Fuck Me Like A Woman

I always wanted to try having sex with a man. To be
seduced and made love too. I went 47 years without ever
actually doing it. Until one night my girlfriend went
out of town to visit her daughter out of state. She
left about 12 noon and said she would call me when she
got there. Since it was a 4 hour drive, I knew she
would probably call about 4:30. Right on time the phone
rang and it was her. After I hung up I got on the
computer and decided to go into a chat room. Not just
any chat room, but a bi sexual chat room.

I logged in and typed a greeting. About a minute later
I got a private message from a guy who said he wanted
to know what I wanted. I threw caution to the wind and
told him I wanted to find a man who would seduce me
then treat me like a female in bed. I told him I wanted
to get fucked. Never thinking that the guy would be
close to me, I sent the message to him. He asked me
where I was and I told him. He replied he was only
about 20 minutes from where I lived and he really
wanted to fuck me. He told me he would do anything I

I was nervous and tried to stall, but he was very eager
to get together. I finally agreed to meet him in a
public place, a fast food place that was just a little
ways from my house. He said he was on his way and
signed off. I was shaking like a leaf! It was actually
going to happen!

I took a long shower, got dressed and drove to the
restaurant. I was there about 5 minutes and he walked
in. He was a good looking man about my age, with a
moustache and goatee. He came up to my table and we
shook hands and he sat down. He told me his name was
Mike and we made small talk for awhile, till he asked me
what I wanted him to do to me. I explained that I
wanted to be his woman in bed, to be taken like a

He grinned and said, “Mmmmmmm, sounds like just what I
am looking for.”

Then he said he would follow me to my house.

We walked into my house and went into the living room.
My heart was pounding hard, I was so nervous. I sat
down in my recliner and Mike sat on the couch. After a
bit of small talk he got up and walked over to my
chair, bent down and kissed me on the lips. It felt
wonderful! Our tongues wrestled together as he kissed
me deeper. He pulled me up from the chair and we got on
the couch. He started kissing me again.

He gently leaned me back on the couch and started
kissing my neck and lips. I moaned into his mouth and
was breathing very hard, it felt so good. Mike reached
down and pulled up my shirt and started feeling my
breasts, replacing his hands with his lips. Soon he
pulled off my shirt and laid me on my back on the
couch. His lips sucked at my breasts. I was getting
hard and I wanted to feel him. I reached down and
caressed his hardening cock.

Mike spread my legs and climbed on top of me, and
started to hump me. I haven’t been that excited in
years! He was kissing me and rocking between my legs.
He whispered in my ear that he was going to fuck me. I
was so excited that I felt my orgasm start. I couldn’t
help it! I moaned, “I cumming!”

Mike said, “No try to hold it!”

But it was too late. Thick wads of cum filled my
briefs. He pulled me closer to him and kissed me
deeply. I stammered out that I was sorry; he just
smiled and said, “It’s okay, can you cum again?”

I said of course I could so he pulled me up from the
couch and we went upstairs to my bedroom.

Facing Mike I unbuckled his belt, pulled his shirt off,
revealing a hairy chest. Slowly I slid his pants down
and he stepped out of them. I kneeled down and rubbed
his hard cock through his briefs. His cock was kind of
small but very hard. Like a piece of marble. I pulled
his underwear down and off and was face to face with
his diamond hard cock.

With trembling hands I held him as I wrapped my lips
around the head of the first penis I ever had in my
mouth. It felt good, natural. Slowly I sucked him into
my mouth. Licking as I took more and more of him in. I
started to stroke him with my hand as I sucked. Pulling
my lips off him I pumped his cock slowly. A clear drop
formed on the tip. I licked the drop off and tasted
precum for the first time. A bit salty, musty tasting.

Mike moaned and pulled me up and guided me over to the
bed. We lay down and he kissed me deeply sliding his
hand down into my briefs that were sticky from my
sperm. He smiled and said, “Mmmmm, somebody is wet.”

I just sheepishly grinned back. I thought “He’s
treating me just like I was a woman!” I was so excited
I started getting hard again.

He gently touched my cock and balls. Rubbing under my
balls, spreading my sperm over me. Sliding my briefs
off, we got into a 69 position with me on top. He said
he was going to eat me out. He started rimming me,
flicking his tongue in and out of my ass. I grabbed his
cock and started sucking him and licking his balls.

After about 10 minutes he said he wanted to fuck me. I
lay down on my back and watched as he slipped a condom
on his hard cock. He brought out some lube and put some
on his fingers. He lay down next to me kissing me and
started to slip his finger into my ass.

I felt it go in to the first knuckle. At first it felt
funny but no pain. He worked his finger in and out till
it was all the way in. He added another finger and
started to finger fuck me again, going deeper and
deeper. All I could do was moan into his mouth and

I was scared but extremely aroused! Finally he put some
of the lube on his cock and climbed between my legs. He
lifted my legs behind the calves and pushed my knees
back, opening me up. Leaning forward he took his cock
in his hand and guided to my hole.

I felt the head start to slip in. I kept waiting for
the pain but there was none, only good feelings! He
pushed again and I felt him sliding into me. My cock
started to throb and I knew I was going to cum again.
He pulled my hand down to where he was in me and had me
feel how much was in me. He had about half his cock in.
I moaned and gently ran my hand over his balls. Mike
moaned and pushed his hard cock into me all the way.
Leaning over me he kissed me deeply, his tongue dancing
in my mouth. I moaned telling him I was going to cum
again. He just kissed my neck and said let it cum. Hot
sperm shot out of my cock and landed on my belly and

Suddenly Mike started to move in and out, picking up
speed. He straightened up and started to really fuck
me. Slap, slap, slap his balls bounced off my ass
cheeks. He fucked me this way for about 10 minutes then
had me get up on all fours as he fucked me doggy style.
I thought, “WHOA! He is really giving me one hell of a

He picked up the tempo and really started fucking me
hard. He fucked me in this position for awhile then had
me lay down flat on my stomach. He climbed on top of me
again and I felt his hard cock going up my ass again.
He went in really deep and started to fuck me.

I suddenly noticed that my cock, after cumming twice,
was getting hard again! His motion going in and out of
me was moving my cock on the sheet. Unbelievably I knew
I was going to cum again! Mike moaned in my ear and said
he was getting close. All I could do was moan out an
okay as he started to really go in deep and was
pounding my ass. Then he said he was close again,
paused, “Real close,” then I felt him go in deeper than
he had ever been, he wrapped his arms around my waist
and roared he was cumming.

I felt his cock throbbing in my ass, and I felt the
heat of his sperm as it filled the condom tip. He
licked and kissed my neck as pumped his hot cum into
me. I shot a thin rope of cum at the same time on the
sheet, as Mike shuddered and shook as his orgasm went

We cleaned up and Mike kissed me goodbye. I thanked him
and told him how great it was. Unfortunately I lost his
number and e-mail and was never able to contact him
again. I had finally found out what it was like to get
“fucked” instead of being the “fucker”.

I can’t wait to do it again soon!