He Is So Big

My wife, Jenny and I liked to watch adult videos as part of our sex life. She liked to be restrained and spanked, then fucked silly. She said that she really liked the feeling of being controlled for the sexual gratification of another. One day we were watching a new film in which a white housewife was being used and dominated by several black men.

Jenny’s pussy was sopping and she couldn’t take her eyes off of the scene unfolding in front of her. As the men roughly shoved their cocks into the woman on the screen, Jenny would shove her fingers into her wet pussy and move her hips to the rhythm of the woman being fucked in the movie. As the movie ended, Jenny came with a shudder and said, “God, I would love to be treated like a slut like that!”

I asked her if she was serious and she assured me she was. That made my cock hard as steel and I pushed her down on the floor, lifted her legs and spread them wide and shoved my cock into her, making her moan. I told her to imagine that she was being fucked by a black man, and she just lost control! She lifted her hips to match every stroke and cried out, “Oh yes, fuck me with your black cock, I want my husband to feel your cum when he fucks me, fill me and make me cum on your cock!” Jenny then had one of the most intense orgasms I had ever witnessed.

After she had rested, I again asked her if she really wanted to be dominated and fucked by black men, and she leaned down and sucked my cock slowly into her mouth. She looked up at me and said, “yes, I want you to make me fuck all the black men you can find.” We continued to fuck the night away, and whenever I would mention her having a black cock in her pussy she would explode in orgasm.

A few days later I came home with a swingers magazine, and Jenny and I looked through the ads for black men in our area. We settled on a couple of men and called them to get an idea about them. One, Adam, was very well spoken and seemed nice. Jenny took to him right away. He even e-mailed Jenny several pictures of him stroking a very large hard cock.

We continued to call him over several days. Jenny would always be hot after talking with him. One day he called and Jenny signaled me that it was Adam on the line. She went up to the bedroom and put him on the speaker phone and lay down on the bed. He was telling her what he would make her do, suck his cock, lick his balls and then he would fuck her until she begged him to cum, and she was slowly rubbing her clit and shoving her fingers into her wet pussy.

I quietly entered the room and got between her legs and started sucking on her clit. Her hips were rising and falling and her nipples were hard as rocks. He asked her what she wanted and she said, “I want you to treat me like the slut I am, fuck me and fill me with your cum, make me lick and suck your black cock, make me yours!”

When he said that he was going to make her beg for his black cock, she came with a loud whimper and told him to call back later to make arrangements to fuck her when her husband got home. After he was off the phone, Jenny pulled me up and my cock easily slid into her hot wet pussy and she wrapped her legs around my ass and we fucked the night away.

Several days later, Adam called and we set up the original meeting at a club near the hotel district in our town. On the day of the meeting, Jenny was very nervous and she took forever to decide what to wear. She chose a short black skirt, white shear blouse, red garter belt, seamed nylons and 6-inch red high heels, but she wore no panties, leaving easy access to her hot pussy. She looked so hot I wanted to fuck her, but she pushed me away saying, “I want my masters first time to be special, I want to fuck only him tonight, and totally give myself to him and all his desires.”

When we arrived at the club, Jenny got a lot of attention from the men there, but she paid not attention to them. We sat at a table and waited. A short time later we saw a good looking man, with skin the color of black velvet approaching. He introduced himself as Adam, and took Jenny’s hand, leading her to the dance floor. A slow song came on, and she seemed to melt against him. I noticed his hands had slid down to cup her ass, and she didn’t seem to mind.

They continued to dance, and soon they were grinding together like they were already fucking. When they came back to the table, we sat and talked. As we did, I noticed Jenny seemed to be squirming in her seat quite a lot. Adam excused himself to go to the men’s room and Jenny told me that he had been finger fucking her while at the table. I asked her if she wanted to go through with it, and she said, “Oh yeah, his cock is so huge, I can’t wait to have him inside me.”

I told her that I had booked a room at a local hotel. When Adam came back I gave him the key and told him we would meet him there and to go on and get comfortable. After he left, Jenny told me she really wanted to fuck him, but did not want to upset me, I assured her it was going to be hot, and she kissed me and we left for the hotel.

When we arrived, Jenny knocked on the door and Adam answered it. As we entered, we noticed a second, then a third black man in the room. There were restraints on the bed and a riding crop as well. I looked at Jenny and could tell she was completely lost in lust. Adam told her to take off her dress and I sat down with my video camera to record the action. When she was down to her heels and garter belt, he pushed her down on her knees and told her to take his cock out. She unzipped his pants and reached in a pulled out his cock. She started stroking it and leaned forward and ran her tongue around the large purple head.

Adam looked at the other two black men and said, “I told you she was a hot black cock slut.” He held her head and began to fuck my wife’s mouth, telling her that after this she would always crave black cock in her pussy and that she now belonged to him.

She nodded yes, and continued sucking his huge cock. The others had removed their clothes, and they each had impressive cocks that I knew my wife would love. He told her to swallow his sperm, as he filled her mouth for the first time that night. He pulled her up and attached wrist cuffs to her and tied them over her head to a frame they had erected in the room. She had to stand on her toes stretching her ass and tits tight.

