Friendly Neighbor

Alexis’s eyes fluttered open as she felt the lips wrap around both her nipples. Looking to either side of her, she saw Andy and Dylan softly kneading her breasts, each suckling gently. Closing her eyes, she remembered the events of the previous night . . .

During dinner, Andy began to tease his wife about her accidental flashing of their neighbor. This had happened when she had lifted her T-shirt to flash Andy, only to discover their neighbor, Dylan, was outside watering his lawn. Although he wasn’t actually making it a point to look through their window, it was obvious, by his rapid double take, he had seen what had happened.

Later, as they sat out on the deck, watching the stars, Alexis noticed she had a direct view into Dylan’s open bathroom window. Alexis’s attention was drawn to this fact when she suddenly saw the light come on and a nude Dylan start the shower. She smiled to herself as he stepped into the shower and closed the curtain. “He has a nice tight ass,” she thought to herself, “I wonder if everything else is just as nice.” Her suspicions were confirmed several minutes later as Dylan stepped out of the shower and began toweling himself off. Alexis quietly gasped to herself as she watched his muscular frame. Her eyes riveted to his groin as he lifted his arms to dry his hair.

“He’s very well equipped,” she thought.

Andy couldn’t help but notice what his wife was watching. He looked over at her to see her breathing deepen as she watched him. Absentmindedly, she stroked her left breast as she watched Dylan wrap the towel around him and move to the vanity to comb his hair. An idea quickly formed in Andy’s head. He smiled and stood up. Alexis looked up at him with questioning eyes. Taking her hands in his, he pulled her to her feet and spun her around in his arms so that she faced Dylan’s window. The sudden movement attracted Dylan’s attention as he looked into his mirror. Alexis’s eyes locked on Dylan’s in the mirror’s reflection. She moaned as she felt her husband slowly draw her T-shirt up over her head, exposing her breasts to their neighbor. Casting the shirt aside, Andy cupped Alexis’s pert breasts, lifting them gently, as if to hold them out for Dylan to see. Dylan could see, all right. He smiled as he gazed at her through the mirror. Andy leaned forward and kissed the back of his wife’s neck.

“You’re driving me crazy,” she hissed.

Andy smiled as he dragged his teeth gently over her shoulder. His hands slid down her narrow waist to the waistband of her sweat pants. Alexis tensed as she felt the sweat pants slide down over her hips and fall around her feet. Dylan let his eyes wander over the brunette’s body in the mirror’s reflection. He watched her husband’s hands roam over her firm breasts, down her flat tummy, then into the curly tuft of hair between her legs. Alexis closed her eyes and shuddered as her husband stroked her stiffening clitoris with a finger tip. Andy slowly began to move his wife toward the steps of the deck. She giggled as they bounced downstairs to the lawn. Dylan’s heart seemed to stop as he watched Andy guide Alexis through the gate and into his yard.

Andy stopped his wife as they approached the French doors leading into their neighbor’s house. Dylan quickly appeared at the door and watched the couple. Andy slowly stroked his wife’s pussy while kissing the back of her neck. Alexis held her breasts as she began to slowly undulate her hips, forcing Andy’s fingers to slip between her engorged labia. She stared through the glass, directly into Dylan’s eyes as her husband slid a finger into her moistening vagina. Watching his neighbors was having a visible effect on Dylan. The towel wrapped around his waist slipped to the floor as his stiffening cock sprang into view. Alexis looked down and inhaled sharply. Dylan’s penis had to have been 10 inches long and at least three inches thick. She watched in rapt fascination as he grasped his erection and slowly stroked it. Andy slowly moved her forward, closer to the door. “Open it,” he whispered. Alexis slowly reached out and turned the handle. Dylan smiled as she pushed the door open and stepped inside. Andy released his wife, gently nudging her toward their neighbor. She practically ran into Dylan’s arms, pressing her firm tummy against his thick erection. He bent forward and took her lips between his in a long passionate kiss, his hands roaming over her tight ass. Alexis suddenly broke the kiss as she felt the huge cock twitch against her tummy.
Bending forward, she slid her tongue over the purple crown, reveling in the velvety smooth texture. A salty-sweet drop of pre-cum leaked from the tip as she dragged her lips up the underside of the pulsing shaft. She lapped at the lubricating liquid as her hand slowly stroked the rubbery monster. Finally, forming her lips into an oval, she slid the firm head between her lips.

Andy fondled his wife’s firm buttocks as she slipped more of Dylan’s cock into her mouth. Dylan closed his eyes, his hips rocking forward slightly, as the brunette’s tongue scrubbed the underside of his erection. Her cheeks hollowed as her mouth slowly traveled back toward the tip of his cock. She swirled her tongue over the rubbery tip, tasting the salty droplets of liquid it offered. Her husband’s fingers found their way between her slick labia, sending jolts up her spine.

