I Have A Sister Too

God it was great and so damned erotic, laying there on my back naked, with her straddling me, my cock buried deep inside her hot wet pussy.  What was so exciting and erotic about it was, she was also six month pregnant and her stomach was swollen way out.  I loved it.  As she pumped herself up and down on my hard cock, I fondled, squeezed and played with her swollen breasts.  Her nipples were like large pencil erasers they were so swollen and hard.  I love licking, pinching twisting, sucking and biting them.  She loved it to.

I softly caressed her swollen stomach, feeling the baby inside of her moving.

She always had me fuck her in two ways.  One her fucking me like we were doing right then.  The other on her hands and knees my cock deep in her pussy or or bowels behind her like a male dog fucking a bitch dog.

She often talked about how she was a bitch in heat and she was being fucked like a bitch in heat. She would lick and suck my cock before we started fucking, during our fucking and after our fucking.

She would often times, have me fuck her in the ass. She would tell me that she felt like a whore when she had a cock in her ass pounding in and out of it.

The way I fucked her so much you would think she was my wife.  No she wasn’t, but every chance she got to fuck me she took.  I loved fucking her with the baby in her.  It was so exciting.  Especially knowing what I knew.

She had been married just six months when she got pregnant.  She nor her husband Bill had planned on her getting pregnant so soon after they got married. After all she was still only eighteen  and he was twenty 23.  They had wanted to have a little fun first.  Well she did have fun getting pregnant.

I had know both of them for years.  I had not dated her but now wished I had.  I would have loved being the one to pop her cherry, take her virginity.

I had gone over to visit them one day, about ten in the morning.  I did actually think he would be home.  Well he wasn’t.  Later I was sure glad he wasn’t.  He had taken off with some friend, going fishing for the entire day, leaving his bride home alone.  I was sure glad when things began to look real interesting and exciting.

When she saw me,  she opened the door and ask me to come in.  She brought me a cup of coffee which she knew I liked having had many cups of coffee with them.

What was interesting was she was wearing a rather see through night gown and robe.  I could make our her breasts and darker nipples through both.  She did not seem to mind my looking at her.  Naturally my cock was about as hard as it would get.  I know she could see the bulge in my pants.  I would catch her looking at it.  So I knew she was aware of my hard on.

Even that early in the day, I was ready for sex. Ready to slip my cock up into a nice wet tight pussy even though it was the wife of a friend.

As we sat there talking, she began telling me about his love making.  She told me that on their wedding night when he took her virginity, he was not very gentle and had not satisfied her.

She even went into detail about what happened.  Once they were in bed naked, he had played with her tits a little bit, sucked them for a very short time, then reached down and began rubbing her pussy.  She said she was wet, just from thinking about how great it was going to be having the love of her life, fucking her.  She said she had expected him to lick and suck her pussy, finger her while she licked and sucked his cock.  She told me she had planned on sucking his entire cock down her throat and give him his first oral sex that he would never forget.

She said she would never forget it, because it didn’t happen.  He did not believe in oral sex.  He did not let her lick and suck his cock and did not lick and suck her pussy.

After he fingered her for a couple of minutes he had gotten between her legs, rubbed his hard cock up and down her pussy lips a few times then had driven it all the way inside of her.  She told me she was not ready for it and it had hurt like hell.

She said he had pounded his cock in and out of her for only about two or three minutes before he drove it into her as deep as he could and cum in her.  Once he was done cumming he had pulled it out, told her how great it was for him, then rolled over and wet to sleep leaving her laying there with out an orgasm or even being almost to orgasm.

She told me that was the way it had been ever since. He would play with her a little, let her play with his cock with her hand only, then fuck her cum in her and roll over and go to sleep, leaving her hanging.

She looked at me, then got up, I thought she was going to maybe go get us more coffee, but she came over and sat on my lap.  Boy was I surprised.  She put her arms around my neck, kissed me with a kiss that just about curled the toes of my shoes.

