Hot And Nasty Shower

We found the perfect house, fully furnished, 3 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths. The master bedroom had mirrored doors on the closet and a large wall mounted mirror above where the bed was. In the “master bath” there were also a lot of mirrors, tiled throughout the shower walls and the walls in the room. The carpets in the house had 2-inch foam padding underneath which we both considered a necessity since I loved to suck David’s cock with him standing above me. A bathroom joined the other two bedrooms; the only way in or out of that bathroom was through those bedrooms. We decided that the master bedroom would be for when we had fuck buddies over– because it had great sex appeal and we didn’t want to fight over it. David and I would use the other bedrooms on a regular occasion as our rooms. Our threesome invite code was to leave the little sauna light in our bathroom on when we were fucking someone in the “master bedroom”.

One night I brought someone home from the bar I was working at, I had told David about him — he was very open about the idea that he wanted to fuck me, and he wouldn’t mind sharing me or watching me with another man at the same time. His name was Ron.

When I came home I told Ron that I just needed to get towels outta the other bathroom and I would be right into the master bathroom, I wanted to shower after working all night. When I went into our bathroom, David heard me and snuck in on me and began to tease me with his fingers on my clit, when he realized I was already wet David asked if I had company. I told him that I did, acting like he had to stop playing with me, I leaned up to kiss him and walked out of the bathroom quickly, just as I reached the door I flipped the sauna switch and looked over my shoulder and winked at him. “See you in five minutes?” I asked. David was shocked that the first weekend in this house I wanted to let him watch me fuck someone and possibly join in. “Ummm yeah ” He said shocked.

I went into the master bedroom to find Ron sitting on the bed curious as to what I had planned. I told him that David was home – but I really thought we should take that shower.. Stripping down to the black lace thong and bra David bought me for a “house warming” gift. I made sure he could see my cunt slips spread while I bent over taking off my thigh highs. I wanted him to be hard in that shower … I went in and started the water and slowly took off the thong and bra and said “hey you coming in?”

David sat in the living room dieing to come in but wanting to hear me moaning before he did. Ron quickly got undressed and joined me in the shower, I teased him by rubbing up against him with my naked body then licking at his ears chest and mouth, by now David had moved into the bedroom and was watching from the bathroom doorframe. David watched through the frosted glass shower door, as I moved to my knees in front of Ron, teasing his cock with my tongue, I started to suck his cock full force, making him moan and making David begin to undress to join us. I knew David was there I could just sense his presence so I asked Ron if he cared if David, at some point joined us, then I took his cock in deep into my mouth again, knowing that even if he did care he would say he didn’t just because I was sucking his cock so good. David moved to just outside the shower door and waited for what seemed like eternity to me, I sucked Ron’s cock and played with my cunt, then I
told him I needed to be fucked so I bent over in front of him and let him slide his thick cock into my cunt.

That’s when David came into the shower.. When I was bent over and getting fucked.. Ron’s hands were on my shoulders and he was fucking me hard making me scream. “Room for one more?” David asked as he came into the shower.

“Mmmmm yes “I moaned out and Ron just nodded.

David came in and leaned down and kissed me forcefully and then stood up and slid his cock across my lips. “She’s a good little slut isn’t she” David said as he opened my mouth with his big hands.. Sliding his cock into my mouth. “Mmmmm yes and so tight ” Ron answered watching David fuck my mouth; he became more turned on and fucked me faster.

David reached back and slapped my ass and told me to be a good whore and make them cum in the shower. I moaned into his cock as they both pounded away at me — I was getting close to Cumming and David could tell so he stopped and told Ron ” She’s going to cum, you have to see this she’s a squirter”

David lifted me up against the wall so my cunt was even with both of their cocks and they began to slide their fingers in and out of my tight cunt, they took turns fucking me with their fingers whoever wasn’t at the time was teasing my slit with his tongue.

“Oh my god ” I screamed as I began to throb around David’s fingers, “put your finger in her” David told Ron, and then they both worked my cunt together as I came all over their hands…. Ron spoke up and said ” mmmmm I think its our turn to cum, what should we do to her?” David smiled and said, ” I like the way you think… you can fuck her cunt, but lift her up so I can get that tight little asshole.”

Ron lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he slid his cock into me.. He spread my ass cheeks for David. “This should be fun,” he mumbled as they both started to pound in and out of me…. I was screaming and begging them not to stop as they fucked me fast… David’s hands were on my tits pinching and rubbing… he whispered to me ” tease your cunt lover while we fuck you …cum all over his cock for me I want to watch you be a slut and lick your cunt juice off him”.

Ron was biting my neck and making my whole body shiver. “Mm mmmmm” I moaned out “it feels so good to get fucked by two men who know how to do it! David your cock fills my tight ass so well and Ron your cock is stretching my cunt so good”

I wanted them to cum fast because I wanted to move into the bed soon, so I started to talk like a slut for them both.

” Bitch I’m close” David whispered in my ear before biting my neck. “Me too ” Ron said as they both thrusted harder…. “I want your cum all over my face guys… and I want you to stroke it into my mouth too!!!” I begged.

Looking at Ron, David said ” She’s got a point — it would be hot to see her try and take two loads of hot sticky cum. So they both pulled out of me and forced me to my knees where they began to stroke their cocks until they came all over my face and in my mouth. Then David made me swallow, telling me to get cleaned up while he had a smoke because I was going to be wearing more cum in a few minutes.

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