like electric currents upon his skin, lighting a trail of glory in their wake.

She began to stroke the inside of his legs. He was very sensitive inside his legs, and with each move of the hand his body leaped. Her hands against his skin felt like magic. She stroked the inside of his cock, hands as light as a feather, fondling it, caressing it, stroking it soothingly.  He closed his eyes and let waves of pleasure rush over him, the peaceful warmth which only a sweet girl’s hands can bring to a man. His balls felt a tingling sensation as she cupped them in her hands and played with them.

She pushed his legs further apart to be able to fondle his groin more easily. Her fingers lovingly stroked between his legs, behind his balls. He moaned with pleasure as he felt the cum inside him gathering, wanting to soak her hands on it, see his white mark on her luscious skin. Sensing this, she moved her hands away from his throbbing dick. 

Kneeling down, her hands caressed his stomach again, up his chest, stroking his face. He felt her breasts rubbing his chest, his cock sliding against her stomach. She deftly lifted her hips up to keep him from climaxing then and there. Slowly she slid, her nude body writhing on his, until her lips were directly opposite his.

He gazed into her eyes for a few seconds, then closed them as he felt her lips touch his, then press into him firmly. He felt his temperature rising. Honey and milk are under your tongue, and the roof of your mouth is like the best wine, he thought blissfully as he wrapped his arms around her tightly.  Her tongue mingled with his, exploring his mouth, probing it, and his tongue thrust into her mouth, feeling its warm inviting flavor.

This was paradise, a touch of heaven, an ecstasy compressed into human flesh and living in human touch. The perkiness of her breasts against his chest, the tantalizing scent of her perfume, the warmth inside her mouth, all this made him feel warm, protected, safe, sheltered from the hungers and pains of the world outside. 

He leaned back, dreamily, and let her explore his body with her tongue.  She nuzzled to the sides of his head, slowly drawing her tongue around his ears, lifting her cheek to them and gurgling. Her tongue, moving as seductively as any serpent, slithered over to his face, and he felt the comforting wetness against his face, massaging him, stroking him, bringing lights into his eyes. 

She rose still higher, and there they were, before his eyes, her two luscious breasts. He stared at them hungrily, then leeringly moved his mouth closer and closer to them. She did not resist; instead, she pushed them into his mouth, cradling his head against her as if he was an infant.

Suck it….the words were barely a whisper, but he scarcely needed to hear them. Holding her strongly against him, he drank in the luscious taste of those breasts. He nuzzled there for a long time, sucking and licking, as she softly kissed his forehead and stroked his hair. He let his eyes wander up, and stared up at her, her breast firmly ensconced in his mouth. She smiled at him, compassionately, and he redoubled his efforts.

At last he had drank his fill. He let go of her breasts and laid down on the bed, sighing dreamily. But she was not finished with him yet.  She slid her body down, on top of him, down, kissing his neck, laying a trail of kisses and nibbles across his chest, until her mouth closed around his nipples. Now it was her turn to graze there, nuzzling at his nipples, rapidly flicking her tongue back and forth over them, feeling his body start to writhe and wriggle underneath her.

Slowly she moved down further. Her lips and tongue played on his belly, circled his navel, but she knew the part of his body he wanted. She slid down to the ground, kneeling before him, in a reverent position.  His dick was there, in front of her face, rock-hard, proud and insolent in its insatiable lust for her. She smiled, smiled at the writhing member hungry for her lips, smiled at the dribbles of precum down the shaft, forming a little pool at the bottom. 

She kissed his cock affectionately, pecking his glans with her lips, then pursing them together. He moaned, louder again. Then she took her tongue out further and swirled it around his dick. He felt her tongue massage him and nearly burst with excitement. There she was, a beautiful naked girl kneeling before him, her face down in his genitals, licking and kissing his most private parts, giving him all the pleasure he could possibly want. 

Now her tongue licked the base of his cock, slowly going up the back of it, spreading desire and passion through his body like wildfire. He wanted this girl, wanted to possess her, wanted to feel her delights all over him. He reveled at the fact that her tongue was down there, between his legs, licking his cock like a banjo, making him moan, pant, salivate, let himself totally feel at one with the lust of the moment. 

Her tongue could not be stopped. Down and down his cock it went, and he felt his balls starting to writhe as she licked them, oblivious to his hair. He could hardly believe his senses when he felt her mouth envelop his scrotum, taking one ball into her mouth, sucking on it, nibbling on it, then pushing it out and eagerly hunting for the next. His balls in her mouth! He revelled in the sensation, the tingling sensation, the little tickles that sent delightful ripples into his sac and loins.

Her tongue was like a balm, a soother, a soft wet magical love that brought ecstasy to every particle to his skin. Now she was nuzzling between his legs, licking his groin very slowly, massaging his inner thighs. He found himself giggling foolishly, unable to contain himself, basking in her attentions.

She rolled him over. He felt her face grazing his ass. Kiss my ass, he whispered, and soon the soft pucker of her lips was there. Her lips on his bare ass – the mere thought made each kiss a dollop of tender love.  Anticipation burned in him like fire. Her hands moved to his buttocks and her gentle fingers slowly drew them apart. He felt the hot breath inside him and knew that could mean only one thing.

Her tongue entered his asshole.

The sensation that arises when a woman’s tongue is licking inside a man’s ass cannot be easily described. Perhaps the best metaphor is that of a wheel of pleasure, a loosening that turns the insides into jelly and the mind into a blazoned electrode of passion. Waves of sensations spread from his ass, deep inside him, into the depths of his body and soul. He screamed, and screamed again, unable to contain himself, scarcely able to fathom the waves of raw joy that permeated his being.  Her tongue probed deeper, deeper, impossibly deeply into his asshole, with no hint of hesitation or shame or prudery. 

She knew his body could not contain itself much longer. Rolling him over, she looked knowingly at his cock, by now rock-hard, dripping with precum, quivering and shaking. She moved her lips closer to it, then paused just above it. She looked straight into his eyes and smiled, and he almost collapsed, unable to comprehend the magnificence unfolding on him. Then she uttered four unforgettable words:

I wanna drink it.

The state of his mind as her mouth enveloped his cock shattered all preconceptions of reality. As the soft wet warmth enveloped his genitals he was only aware of desire, hungry desire, naked desire, the will to live, to breathe, to cum. His body pulsed. Her lips were firm but soft and yielding, her tongue seductive, her saliva a juice of wild pleasure.

Even afterwards, the moment of ejaculation seemed like a dream. It hardly seemed real, his cum flowing into her mouth. The thought of her tongue, painted white, with the signal of his lust only made each thrust more of a miracle, more of an explosion. Her head rolled with each thrust, expertly taking each one, writhing with him as his moment unfurled.

What can describe an orgasm of blinding intensity? In that moment reality ceases to exist. Dreams and consciousness become one. All senses, all feelings, all thought and deed is subordinate to the driving imperatives of love, lust, and desire. 

He lay there, panting, spent, and exhausted, but she was not finished with him yet. She slid up his body again, lying with her face opposite his. She opened her mouth, and he saw the white pool there, the symbol of his passions inside her. She closed her mouth and ostentatiously swallowed, looking at him straight in the eye and smiling as he heard the gurgling sound.

Overcome with emotion, he collapsed into her arms, clasping him against her, holding her body tightly against his. He would never let her go.  She cradled him against her and rocked him gently until they both fell asleep, lying there, naked, in each others’ arms.


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