First Time For Everything – My New Black Lover

It was a Friday afternoon and my wife, Abby, called me
and said that she was going to go out with a friend.
She knew I had a dinner planned with a customer and the
kids were gone for the weekend so it was her ticket to
have fun. She said her friend Bambi’s husband Jack was
traveling so it was girl’s night out.

Bambi was in her early 40’s and I had always thought
she might hot if she dressed a little more proactively
and was a little more out-going, something my wife has
no problem with. When my wife goes out she likes to
dress to get noticed and playing the role of a MILF.

I suggested to my wife that I get a suite at a nice
hotel downtown so we wouldn’t have to cut the night
short to drive the 45 minutes home. We agreed I would
order the suite and I would give her a call when my
dinner was done. I also told her I would run by the
house and pack up some things before coming into town
for the dinner.

Abby told Bambi the plan and that she was invited to
stay in the suite but they had to go shopping first to
liven up Bambi’s outfit. They went to a downtown mall
near the hotel and Abby picked out several outfits for
Bambi to try on. There was a clerk in the men’s
department across the aisle that they both thought was

Tyrell was a young good looking black stud who was
watching the two ladies and as Bambi was in the
dressing room Abby told him that Bambi thought he was
hot. She also found out he was 22 and finishing up
college. Bambi came out looking like a different woman
with a tight skirt and a tight top, both highlighted
her features well.

Tyrell whispered in Abby’s ear, “Bambi is pretty hot
herself.” They finished up shopping and without telling
Bambi, she suggested to Tyrell to meet them at a dance
club and he should bring a friend.

They cleaned up at the hotel and grabbed a quick dinner
from room service and headed to the bar around 8pm. The
bar was pretty quiet so they danced together for a
while and then sat at the bar. The guys all around were
noticing them and one guy danced with a reluctant
Bambi. Abby decided to get things going and ordered up
shots which were 2 for 1 during happy hour. So she
ordered and there were two shots for each of them when
Bambi came back.

Bambi said she has not had many shots in the last 20
years and she shouldn’t probably have one. After much
coaxing, Abby convinced her to have at least one.
Bambi drank it down and then with a little more coaxing
she finished the 2nd one. This was getting both ladies
going and before long they were dancing with guys and
having a lot of fun.

Abby got two of the guys to buy them another shot and
Bambi was a new woman, new clothes and the alcohol
opened up her flirtatious side. About that time Tyrell
walked in and Bambi noticed him right away so Abby let
her in on the secret that she told him to meet them as
long as he brought a friend.

Tyrell walked right up and said, “Hi Bambi, you sure are
looking hot tonight.” And then he introduced his friend
Kareem. They were both at the university and each had a
semester left.

They all went out to the dance floor, Bambi with Tyrell
and my wife with Kareem. They danced several songs and
one slow one where Bambi and Tyrell were definitely
grabbing each others asses. They ordered another round
of shots about the time I gave my wife a call and she
told me about the activities and told me to come on
down to meet them.

This is not the first guy my wife has picked up where
we ended up in a 3 some together in a hotel room. I
told her I could pick up some alcohol and just meet
them at the hotel. Abby told the guys her husband was
coming and they got a little freaked and she told them
don’t worry he is cool with my flirting and extra
curricular activity.

After a few more songs Abby suggested they go to the
hotel to finish the party. Bambi was reluctant but
Abby said she would protect her. Bambi said that she
did not want to let it get carried away and that she
had never had sex with anyone but her husband, Jack.
Karen said they would just party for a while and send
the guys home with a hard-ons — even though my wife
had no intention of letting that happen, she would fuck
them both if she had too.

When they got to the suite I was there and had shots
poured for everyone to help break the ice with the
guys. I figured they would back off when they saw me
and I did not want that to happen. We sat around and
talked for a while and Abby was all over Kareem and
Tyrell was interested in Bambi but Bambi was trying to
keep things cool. Bambi left to pee and when she came
back Abby and Kareem were gone. She asked where they
were and I told her that they went in the other room
for a while and that Kareem was going to give her a back
rub – and I assume fuck her but I did not share that
with Bambi.

I decided I would go to the other bedroom to make Bambi
feel more comfortable but I did leave the door open
slightly so I could see what was going on. Tyrell could
tell she was shy and had her sit on the couch with him.
He gave her a kiss and then suggested he give her a
back rub. He got behind her and started rubbing her
back and shoulders.