Suddenly, Andy released his wife and dropped to his knees. Alexis groaned around her neighbor’s cock as she felt her husbands tongue slips up inside her quivering pussy. The erection between her lips twitched as the vibrations of her groan reverberated through it. The tongue inside her slipped out and dragged its way forward to her stiff clitoris. Her hips involuntarily humped forward as the tip made contact with her most sensitive spot. Dylan held her head, more to keep his balance than to guide her, as he slowly sawed his erection in and out of her mouth. He reveled in the feeling of the brunette’s lips around his shaft. One hand stroked the remaining portion of his cock. The other held his buttocks, gently kneading the firm flesh. He looked up at her husband as he stood. Andy slowly stroked his own erect cock as he moved into position to penetrate her. Guiding it with one hand, he slipped the head between her thick lips, and into her hot vagina.

Alexis moaned as her husband’s cock filled her slick pussy. Grasping her hips, he pressed firmly into her, his balls making contact with her clitoris. Dylan looked back down at Alexis as Andy began to gently thrust himself into his wife. Her hips undulated as the cocks delved into her from each end. Slurping sounds escaped her lips as she applied more suction to Dylan’s throbbing erection. Her tongue swirled over the head of his cock as Andy began to thrust into her faster. He suddenly stopped and pulled himself out of her aching vagina. Dylan suddenly withdrew from her mouth and stood her up. Again taking her in his arms, he led her over to a daybed against one wall and laid her on her back. His eyes roamed her firm body as he positioned himself between her thighs. Alexis watched as he guided the tip of his huge erection toward her pussy. She moaned as the head made contact, spreading her lips as he teased her entrance. Sliding upward, it kissed the tip of her clitoris, making her lower hips to increase the pressure. She rocked her hips at him as if to invite him to enter her. Dylan finally accepted the invitation.

Alexis hissed as the large head parted her labia and slowly began to work its way inside her. She held perfectly still as she felt every inch of the veined shaft slowly penetrate her. Her eyes flew open as he continued to slide into her. The wide cock stretched her opening deliciously, thrilling her as he finally stopped his forward motion. Leaning forward, Dylan again sought her lips with his. As their tongues chased each other, he began to slowly rock his hips into her. The brunette moaned into his mouth as more of his erection slipped into her with each gentle thrust. Her hips rocked with his, lifting her ass off the narrow mattress. She wrapped her arms around his broad back and turned her head, breaking the kiss.

Andy stroked his cock as he watched his wife enjoy the huge shaft burrowing its way into her. Her face was a mask of concentration as the organ filled her. She bit her lip as Dylan stroked a bit faster. Her chest heaved as he fucked into her deeper. She cried out in ecstasy as he suddenly lunged forward, burying himself completely inside her. She grabbed his buttocks, pulling his hips into her more firmly, her tiny ass rocking beneath him. Dylan began to stroke in and out of her in earnest. Alexis’s breathing came in gasps as the huge cock repeatedly filled her. She felt the muscles of his buttocks flex in her hands as he drove into her harder. Her eyes remained slammed shut as moans of approval escaped her lips. Raising himself on his forearms, Dylan rammed into her hard. His hips rocked faster as he rapidly withdrew and heaved forward, sliding at least 8 inches of erect cock in and out of her with each stroke.

Alexis was delirious with pleasure. While she loved any sized cock, this one was especially nice. He was unbelievably hard, the veins throbbing with each beat of his heart. Her vaginal muscles clamped around him hard as he rapidly fucked himself in and out of her. She concentrated on the firm tip which repeatedly bounced off her inner walls. Her hips rose to meet each thrust as she felt the familiar warmth spread through her belly toward her limbs. Moaning aloud, she began to heave her hips into him faster.

Andy watched as his wife suddenly stiffened and exploded in orgasm. She clutched at his buttocks and slammed her hips forward, convulsing as the hard shaft plunged into her. Her face and upper chest turned deep crimson as her vaginal muscles contracted around him. The change of angle caused the tip of his cock to slide along the upper wall of her vagina, eliciting a slight squeal from her. Her head bounced forward as her abdominal muscles spasmed.

Dylan watched the brunette convulse beneath him. Her orgasm was so intense, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on. With a loud groan, and a deep plunge, he erupted inside her. Alexis wailed as she felt his cock seem to expand and explode inside her. Catching her breath, she suddenly stiffened and began another mind-bending orgasm as she felt his lava-hot semen shoot into her. The two bodies shook and spasmed as each exploded. Shrieks and groans filled the room as the two overheated bodies convulsed into the other.

