Food Shopping

Peggy was excited at the attempts she and her husband, Tim were making at spicing up there sex lives. Married for almost fifteen years, Peggy and Tim discussed the fact that both were bored were their sexual lives and recently started doing things to try and make it more exciting. Peggy was having the most difficulty. She was raised in a very conservative environment and thought of herself as very respectable. Peggy was a substitute teacher at her children’s school and taught Sunday school every Sunday morning. 

Tim had always encouraged her to wear “sexy” clothes to show off her body. Peggy’s frame was small which made her 34C breasts seem so much bigger than the actual size. Peggy tried to do as Tim wanted but just did not feel “right” wearing short dresses or going without a bra so those attempts met with limited success. Tim tried to be more assertive in bed, encouraging Peggy to try different positions, but he experienced difficulty treating her anyway than the Mother and wife she was. Sometimes this frustrated Peggy and her attempts to communicate with Tim regarding her sexual needs never seemed to come out right. 

Today was to be different, Tim was supposed to come home at lunch and make love to her. Peggy and Tim always made love at night, with the lights off, so Peggy was excited. She also prepared a surprise for Tim that she hoped would encourage him to be more adventurous. Several weeks earlier Peggy found Tim’s stash of “porno” magazines in the garage. She noticed that the pubic area of just about every woman in the photos was shaved, bald.

With a nervous hand, Peggy shaved her pubic area, including her labia during her morning shower as a surprise for Tim for their afternoon adventure. Peggy hurried and dressed in an off-white sundress and matching blouse and sat waiting for Tim to arrive. She glanced at the clock and watched the door, as Tim should be arriving any minute. Already Peggy could feel wetness between her thighs in anticipation of Tim’s arrival and their lovemaking. Peggy shifted in the chair feeling the heat in her loins building with each passing minute. 

It was ten minutes after Tim’s appointed time and now Peggy was becoming frustrated. After one half hour, she was frustrated and angry and tried to call Tim in his office. The secretary told Peggy that Tim was in a meeting and was unsure when he would finish. Peggy slammed the phone down, took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Peggy never masturbated, but she was so sexually excited, the thought crossed her mind.

As Peggy went upstairs to change, she remembered a story she had read in one of Tim’s porno magazine. In that story, Peggy recalled, the woman went out without any panties or bra. She also remembered how excited that made her and thought about doing it herself, but then dismissed the idea. Peggy thought of herself as too shy and conservative to ever do something like that. Now as Peggy stood in the bedroom to change, sexually frustrated she weighed the risk of such a bold action. 

After about ten minutes Peggy thought “what the heck?” and reached under her sundress and removed her panties then took her blouse off and removed her bra, replacing the blouse. She looked in the full-length mirror at herself. She could not tell that she wore no panties, but if a person looked closely that could see the outline of her areolas and nipples through the blouse. As the cool air blew against her vagina, Peggy decided to take the risk. Just the excitement in making that decision was enough to spur her onward. 

Peggy decided to walk to the local grocery and pick up some things for the house she needed. As she walked, Peggy could feel the air swirling around her vagina and the material of her blouse scratching her bare nipples. This increased her excitement and Peggy now could feel the wetness on her labia from her excitement. 

“Serves Tim right for standing me up,” Peggy thought as she lengthened her stride to increase the amount of air going up her dress. 

Peggy entered the store aroused, the nipples on her breasts straining against the cotton blouse. She caught a glimpse of herself in the window and it was very apparent she wore no bra. Peggy grabbed a cart and started up and down the aisle selecting the few things she came in to buy. As she went down one aisle there were two young black men stocking the shelves.

Peggy paused to look at some cereals and could feel the eyes of the men staring at her. She glanced over at the men and when her eyes met theirs, she smiled. She could not believe she was actually flirting with these two strangers. However, as she watched them stand and come toward her, Peggy found herself even more aroused. The two men looked to be in their twenty’s. One was very large, over six feet tall and the other just a bit shorter. Peggy drew a deep breath as the two men stood on each side of her. 

