I Can Still See You

I caught my wife fucking my brother the week before he was killed in auto accident. I figured she would divorce me for a larger dick, because she’d told me that’s why she was doing IT with my brother.

So I installed a video camera in the bathroom ceiling fan housing, another in her bedroom, and a third one in the front room so if she did run off on me, I’d at least have something to watch any time I wanted to. The transmitter had a range of 1 mile so I temporally rented apartment close by.

Sure enough I got my divorce papers the very next Monday and I moved out of our apartment and into the apartment down the block.

All the cameras seemed to be working fine. That first night I stayed up to see what would happen. I knew she was seeing other men and thought that she’d take this opportunity to try one out unencumbered by me. 

Nothing happened until Saturday night when she brought a guy home. She didn’t waste any time getting him out of his clothes. He had a very fat cock not very long, about 5 inches.

I watched as they walked into the living room and she dropped to her knees in front of him. She wanted him to “face fuck” her, that being her best position.

It didn’t take her long to bring him off and I watched with an expanding erection as she swallowed it all, obviously putting on a show for the guy.

After she’d sucked him dry he laid her on the sofa and starting eating her pussy, soon making her shiver and groan in pleasure. I could see his chin all soaked with her cunt juices.

After he’d gotten her off they sat around and talked for a while and then he left. He no sooner closed the door than she was masturbating on the couch to another climax. The bitch never seems to get enough.

She always goes to bingo on Saturday nights so I didn’t think I would see anything more, but I left the monitor on just in case something interesting happened.About 10 o’clock she came home with a woman friend who always goes to bingo with her. They had a drink and started watching an x-rated video she had rented. It was of two women having lesbian sex.

To my great surprise and excitement they were running their hands over each other and playing with each other’s bared breasts. Then they started taking each other’s clothes off until they were naked.

The scene on my monitor was so arousing, so perverted and unexpected that I was fully erect to the point I was almost in pain. Then my Ex really blew my mind, she lay on the couch and spread her legs and her friend went down on her.

I watched my Ex wife squirming around under her friends mouth obviously enjoying what was being done to her. I suddenly had the suspicion that this had taken place before. The bitch had been cheating on me with just about everybody apparently.

After a while they traded places and I got a real surprise, something that riveted my attention even more to the screen. Her friend had a very large clit, almost as big as a cock, like 2 or 3 inches long. It was amazing to see.

Then I literally stood up in shock as my Ex’s friend stood up and pointed it toward Ex’s face. She stepped forward and began to suck it. She swallowed it in one motion all the way to her hairy pussy, which was very black and thick.

They eventually went to the floor and he-she rammed all he had to my Ex. They fucked maybe 30-minutes before she pulled out so my Ex could suck her pussy and super-clit to an obvious climax.

Afterwards, they had another glass of wine and called it a night. I’ll admit that my Ex, for the first time, looked totally sated and happy with her sexual experience. What a mind-blower!   

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