Football Star

Carrie kissed her husband Rob goodbye and stood at the door as he left to go to work like she did every morning.  She waved cheerfully to him as he pulled out of the drive of their spacious home, the sleeve of her robe slipping down her arm as she waved.  Closing the door she went to the window and peeked through the curtains for a few minutes to be sure he was gone.

 Rob was a hard working mechanic that did everything he could to make sure his beautiful young wife had no wants for anything.  The house had been bought from the inheritance he had received after his father’s death.  He had wanted to invest, but Carrie wanted a large home so he sank the entire thing into the purchase of their home.

 The property taxes and other expenses had forced them to make alterations in their life style.  Carrie had said that it took her full time to maintain their new home so she was unable to work.  Thus Rob had taken on a second job at a parts house to make ends meet. But even this didn’t do the trick and they had struck on the idea of taking in a renter.  So far it had worked out well enough.  The extra money was enough to keep the wolf from the door and they had the added security of knowing that there was someone home to provide added protection for Carrie when Rob was working late. 

 Carrie let the curtain fall and turned to run up the stairs, letting her robe fall to the floor as she giggled, climbing the stairs.

 She was a petite little thing who looked younger than her 26 years with long blonde hair that reached her shoulders. Her hair bobbed as she took the stairs. Her 36D tits bounced as she made her way up  as she did every morning.  It was playtime!

 Carrie rushed into her bedroom to find Barry already in her and her husband’s bed.  He was a young black college student who had moved in after receiving a football scholarship to the local university six months before.  He was huge. Coal black and six feet six inches tall and toned from the vigorous workouts the football program demanded of him. He was lying in the bed with his arms behind his head and his huge ten inch boner sticking up in the air stiffly away from his firm stomach for Carrie to see.

 “I thought that dumb fuck would never leave!” he said grinning.

 “Well he’s gone now, lover,” Carrie giggled as she sprinted across the room and pounced on the bed beside her black stud.

 She slid her body over his giving his hard dick a rough lick on the way up.  Reaching his mouth she opened hers and sucked his tongue inside moaning and frantically grasping his head for the proper angle. Over the past three months she had come to know what Barry liked and she did her best to please him. 

 “MMMMMMMM… baby… you be hot this mornin!?” he said as he grabbed her firm white ass and ground her pelvis onto his rock hard dick.

 “OH God yes,” she crooned,” After having to sleep with that shrimp all night I can’t wait to get in bed with a real man!”  She licked his lips and sucked one into her ready mouth. biting it gently.

 “But I have something different in mind today,” she added,” I want to fuck you in his favorite chair.  The one he watches all his stupid fucking fishing shows in.”

 Carrie grasped Barry’s huge member in her tiny hand… she still marveled how her fingers couldn’t meet.  She gave him a tug and rubbed the dark black head against her pale wet pussy.

 “You sure he’s gone?”

 “Yeah… It’s you and me baby…all morning.” she put on a pouting expression as she slide her finger into his mouth.  “Will you please fuck me in my husband’s favorite chair?”

 Barry grinned,” You got it, baby. And I’ll fuck you anywhere else you want too.”

 Carrie squealed as she jumped and led Barry by his dick downstairs. They reached the living room and she turned to embrace the huge black man. He picked her up and pulled her pretty face to his with one hand as he held her under her ass with the other.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, running her fingers over his short kinky hair.

 “Fuck me right now, lover.  Fuck me like only you can!” she moaned.

 Barry sat back in Rob’s overstuffed recliner and pulled Carrie on top of him.  The chair was wide enough that Carrie was able to slide her legs beside his in the chair easily.  She kissed the large black man fervently as she reached back with one hand and guided his huge cock to her tight pink pussy.  Barry felt the familiar nibble of her tight pussy lips on the head of his cock. Knowing she was always ready at this point, he grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard on top of him… impaling her completely.  Her petite white buns sank down and rested on his balls with a slurp.

 “Oh my God!” she moaned in his ear as her pussy was filled by his huge black meat once again.  She couldn’t get enough of this man!  Ever since he had moved in she knew she had to have him.  He was a perfect specimen of manhood compared to the pathetic loser she had married. She would have left long ago if it weren’t for the fact that he had the house and the gullibility to do whatever she asked.  He worked like a dog all day while she was able to pursue her fantasies.  It was the perfect set up!

 Carrie used to fulfill her needs with the occasional delivery boy or service man that came by.  But now that Barry was there all that had changed.  It had taken her a week to work up the courage but one morning she had accidentally caught Anton coming out of his room to head to the shower. She knew that he had been getting her signals for a long time now but she had been waiting for the right moment.

 With nothing but a thin robe on, Barry had been a perfect target.  Throwing caution to the wind, she had reached under the robe, pleased at what she found there and had simply, “Last chance to see my panties big guy.”

 He had said nothing but undid his robe, picked her up and taken her to her and her husband’s bed as fucked her brains out over and over again for several hours. That had been the start.  Now he fucked her every day until his noon classes.

 She loved to ride his big hard black dick and think of her husband slaving away so that she could continue enjoying this ebony god.  Anton seemed amused at the thought as well.

 Carrie began riding up and down his long black shaft… her blonde hair tossing about her shoulders as she leaned her head to the side… her hands clasped behind her lover’s neck.  Her hot exquisitely stretched pussy grasping at his big log as he thrust up at her.

 Being as petite as she was she nearly had to reach up to grab his head and pull it down to hers so that he could force his tongue past her lips.  She moaned sensually as she bobbed up and down on him, already out of breath from being filled by him.  She leaned back holding onto his neck, laughing with him at the irony of doing such a decadent thing as fucking each other in her husband’s favorite chair. 

 The first time was always quick. Within minutes she could feel her passion rise as her orgasm came over her.  Her face took on an intent expression as she grasped his face in his her hands so that she could see his eyes when she came.  That was her favorite part.  If she could come without closing her eyes it made the whole experience more exotic. 

 She grabbed his head and Barry knew it was time.  He watched her as she pumped up and down on him…faster and faster. A slight smile crossed her lovely lips as she felt the wave of her orgasm overtake her. 

 “Oh baby… this is it… Oh my god… this is it…” she moaned.

 She strained to keep eye contact as she came hard. Her vision clouded as her come spilled out over his balls drenching them. Staining the seat of the plush chair. She continued to bounce playfully on his cock as wave after wave of exquisite orgasm overtook her. She laughed as the thought of her husband at work crossed her mind again.  That stupid wimp.  If only he knew what she was doing right now while he toiled away at his greasy job! 
 The sight was too much for Barry.  He groaned as he pulled at her hips… jamming her small petite frame onto his unforgiving black spear. He shuddered as he shot his load up into his young white lover’s quivering pussy.

 Carrie could feel the hot come spewing up inside her as his huge cock pulsed convulsively.  As  usual his load was formidable.  She could feel it gushing out of her pussy and drenching them both.  She knew the chair would be soaked but she had already taken that into consideration.  She had bought the proper cleaning supplies the day before. 

 Slowly they eased their motions and Carrie laid her head on her black god’s massive chest.  Her white tits in striking contrast to the dark skin beneath them.  She panted as their sweat combined to cover each other and her husband’s chair. 

 “Oh baby,” she said,” That was incredible.  You’re twice as big as Rob!  He will never reach where you go!”

 “Fuck Rob.” Anton said,” If he were half a man he would do this for you himself.”

 “Yes, dear.  Compared to you he is nothing but a boy. The only way I can even come with him is if I think of you.”

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