Going For A Walk With Kelly

I was eight years old, my cousin Kelly was seventeen, as was her boyfriend Darcy. I was visiting Kelly and her family at their summer cottage near Penticton, a small vacation community in the Okanagan Valley. We had finished dinner and Kelly and Darcy were going for a walk down to the lake. They wanted to watch the sunset. I asked if I could tag along and they said, “Sure.”

To get to the lake, we had to follow a narrow path through a wooded area. I don’t think it was more than a hundred yards, but when you are eight and a long way from home, it could seem farther than it actually was. I was leading the way, about 10 feet in front of Kelly and Darcy. They were holding hands and quietly talking. As I came to the edge of the woods, I took off my shoes so I could walk barefoot in the sand. I could hear hushed voices coming from behind a washed up log but thought nothing of it and walked towards the lake shore. As I walked past the log, I saw Mrs. Jennifer Miller, a family friend, lying on a blanket. Her pants and underpants were off and a man was pressing his face into her crotch. I knew Mr. Miller, and it wasn’t him. She had her fingers wrapped around his head and rotated her hips in a circular motion.

I didn’t have any idea of what they were doing, but when Darcy and Kelly caught up to me, they obviously did. Kelly let out a surprised gasp, loud enough to be heard on the blanket. Mrs. Miller quickly looked around and the man looked up from where he was. Mrs. Miller said “Oh shit!” and scrambled to cover herself. “What are you kids doing here?” she asked sternly. It was Kelly who answered. “We were just about to ask you the same question, Jen.”

Now on the defensive, Mrs Miller sat up, holding her face in her hands. From where I was standing, I had a clear view of her vagina. With Darcy standing right beside me, I’m sure that he had the same view that I had. The man stood up and casually walked away, saying, “I’ll call you, Jen.” over his shoulder as he walked down the beach.

“C’mon, lets go.” Kelly said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me away. We had walked about 10 yards when Kelly said, “Darcy?” We abruptly stopped and as I looked back, I could see that Darcy hadn’t moved. He stood transfixed. And then a very odd thing happened. Mrs. Miller smiled at him and said something that I couldn’t hear. “Darcy, now!” Kelly growled. As Darcy quickly regained his composure, he caught up to us. Kelly was furious but what had we done? I just wanted to go to the beach. We walked back to the cottage in silence.

The next morning, I woke up earlier than anyone else. I was playing outside with my Barbie when I heard the screen door close. Maybe my Dad was going fishing and maybe I could go with him. But instead, it was Darcy. He tiptoed off the porch and headed off through the woods towards an old abandoned water tower not far from the cottage. I decided to follow him. Maybe he could tell me if Kelly was still angry with us even though I didn’t know what we had done to make her upset. When I got to the tower, I stopped dead in my tracks. There was Darcy… and Mrs. Miller. She wore jeans, white sneakers and a hooded sweatshirt. She had her hands in the front pocket of her shirt and was listening to Darcy. A moment later she slowly nodded her head. She seemed to be staring at her feet and didn’t react at all when Darcy slowly walked towards her and kissed her on the neck. Darcy wrapped his arms around her and continued to kiss her neck and shoulder. Eventually, Mrs. Miller put her arms around Darcy’s back.

I didn’t want them to see me so I hid behind some bushes. He had his hands on her behind while he nuzzled her neck and throat. He must have whispered something to her because she suddenly stepped back and lifted the front of her shirt to her shoulders, exposing her small breasts to the cool morning air. Her nipples were hard and Darcy wasted no time taking one into his mouth. Mrs. Miller gently held his head to her breast. He looked like a 17 year old baby as he suckled at her breast. He unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down. Once again, Darcy spoke to Mrs. Miller but this time she forcefully said, “No.”

She pulled away from him and pulled the sweatshirt down to cover her chest. After a momentary pause, she smiled that smile again, the one I had seen the day before, and stepped before Darcy. With that sinister smile on her face, she slowly drew Darcy’s sweatpants and underpants down to his ankles. Darcy’s erect penis sprang into the air, the first I’d ever seen. Now it was his turn to stand and stare. Mrs. Miller stroked the length of his penis, making it grow even larger. Back and forth, squeezing it’s length. She skimmed her jeans down her legs and off, draping them on a beam of the water tower where they were quickly joined by her pink nylon panties. She continued to stroke his penis and slowly leaned back against the beam. Pulling Darcy by the penis like some sort of toy, she rubbed his hardness between her legs. Holding his stiff cock against her slit, she wrapped her right leg around his and with her hand pressing against his bum, drew him inside of her. When Darcy was fully embedded, Mrs. Miller gently put her arms around Darcy’s neck. Darcy started to slam his body against hers, but she whispered to him and Darcy slowed down his pace. She held Darcy by the hips and guided him into her body, again and again. Darcy had his hands under her shirt and she laid her head on his chest. He must have squeezed her too roughly because all of a sudden she cried out and pushed his hands away.

Darcy started to really slam into her harder, making grunting noises along the way. Mrs. Miller kept saying “Tell me when, ok?” Darcy lunged forward, straining to stay inside her, but Mrs. Miller was furious. She shoved him away and his penis popped out, spraying her thigh and shoe with his cum. “You bastard!” she spat. “I told you to pull out before you came. Look what you’ve done! Asshole.”

She wiped the still dripping semen from her leg and quickly dressed. “I”m sorry, I didn’t mean to….” Darcy was mumbling, but Mrs. Miller wasn’t interested in listening. When Darcy reached for her breast again, she shoved him away, hard. “Fuck off.” she said, and with that, she turned and walked away. Darcy leaned back against the tower. His face was red and his penis was slick and limp. He was totally spent.

I hurried back down the path towards the cottage. When I got back, Kelly was on the porch and asked me if I had seen Darcy. “Yes, I saw him go towards the water tower,” I answered. I went back to playing with my Barbie as Kelly smiled and quickly walked down the path

The End

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