“I’m Cole, this here is Jesse,” the larger of the two black said by way of introduction, “is there anything we can help you with?”

“No, I’m okay,” Peggy stammered out as the two men moved in closer. They were so close now that Peggy could smell their bodies. Peggy was acutely aware that in her aroused state and walk that her sexual odor must be strong also. She gasped a breath as she felt Cole place a hand on her buttocks, but for some strange reason she did not feel compelled to move. 

“No panties,” Cole said, “you are one hot bitch, no panties, no bra.” Cole squeezed Peggy’s asscheeks firmly while Justin circled her erect right nipple through the thin blouse. 

Peggy looked around her and no one was in the aisle of the grocery store. She was still angry with Tim, aroused, and was standing between two very interested black men. Peggy slowly pulled the front of her sundress upward to just above her cunt. Cole and Jesse both whistled slowly as Peggy’s freshly shaved cunt became visible.

Peggy could feel her cunt lips were swollen with excitement. Cole and Jesse could see the sexual dew that settled on the opening to her cunt. Cole reached down and inserted one finger easily into the slick passage and moved it slowly up and down. A moan escaped her mouth as Cole found her clit and gently massaged it in a circular motion. 

While Cole focused on her clit, Jesse undid two buttons of Peggy’s blouse and slipped his hand inside and grabbed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Jesse squeezed tightly causing needles of pleasure mixed with discomfort to course through Peggy’s breasts. In her heightened state of sexual arousal it took the two men just a couple of minutes to bring her to orgasm right in the grocery store. As Peggy’s climax took over her body, she yelped out loud resulting in Jesse covering her mouth with his.

As her climax ended, she took Cole’s hand and removed it from between her thighs and pushed her sundress down and smoothed it. Jesse already removed his hand from her blouse. Peggy just finished re-buttoning it when another woman shopper turned into the aisle. Jesse and Cole still stood on each side of Peggy and Peggy was sure her face was flushed from the orgasm. As the woman passed them, she could feel her stare of disapproval. Peggy was embarrassed by her actions, but the orgasm left her wanting more. Jesse started to unbutton her blouse again. 

“Not here,” Peggy spoke not believing her words, “I will give you my address, but you have to be there before three.” Peggy quickly wrote the address on the back of her shopping list and shoved it into Cole’s hand. She turned without looking at either of the men and finished her shopping. As she walked home she tried to compose herself, but she could feel her heart racing in anticipation of the two men and she quickened her pace home. 

Once home, Peggy put away the groceries quickly, then went upstairs to her bedroom and stripped off her clothes. Peggy specifically purchased a cucumber about eight inches long and two inches thick to use as a cock for masturbating. Tim left her so sexually wanting, she intended to buy it anyway, but the encounter with Cole and Jesse in the grocery just intensified her hunger.

Peggy lay on her bed naked; legs spread wide apart and stroked her clit remembering how it felt when Cole had done the same thing not an hour earlier. She closed her eyes and took her other hand and pinched her nipple just like Jesse. Peggy noticed that her cunt was so wet and her cunt lips were as swollen and as sensitive as her clit. She reached for the cucumber and slowly inserted it inside her.

Tim was only about six inches in size and she could easily wrap her hand around his tiny dick. Peggy imagined that the cucumber was the huge, black cock of Cole or Jesse and began to fuck herself with it. Peggy’s respirations increased as her excitement built. She positioned her fist around the cucumber so that with each thrust she rubbed her engorged clit. Peggy licked her lips when she felt the orgasm building.

As the waves of pleasure coursed over her body, Peggy arched her back and left the cucumber buried in her cunt so she could pinch and pull both of her nipples. The orgasm lasted over a minute and when it was over, Peggy collapsed, exhausted. She took a deep breath and fell into a light sleep. Her intense orgasm made Peggy forget the invitation she extended as she slept with the cucumber still buried in her cunt and her nipples standing straight up. 

Cole and Jesse raced to the address as soon as it was time for their lunch break. The knocked softly on the back door and after no answer, Cole tried the handle to find the door unlocked. Cole and Jesse made their way into the house and upstairs to Peggy’s bedroom. 