Andy watched as tears rolled down his wife’s cheeks. The intensity of her twin orgasms was such that he had never seen from her before. He stepped forward just as Dylan collapsed on top of her, their chests heaving into each others as they struggled to breathe normally.

Alexis opened her eyes and looked at her husband as he gently stroked her face. She smiled weakly as she felt Dylan’s still twitching cock begin to soften inside her.

“I Love You,” she silently mouthed.

Andy’s smile only grew broader.

Minutes later, Dylan came to his senses and lifted himself onto his forearms. Looking deep into Alexis’s eyes, he winced slightly as he slowly withdrew his now flaccid, but still substantial, cock from her flooded pussy. She moaned as she felt him slip out of her and stand up. Dylan leaned forward and helped Alexis to her feet. Cum flowed from her now vacant vagina and slid down her inner thigh.

“He really filled me good,” she thought to herself.

Silently, Dylan guided Alexis down the hall to his bedroom. Andy followed along, his still hard cock bouncing along before him. He entered the room just in time to see Alexis lean over Dylan and take his soft organ between her lips. Crawling up onto the bed, he wasted no time in slipping his hard cock into her pussy from behind. She was absolutely soaked from the combined fluids of her recent coupling with their neighbor. Andy immediately began a hard, fast rhythm. She moaned around the stiffening cock as her husband pounded himself in and out of her. She thrilled at the new signs of life in the expanding organ between her lips. Pre-cum again began to flow from the tip of Dylan’s hardening cock. Alexis’s oral talents quickly brought him back to full erection. Dylan smiled broadly as Alexis lifted her head from his crotch, and withdrew her husband from her used pussy.

“I want more of that fat cock inside me,” she said as she crawled over him.

Placing her legs to either side of him, she lifted herself up to position his erection at her entrance again. Dylan looked on as her labia gaped open, allowing even more of his last load to escape, drooling down over the tip of his organ. Alexis closed her eyes as she felt the huge head slip easily inside her. Biting her lower lip, she rocked her hips back and forth as she impaled herself on the rigid shaft. She moaned as she felt his pubic hair graze over her thick lips. Once fully seated, with Dylan’s erection firmly planted deep inside her, she slowly wiggled her hips forward. The brunette felt nothing but the massive organ rocking gently back and forth in her excited vagina. The very tip tickled the inner walls in places never before reached. The wide base of his cock stretched her even further, while making firm contact with her hypersensitive clitoris. Tiny jolts ran up her spine as the organ gently slid in and out of her in rhythm with her undulations. Alexis was content to just stay like she was, reveling in the feeling of such a hard cock filling her so completely, but she knew there was a lot more to be had.

Turning her head toward Andy, she softly said, “I want you inside me too, baby.”

Andy slowly crouched behind her, his right hand still stroking his straining erection. He knew what his wife wanted, but wasn’t sure he could hold back his orgasm long enough for her to enjoy it. Moistening his thumb with his saliva, he slowly teased her other opening. She moaned and rocked her hips backward to give him easier access as the tip ducked inside her. Alexis closed her eyes again as she concentrated on the digit slipping into her tight rear up to the knuckle. She hissed as she felt her husband wiggle the thumb inside her, causing it to slip in a little deeper.

“Baby, fuck me now,” she whimpered. “I want you both in me.”

Andy adjusted his position slightly, placing the tip of his erection at her entrance. Alexis gave out a low guttural groan as she felt him enter her. Her hips froze as the head penetrated her. Her muscles instantly clamped down on the intruder. She willed them to relax as Andy slowly, gently pressed forward. She mewled with pleasure as she felt the two organs slipping against each other deep within her, separated only by the thin tissues between her openings. With a satisfied groan, Andy buried his hard cock firmly inside his wife to the hilt. Dylan looked deeply into the brunette’s eyes as he felt the weight of Andy’s cock resting upon his within her.

“You’re unbelievable,” he smiled.

“I just like to be filled,” she replied, grinning. “Now, shut up and fuck me, both of you.”

She suddenly gasped as she felt Andy begin to thrust into her, driving her down onto Dylan’s huge member. Dylan rocked his hips upward into the gasping woman, doing his best to keep from instantly blowing his load into her too quickly. Alexis knew Andy was close to coming, but was pleasantly surprised to feel Dylan’s cock begin the familiar pre-orgasm dance so soon.

“Hard and fast,” she said, breathlessly. “I want to feel you both come in me.”