I could see Bambi’s nipples were hard and it appeared
she was definitely enjoying it. Kareem then brought his
hands around and cupped and massaged both of her boobs.
Bambi had her eyes closed enjoying the touching as he
started pulling off her shirt with just her bra
covering her C cup boobs.

Tyrell was taking it one step at a time working things
slowly so as not to surprise Bambi. He then undid her
bra, pulled it off and she was topless. I was also hard
and had my cock out stroking myself. He then moved
around front and while holding one boob took the other
one lightly biting at the hard nipple. Bambi leaned
back enjoying the sensual touching.

While alternating between biting and sucking the
nipples his hand slowly started to work its way toward
her crotch. She moved a bit like she was surprised and
I assume his finger found her wet love canal and worked
its way in. Between the sucking and biting of the boobs
and the finger in her pussy she was getting very close
to cumming and then she screamed out, “I got to have
you now fuck me, hurry!”

He quickly got a condom out of his pants, tore it open,
pulled down his pants and rolled it on. As he was doing
this one of her hands found her crotch and the other
was on her boob. He pushed her panties to the side and
thrust his cock into her. She kept her eyes closed the
whole time and not until she entered did she realize he
was much bigger than her husband, which was the only
cock that had seen that pussy up until now.

As soon as he entered her and I think on about the 2nd
thrust Bambi screamed “I’m coming, keep fucking me,
harder!” Tyrell kept working his cock in and out, he
kept pounding her with that gigantic cock and before he
came she had a 2nd orgasm and he just kept pounding

Finally he said he was going to cum and asked if he
could cum in her mouth and he pulled out ripped off the
condom and he did not make it in time and the first
spurt hit her on the check and she quickly took him
into her mouth and he finished unloading his cum. She
never let a drop out so she must have swallowed it all
down. They both collapsed on the couch in each others
arms. Tyrell then got up to go to the bathroom.

I had my pants off and I decided to join the party and
walked out and put my cock up to Bambi and she sat up,
took me into her mouth and stroked and sucked me until
I came in her mouth. Tyrell came back as she was milking
me for the last drops. He went over to the door and
opened it and we could all see Abby on all fours
getting it from behind.

The three of us watched the show until Kareem pulled
out, got rid of the condom as my wife collapsed on the
bed and then he stroked his cock until he came all over
her back shooting all the way up her back into her
hair. They wiped up the cum and then Tyrell was right
there to take Kareem’s place. He put on another condom
and my wife got up on all fours and unfortunately Kareem
came out of the room and shut the door.

He walked over to Bambi and started kissing her and he
got her panties and skirt off and proceeded to go at
her pussy. He obviously enjoyed giving oral pleasures
and I assume he did the same for my wife. Then he
looked up and asked if he could shave her and how he
loved going down on a bald pussy. Bambi did not say
much and he led her to the bathroom.

Fortunately I had my shaving kit and Kareem proceeded to
shave her clean. He said he likes shaving his
girlfriend and how it turns her on. Once she was clean
shaven he wiped off the excess shaving cream and she
stood up with bald pussy staring at us. Even I wanted
to dive in and lick her pussy, bet her husband will be
shocked. Kareem reached up and shoved one and then two
fingers into her. Bambi was really turned on by all of
this and almost seemed to be ready to cum again.

We moved into the 2nd bedroom and he had her lie on the
side of the bed and he put his fingers back into her as
deep as he could and pulled them out and licked them
clean. He then did it again and put them to Bambi’s
mouth to lick clean. He kept fingering her and licking
her clit and then he put one finger in her ass which
really caught her by surprise.

He worked his index finger in and out of her ass and
his thumb in her pussy and had his tongue right there
also. Bambi then said “fuck, I am going to cum, fuck me
now” and he asked me to go get him a condom in the
other room and then Bambi said, “Just fuck me, now I
can’t wait! Just don’t cum in me.”

He did as told and he rammed his cock into her and she
came almost instantly He kept working it in and out of
her and then he had her flip over and he entered her
from behind. He also started working his finger into
her ass hole and I could see he was planning to fuck
that ass. He sure had a lot of staying power; I would
have cum a long while before.

Without warning he pulled out and guided his cock into
her backdoor. Bambi screamed out something about his
cock felt huge almost like a telephone pole being
shoved up her ass. He kept pounding her ass and then he
pulled out and came all over her ass back and pussy. He
must have unloaded about twice as much as I usually do,
oh to be 21 again. He then rammed it back into to her
ass one last time.

