Hello Mr. Policeman

I was so busy shopping and in such a hurry to walk home before the rain started to come down hard that I rushed out of the wine shop leaving my purse behind, all my money and credit cards and odds and ends, I didn’t even think about it until I got home and looked for my keys! That empty feeling and the rain was pouring down, two bottles of wine.

Fortunately my hidden key let me in but it was too late to call the wine shop, it was Monday and they closed early.

How would I get to work the next day? What if my money was lost and my purse too? I heard the rain on the slate roof making a real clatter, nothing like the shock of my lost purse.

I took off my coat and sat in the kitchen. A time like this calls for tea but I opened the wine instead. Anything to calm me down and a sip of Merlot would be quicker than tea. I was truly beside myself. The rain still pouring and I couldn’t walk back to the shop and pound on the door. I prayed the rain would stop but it didn’t. Another glass of wine but I was still pacing back and forth. How could I be so scatter-brained?

After a shower, letting the wine take effect, resigning myself and listening to the thunder and the tellie, whatever was on. An hour passed and half the bottle was gone. My frustration had cooled, my feet were up warming at the fire and I was cuddling in my house coat thinking things could be worse! Right!

More rationalization and plans for the next morning when I would call late to work and call the wine shop when it opened and all that.

There was a knock at my door! I was hardly dressed but wrapped my robe around and went to answer. It was a policeman, in full uniform, buttons and a badge and my purse in his hand! “Oh thank God!” I exclaimed. “Come in out of the rain.”

He came into the kitchen, removing his hat, and I saw that he was a young man with a pretty smile, dark curly hair, the kind that needs fingers running through it.

“Cup of tea?” I asked which is what we British women always say, sometimes hoping the offer will be rejected, but in this case.

“Thanks, it is a little wet out tonight,” he said.

“Have a seat and I’ll put on the water.”

And so this handsome young man took a chair as I turned to the stove, putting the kettle on.

“I was in the wine shop at closing,” he said.

“Oh, well, thank you very much,” I said. “I was in a big hurry to get home before the rain.”

He just sat and smiled and I smoothed my hair, clutching my robe and blushed. Here was this fine man in his full dress and me, in my robe and slippers. “Excuse the way I look,” I said. He smiled. “I wasn’t expecting company,” I said and we both looked at the open bottle of wine. “Merlot is my favorite, too,” he said. “Would you like wine instead of tea?” I asked.

He nodded and I poured him a glass.

“Let’s sit in the living room and I’ll join you. It’s been a long night,” I said.

It wasn’t long before the second bottle was open, his jacket off, the tellie was off and he and I were both thinking of getting off, only not talking about it of course. He was a married man and had children and his career, all of which he related bit by bit, but the wine was warming us both, the rain continued, He got up to go but I told him to wait for the rain to stop.

Thank god it was a  rainy night, I turned off a few house lights and then sat beside him. I began to learn, so he said, that policemen have long and strange hours that imposed on family life. He was home late, his wife at work early, his children off to school and he often went home to an empty house only to be out again before the family returned, they argued a lot, he said, and I put my hand on his to pour more wine.

I stood to put the bottle down and he pulled me to his lap, “You don’t know what it’s like,” he said, “I get very lonely. Then I come by here with a lost purse and don’t know what I might find, and I find you, in a robe, a glass of wine, your smile, your hand.” My lips were on his, he had strong hands and fingers.

“I should go,” he said.

I kissed him again, my fingers in his curly hair, his hands running over my back, mine down his side. The wine made me aggressive, I faced a lonely night, he was not leaving me alone, just yet, I was rubbing his crotch, fumbling for his zipper, unzipping, he was inside my robe and kissing hard now, I had unleashed a passion in him and was ready to be spanked as he his my bottom.

I whispered, “Ow,” so he spanked again and I cuddled in. Then, it stopped raining, There was a knock at my door! Suddenly we were zippering and fastening up my robe, hoping my flushed face would cool.

At the door was my neighbor, Claudia.  Good old, God damn her, Claudia, and of course she had to come in. “It’s cold and wet out and I thought you might be lonely,” she said. Then she saw the policeman, “Oh!” she said. The air pregnant and expectant for explanation. “I found her purse,” he said.

“Oh! We were having some wine, celebrating the discovery. Join us?”

“The devil, you say. Join us? Please Claudia, figure this out and go home!”

