Hubby’s Friend

Brandon hung up the phone and announced that his old high school friend, Andres, was coming to town and wanted to get together. I suggested that he stay with us as it was a good friend and I was sure he and Brandon would have lots to catch up on. 

Brandon decided it was a good idea and called him back and informed him of our invitation which he accepted. Brandon filled me in that Andres and him was on the high school football team and double dated a lot. He also said that Andres had been separated from his wife for some 5 months. 

The day came for Andres to arrive and Brandon went to pick him up at the airport as I anxiously awaited their arrival for dinner that I had managed to have ready and was waiting when Brandon announced their arrival. I was surprised to see that Andres was black, not that it mattered, but Brandon had not mentioned it before. 

Andres was introduced, he said, “Brandon had told me you were a good looker but he understated the fact somewhat,” and chuckled as he kissed me on the cheek. I was impressed with Andres, a warm smile, nice personality and was a great specimen of a man. 

Andres saying that he was tired was shown his room by Brandon and I wished him a good night as we all turned in for the night. The next morning, as Brandon hit the shower I headed for the kitchen to get the coffee brewing. As I passed Andres’s room the door was slightly ajar and I glanced in, and thought, “What was that?” 

I slowly moved back until I could see clearly in the room and there was Andres laying on the bed without any cover, only his shorts on and his black flag pole standing at attention as if for inspection, by whom? Me? I had never seen a black one except in the Adult movies that Brandon rented from time to time to add spice to our sex lives. Any way I became wean kneed and realized that my clit had a tingle in it, I wonder… oh no… I should not think of that.

Brandon was off to work when Andres finally arose and came to the kitchen where I was busy at the sink washing the coffee cups, walked up behind me and put his arms around me and gave me a squeeze as he said good morning. He took a cup of coffee, and after a brief visit, he was off to his first day at the training school he was attending. 

I could hardly do anything all day as I was in a constant state of sexual thought involving one black flag pole and one white wife’s hot hole. I was a virgin when we were married, believe it or not, but I suspect Brandon had a few romps with the gals before we were married. I never asked and he never asked me, but sometimes after seeing a good movie with two men one woman threesome, he would ask if it excited me. It actually did but I would deny it.

That night I could hardly wait for Brandon to get to bed and I almost raped him. He asked why I was so horny and I told him about seeing Andres’s black pole sticking up that morning. He laughed and said, “So you have the hots for ole Andres, do you?” I told him no, it just was on my mind and it made me horny, that was all. 

“Well if you want Andres, he would probably jump at the change. I have seen how he looks at you already,” Brandon commented.

I thought of Andres for another day and knew that my secret desire would only be fulfilled if I could have Andres, with this thought in mind, I called Brandon and said, “You know you have asked if I was turned on by the thought of a threesome, well honey, I am now, I would like to have Andres if you are agreeable.”

“Honey, he is the only guy I would ever agree to such an arrangement with my lovely sexy wife. You make up a plan and I will go along with it” Brandon said with a chuckle.

I had it all planned out and told Brandon to rent a movie with a threesome with a black guy and a white woman and I would take the lead and get things going during the movie. Well Friday night came and I announced I was going to bed (I knew Brandon had the movie ready and it was his signal to start). I carefully dressed for the occasion, perfume, a black sheer mid-thigh nightie, no undies. After 30 minutes, I went into the den and said, “You guys are watching a movie without me?” Brandon replied that I had better not come as they would not be responsible for my safety from attack, both laughing loudly.

I walked in and sat down between them and announced, “I think I can handle the situation very well,” and glanced at Andres who had an obvious hard on under his gym shorts. 

After a few minutes, Brandon said I am so horny, I am going to take it out and play with it some, and laughed. I told them both to not mind me and told Andres that I would understand if he did also, and he took his beautiful black pole out and held it in his hand and he slowly stroked it. I knew I had to make my move before the guys exploded and I would be left without having the full satisfaction I wanted.

I pushed Brandon over and got on top of him in a 69 position sucking his erection and he licked and sucked my love juices out and off my hairy honey pot. I could see that Andres was watching intensely as I pulled my gown over my bottom and up to my waist exposing my white wife’s hot ass. I patted my bottom and motioned for Andres to come to it, which he did, playing with it and he mounted me doggy style pumping with all his might as hubby licked and I sucked. 

I was so horny and hot I started having waves of orgasms, one after the other knowing that Andres was pumping his black rod in my white pussy stroking my fires. I then felt him lunge and grown loudly as his seeds started spewing into my womb seeking their destination. Brandon them pumped his seed in my mouth as I swallowed, knowing I was full of semen. It was the most exciting and satisfying sexual encounter I had ever had. 

We relaxed on the floor for a while then moved to the bed where we went to sleep. I was awakened by Andres as he lay between my legs and sucked my juices once more building a fire in me that I didn’t know was possible. My thoughts were again on his black flag pole and its sexual appeal to my womanhood knowing it was about ready to enter and take its pleasure of this white woman.

The two weeks passed, with the three of us enjoying our limits of sex, Andres departed promising to make it back on business at least once a month.

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