Dorthe made a habit of attending as many rock concerts
as she could afford and doing whatever was necessary to
get into the group’s dressing room backstage after the
show and hopefully spend the night with one or more of
the lucky guys.

Tonight Dorthe was going to a concert featuring a group
known as Death Warmed Over – not the kind of guys you’d
bring home to mother, unless of course your mother was
Morticia Addams.

As she dressed for the evening, she went over in her
mind the usual plan of events. She always bought one of
the ‘cheap seats’ tickets, because she usually managed
to trade sexual favors for a spot down front. Most of
the security guards and roadies who frequented the
large arena in town had enjoyed a quick but very
satisfying blow job from her. This way, she nearly
always got to the front row. She wore a loose fitting
blouse that hung over the waistband of her short denim

Tonight, seeing as how the crowd would be more sleazy
than usual, she went overboard – she wore stockings and
the highest pair of high heels she had, killer shoes
with four-inch heels. The skirt she had chosen was a
tight, short affair. It stopped at just about the tops
of her stockings, so the garter-straps and clips
showed. This new style was especially erotic and on
Dorthe’s long legs the nylons were even more appealing.

She slid the tight dress up over her garter belt and
pulled the blouse down over her bare breasts. No
panties, no bra. She was sure to get the attention she
wanted tonight. Applying more than the usual amount of
makeup, eyeshadow and lipstick, she certainly looked
the part of a woman in search of sex. And sex she was
sure to get.

Standing in line outside the arena as the crowd of kids
jostled around, the excitement in the air was evident.
Dorthe could sense the stares and leers of the males in
the crowd and enjoyed the attention. She always went to
these concerts alone. She calmly waited as the line she
was in slowly made its way past the ticket taker and
went through the usual search inside the arena – the
city was pretty thorough about getting most of the
booze and firecrackers off the kids as they came in.

The big black security guard at the door eyed her up
and down and said in a voice loud enough for everyone
10 feet around to hear, “I can see this
little girl ain’t got nothin’ hidden on her!”

Dorthe just smiled at him and licked her lips with her
tongue, teasing the man. Nonetheless, he made sure his
hands brushed across her breasts and down her hips. The
touch of his hand made Dorthe’s nipples begins to peak
and stiffen. She wandered the halls a while the opening
act played. She didn’t want to get there too early and
have a latecomer push her back, the way she usually did
to the legitimate front-row patrons.

Dorthe wandered down to the ladies room and had a few
cigarettes, shooting the breeze with some other girls
and in general just enjoying the atmosphere. Most of
the girls expressed amazement at her outfit, but
several said they had seen the style and were just
waiting for someone else to wear it first.

Finally the opening act finished to the obvious delight
of most of the crowd. The house lights came up and the
local radio station came on over the huge speakers and
started blaring old Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith tunes. A
haze of tobacco and hash smoke hung in the air.

After killing some more time standing around the
entrance to the lower level area, Dorthe could sense
when there was about 15 minutes until “DWA” as they
were called, would take the stage. She fluffed her
hair, straightened her skirt and inspected the picture.
Everything was fine.

Dorthe pulled roughly off his cock just as she felt the
tremors of his orgasm begin. Grabbing his cock tightly
just behind the head she looked up at him and swallowed

“You can cum in my mouth, but don’t take it out and
whip it all over, OK? Cum in my mouth, I’ll swallow

The guy could only nod his head. She bent to re-envelop
his cock with her wet mouth and released her grip on
the shaft. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed
his hips forwards, sinking his cock all the way into
Dorthe’s mouth and let go a wad of jizz that slimed over
her tongue and down her throat. Dorthe took over,
sucking and drawing the load of semen from his balls.

Several strong jets of cum struck the back of Dorthe’s
mouth and she dutifully swallowed as the amount grew.
Again the guy pulsed and again she swallowed his creamy
spunk. Tightening her lips over his cock shaft, she
slowly pulled up and off him, drawing the last few
beads of cum from his cock.

