Jaimy was off on another adventure. She could not believe how her life changed after meeting the mysterious man on the internet. Jaimy’s husband, Lorenzo frequently worked late at night. Jaimy entertained herself by going in and out of adult chat rooms on the internet. 

Over a month ago, Jaimy met her mysterious man in one of those chat rooms. She was reluctant to comply with his demands to email him separately. After all, Jaimy was a 33-year-old Mother of three children. Although she kept herself in great shape with a daily exercise routine, she and Lorenzo were very conservative in bed, always making love in the missionary position. 

Jaimy was a room mother for her children’s school and attended church every Sunday. Entering into a relationship with a stranger via email was just out of her character. Still, Jaimy was drawn to his firm tone in his email and continued to email him. 

He never identified himself as anything but Lady Killer and Jaimy was required to call him, “Master” in all of her emails. Lady Killer was very direct and sexual with her, something she did not experience with her husband but found herself wanting.

Jaimy’s relationship with Lady Killer began innocently enough until he started sending her off on adventures. At Lady Killer’s instructions, Jaimy never worn a bra now and always wore thongs. She had never owned a pair of thongs until her emails with Lady Killer. He would make her dress slutty and send her on little adventures in the nearby town where Jaimy did not know anyone. 

Last week, after the kids had gone to school, Jaimy put on a short skirt and clingy sweater, slut heels, no bra and no panties and drove to a supermarket in a city nearby. At the supermarket, per Lady Killer’s instructions, Jaimy leaned over the frozen foods until her nipples topping her 36C breasts strained against the soft material. 

As instructed, Jaimy watched until she saw the man watching her, she pretended to bend at the waist. Jaimy felt her skirt rise above her cleanly shaved cunt. As the cool air hit her cunt lips, Jaimy experienced a flood of pussy juices and stood up. She glanced over at the man and was thrilled to see the large bugle behind the zipper in his pants. 

Exhilarated, Jaimy returned home and immediately used the vibrators Lady Killer had ordered her to buy, to fuck her cunt and ass until she felt the release of a massive orgasm. She was exhausted from the ordeal, ashamed and excited at the same time she could not wait to email Lady Killer and find out her next adventure.

She was so unsure about this next adventure. Although she was proud of her body, she was not sure she could do what Lady Killer demanded, get a job as a stripper. After, she was no longer a twenty year old. Still, she went for the interview, was hired and now awaited training so she could start that night. Jaimy was scared as three girls entered the large room. She felt, old, fat, and generally out of shape but Jaimy forced herself to stay and not run out the door.

Jaimy’s worse fears were realized. All three girls were in their low 20’s and in great shape. Jaimy again felt so incredibly old and out of place, but remembered her promise to Lady Killer. 

After a little small talk with the girls, Jaimy discovered that they were nervous too. For some reason this made Jaimy feel a lot better. She sized the girls up because not only did Lady Killer want her to get a job as a stripper, Jaimy was also suppose to have a sexual encounter with one of the other girls. 

Just as the small talk was beginning to result in a comfort zone for all four women, the trainer Bea came out and introduced herself. The club was not open yet, so it was just the four girls and Bea. Jaimy was thankful no one else was in the club, especially customers. Bea looked to be about the same age as Jaimy and was very friendly. Jaimy began to relax as Bea went over all of the in’s and out’s of the job. 

Bea told the girls that the way to make real money was to entice the customers into lap dances. She went over the basic bump and grind on the stage and instructed Jaimy and the other to join her and follow her lead. When Jaimy got up on the stage and looked around she imagined all the men out there hooting and hollering for her and it was so intoxicating. Jaimy could feel the wetness between her legs as Bea took each of them through some basic dance moves. 

Next Bea went over the basics of trying to get private dances arranged. Bea told them that the men tend to be interested right away, or not at all, so don’t waste a lot of time if they aren’t forthcoming went the money. She then paired the women up and told them to follow her lead as she demonstrated some basics regarding the lap dances. 

Bea reminded the women that they could do whatever they wanted, but that the men were not allowed to touch them. Jaimy was relieved at those words. Bea also warned the women that if they got caught offering themselves for money that they would be fired immediately. 

Jaimy was thankful that Lady Killer had never sent her on any adventures that required her to fuck another man. She rationalized that she was not really cheating on Lorenzo since her pleasures were coming from self-pleasuring.

Next, Bea then pulled up a chair and slowly started to strip down to her bra and panties. Jaimy noticed that Bea’s breasts were huge, at least 40D if not larger. Bea then straddled a chair and demonstrated a lap dance. She then told the women to get a partner and practice. Since Jaimy was already sitting, the girl beside her stood up and started a slow strip tease. 