“The bitch couldn’t wait,” Cole laughed when he saw Peggy asleep, naked on the bed and the cucumber sticking out of her cunt. 

“Let’s not waste anytime, I want to fuck this white bitch,” Jesse commented to Darrell as they approached Peggy. 

Peggy was vaguely aware of the cucumber being removed from her cunt. She then felt the bed moving and opened her eyes to see Jesse straddling her face with his thick cock brushing her lips. Peggy opened her mouth willingly and took just the head of Jesse’s dick into her mouth. 

“Suck my cock,” Jesse said to Peggy. Peggy explained to Jesse he would need to be patient, that she had never sucked a cock before. “Not even your husband?” Jesse asked. Peggy nodded and took the head of Jesse’s cock into her mouth again. “We’ll teach you good,” Jesse told her. And Peggy started running her tongue over the head of Jesse’s cock. 

Peggy jumped when she felt the thick fingers of Cole probing her cunt. Cole easily inserted two fingers and opened them inside Peggy. It was a little uncomfortable and Peggy tried to protest around Jesse’s cock. 

“Just stretching you a bit so when I fuck you it won’t hurt,” Cole said to Peggy. With those words in her ears, Peggy moved her legs as wide apart as they would go and thrust her pelvis upward to take more of Cole’s fingers. Cole insert three fingers and opened them inside her cunt, stretching her inside. In the meantime, Jesse worked another inch into Peggy’s mouth as she slurped and sucked his cock while Darrell fingered her cunt. 

Cole announced Peggy was ready and pulled four fingers from her cunt. Jesse got off the bed and both men stripped. Peggy lay on the bed with lust in her eyes. She moved her legs up and down trying to stimulate her cunt while she licked her fingers and then rubbed her nipples. 

“I want to be on top,” she said to her surprise. She never fucked on top. Her and Tim always used the missionary position. Peggy was not even sure she knew how to fuck on top, but it was too late as a grin spread across Cole’s face. 

“Let me go first,” Jesse said, “that way she can suck your cock for you.” Cole agreed and Jesse lay down on the bed as Peggy straddled his chest. Peggy grabbed Jesse’s thick cock. She could not get her hand completely around it and estimated it to be at least ten inches long and about three inches thick. Peggy positioned her cunt over Jesse’s rod and slowly slid down on it.

Peggy let air blow out of her pursed lips as she settled down on Jesse’s pubic bone, filled with all ten inches of his cock. Jesse reached up and grabbed two handfuls of Peggy’s tits and she arched her back to push her tits further into his hands. Peggy started to slide her hips forward and backward, at the same time sliding Jesse’s cock in and out of her cunt.

She could feel Jesse’s pubic hairs scratching and titillating her clit when each movement back and forth. Jesse continued to pull and knead Peggy’s tits. Cole crawled onto the bed beside Peggy on his knees and Peggy was faced with the largest cock she had ever seen. Cole’s dick stuck out like a baseball bat. Peggy thought it to be at least a foot long and twice as thick as Jesse’s. She just moaned, grabbed Cole’s cock with both hands and pulled the head of it into her mouth. Peggy started to suck just the head of Cole’s cock while thrusting her hips back and forth on Jesse’s cock. 

“Just relax, bitch,” Cole cooed to Peggy, “you can swallow more of my dick, if you relax. ”

Cole placed his hands behind Peggy’s head and held her in place. Cole then started to feed another inch of his massive tool into Peggy’s mouth. Peggy’s respirations were increasing as she worked her hips back and forth never missing a stroked while Cole held her head in place. She gagged once when she felt Cole’s cock hit the back of her throat, but swallowed quickly and concentrated on the orgasm building from the rocking motion of her hips on Jesse’s cock.

Jesse’s hands continued to work Peggy’s breasts. He would take her nipples between his tongue and forefinger, pinch them tightly, and then pull her breasts from her body. This caused Peggy to thrust forward harder to follow her tits. Jesse established a rhythm with Peggy’s tits, pulling her hard toward him as she thrust upward. All the while, Cole continued to feed inch after inch of his cock into Peggy’s throat. Peggy could now feel Cole’s cock sliding down her throat as she relaxed. 