Popping her tightly drawn lips off the shiny head of
his cock, Dorthe looked up at him from her kneeling
position. The guy was swaying back and forth on his
feet, still enjoying the marvelous feel of the orgasm
he’d just had. He popped his eyes opened and looked
down at her.

“That was pretty good. You must have had a lot of

Dorthe cleared her throat of the last dribbles of his
sperm and said “Yeah, I’ve been sucking cock since I
was fourteen. Most guys say I’m pretty good at it.”
Wiping her lips with the back of her hand, she smiled
up at him and, reaching for her blouse, got to her feet
and slipped the blouse on back over her naked chest.

“OK, I fulfilled my part of the bargain, let’s go,” she
said quickly, grabbing his hand and walking swiftly out
of the small room and back up the corridor towards the
stage area. He let her walk in front of him, eying the
sway of her tight ass in the short skirt.

Once out into the crowd again, Dorthe walked up to the
middle of the seating area just off the front of the
stage, and turned to the guard.

“Here, take this – in case anybody else hassles you,”
he said quickly, handing her a small slip of paper from
his jacket pocket. Dorthe glanced at it. It was a small
ticket stub with ‘Front Stage Pass’ stamped on it, with
the date and time added in longhand. “It’s a pass we
use in case someone legitimately looses their ticket or
we need to issue another one for a VIP or something –
it’s good all evening.”

She thanked him and watched as he turned and walked

Dorthe could still taste him in her mouth, and her
breasts were aroused and tingly with desire. She
usually loved giving head and eating cum, it made her
feel slutty and sexy. She ran her tongue around her
lips and made sure that her makeup and hair were still

Soon enough the house lights dimmed, the kids started
cheering and raising the usual ruckus and smoke and
lights filled the air. Death Warmed Over hit the stage
with their current hit, ‘Teenaged Honey’ and Dorthe
found herself scanning the guys in the band for an
obvious target. Like most rock and heavy metal bands,
the guys were skeletal thin and had very long hair.

The bass guitarist had tattoos all over his chest and a
wildly frizzy hair-do. He seemed more interested in
watching his shoes than anyone in the crowd, so Dorthe
looked past him at the singer. He seemed a likely
target, with his wildly flowing blond hair and
requisite skin tight leather pants.

Dorthe noticed with satisfaction the large tube of flesh
shoved down the inside of his right pants leg. He
seemed to seek out and sing to the females in the front
rows, and when he looked Dorthe’s way during one song,
she tried to make real eye contact with him and send
some signals.

But the singer just looked at her for a few seconds,
then moved on to the next person in the crowd. Dorthe
wasn’t even sure that he noticed her at all. “Shithead”
she thought to herself over the din, “time for plan B.”
Plan B was calculated to get one of the guy’s
attention, for sure. She waited until the guitarist was
screaming through one of his patented gymnastic solos,
his guitar held down between his legs, hands flying up
and down the neck and over the body of the instrument.
He fell to his knees near the front of the stage, near

He looked straight at her while coaxing the agonized
notes from his guitar, bending the strings and gyrating
to the music. Dorthe locked on his eyes and quickly
grabbed the bottom of her blouse and pulled it up to
her neck, exposing her large and shapely breasts for
all around to see. The others near her in the front
rows were occupied with watching the group on stage,
not her, but the guitarist certainly saw her charms.

Dorthe could tell he noticed and liked what he saw,
because his face broke into a huge grin. She dropped
the blouse to cover up and smiled back up at him. He
nodded in recognition and, as if suddenly remembering
where he was, ended his solo and went on with the song
the rest of the group was performing. Later during the
show he managed to work his way over to where Dorthe was
several times, hoping for another shot of her tits.

Dorthe knew that if she showed them again, she took a
chance of either causing a riot down among the front
rows or getting booted out by the management. Each
time, though, she made some little movement that let
the guy know she wanted him – she swayed her hips to
his music or rubbed her tits through the blouse.