The girl had introduced herself as Holly and Jaimy found out she was only 21 years old. As Holly removed her bra and panties, Jaimy could see that there was not an ounce of fat on her little body. Her tits were a bit smaller than Jaimy’s, but they are firm, hard and were topped with long, erect nipple and saucer-sized areolas.

Holly went through her routine, Bea pointed out a few things she needed to correct and then told the girls to switch places. Jaimy was sooo nervous and almost ran out of the club right then. But she remembered Lady Killer’s instructions and pressed on. Jaimy closed her eyes tightly and started to move her hips back and forth while she pulled my sweater over my head. Jaimy slowly leaned over with her legs straight and ass pointing towards Holly. 

Trying to be as erotic as possible, Jaimy bent over very slowly and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. She then put both hands on the back of Holly’s chair and pushed her tits into Holly’s face. Not close enough to touch, but close enough that Chole could not see anything but Jaimy’s firm 36C tits. 

Jaimy then climbed on top on Chole’s lap, being careful to place her cunt on top of Chole’s lap were her cock would be if she were a guy. Jaimy then started to grind her hips back and forth while moaning in Chole’s ear. Bea told Jaimy that the men loved the moaning. 

Bea did not realize that Jaimy was moaning because she was rubbing her hard clit into Chole’s pubic bone while Jaimy’s nipples lightly brushed against Chole’s face. Jaimy started whispering to Holly about how hot she was and how hot Chole was making her. No one else could hear what Jaimy was saying. 

Jaimy gasped as she felt Chole’s tongue lap at the tip of Jaimy’s nipple. As Jaimy continued to grind her clit against Chole, Chole took Jaimy’s nipple between her teeth and lightly bit down and pulled Jaimy’s breast away from her body. Jaimy was so hot, and her cunt was flooding pussy juices. Jaimy looked into Chole’s faced and could see her eyes closed and lips parted and she knew Chole was just as excited. 

Jaimy was on the verge of orgasm when Bea told her to stop and gave Jaimy some pointers. Jaimy hardly heard a word as she wipe the sweat from her neck. Chole just sat in the chair looking longingly at Jaimy. Bea called a break and Chole and Jaimy quickly made their way into the men’s restroom. They both thought the same thing, no men, and privacy.

Once inside, Jaimy pulled her skirt off and pushed her panties down. Chole stripped her panties off and both women were naked. Jaimy dropped to her knee between Chole’s legs. Although Jaimy had never been went a woman, she seemed to know exactly what was expected. As Jaimy’s tongue found Chole’s clit, Chole reached down with her hands and start massaging both of Jaimy’s breasts. 

Within moments Chole experienced an orgasm and Jaimy stood up while Chole returned the attention. Jaimy’s hand never got to Chole’s small breasts as the second flick of Chole’s tongue on Jaimy’s clit sent her into a massive orgasm quivering. Chole stood up and rubbed her breasts against Jaimy and held her tightly. 

After several moments, Jaimy regained her composure, dressed, and exited the bathroom. She grabbed her stuff and started for the door. Bea yelled after her, but Jaimy kept walking until she was in her car and headed home strangely satisfied with the entire experience and wanting to email Lady Killer with the details.

When Jaimy arrived home, the house was empty except for Lorenzo. He told her that he took the kids to his mother’s house for the weekend so they could spend some time together. Lorenzo took Jaimy out to a nice dinner and then home. Jaimy was suspicious about Lorenzo’ motives. It was unusual for him to pay so much attention to her.

Shortly after getting home Jaimy went back to the bedroom to get ready for bed and Lorenzo followed her. He waited until she was naked and then came up behind her and started kissing the back of Jaimy’s neck. Jaimy always melts when he does this to her. Lorenzo then reached around and started playing with her tits. At this point although it felt good, and Jaimy pulled away not wanting to have sex with Lorenzo as she did not have permission from Lady Killer.

Suddenly Lorenzo pushed Jaimy down on the bed and told her that tonight he was going to find out what was going on with the email. About two years ago Lorenzo bought the mesh restraints set that folds under the bed and allows a person to be tied down with very little effort or time commitment. It had been in a box covered with dust for some time now. 

Well, evidently Lorenzo had gotten it out and set it up on the bed sometime while Jaimy was gone. She did not notice it until he jumped on top of her and rolled Jaimy onto her stomach. Next Lorenzo grabbed one of Jaimy’s hands and inserted it into one of the restraints. 

