Hawaii Vacation

First a little background. I grew up in Hawaii as a teenager and lived on the beach. I had a neighbor, Bill, who lived across the street from me. He was 3 years older. A high school athlete who surfed, water-skied and was on the swim team, I realize now he was also bi-sexual. One afternoon he came over to my garage and told me he had some sexual pictures and invited me to his house to see them. They turned out to be a deck of cards with couples and three-somes in various positions. Pretty tame now, but at the time it was very arousing for me. Eventually he had his pants off and, using coconut oil, began masturbating. He got me to do the same. One thing led to another and eventually he had me giving him a hand job. His cock was enormous. It was about 8 inches, but very thick and it curved upwards like a banana with a huge flared head.

I didn’t do the hand job very well so he showed me how to stroke it properly. He wanted me to suck him, but I wouldn’t do that. After his instructions on handling an erect penis, I brought him to an orgasm and he shot an incredible amount of sperm. It was fantastic and I would guess there was a least an ounce maybe 1 1/2 oz that came gushing out! Shortly after that I went home. From then on I always avoided him and never got in that situation again.

Twenty-four years later, I had been married to my wife for eleven years and we had two children together. We went to Hawaii for vacation and to visit my parents. I never forgot about Bill and had often fantasized about Bill’s erection being handled by my wife Pam. Whenever I imagined it I always got an erection. I had told her about my one time gay experience with Bill and about the size of his penis and how it pulsed when he was ejaculating. My description of this youthful experience while she and I had sex always turned her on. I would tell her to imagine stroking a penis that looked like that and she would be very aroused, not say anything, and always climax.

Soon after arriving in Hawaii, I was surprised to find that Bill was living across the street with his Mom after being divorced from his second wife. My imagination began to have fresh thoughts. I waved to Bill several times as he drove out of his garage. But for several days that was the extent of our contact. My wife and I were on the beach sitting on the sand one afternoon and Bill came walking up the beach to where we were sitting. I introduced him to Pam and after some time passed and lots of conversation, I casually asked if he remembered the deck of cards. He laughed and asked if Pam knew about that and she said she did. No, he didn’t have the cards, but he had some 8×10 glossies of real people and would we like to see them? Both Pam and I had seen 8 mm movies, but that’s about it. We had also been to a live sex show the evening before in Wakiki. Pam was reluctant to look at photos, but I urged her and we went to his house where we sat on a couch and he produced a stack of photos.

They were mostly of couples, some were of a woman and many were a lone male’s penis that looked familiar, as it had that curve to it. When we had seen all the photos I could tell that Bill has aroused because his swimming trunks were bulging. Pam was a little flushed in the face and her nipples were showing through her swimming suit top. Bill casually pulled his trunks off and his erection stood straight out as he said to Pam, “Here’s the model for some of the photos!” Pam’s eyes were locked downwards as she stared at Bill’s penis. It was exactly as I had told her. I had fleeting thoughts that this could be the end of my marriage as Pam discovered how terrible my sexual desires were; maybe she would bolt and run. I took the plunge and suggested we try some sun tan oil. Pam managed to reply she’d like that; she had a very husky lower tone to her voice.

Bill produced some lotion, it was from Adam’s and was a sexual lubricant. Pam put some in her hands and began stroking his erection with it very gently; it was more a caressing of his hardened dick. It was purple at the head, very flared out and the veins on it protruding. She looked directly in my eyes and asked if this was what I had imagined in my fantasies and in response I undid her suit top revealing her breasts and erect nipples. Bill pulled her swimsuit bottom off and began fingering her. By this time my own erection was so hard that it hurt and I had to get my suit off to get relief. All the restraints were off and so were the all the inhibitions. Pam began giving Bill head and that huge mushroom head was pulling and pushing her lips in and out. She would run her tongue around the head and stroke the huge shaft with both hands. I fondled her breasts and both she and Bill were moaning as he worked his fingers in and around her vulva. It was the hottest sexual experience of my life!