“Yes,” she said, “I would love some. I lost my purse once and it was gone forever.” We all laughed. I wasn’t getting rid of her so might as well start from the beginning as I went and got more wine, The police and I had taken most of the first bottle into our custody. So now Claudia, she was the pretty one, and I sat with police and could not decide what to say.

Claudia explained she lived across the way, that her husband was on a long business trip, now into the several weeks, crossing and re-crossing her shapely legs with each sentence, each time her dress went further up her leg, as she leaned to get her glass I saw up her dress and wondered at police.

He had gotten up to leave us two alone but we found an excuse, Claudia and I hastened to find any excuse, we were two women on a rainy night, warmed by the wine and this handsome officer who now sat next to Claudia and it was my turn to let my housecoat fall open and for Claudia’s eyes to get big. Now his arm was around her shoulder as she stood to pour more wine and he pulled her onto his lap and in a deep kiss, she wasn’t wearing knickers, his hands were all over her legs, giving me a hot show.

The officer held out his other arm in the midst of the couch action and so I joined them, loosening my robe, unzipping him as I sat, Claudia opened her eyes, which got big again as she saw what I had released, enough for both of us had the officer of the law. John Thomas, looking to violate, Claudia and I wanting violation!

Now, I was glad she had come, this man could take us both so who was first? He had already started on Claudia and she was squirming, her dress at her waist, her mouth at his ear, and me working my mouth on his nightstick, pulsing on my tongue. He was a very bad boy and wanted to do bad things to us, I was first at his waist, straddled his legs, cunting his dickhead.

It was his turn to squirm and he pulled away, I grabbed and brought him back, both hands directing his big cock, hiding its head inside, teasing and teasing the wet head. He took my waist and pulled on me, now it was my turn for kissing, running fingers into his hair, grabbing his head to my mouth, he must have tasted himself on me and licked my lips, then he pulled me down, impaling me.

I pushed at his head, Claudia’s hand was on my back, two against one and I went weak, holding his neck, abandoning myself to him as he worked his way in, stretching me, “Oh, ahh, Oh!” with each move a little more and my lips were against his hairy waist, wet and cool in the air, rubbing there, my clit on his hairy cock base, and I masturbated against his wet hair, building feelings, he flexed, I rubbed, flexed again and I went limp and deaf, ringing in my ears as he played my pussy into a delirious coming as I rolled to his side.

He was saving himself but had finished me. The great cock’s man and his hot little harem, What is it policeman do: take control of things, he had finished with me and I laid back my head, pulling my robe around, breathing more calm, watching as I rolled my head, to see what he might next control, I mean, Claudia and her little body were ready for fucking.

I watched her mounting him, how red and puffed she was, but she her cunt was small compared to me, and I could barely handle all of him. He held Claudia with one hand, stroking her with the tip of his cock in the other, Her face was hot but she was scared at the size of him and herself so small, It was a slide show, each movement and advance held still and then in the next slide it changed as she slid onto him, “Careful,” she said.

I had fucked him and it was me doing the fucking. With Claudia, he was doing the fucking, or trying to fuck her as she hesitated and held back. The tip of his cock at her cunt, then, next slide, the head of his cock, next slide, out again and, next slide, the head disappearing between her lips, She relaxed and was enjoying the little game of hide and fuck.

She smiled at him. She knew he was being careful, in and out, in and out, just the head, What is that old line: “I’ll only put it in part way?” This big policeman was lying to her, each entry a little more and soon half of him was hidden, she was so wet and slippery from the little game he was going deeper each time. Claudia closed her eyes and let him have his way with her, he had promised to be careful and he was carefully fucking her completely.

Her eyes closed, a silly grin on her face and she was fooling with her breasts,  sure sign of her passion, along with a red face, she was his fucking tool, both hands at her waist, lifting up and down, and releasing his hands, her movements continued and quickened as she was hot now and desperate for him to come in her and for her own release, she was panting and saying fuck words, Claudia!, you animal, she was possessed by this big cock, they were both pushing and grunting and released, he was hugging her, holding her down and she was sweating.
Now both of us were resting on the couch, the big dick was resting to one side, Claudia was petting it, the poor exhausted thing, I was feeling his shaft and balls and it flexed in response as we three rested and the rain began again, maybe it had been raining for some time, I hadn’t noticed, none of us had.

Now I was glad Claudia came, came to visit, and the rest…

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