Before Jaimy could get her breath back Lorenzo tied both of Jaimy’s hands in the restraints and was beginning to work on her legs. Jaimy demanded to know just what he thought he was up to and he told her that things were going to be different now, he was the Master and that she should learn to submit to him. 

At this point Jaimy was really scared. She was unsure if Lorenzo just wanted to act out a sexual fantasy or if he had completely flipped. He was so forceful and very determined. Jaimy struggled as he slipped a pillow under her pelvic area thus pushing her ass and pussy up into the air. Then he placed a blindfold over her eyes 

Lorenzo checked the bonds and satisfied, he pushed a finger into Jaimy’s pussy and started to play with it. He only did this for a few seconds until he felt her juices start to run. Then nothing. Jaimy tested her bonds and waited for Lorenzo to do something or say something but and there was only silence; nothing but silence. 

Jaimy did not know if Lorenzo was sitting nearby watching her or if he went into another room. She thought Lorenzo was going to fuck her next, but it seemed like hours went by with nothing happening. Jaimy’s imagination ran wild and her fears and anxieties increased.

Jaimy was so worried. 

“What was he going to do to me? What did he know?,” Jaimy wondered as she tried to free herself.

Jaimy racked her brain trying to figure out how Lorenzo would have discovered Lady Killer.

“Did he somehow get into my e-mail account? Had he been following me?” Jaimy’s thoughts raced. 

Finally, Jaimy started to call out to Lorenzo to be released. Still nothing. Jaimy had no idea how much time passed, but it seemed like ages. Jaimy could not see or hear anything but suddenly felt something wet playing with her pussy. Jaimy jumped when she felt a finger starting to rub her clit. 

Although frightened, Jaimy was sexually at a peak and melting. Lorenzo rubbed Jaimy’s clit making her feel so hot and so horny. But then he stopped. Next thing Jaimy felt was a sharp pain as Lorenzo hit her ass with something. Jaimy tried to move the blindfold to see what was striking her ass.

“Was it his hand, was it a belt,” Jaimy could not figure it out as her ass started to sting.

Lorenzo continued to swing away at Jaimy’s ass until it was burning. At first the blow felt good and Jaimy enjoyed being on the edge then suddenly having her ass heated up. But somewhere along the line it really started to hurt in a bad way. Jaimy tried not to give Lorenzo the satisfaction of crying, or yelling out, but she eventually lost her willpower and just wanted him to stop. Jaimy started crying and begged Lorenzo to stop. 

When Lorenzo stopped he told Jaimy that she would be released as soon as she confessed all about Lady Killer and what she’d been up to over these past few months. Jaimy denied knowing the name and told Lorenzo that he was crazy. Lorenzo accused Jaimy of lying and that he knew everything. 

At this point Jaimy panicked thinking that Lorenzo read through her e-mail, but she still was not sure so she stuck to her story. Lorenzo started to spank her again, hard making Jaimy’s ass really hurt. 

After what seemed like forever to Jaimy, Lorenzo stopped and asked if she was ready to confess. Lorenzo promised that he would forgive Jaimy, but that she must tell him everything that he already knows. Jaimy still denied everything and told Lorenzo that he was making a huge mistake. 

“You’re the one making the mistake,” Lorenzo snapped, “and you’ll stay there until you confess everything.”

Lorenzo started spanking Jaimy again until she thought she would totally lose it and then, suddenly nothing. Silence. Just silence. Jaimy stiffened and waited.

After a little while Jaimy started to relax and just then felt something circling her pussy. Jaimy then felt something spreading her pussy lips and entering her. Jaimy tried to move her hips as something was attached around her waist and legs and over her pussy. Then the buzzing started. Lorenzo had inserted one of Jaimy’s vibrators in her pussy. 

Jaimy thought to myself, “What a fool. This isn’t going to make me talk. I love this.” 

Jaimy started to relax and let her body be taken away by the beautiful humming vibrations, but just as she was about to explode the vibrator was turned off. Then Jaimy felt a sharp sting across her ass that hurt much worse than any before. Jaimy felt another that almost tore her apart. Jaimy started to cry again and begged Lorenzo for mercy. 

“All you have to do is confess and ask for forgiveness in order for it to stop,” Lorenzo responded.

Jaimy refused to speak and bit her lip as the spanking increased in frequency and pain. When Lorenzo finally stopped tears were streaming down Jaimy’s face. Jaimy heard nothing then felt Lorenzo rubbing something all over her ass that felt cool and soothing. And then nothing again for what seemed like a long time. Just as Jaimy started to fall asleep, the humming in her pussy started again. And like before, just as Jaimy was about to climax it stopped. And then again, nothing. 

