I was at the gym and after a good workout, hit the shower and was thinking about getting to work and the mess waiting for me at the office. I stepped out of the shower and went into the steam room nude as was my practice. Again, my mind was 6 blocks away as I went I and stepped to the back I had just sat down on my towel when I realized that some guy was having anal sex with another guy right next to me.

As my eyes adjusted to the foggy room, I could see this cock going in and out of this guy’s ass and as the bodies came together, there was this wet, slapping sound along with a slurping sound similar to the same sound my wife makes when her pussy juices get going.

What was more shocking was that my own 8 inch cock was up like a rod and I couldn’t take my eyes of them. Then the guy on top let out a loud moan and began to speed hump his buddy, dumping what I knew was a load of hot cum down his ass. I was staring at his cock, almost leaning over to it.

When they finally came up for air, they both laughed at me and the guy who was on the bottom, pointed to my still raging cock and asked if I wanted seconds.

My mouth gaped open at the thought of ass fucking another man. That had never been my idea of a fuck. But something snapped as the one man stepped aside and the bottom guy positioned himself. I looked at his wet, cummy ass and wanted it more than anything. I quickly stood up and mounted him. I couldn’t believe I was doing this and as I pressed my cock against his ass, I lunged into him and slipped down to my balls. No foreplay here. Just raw man fucking man.

He groaned and so did I as we fucked. I really lost it and just plowed away , fast fucking him as deep and hard as I could until the cum blew out of me and I humped it into him. I lay there with my cock still hard and buried to the hilt.

All of a sudden, the other guy was behind me and got between my legs and had his cock against my ass. I tried to shake him off but something told me to lay there and be a good fuck. I already had fucked another guy in the ass. What would hurt of I took cock in my own ass, right now, the only time on my whole life I had the chance.

“We’re going to have a happy threesome this morning,” the guy on top of me said, as he forced my legs apart and shoved his cock into me. I grunted in pain as his cock head got inside and then he just rotated a little while as I felt my own cock working the bottom guy’s ass where it was still buried. Then a strong lunge from him and I cried out as he buried his cock down into my belly. I felt like it would come out my mouth.

“You like this, don’t you, pretty fuckboy,” he crooned as he deep fucked me, “You are a pretty cuntboy just made for assfucking. Open up for daddy, pussyboy, take it and love it. You cumslut, tell me you want to be fucked.” I grunted something back in some strange language as I pushed back against his pounding, wanting more of him and wanting it deeper and harder.

“Give it to me harder, fuck me harder, hurt me with that cock.” I whimpered, “Let me take all the cum juice you have. Let me be your cumslut, your fuckhole.”

Meantime, I was going crazy at the other end, with my cock working in union with the fucking I was getting and this bottom guy crying out as I stabbed his ass over and over in a frenzied fuck. He was having trouble handling all of my eight inches in this third fucking, even though his ass was slippery from all the cum and juices. It was squirting out of him each time I bottomed him out.

Then the guy on top told me he was going to fill my ass with hot lava, and said I needed to take his cum juices and give the boy under me another load. We all three were bouncing around like mad as we fucked. Then I felt the hot juices hit me inside and I grunted and sobbed as I took it all, wanting it to never stop. Nothing ever felt like that wonderful in my life. I was shooting another load into my assboy and hadn’t even realized it.

We all finally came to a grunting and unhooking… My fucker pulled out of my ass and slaked off the cum onto my ass and back. I took the cue and started to likewise, except my boy quickly took my cock and sucked it clean, his eyes looking up at me with a plea for me to let him continue.

I sat down and had the first blow job from a guy in probably ten years, the last being when I was a kid and a neighbor sucked me off. My wife loved to suck me off, but this guy was a suck master. He was the real deal and was taking it all down, all eight inches.

It was all so fresh and wild to me that I was in cocksuckers’ heaven as he sucked my swollen cock and fondled and pulled on my balls, then working a couple of fingers into my ass. That did it! I let it go again and shot my third load in less than a half hour down this guy’s gullet. My balls were on his chin. He had all of me down into his belly. Oh man, I thought, I have turned into a cumwhore gayboy ass fuck. Suck me, baby. I loved every minute of it.

I eventually headed back to the showers and they were waiting for me when I came out, all dressed for work. They handed me their cards and somehow, I happily gave them mine. We agreed that we would meet again in a few days at the one fellow’s place and spend a little more time getting to know each other. They said they had a few other friends that would love to meet me, too.

I spent the day feeling the effects of having my virgin ass fucked hard, but when I got home that night and went to bed and thought about being in the middle of such a fuck fest, my hard cock became of interest to my wife. She sucked in it for a while and begged for a fuck, but I told her I had something new we were going to do. A few minutes later, she was screaming out fuck words as I slammed my cock into her ass, wishing the whole time I rammed it in and out of her tight ass that I was back in the steam room and humping my fuck buddy instead of her. I had become an assfuck whore in one session and couldn’t wait for the next.

I grunted as I shot my burning cum up my wife’s ass, knowing now how good it felt as she cried out in ass fuck delight. All the while I had been pretending it was one of them.

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