During one especially close moment, she took her index
finger and pointed to her open mouth with it – the
universal sign among groupies and rock stars that she
wanted to suck his cock. He noticed it immediately and
Dorthe could tell he got it – his cock swelled the front
of his Spandex pants out in a noticeable bulge.

The show went on without incident, and the group did
the usual encore and crowd-pleasing pyrotechnic finale
of smoke bombs, Roman candles and laser lights. As the
show came to a close, Debby quickly hurried out and
down past the back of the stage into the subterranean
corridors she knew so well. She made her way around to
the lower-level dressing rooms.

Several people were wandering around in the area,
mostly either members of the road crews of the two
bands, arena employees, or other hangers-on. Dorthe
noticed several other girls who she knew were here
after the same thing she was – rock musician dick.

Quickly circling around the corridor Dorthe came to the
door to the main dressing room. She’d been here many
times before. This time, as usual, the door was blocked
by a huge, burly roadie, a black man easily six foot
eight in height and 270 pounds. He looked at her and
sniffed, “Ok, girlie, just keep on going, nothing here
for you tonight.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure, man,” she snapped back with the
confidence gained from dozens of these confrontations.
“What’s it take to get inside?” nodding her head
towards the dressing room door.

“Well, above all a backstage pass, which I see you
ain’t got, or you bein’ a member of the band, which you
ain’t, or you bein’ someone invited in there by
someone, which you ain’t, cause there ain’t anyone in

Dorthe looked up at him seductively. She was sure he had
been in this situation hundreds of times around the
country, always guarding the group from the swarm of
fans anxious to get near to them. But she was equally
sure that she could get to him – she had always been
successful in the past.

“Aw, c’mon, let me go in. Promise I won’t make a

“Nope. Just move along,” was the grunted reply. Dorthe
thrust her chest out just a little more and licked her

“Is there anything I can do to get in there, you know,
fuck you or something?” This question usually got one
of two responses – either the roadie laughed in her
face, or he took her up on it. When they laughed in her
face, which was seldom, to be sure, Dorthe usually
figured some other way into the dressing room. But this
guy just looked at her for long seconds. His eyes bored
into hers. Finally Dorthe blinked and looked down.

The roadie chuckled from deep within his chest. “Ok,
girlie, tell you what. You’re better lookin’ than most
of the pussy that comes sniffin’ round down here. If
you can suck me off, and get me off before the guys get
down here, you can stay. I’m sure that they’ll know
what to do with you too.” Dorthe thought to herself that
she already had one load of sperm in her belly, another
one wouldn’t make that much difference.

While he spoke, he turned and unlocked the door and
motioned her inside. Dorthe flushed and ducked under his
arms and into the dressing room. Like the usual
backstage areas she had seen, this one was strewn with
clothes, food, paper, a couple of acoustic guitars and
other miscellaneous junk. The aroma of grass hung in
the air. Dorthe walked a few feet into the room and
turned to the roadie.

“What’s your name, stud?”

“Ron.” The black roadie wasted no time. He unzipped
his pants and walked up to Dorthe, pushing her to her
knees in the middle of the room.

She nearly knelt in an old pizza carton with two greasy
slabs of pizza in it, but brushed it away before her
knees hit the floor.

“You want pads?” he asked.

“What?” Drothe answered, mystified.

“Knee pads – standard equipment for the band. I seen
them get half a dozen or so girls here each night and
the chicks get sore knees from all the cocksucking.”

Dorthe answered with a snort. “No, I don’t need ’em.
I’ve been doing this long enough so I get by OK.” So
saying, she reached into the man’s pants and fished
around for his cock.

Now, Dorthe had seen quite a few cocks in her short
life; white ones, black ones, short ones, fat ones,
long ones, thin ones and thick ones.

But as she wormed the tube of flesh out from behind
its’ confining cloth, her eyes widened.