This pattern continued for what seemed like forever to Jaimy. Just when Jaimy thought she couldn’t take anymore, she felt something cool and greasy being spread on her asshole. Jaimy was so lost in near climaxes that she could not figure out what Lorenzo was doing. Then something jabbed sharply at her asshole before it was pushing through roughly. 

Jaimy felt a humming and she knew that Lorenzo must have inserted her other vibrator into her ass. He then secured the vibrator in Jaimy’s ass and switch on the vibrator in her pussy. Both vibrators were humming at a low, teasing speed. The hum was not enough to allow Jaimy to cum, but enough that she was in a constant state of need. Then Jaimy heard the door to the bedroom shut. 

“Goodnight,” Lorenzo said.

Jaimy did not know if Lorenzo really left the room or not. Jaimy did not sleep a wink that entire night. The vibrators kept her going all night. Jaimy tried to hump them to try and pull them out without success. She tugged and pulled at her bonds, but nothing worked. Lorenzo really secured Jaimy very tightly. 

After a while Jaimy realized that she had to go pee and started calling for Lorenzo but he never came. Just when Jaimy thought she could not hold it any longer, the batteries in the vibrator of her pussy ran out. Jaimy felt some relief, but the vibrator in her ass continued to hum away. Jaimy thought she would die from the need to cum. 

After what seemed like an eternity, Jaimy heard the door open.

“Good morning, Slut,” Lorenzo greeted Jaimy. 

Lorenzo had never referred to Jaimy like that before. He asked her how she was doing and Jaimy told him she desperately needed to go to the bathroom. Lorenzo told Jaimy that he would take care of that. Jaimy felt the bindings around her waist being taken off and the vibrators being removed from her pussy and ass. Jaimy thought for a minute that it was over and Lorenzo was going to release her. But no such luck.

Jaimy felt the pillow being removed from her midsection and something that felt like a bowl being inserted in its place. Jaimy asked Lorenzo what he was doing and he told her he had put her bathroom in place. 

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Jaimy protested.

Lorenzo told Jaimy that if she needed to pee that badly she would just go ahead and do it. Jaimy yelled at Lorenzo told him he was crazy. 

“You’re my slut and you’ll pee anyway I pleased,” Lorenzo responded. 

Jaimy started to cry and gradually lowered her pride enough to allow her bladder to empty it in front of him. Jaimy was so humiliated.

Lorenzo then took one foot at a time and released it from the restraints while putting something around each leg. It wasn’t long before Jaimy could figure out what it was he was doing. Lorenzo was putting this remote controlled vibrating panty on that he used to use on her. 

Jaimy was really scared because she knew it would drive her absolutely wild with want. Lorenzo then started the vibrator until he got Jaimy all hot and near orgasm then he would turn it off. He kept calling Jaimy “his slut” and kept telling her to confess and then he would let her orgasm and it would feel so good. 

Jaimy had no idea how much time went by but he kept continually getting her to the edge and then shutting the vibrator off and eliciting groans and protest from Jaimy. Lorenzo would alter the speed of the vibe, high, low, then shut it off and then start it again. He was driving Jaimy absolutely bonkers. 

Lorenzo kept referring to Jaimy as his slut and told me that for now on things were going to be different. He told me all kinds of wonderfully nasty things that he was going to have her do, but he still he would not let Jaimy cum. 

Jaimy begged and pleaded then finally succumbed. Her body was a total mess and her mind was so exhausted that she just couldn’t stand it any longer. She told Lorenzo everything about Lady Killer; how she met him and all about the adventures she sent on and the wonderfully nasty things he made her do. Jaimy apologized to Lorenzo over and over again and was feel with remorse that she had been caught. Lorenzo comforted Jaimy and told her that she was his slut now and that he had never been happier with her.

This really confused Jaimy and suddenly Lorenzo turned the vibrator on high and Jaimy body started spasming in the most intense orgasm that she had ever had in her entire life. She thrashed on the bed against her bonds and begged Lorenzo to fuck her cunt, her ass, her tits, her mouth, to fuck her everywhere. 

Lorenzo stood over the bed and just laughed. The money he spent of Lady Killer was well spent. Lorenzo had bet that if Jaimy thought she was caught, she would do anything to save their marriage and confess everything. It was so easy and Lady Killer had been such a good sport.

“Perhaps I will reward him by allowing him to fuck my slut,” Lorenzo mused as he flipped the vibrator to high and watched as Jaimy thrashed about lost in another orgasm.

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