He Will Be Back Soon

I am rolling again for another long day on the road. I have several stops before the day is over, and I will be in Clark as my last stop of the day. I have 3 pallets of dog and cat food for the vet there. I always enjoy my stops there, as the sexy red headed vet is always so friendly and nice to me.

Finally, I pull in, and it is past closing time for them… I have a drop without contact for them, so I guess I will not get to see her today. Too bad for me.

It is cold as hell outside, and I am not looking forward to unloading this delivery. As I am about to finish, it is getting dark outside, and I see headlights against the building. I am about frozen solid at this point, but sweating profusely from the hard labor of this unload. I hear a voice at the door of my trailer say, “Hey, I am sorry I am so late, but I had a breach calf birth, and I just got back… Let me help you.”

She gets up on the bed of the trailer, and I see she is blood from head to toe, and still wants to help me. I am impressed with this woman’s tenacity, but at the same time, she is a mess. I tell her, “Look at you, you need to go in and shower and get cleaned up. I can finish this in a few minutes. I am late as hell as it is, so you just do your thing and I will do mine.”

She says, “No, our contract says that someone will be here to help you unload, and I failed, so let’s just get this done. You look like you have had a hell of a day too, and when we get this offloaded, lets go in and get some coffee and warm up I am froze to the bones too.”

We finish up pretty quick, and I shut the door to my trailer. She grabs my hand, and we go inside to the warmth of the veterinary office. She puts on the coffee first off, and then takes off her coat. Even her blue shirt is caked with the blood of the delivery she had, and she looks down and says, “I didn’t know it was this bad. I’m sorry I look like a woman that has just murdered someone.”

We laugh, and she says, “A warm shower will feel so good. I don’t want to wait. I think I will take one while the coffee is brewing. We have two showers here, you want to use one???” I am cold as hell too, and think, ok, the shop is closed anyway, so why not be comfortable on the run back. I tell her, “Ok, I agree. My feet feel like popsicles. Let’s go.”

She leads me to the back, and into a room… Yep, two showers, or at least two shower heads… No shower curtains and I look at her and say, “Ahhh this is where we are going to shower, together?”

She looks at me and says, “What’s the matter? Are you shy? It is too damn cold to worry about that. You are a mess, I am a mess. Let’s just get warm.” With that she strips, and I see a very toned slim body with nice, nice, 32 c cup breasts, a firm nice tight ass, abs that are incredible, and a nice shaved pussy that has just a tuft of hair above. I stand there, and she looks at me and says. “Ok shy boy, I guess I have to help you. You’re NOT going anywhere without getting warm, and I can think of other things to warm you up after we shower, Okay?”

With that, she walks over to me, unsnaps my shirt, does my belt buckle, and pulls the zipper down. By this time I am having a raging hard on seeing and feeling this young hot tie that is two times younger than me undressed, undressing me, and I am thinking, as soon as she sees that, she is going to have a fit… She pulls down my briefs, and I spring to full attention with my 8 inch dick. She steps back and looks at it for a second, then steps forward, and says, “I guess there is one hot thing in the room. My god, you are hung,” and touches my dick with her ice cold hand.

She leads me over to the shower, turns on the hot, and we scrub each other clean. When I touch her shaved pussy with the soap, she says, “I have assisted in birth today, I have thought about sex all day, I want you to fuck me like the horse I saw yesterday mounts a filly. I want you NOW. “Without even shutting off the water, she leads me by the dick across the room to the table, bends over it and says, “Stick me stud. Fuck my wet pussy.”

I see her wet pussy dripping from the shower, and walk up behind her, She spreads her lips open showing a wet moist cunt, and I slip my dick up and down it a couple times, then plunge in. I swear she did the perfect imitation of a horse that is showing satisfaction as I drove into her.

I plowed into her hard, fast, and felt myself nearing the edge. She said, “Fill me with your cum! I want that to fill me! Pound me harder stud!”

That sent me over the edge, and I blew my load into her amazingly tight pussy that only women that have never had children have. I slowly shrunk, and told her, “Now it is your turn.”

I pulled out of her, turned her around, and lay her on the desk/table that we had used. I spread her legs, and stuck my face in her cum filled pussy, spreading the engorged lips open to see her clit showing beyond the hood. I touched it gently, and she came with that slight touch. In doing so, my cum and her juices were slipping out of her, and I lapped them up and started fingering her, working her lips, and sucking her clit again.

I reached up with my two fingers and found that slightly rougher edge of her g spot, and began to work it as I sucked on her clit. I could feel her cunt contracting and opening, and her juices were flowing out of her wildly. She screamed out, “Harder, finger fuck me harder, don’t stop, harder, harder, harder!”

I pounded 4 fingers into her, and she started to scream in her orgasms. I thought to myself; let’s make her really cum… I pushed my hand inside her as her climax opened her vagina fully, and my fist was soon inside her contracting pussy. Soon she was bucking like a mare, and then she started to tighten up to the point inside that my hand was expelled. She gushed, she squirted, she convulsed. I licked her juices up, and she begged me to stop. She said she was too sensitive, and lay there quivering.

I moved up beside her, and she looked at me and said, “What the FUCK did you just do to me?” I told her. “I just stuck my hand up inside you, just like you do to turn a colt, and I fisted you; did you like?”

“God yes!” she groaned. “But you have to get the hell out of here. My husband will be back any minute. Get dressed, and I will give you my cell phone number so you can cum at any time to deliver your special load to me.”

It has been an interesting day.

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