One of the men, who Adam introduced as Chris, picked up the riding crop, went to my wife and told her that since she wanted to be subservient to black men they had decided to make her their slave, did she want that? Jenny looked at him with pure lust in her eyes and said, “Oh yes, I want to be used by black men, I want to be made into a proper slut for you, make me do what you want me to, please!” He then bent forward, taking one of her nipples in his mouth and biting it gently, causing her to moan loudly. Then he stepped back and began to spank her beautiful ass, using the riding crop.

With each stroke it seemed that Jenny’s nipples got harder and longer, and she cried out, “Please, discipline me, make me a good whore, I want to please you and any black man you order me to fuck, please!”

James, the third man, moved to her and shoved two of his large fingers into her wet pussy, and said, “Look, the white slut likes being a cock slave for black men, her pussy is so wet it’s running down her legs!”

Adam roughly pulled her head back by the hair and shoved his tongue into her mouth, kissing her deeply. She moaned into the kiss as her pussy and ass continued to be mauled and whipped.

After what seemed like a long time, Jenny shuddered into a massive orgasm, crying out, “Oh god yes! Please fuck me with your beautiful black cocks, I want to be filled by you!”

Adam untied the restraints and carried her to the bed, placing her on her hands and knees, and then fastening the straps of the cuffs to the headboard of the bed. This left her pussy, ass and mouth fully exposed to the wishes of her new lovers. James moved behind her, and began rubbing the large head of his cock over her swollen pussy. Jenny looked back at me and said, “Do you like to watch your wife beg to be filled with black cock? Do you want to see me become their slave, to do anything and everything they want me to do?”

I nodded yes and took out my cock and started stroking it. Jenny began to push her ass back towards James and said, “Please, Master, fuck your married white whore, fill me with your cock and cum, I am yours, use me.”

He shoved his hips forward and slowly buried his shinny black cock into my wife’s tight pussy. She lowered her head and grunted as he stretched her pussy more than she had ever experienced. When he was fully encased in my lovely wife’s pussy, he started stroking into and out of her and she matched him stroke for stroke. Chris moved to her head and rubbed his cock on her face. She opened her mouth and greedily sucked the head of his cock. He held her head and moving his hips, he shoved his cock deeper into her mouth.

I had never seen anything as hot as this! Here was my lovely wife, on her knees being fucked by one black man, with another ebony cock in her mouth, and another waiting to use her when they were done. Chris reached under her and pulled on both her nipples causing her to squirm, and James reached between her legs and squeezed her swollen clit, she just exploded in the most intense orgasm I had ever witnessed! She was still impaled on their cocks and she was thrashing back and forth, trying to get more of them into her.

Chris came first, filling her mouth with his seed, she swallowed it all with out missing a single drop. As he rubbed his cum covered cock over her face, James slammed into her pussy and held his cock all the way in her as he emptied his balls deep inside her body. When they had finished, they rolled off of her and she fell over on her side.

She looked at me and said, “Honey, that is the best fuck I have ever had, I know I will want more of that! I think that from now on, I will fuck as many black men as my masters want me to, can you handle that?”

I told her yes, as long as we still made love regularly. She said that would never stop, that this was just sex, but it was something she needed. Adam went to Jenny still stroking his hard cock and rolled her over onto her back. He pulled her down towards the foot of the bed, stretching her arms above her.

Both Chris and James each grabbed one of her legs and pulled them up towards her chest and spread them wide, fully exposing my wife’s swollen pussy. Adam placed the head of his engorged cock at the entrance to my wife’s body and asked her what she wanted. Jenny said, “Shove your black cock into your slut, and fuck me hard! I want you to fill me with your cum so that my husband can see how a master fucks his slave!”

Adam pressed forward slowly filling my wife’s pussy with his hard black cock. When he was all the way inside her body, he told her to tell me what she was, and she said, “I am a black cock whore, I want to be filled with black cock all the time, I will fuck black men whenever they want me, any way they want me!”

Adam pulled almost all the way out and then started slamming into her body over and over again, never slowing down. Jenny was lost completely in orgasm. They seemed to explode in her one after another until it seemed to be one continuous orgasm. He fucked her hard as the other masturbated while watching.

As he neared his climax, he looked at me and said, “She wants black cock now, and she will always want black cock, I am going to fill your wife’s pussy with my cum!” He slammed his cock into her and held it deep inside her until he had emptied his balls into her body. It was so much that it began to leak out around the hard cock still inside her.

As Adam pulled his cock out of her pussy, the other two masturbated faster, erupting and shooting their cum all over her face and tits. When they were done, they helped clean up Jenny and they showered together where Jenny sucked each of their cocks one more time, swallowing their sperm.

After they left, Jenny asked if I was upset, and I told her no, that I thought she had never looked more beautiful as when she was filled with black cock. She said that she wanted to continue to be a whore for black men as long as it was all right with me. I assured her that it was. She took my now hard cock in her mouth and sucked until I came in her mouth.

I can’t wait for the next part of our new adventure to begin.

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