Andy took her at her word and plunged rapidly in and out of her. She wailed aloud as Dylan joined him. Together they fucked into her with a fury Alexis had not expected. Trapped between the two thrusting bodies, she could do nothing but enjoy the ride. Andy kept a blinding pace as he pummeled his wife’s tight opening. The friction created by his cock rubbing the larger member in her other passage sent sensations up his spine he hadn’t expected. Dylan took a nipple between his lips as the couple above him drove her tortured body up and down on his throbbing cock.

A quick change of rhythm by her husband soon had both organs blasting into her at the same time. This was more than she could stand. Her body exploded in a third gut wrenching orgasm. Dylan watched the brunette convulse on top of him as her husband rapidly thrust his hard cock in and out of her tight ass. Her abused body spasmed as she felt Andy’s cock expand deep inside her. She screamed as she felt him erupt inside her. Dylan could hold out no longer. His cock seemed to explode in her convulsing vagina. He yelled out as Andy shoved forward with all his might, impaling his wife on the two erupting erections. Alexis screamed out as the two throbbing cocks filled both her passages with scalding hot semen. Her breathing stopped as her muscles clamped down hard on the twin organs held deeply in her orifices. She gasped for air and wailed as she collapsed on top of Dylan, her hips twitching as the men kept up the assault on her tortured body. With a load groan, Andy collapsed on his wife, pinning Dylan’s still spewing organ deep inside her. Minutes later, Alexis twitched slightly as she felt her husband withdraw his now flaccid cock from her and collapse to her side. She quickly drifted back to sleep, Dylan’s soft organ still firmly plugged into her.

Sometime during the night she felt the mammoth organ in her pussy stiffen again. As if in a dream, she rocked her hips into the feeling between her legs. She awoke fully when Dylan grabbed her firm buttocks and began ramming her hips up and down, driving his rejuvenated cock in and out of her. Cum poured out of her in streams as he fucked into the tiny brunette, soaking the sheets with their combined fluids. Alexis focused on getting him off as she knew she was not capable of another orgasm so soon. The fact that she had orgasmed three times was amazing as it was. Her hips rocked back and forth, putting his cock in contact with different portions of her soaked vagina with each thrust. Soon she felt his cock expand and erupt inside her, once again filling her abused pussy with lava hot semen. She rode him through his third orgasm, reveling in the feeling of his huge cock convulsing inside her. Tingles ran through her tummy as his hot liquid filled her to overflowing. As he finally relaxed in post-orgasmic bliss, she stretched her legs out behind her and again fell asleep, trapping his softening cock in her flooded pussy….

Alexis groaned as the lips on her nipples gently tugged at the firm buds. A hand slowly stroked her tummy as another played in her neatly trimmed, yet soiled, pubic mound.

“This is the way to wake up,” she thought to her self as she felt the gentleman on her left raise up and slip between her legs. As the huge head of Dylan’s cock again slipped into her, she raised her hips to meet his. She opened her eyes and looked into his as he slid deeper into her.

“Mmmm, good morning,” she cooed to him.

“Good morning,” he replied as his first gentle thrust slid him into her to the hilt.

“Your cock is amazing,” she moaned as her hips ground into his.

Dylan only smiled as he began to slowly delve in and out of the tiny brunette. He had taken it easy on her the night before. Today he would not be so gentle. Alexis bucked and screamed in ecstasy as the huge organ suddenly blasted in and out of her clutching vagina. The orgasm swelled within her suddenly as Dylan pounded repeatedly into her. The huge tool drew the spasms from her very core as she suddenly exploded around his pistoning cock. Unintelligible noises issued forth from her as he fucked into her even harder, frantically approaching his own orgasm. With a deep lunge into the writhing woman beneath him, he erupted inside her battered pussy. She squealed beneath him as her hips slammed back into his, attempting to get even more of the pleasure giving organ into her as she rode out their combined orgasms. Her pussy was awash in cum as he slowed his pace, filling her with his semen.

Andy smiled at his wife as Dylan collapsed on top of the woman’s heaving breasts. Her rigid nipples stabbed into his muscular chest as they both fought for air. Alexis finally looked over at her husband and grinned weakly.

“Looks like you finally met your match,” he grinned.

“Oh, God I hope so,” she giggled.

“Howdy neighbor,” Dylan croaked over Alexis’s still heaving chest. “A nice, friendly wife you’ve got here,” he smiled.

“I know,” Andy replied. “Feel free to borrow her anytime,” he smiled at Alexis.

“Hmmmm, yeah,” Alexis replied, rocking her hips into his shrinking cock. Closing her eyes to drift back to sleep, she added once more for no particular reason, “Anytime.”

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