“Now this is a COCK!” she thought to herself. In
proportion to the rest of his body, it really wasn’t
all that large, but to Dorthe’s small white hand, the
black log seemed huge. It was too big around for her
fingers to fully encircle it, and not even erect seemed
nine or ten inches long.

“Jeessus man how big’s this thing get?” she laughed up
at him. “I’m not so sure I can take this whopper in my

“Suck it, or get going, bitch, we ain’t got all night.”
She felt his strong hands at the back of her head,
pulling her face towards his cock. Dorthe shifted on her
knees and moved her jaw around, loosening up her facial
muscles. The cock hardened under her pumping hands. The
plum-shaped head gleamed in the light and a tiny drop
of wetness appeared at the tip.

Dorthe leaned forward and licked the spot off, enjoying
the thrill and appreciating the throb of desire that
she felt move through the cock. She opened her lips and
kissed the head of the cock, swabbing it with her
tongue and spreading her saliva over the already wet
tip of the cock. Her hands circled the shaft poking out
of the man’s pants and started jerking the cock, the
smooth dark skin sliding over the blood-filled shaft
with ease.

Ron had his hands firmly around her head, fingers
entwined in her hair. He moved his hips forward to
shove more of his hard cock into her mouth, and Dorthe
accepted the movement, spreading saliva over the rigid
tube of flesh. Her tongue swirled over and around the
shaft and about 5 inches of the shaft invaded her
mouth. She swallowed roughly and tasted a few drops of
salty pre-cum.

“Oh yeah, baby, keep doin’ it, that’s real good” Ron
spoke gruffly. He increased the length of his strokes,
feeding his hot cock into the woman’s mouth with ease.
He was kind of surprised that she could take so much,
but he wasn’t aware of Dorthe’s past experience.

Literally hundreds of feet of cock had traveled the
slippery route over her lips and tongue and into the
top of her throat, inches after inches adding up to
feet and multiplying many hundreds of times. So Dorthe
was no amateur at the cocksucking business. In fact,
she prided herself on the ease and delight with which
she could swallow almost any cock presented to her.

As she sucked the shaft, Dorthe continued to stroke and
jerk the cock that was gripped by her hands. She knelt
on the floor and applied both hands to the shaft
outside of her face, pulling up to her lips and pushing
back down until her hands touched Ron’s wiry pubic

She occasionally let one hand drop down and caress and
fondle his balls, which hung loosely in their confining
sack of skin. The amount of saliva she generated soon
began to overflow her lips, and drooled down over her
bottom lip and chin.

Dorthe had to pull off his cock for a second to get a
deep breath, and while she did, she kept the tip of his
cock at her tongue, stroking and pumping all the while.
She looked up at Roger with smoldering eyes, noticing
that he was also fascinated by the sight of her down
there, worshipping his cock.

“You like to suck dick, eh, girlie?” he asked, watching
the slim white woman jerk his coal-black cock at her

“Yeah, I guess so. My boyfriend seems to like it,” she
answered noncommittally, taking the time to swallow
some of the accumulated juices that had gathered in her

“Well, you just keep it up, ’cause I’ve got some nice
hot black cum for you to eat. You swallow?”

“If you want. ‘sall the same to me,” she responded. “Or
if you want you can cum on my face, that’s cool too.”

Ron couldn’t believe his ears. Here was this cute
little college girl, on her knees before him, sucking
his cock and telling him it was fine with her if he
ejaculated on her pretty face. He’d always wanted to
try that, but had never met a woman who seemed
agreeable. But now his chance had come.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s what I’ll do, I’ll blow my wad
all over you if you want. Just keep that stroking, I’m
getting close now….” he breathed roughly. Dorthe did
so, stroking his cock more and more rapidly, licking
the head and kissing it with her pursed lips, sucking
the drops of rapidly increasing pre-cum off and
swallowing them. Then she felt Ron begin to shudder.