“Look man, you can see your dick in her throat,” Jesse commented as he pulled Peggy’s tits outward again. Cole looked and there was a definite bulge in Peggy’s throat much like a snake that just swallowed an egg. Peggy was oblivious to their comments as her orgasm consumed her and she thrust her hips to and fro grinding her clit into Jesse’s pelvis.

Her bedroom was filled with her groans and shrieks around Cole’s cock as she came again and again. And just as her orgasm was subsiding, she felt Jesse’s cock swell inside her. Instead of delaying it, Peggy started thrusting harder. Jesse grunted and pushed his hips upward and Peggy felt the warmth of his sperm coating the walls of her vagina. Cole watched as Jesse finished his orgasm then pulled his cock from Peggy’s mouth.

“My turn,” Cole announced and lay down beside Jesse on the bed. Peggy did not hesitate and quickly dismounted Jesse and mounted Cole’s enormous rod. Peggy never felt so full as when the last of inch of Cole’s massive erection disappeared between her shaved cunt lips. As Peggy resumed her thrusting motion on Cole’s cock, Jesse offered her his down limp cock. Peggy hungrily took Jesse’s cock in her mouth almost swallowing the entire relaxed rod. 

“Damn, look how quick this bitch learned to suck cock,” Jesse observed and felt his cock starting to grow again from the stimulation of Peggy’s mouth. 

“God, please pinch my nipples,” Peggy said to Cole as she stopped sucking Jesse for a moment. Cole was happy to comply and reached up with his massive paws and squeezed Peggy’s tits causing them to poke out of the ends of his hands. Cole then started to help Peggy get into a rhythm rocking her hips back and forth fucking Cole.

Peggy, satisfied that her tits were being attended, returned to Jesse’s now hard cock and took it in her mouth again and started to suck hard. Peggy used her tongue and stroked the underside of Jesse’s cock and then played with the opening pushing her tongue into it hard. Jesse was now drawing his cock almost out of Peggy’s mouth, then shoving it back inside.

Suddenly Jesse teased again and started to cum. Peggy never sucked a man’s cock before and certainly was not sure what to do as her mouth filled with cum. Suddenly the telephone started ringing. 

“Ignore it,” Cole screamed as he bounced up and down into Peggy’s cunt. 

“Swallow my cum, bitch,” Jesse said as he crawled from the bed. Peggy did as she was told and swallowed the salty liquid. 

“It’s… my… husband…” Peggy said in burst between each rocking motion and thrust from Cole, “if… I… don’t… answer… it… he… will… think… something… is… wrong. “Dribbles of cum trickled from the corners of Peggy’s mouth as she spoke.

“Go ahead then, bitch,” Cole said, “but don’t stop fucking me. ”

“No… I… won’t,” Peggy answered as Jesse picked up the phone and handed it to Peggy. Peggy put the phone to her ear just as Cole twisted both of her tits in his hand and pulled her forward. 

“Aggghh,” Peggy moaned into the phone. 

“Babydoll, is something wrong,” Tim asked. Peggy didn’t immediately answer, but regained her composure. 

“No… I’m… okay… just working out,” Peggy lied. 

Cole quickened his pace lifting his ass off the bed as he drilled Peggy’s cunt with a fury. Peggy continued to work her hips in rhythm. Her hair was matted against the side of her head from the perspiration that formed on her face. Peggy was working hard at fucking and as she talked to her husband, beads of sweat roll down her chest between her tits and dropped onto Cole’s chest. 

“Sorry I couldn’t make it home,” Tim continued, “I’ll make it up to you tonight, Babydoll. ”

“That’s… okay, umphhh, umphhh,” Peggy replied trying to control her breathing and talk while Cole fucked her and now squeezed her tits to the point she wanted to scream out in pain. 

“Keep talking to him,” Cole whisper and motion to Jesse. 