Naturally I could not resist and I held her tight and kissed her back.  A hot, open mouthed, tongue sucking kiss.   By the time she broke the kiss, she was breathing hard and pressing her firm tits against me as tight as she could.

Play with me, make love to me, fuck me, please make love to me and fuck me the way it should be done. Make me cum.  Give me an orgasm, please.  Cum in me, fill me with your hot sperm, the way it should be done.”  She begged me.

Well she didn’t have to beg very hard.  I kissed her again as passionate as I could.  At the same time my hand played a tune on her firm, tits and nipples.  It did not take me long to have her robe and night gown off and sitting on my lap naked.  I leaned over and began licking and sucking her tits.  I sucked those nipples as hard as I could and she mewed like a little kitten when I bit them hard.  She love it.

She didn’t even say anything when I sucked as much of her tits into my mouth as I could and bit them hard leaving my teeth prints all over them.  She didn’t even stop me when I sucked large red hickies on them.  It seem to excite her even more, being treated like that.

She spread her legs willingly when my hand slipped between them, caressing her soft sensitive inner thighs. She loved it, Even when I squeezed the skin of her inner thigh causing her quite a bit of pain she loved it.

She seem to crave the pain along with the pleasure. She sudden stood up and grabbed my hand and pulled me up.  She didn’t say anything, she just lead me into their bedroom and pulled down the blankets.

“I want you to fuck me in our marital bed. I want to remember this when he is fucking me.  I want to be able to remember how another man fucked me in our bed.” She said lowly as she lay down and spread her legs wide.  Her pussy was bare of hair.  She told me that she had even shaved it all off because he didn’t like the hair.

I quickly stripped as she lay their watching me with wide eyes.  She kind of gasp when she seen my hard cock.  She told me I was longer and thicker that he was.

I moved up to the side of the bed and stood there. Play with it, lick it and suck it I told her as I reached down and squeezed her tits hard.  She looked at me and whispered, “You mean it?  I can lick and suck you?”

“God yes sweetheart, I love having my cock licked and sucked.”  I told her.  Then I stood there and watched as she began licking her first hard cock, tasting her first cock and it was mine.

She cleaned it completely of my precum.  She acted like it was a drug for her.  She couldn’t seem to get enough of my precum.  Then she opened her mouth and slowly, while looking up at me, slipped her mouth down over the head of it.  It filled her mouth.  She didn’t know quite what to do so I took hold of her head and fucked her mouth.  She loved it.

Once she got the rythym, she began sucking more and more of it into her mouth.  She choked at first when it pressed against the back of her throat, but she quickly learned how to hold her throat open and finally slipped my entire seven inches of two inch thick cock down her throat, rubbing her nose on my pubic hair.

She acted like she wanted to smile at me, I could see it in her eyes. but she couldn’t with her mouth and throat full of my cock.

It was so exciting having her suck my cock, knowing she was another man’s wife and had only been married about six months. It was exciting and had me on the edge of cumming.  At first I started to fill her mouth with my hot sperm, but then wanted to make sure I filled her cunt with hot sperm. Then I decided to hell with it and pulled my cock out except for the head.  I wanted it in her mouth not down her throat.  I wanted her to taste a man’s sperm, mine.

I finally couldn’t stop my self.  It was all I could do to stand there with my cock in her mouth.  I want to drive it down her throat, but I didn’t.  I finally let myself go and shot spurt after spurt of my hot fertile sperm into her mouth giving her a very good tasted.  I pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her to taste a my sperm. The sperm that she was soon to have in her tight hot wet pussy.

“Taste my cum, bitch,  get a good taste of a man’s hot fertile sperm, cunt, because that is what you are soon going to have filling your tight little fucked cunt. I’m going to fill your cunt with a man’s hot fertile sperm.  Let you feel the sperm of a man other than your bridegroom.

How does it feel, sucking another man’s hard cock bitch, I ask her.