“Yeah, baby, that’s it, cum for me, cum for Dorthe, blow
that jizz on me now, I want it,” she whispered, knowing
the words would excite Ron even more. Her hands sped
back and forth on the black cock, the tip just inches
from her mouth. Suddenly Ron jerked and a long stream
of white cum flew from the head of his cock, diving
right into her open lips.

Caught slightly by surprise, Dorthe coughed lightly,
spitting the cum back out over her lips, where it
started to drool down. She kept on jerking the cock.
Another shot flew out, landing across her nose and
cheek. She aimed the cock higher and the third jet spun
across her forehead and into her hair.

The force of the semen began to lessen, and the next
spurt dripped weakly out onto her cheeks. Dorthe rubbed
the spitting cockhead over her face, feeling the sperm
leak out and drool over her skin. As the eruption
slowed, she popped the head of Ron’s cock back into
her mouth and sucked with all her might, drawing even
more hot salty cum up through his tube and into her
swallowing mouth.

Finally Ron stepped away from the girl on her knees.
His cock hung down, drained. Dorthe looked at him, the
streamers of cum lining her face beginning to slide
downwards over her lips and chin. She swallowed,
gulping the three or four jets of cum that had found
their way into her mouth. Drawing in a huge breath of
air, she shivered and whispered, “God! That was
something else! All that cum on my face.”

Just then the door burst open with a rush of air and
noise and the five group members entered their dressing
area. The sight stopped them in their tracks. Ron,
one of their road crew members, was standing there, his
shrinking cock hanging out of his pants, dripping
saliva and cum. A cute girl in a mini-skirt and blouse
knelt on the floor just feet away, her face lined with
cum. Dorthe gasped in astonishment and flushed red,
embarrassed at being seen like this by the entire
group. Ron was silent.

“Jesus Christ, what the fuck is going on here!” yelled
the singer.

“Holy shit!”

A cacophony of voices suddenly filled the air, the
jeers and taunts of the group directed at Ron and the
girl. Dorthe got shakily to her feet, wiping the cum
from her face as best she could. She stammered “Ah..
hey g-guys, good show you just put on…” She
hesitated, but no one spoke. “Now it’s my turn, OK? My
name’s Dorthe, and I’ll fuck and suck you all.”

(It might be wise now to introduce the group members,
for those of you unfamiliar with them. The guitarist
who seemed so intent on Dorthe’s tits was Adam. He had
long black hair and wore tight black jeans and a short
fringed vest. The singer was Bill, and his long wavy
blond hair flowed down over his shoulders.
He was tall and beefy and, to most women, the most
attractive member of the group. The bass player had
kind of stringy long brown hair and was named Tony. The
drummer wore his hair in a ponytail and had a brown
beard and mustache to match. His name was Kurt. He had a
maniacal look on his face.)

The guys wasted no time. Quickly they locked the
dressing room door and spread pillows and cushions on
the floor, spreading away all the collected trash,
sheet music, amplifier parts and other miscellaneous
junk that had collected there. Adam stepped up to Dorthe
and said “I want to see those tits again, they were

Dorthe colored, but nodded to him and, crossing her
arms, lifted the hem of her blouse up over her head.
The other guys in the band whistled appreciatively when
her breasts came into view. Large, very round mammaries
sported full nipples that were stone hard already,
poking out almost a half-inch in erection.

“Yes, in-DEED, very nice,” said Kurt, stepping up next
to them and bending down to suck one nipple into his
mouth. Dorthe pulled his head to her chest and closed
her eyes, moaning softly. Tony stepped over and ran his
hands over her hips and down her skirt. He knelt and
slid one hand up her leg underneath the skirt.

“Jeesus, she ain’t wearin’ any panties!” he exclaimed,
when his wandering fingers touched damp pubic hair. He
moistened the tip of one finger in his mouth and slid
it back under Debby’s skirt, insinuating it up into her
slit. Dorthe moaned again and threw her head back.