“Is something wrong,” Tim asked. 

There was a pause before Peggy answered. Jesse pushed Peggy down onto Cole’s chest. Peggy’s back was covered her sweat from the work. She felt Jesse pull her asscheeks apart and the cool air against her rectum. A shiver went up her spine as she felt a single bead of sweat slowly slide between her asscheeks and down toward her rectum. 

“Nothing… is wrong… Tim,” Peggy tried to sound convincing. She felt Jesse’s finger probe her asshole and tensed. 

“Anyway, I had a busy day at work, you wouldn’t believe what happened with the boss,” Tim continued. 

Peggy was thankful that all she was required to do was listen. Cole wrapped his massive arms around her back and locked them together as Jesse pushed two fingers into Peggy’s asshole and attempted to stretch it much like Cole stretched her cunt. 

“The meeting went on and on, and I just couldn’t get away, I’m really sorry,” Tim said. 

“Oh my Godddd,” Peggy said into the phone forgetting that Tim was on the other end. Jesse was inserting his cock into Peggy’s ass. Peggy never let anyone even touch her asshole, now this man was trying to push his cock into it. 

“What’s going on?” Tim asked a little angrily. 

“I… just… pulled… a… muscle…” Peggy tried to say without grunting. Jesse continued to work his cock into Peggy’s asshole. It was very tight, and warm as Jesse finally felt his balls smack against Peggy’s ass. Buried to the hilt in Peggy’s ass and Cole continuing to fuck her cunt, Jesse paused to allow Peggy to adjust to this new invasion. 

“Well, don’t work to hard,” Tim commented, “I love you, talk with you later. ”

“I… love… you, too…” Peggy replied and waiting until she heard the click. “God! Fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my cunt… fuck me, fuck me,” Peggy screamed. 

Jesse and Cole needed little motivation as they both got into a rhythm slamming in Peggy’s ass and cunt. Peggy started moving her hips ever faster, driving Cole’s cock over and over again into the depths of her cunt. Behind her, Jesse was making small noises from the pleasure he was getting from Peggy’s tight asshole he was fucking. Peggy could tell Jesse was getting close to releasing another flood, this time into her ass.

Peggy felt Jesse slamming her ass harder and harder and heard him moan. Just as her climax began, Cole released Peggy’s tits and put his hands on each side of her hips and held her still while he ground his cock deeper into her cunt hitting the backside of her womb. She felt the first squirt of Jesse’s cum coat the walls of her intestine at the same time Cole’s cock grew in her cunt and he started cumming. 

Peggy was lost in ecstasy from her climax. Jesse and Cole finished cumming and continued to fuck Peggy into another orgasm. She put her hands on each side of Cole and raised herself up to almost the end of Cole’s cock and then dropped herself back down. Peggy was sweating so much from the work that her hair was wet and her entire body was slick with sweat.

Finally, Jesse and Cole slowed their pace as Peggy collapsed on Cole’s chest, completely exhausted and spent. She was barely aware of Jesse pulling his cock from her ass, but felt the dripping of cum from her now stretched asshole. 

Peggy lay on Cole from a from more moment feeling his cock go limp inside her. She rolled over onto the bed and moaned as the two men dressed beside her. 

“You’re one hot bitch,” Cole said. 

“Yeah, we hope you come shopping again real soon,” Jesse added as they both left the bedroom. 

Peggy vaguely remembered hearing the backdoor shut before she fell into a deep sleep. The front door slamming awoke her. 

“Babydoll, I’m home,” she heard Tim shout. 

Peggy jumped from the bed, yanked the sheets off and threw them into the hamper. They were soaked with her sweat. She rapidly went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, jumping into it and gasping at the cold water. 

Tim entered the bedroom just as the water started to warm. 

“What’s you been doing all day, Babydoll,” Tim inquired. 

“Just shopping,” Peggy responded as she gently inserted the cucumber into her swollen cunt. “Just shopping,” she repeated and a smile ran across her lips as the fingers around the cucumber found her clit and her free hand lightly pinched her nipples.


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