I Don’t Need To Be Told Twice

Hi my name is Krissy, and my husband Jim has always had a fantasy about getting me laid by other guys. But up to now it’s never happened.

When we met I was a virgin and always considered sex to be sacred between two married people. Jim has tried to get me to have a fuck with a different bloke, he has persisted since not long after we married 5 years ago now. When were in bed having sex Jim always gets me all wet and wild whilst he talks about the different scenarios, I usually agree to find a guy to fuck me if the situation ever arises.

Jim always helps me pick my sexy underwear, usually g strings and see through bras, and he always encourages me to shave my pubes completely off, this gives him an erection just looking at it, not that I’m hairy anyway.

Anyway Jim started asking about going out on the town with my mates, but never get the chance as we have kids. Wow! Jim told me if my mates are having a night out anytime I have his permission to join them, he’ll baby-sit.

A couple of weeks passed, and Gina, my mate told me that there’s a night out in the town on offer, I thought, what the hell, Jim has offered to sit, and besides my luck may be in. Friday night was arranged.

The day soon came around, I was all on edge. Jim had me all worked up talking dirty, making sure I had my pussy shaved, and my (lucky knickers) Picked by him.

We all arrived at the night club, the Talk of the north, all of us danced and talked and drank, we all had a few by now and was getting merry. This guy came up to me and asked to dance, I thought he was a real hunk, very polite, and chatty.

We danced for ages, then Casey his name, asked to go somewhere quiet, I followed him, we sat at a table in a quiet corner talking. We kissed and fondled, I told him about Jim back home, and his eyes lit up when I told him of Jim’s fantasy. Casey really tried his best, and asked me back to his, but reluctantly I bottled out, and left.

Jim was in bed when I arrived home about 2:45 am. I didn’t want to disturb Jim so crept in the bedroom undressed, and slipped in besides him.

Jim stirred, and looked at the time, he seemed disappointed that I hadn’t had any fun, but when I told Jim about Casey, and what he had asked me, wow he was all over me kissing my body all over, my neck, my boobs, my tummy, and when he got to my pussy, he gasped because I was soaking wet. Jim sucked my clitty, then entered me quickly, needless to say we both climaxed very quick. Jim ordered me to go there again next week and let Casey have me, I didn’t need to be told again.

I was like a Cat on a Hot Tin roof all week. I arrived at the club with my mates, we all had the same things as last week, I was thinking I was out of luck as far as Casey goes, so started to dance with some other guys. Then after an hour or so I saw Casey, he clocked me, and ended up together.

Towards the end of the night Casey asked me back to his again. I jumped at the chance.

Casey and I left the club at 0215 am when it was finished, Arriving at Casey’s only a few minutes away, we took our coats off and had a coffee and a chat.

Casey started to get closer to me, we kissed, Casey had his hands up my blouse, had my bra off my boobs, and started to suck my, by now very big nipples, Jim always says these make a guy want to orgasm just looking at them. Casey led me through to the bedroom, we both stripped each other off, then jumped into his bed. Casey was a fantastic lover, he knew what buttons to press, and Wow!

When I saw, and then put my hand on his erection, I was nearly coming there and then, he was bigger than Jim, and thicker. Jim isn’t small by any means, But Casey must have had a good 10-inch cock, with an enormous bulbous head on it.

Casey eventually moved between my legs, he slid his knob up and down my slit, then pushed into me. God when he pushed his length right in, I gasped, never having one before like this. Casey started to shaft me like a slow piston, all the way in, and out just so his knob was teasing my lips, I orgasmed at least twice. Casey rolled me onto my knees, and stood me at the edge of the bed, he shafted me good style, leaning over to fondle my breasts, I loved it and pushed back with every stroke.

Casey quickened and his prick stiffened, then he started to grunt like hell as he emptied his love-spunk deep into my womb, protected of course. We both collapsed with exhaustion, and held each other, talking about all sorts of things.

Eventually I got up and dressed, we arranged to meet again, and have done so a few times since. Jim was frantic when I arrived home at around 05:30am. I told him everything, he was over the moon, and we made love. Jim added another load of spunk to what Casey had already given me half an hour earlier. Jim has encouraged me to have fun with other guys if the chance arises, I have done so on occasion.

We both love the extra excitement it brings to our marriage.

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