“Yes, yes, finger my clit, do it now,” she whispered.
Tony was only too happy to oblige, as he insinuated his
forefinger into the warm, moist area at the top of her
slit where he found the exciting little nubbin.

Meanwhile, Kurt and Adam continued to suckle at her
breasts, and Dorthe held both their heads to her chest
like an earth mother. The two men slowly lowered her to
the floor, resting her head on a large sofa cushion and
pulling her legs out straight. Tony unfastened the hooks
of her skirt, and raising her hips, Dorthe allowed him
to pull it down over her long, slim, stocking-enclosed
legs. Again the guys whistled as her lower body came
into view.

“DAMN, that’s one fine cunt we got here” grunted Adam as
he began loosening his pants. The other three men
followed his lead, and soon all four were naked. They
knelt down around the woman offering herself to them,
and for the next few minutes, Dorthe was in heaven as
four sets of strong hands stroked, pulled, tweaked,
rubbed and caressed her sweating body.

“C’mon guys, I need a fuck badly, let’s get it on,” she
said, pulling Adam’s face to hers and kissing him deeply.
He maneuvered around and grabbed her stockinged legs,
hoisting them up over his shoulders. Her hips rose up
off the floor as she pointed her pussy at him. Adam held
his cock and rubbed the head of it over her slit,
wetting it with the juices she was producing.

Finally he could wait no longer, and with a tremendous
grunt, slid the entire length of his cock right up her
pussy. It hit bottom and Dorthe squealed, “OH GOD YES,
DO IT, FUCK ME!” And she began moving her hips up to
meet his thrusts.

Not to be left out, Bill and Kurt moved up, kneeling on
either side of her head. Dorhte looked up and saw the
two glistening cockheads poised over her face. She
reached up and fisted each of the shafts, opening her
mouth to rub her tongue around each of the flared
heads. They began leaking pre-cum, which set her taste
buds on fire and pushed her further on down the road to
the sexual heights.

“FUCK YES, call me names, I’m a SLUT, I’m a COCKSUCKING
WHORE!” Dorthe yelled, surrendering herself to the
feelings of delight coursing through her body.

The men groaned and began taunting her.

“Yeah, you bitch, suck that cock, I’m gonna pump a load
down your throat.”

“Wow, look at this bitch suck, she loves that shit,
look at ‘er go!”

“C’mon baby, suck me off, you want that cum, don’t

“Yes, I’m a cock-sucking, cum-loving slut!” she
responded enthusiastically, slurping on the cocks. Adam
continued fucking into her slit with vigor, sliding the
length of his cock in and out with sure strokes.

“Yea baby, suck those cocks, make ’em cum down your
fucking throat, eat some cum for dinner!” he joined in.

The four of them continued on for several minutes,
Dorthe sucking and stroking the shafts in her face
alternately, slurping down the leaking juices when she
could. Suddenly Tony, who had been watching and stroking
his cock silently, chimed in.

“Hey, I bet this bitch’d love to get ass-fucked at the
same time. Let’s go!” The others agreed, over the minor
protests of Dorthe, who normally didn’t like her rectum
invaded by anything larger than a tongue or finger. But
she was too far gone to put up any real protest.

Adam straightened up, popping his glistening cock from
her snatch momentarily. Tony lay on his back, holding up
his rock solid shaft. The guys picked up Dorthe under
her arms and bodily moved her over the grinning bass

“NO,NO, I’m dry, get it wet, get it wet!” she mouthed
almost incoherently, but the guys were in no position
to stop and get her ass channel lubed up. They
positioned her over Tony, who grabbed her ass cheeks and
spread them apart. He could see the tiny dimple of her
anus and slowly they moved the woman over the target
until his cock was resting just below her asshole.