Bill pulled Pam’s mouth off and turned Pam around and began rubbing his cock between her legs from behind and then entered her. Pam was going wild. I had never seen her so aroused and eager. I sat transfixed watching Bill’s glistening shaft work in and out of my wife! She had her arms supporting herself on the sofa leaning over the arm and her breasts were swinging sexually back and forth with Bill’s thrusts. I approached her from the front and she began sucking me. I had to pull out. I came, she had barely touched my penis. But I was so hot; I can’t describe the feeling, there were no limits. She told Bill not to cum, she wanted to see him ejaculate. When he said he was ready he lay on the sofa on his back. Pam knelt between his legs and with both hands stroked that huge banana faster and faster, then very slowly with long hard strokes and his prick began to jerk and he came. It was as I had remembered; that great amount of sperm came gushing out. It flew out and up in an arc at least 4 inches in the air.

We rested for a while touching and stroking Pam all over her body. Bill never really lost his erection. Then Pam said it was her turn and began concentrating on playing with his cock again. It came to full attention. Then she surprised me, she told Bill to lie on his back and she was going to mount him, but she didn’t want Bill to use his hands. Hands behind his head she wanted me to stroke his cock and then help guide it into her. Which I did. I actually held another man’s penis and inserted into my wife. Then I held the shaft at the base with my thumb and forefinger encircling his erection. My thumb and forefinger didn’t meet because of the girth. Pam sat down fully until my hand was sandwiched completely between the two of them and Bill’s penis was entirely enclosed by Pam. I could feel Bill’s pubic hair in my palm and Pam’s sex on the back of my hand.

Then she began thrusting forward and backwards, side to side and around in slow circles with her pelvis. Now and then she would lean forward and rub her breasts on Bill’s chest. I was kneeling on the floor and I had my other hand lightly on the small of Pam’s back. I was aware of the pubic hair of both of them on either side of my hand. And now and then when Pam rose up about an inch or so I could see the glistening shaft I was holding as it slid in my wife. It was like I was fucking her with a live dildo! Pam rode him like that, undulating slowly and keeping him as deep in her as she could until Bill began to arch and thrust as he began ejaculating again. While he was still releasing deep into her, she began to shudder and spasm and she came too in a long orgasm. I could felt them both orgasm, Pam shuddering and Bill’s tool pulsing simultaneously. All the time my hard on was waving in the air, my face was flushed and hot like I had a fever.

Pam offered herself to me them, doggy style, hands and knees, with her legs spread in a V. I could see her entire vulva. It was pink, swollen and inviting, like a flower. I entered her and there was no resistance, just hot and slippery. She was very loose and as soon as I was fully inside her I came. That was it, no thrusts, just side all the way in and immediately orgasm!

We spent another several hours with Bill that day and in the remaining five days were in Hawaii we had two more sessions. We tried just about every thing, with Pam playfully leading and enjoying herself. Pam especially liked double penetration with me in back; Bill was too large to be there. That’s really hot too; you can feel the other man’s cock sliding in and out through the vaginal wall. Another exciting thing was to circle my thumb an forefinger around Bill’s shaft and keep my hand against Pam’s opening so his penis slid through my fingers as they were fucking. Bill liked that too.

Pam and I remember that vacation as the best we ever had. She says she had no idea how good sex could be until that day. We often talk about it during sex and it gets us both very aroused. We agree it was the hottest sex we ever had together. Pam’s attitude about the whole thing is like a game. She laughs and is playful during threesomes and is a treasure. We are still married and she often tells me how lucky she is to have married someone with the desires I have and that I actually acted on them. She enjoys letting me watch her screw other men, but she gets jealous if I have another woman. That’s ok with me, watching her pleasure herself is hotter for me anyway.

Bill, unfortunately, passed away in a car accident before our next visit. Pam has had some other experiences, but today prefers not to have actual intercourse with other men. She’s very concerned about STDs. In 1978 we didn’t even know what that was. She does still like to do hand jobs though!

The End


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