He pulled out and left to get cleaned up, so I was
right there and shoved my cock into her pussy and then
did the same and slid it up into her ass. I did not
have the staying power of the young studs and I pulled
out to cum on her ass.

Bambi was startled but said “No, put it back in and
fuck me until you cum.”

I rammed it back home and pounded as hard as I could
until I started cumming deep in her ass. I worked it in
and out a few more times until I was done spilling out.

Angie moaned, “God that was great, I haven’t been
fucked like that in 20 years. Not since my husband I
were first dating.” She also said it was the first time
she had ever let someone much less two fuck her in the
ass. Her husband had always wanted to but she never had
said yes and how she now thinks she missed out on
something all these years. We all headed to the
bathroom to get cleaned up and then went into the main

Tyrell was on the couch and he said Abby had fallen
asleep. I looked at the clock and it was almost 4am. I
asked him if he had a “good time” with my wife and he
told me Abbu was one hot lady. I asked to tell me
exactly they did and he was reluctant to say and
finally he indicated that he fucked her pussy to start
and then ended up fucking her in the ass. He said they
heard us in the other room so Abby cleaned up his cock
and then took him in her mouth and sucked him off.

We talked for a while and I found out Tyrell was engaged
and was going to be married in about 6 months and Kareem
had a steady girlfriend and he was going to ask her to
marry him once he was out of college and had a job.
They both said neither had had sex with anyone but
their girlfriends of late but liked the ideal of
getting it on with two hot married women. The guys had
to work in the morning so they decided to head out so I
gave them some money for a taxi ride home.

I figured the night was done but I had a hard on from
hearing how Tyrell had fucked my wife in the ass and she
had sucked him off. I was going take care of things
myself and noticed the light on in the 2nd bedroom.
Bambi had never come back out so I assume she crawled
into bed and feel asleep with the light on.

I walked to her door and she was lying on the bed in an
inviting way and said “you need help with the bulge in
your pants?” and I said, “What do you have in mind? I
am open to suggestions.”

She said, “Get those shorts off and fuck me.”

I started going for the condoms and she asked if I had
have a vasectomy and I told her yes so she said,
“C’mon, just fuck me.”

What the fuck, I got into to bed and got between her
legs and licked her pussy a little and then slowly
worked my way up and worked on both boobs and then
worked my way to her mouth and slid my cock into her
and started working it in and out. With already coming
twice that night I lasted a little longer than usual
and she came and then I followed cumming in her pussy.
I told her we should both go climb in bed with my wife
and sleep there. We went in and my wife was sleeping
totally naked so the other two naked bodies joined her
with me holding my wife and Angie holding me.

I got up first so I decided to take a shower. The
ladies looked so sexy and actually started to snuggle
up with each other. I finished up my shower and walked
back into the bed room to see my wife’s ass in the air
and her face firmly planted between Bambi’s legs and
her hands on Bambi’s boobs twisting the nipples. Bambi
had a pillow over her face and was enjoying the tongue
lashing from Abby.

Not sure what had happened when I was gone but the
ladies were not missing me. I watch for a few minutes
and was hard so I decided to join the fun and slid
behind my wife and stuck my cock into her. As I was
fucking my wife I heard a muffled Bambi screaming she
was cumming. I kept pounding my wife until I came in
her pussy.

Abby pulled me off and went up and straddled Bambi
putting her cum soaked pussy to Bambi’s mouth and
letting the cum drip down. I was pretty sure this was
the first pussy Bambi had ever had but it did not take
her long to figure out what to do with Abby’s slit.
Bambi brought Abby off and then she got off and the
two ladies held each other and kissed.

It was getting late and we had to take showers and get
dressed before we checked out. Bambi said she had to
pick up her husband that afternoon and she was not sure
how to tell him about what had happened. She felt he
would be ok with it once he got over the initial shock
and that he had always fantasized about her getting it
from another guy.

She decided not to tell him I had fucked her and that
she had only fucked Tyrell. I told her to just pull down
her pants and let him see the bald pussy and let him
fuck you in the ass and then he would be too turned on
to get up set about what had happened the night before.

It was a night of firsts for Bambi, first time to have
anal sex, first time to eat pussy, first time to have
her pussy shaved, the first time she had multiple guys
in one night and the first time she had any other cock
besides her husbands. But I doubt it will be the last
time for Bambi.

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