“READY, SET GO!” they yelled almost in unison, and
virtually dropped the girl’s body. Dorthe shrieked in
pain as the shaft invaded her dry hole. “OH FUCK!” she
yelled as the guys began screwing her every which way
but loose. Tony leaned her back over him and Adam moved
down to slide his hard cock up into her pussy. Now she
had both shafts wholly in her body, and she quickly
orgasmed from the full feeling. Bill moved up and
straddled her chest, his cock pointing straight at her

“You know what I want, girlie, suck this cock!” he
grunted and pulled Dorthe’s head towards his stomach.
She opened her mouth involuntarily and felt his shaft
slide over her lips and bulge into her mouth. She was
fucking and sucking with three guys! She’d never
believed she’d ever do this, and here she was, getting
cock thrown at her from every angle.

The cock in her ass was finally lubricating that dry
channel enough so that the pain went away, to be
replaced by a slight discomfort and a very nice
feeling. The cock in her pussy savaged her womb,
sliding back and forth. Adam reached down and began
sliding his fingers over her clit, setting the rockets
in Dorthe’s head off once again. She quaked through a
couple of orgasms as the guys continued to pound their
cocks into her. They were slightly rough, but Dorthe
enjoyed it nonetheless.

Kurt moved up and grabbed one of her arms, placing her
hand around his cock. “Jerk on it, honey, just jerk on
it for me.” he commanded. Dorthe began sliding her fist
up and down his shaft, occasionally pausing to angle
her head over to it and spit out Bill’s cock and suck
mightily on Kurt’s. The quartet went on for several
minutes, the guys grunting with the exertion and Dorthe
squealing through the meat in her mouth in ecstasy.

Finally Adam spoke up. “Ok, bitch, it’s time for your
bath now. Hope you can swim, cus we’re gonna drown you
in cum. Let’s go guys, let’s give it to her. “

So saying, he uncunted his cock. Bill pushed her up
off his ass, the POP of his cock echoing around the
room as her bruised asshole was finally shed of its
fleshy invader. Kurt and Bill stepped away, and the
four men lowered her to the floor. Dorthe pulled the
cushion up behind her head and looked at them
expectantly. All four were standing over her, stroking
their cocks with frenzied speed. She could see they
were close to coming.

“W-What’re you gonna do?” she asked somewhat timidly,
worn out from the dozens of climaxes she’d enjoyed.

Without saying a word, the four men gathered around her
head. The four pricks were all within a foot or so of
her face.

“Whaddaya think?” rasped Kurt, “We’re gonna shoot all
over your FACE, slut, and you’re gonna enjoy it too!”

“OH GOD YES! YES!” was all she could reply.

Suddenly the men started cumming. Boll groaned and
arched his back and pointed his cock directly at Dorthe.
A stream of cum shot out and landed across her cheek
and nose. The next jet hit her square in the left eye,
blinding her momentarily. Dorthe squealed and opened her
mouth. Bill shot again, and a white line of cum flew
out and disappeared into her dark oral cavern.

Then Kurt started cumming, and he directed his spasming
cock, spraying Dorthe’s face with his hot load. Bill
dribbled the last of his cum onto the top of her head,
then rubbed his cock in her hair.

Meanwhile, Kurt was still shooting, watching ropes of
cum land in strings across the pretty girl’s face. Her
right cheek and jawbone had several strings of cum
dripping down. One line neatly bisected her nose and up
between her eyes. Then Adam started. It seemed as if the
guys timed it so just as one finished, another started.
More cum flew out towards the target face, and Dorthe
opened her mouth again to capture the milky fluid.
Several strong jets streaked across her tongue and
coated her teeth.

Finally Tony grunted and groaned, and his cock erupted,
bathing her face with his sprays of jizz. Ropes of
semen flew out, criss-crossing her waiting cheeks and
lips, painting her forehead and nose. Her eyelids now
had several drops of cum on them, and the eyeshadow
began to run and turn a milky blue.

Dorthe laughed and giggled and groaned as the guys
pumped out their cum on her.

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