“Oh god I love it, I love the taste of it.  Fuck my mouth and throat.  Fill my stomach with your hot sperm.”  She cried.

“No bitch,”  I told her. “I am going to fill your tight cunt with my hot fertile sperm.

She almost shouted.  “Yes, Yes, fuck me like a whore. fuck me and cum in me.  fill me with hot fertile sperm. fuck me anyway you want, just fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”  She moaned.

I got on the bed and moved between her wide spread legs.  She thought I was going to shove my cock into her and fuck her.  I didn’t.  I gave her what she wanted. I leaned down and began licking and sucking her hot wet pussy.  I slipped my finger inside her and god she was tight.

It took only a couple of mintues and my tongue had her climbing the walls, wanting to cum, wanting me to fuck her.

I didn’t lick and suck her hot cunt for more than just a couple of minutes before she screamed like a banshee as her first orgasm ever swept over her body.  She had not expected anything like that.  Her body convulsed and shook and shivered.  Her back arched.  Her hips humped up trying to get more of my tongue inside of her.

I kept licking her wet, hot pussy, tongue fucking her and licking and sucking on her sensitive clitoris. I kept her in this state for several minutes, then raised up moving up enough between her legs, so that I could rub my hard cock up and down her wet cunt lips.

“Ok you married slut, I am going to fuck you like the whore slut and bitch that you are.  I am going to fill your womb with my hot fertile sperm.  I am going to fuck you like a bitch whore all day.  Fuck your mouth your cunt and your ass.  There will be no hole my cock hasn’t been in when I am done.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me like a whore, treat me like a slut that I am.  She almost screamed.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh gggggggooooooodddddd Yes” she screamed as I rammed my hard cock deep into her married cunt.  I fucked her hard.  I fucked her fast. I fucked her easy and slow.  I licked and sucked and bit her tits hard as I fucked her.

It did not take but about five minutes of hard fucking and she was having an even more mind shaking orgasm.  Again she screamed like a banshee as her first orgasm from a hard cock swept over her. She was a screamer, I found out.

She gasp and almost bucked me off when she felt me drive my cock into her hard hold it there and sprayed her, coating her cunt with my hot fertile sperm.  When she felt the warmth inside of her she knew what it was and the thought sent her over the edge again.  She cried out and fell semi conscious.  I kept my cock buried inside of her tight hot wet cunt until she came around again.

She looked at me, put her arms around me and kissed me even more passionately than she had before. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.  She chanted.  Oh god I love it. Fuck me, fill me with your hot fertile cum.  Oh god just keep fucking me, she cried, tears actually rolling down her cheeks.

Well she liked to have sucked me and fucked me to death that day.  I fucked her for almost six hours straight.  When I wasn’t fucking her she was sucking me.  She cried for me to hurt her, cause her pain.  I did.  Especially when I rammed my cock up her virgin ass hard.  It went all of the way up into her bowels, the full length of my cock.  She screamed with the pain, but cried for more.  She wanted me to fuck her in the ass harder and harder.

She had another hard orgasm when she felt the warmth of my sperm deep in her bowels.  That was her first orgasm from being fucked in the ass, but not her last. She loved having a cock up her ass.   She even told me she would love to have a cock in her ass and in her cunt at the same time.  I told her I would see what I could do to let her experience it.  She knew I was talking about having another man join us and both of us fucking her.  And not her husband.  She loved the idea.

I managed to cum in her four times before I was done. Once in her ass and three times in her cunt.

After that, whenever her husband wasn’t home she would call me and I would go over and fuck the hell out of her. I would fuck her hard.  I would make her do things for me.  Let me do things to her.  She loved it all.  Yes I did eventually take a friend of mine with me and the two of us fucked her for over four hours.

She loved it but was so sore she could hardly move when her husband came home.  She also managed to hide her bruised and bitten tits and rubbed raw inner thighs from him.

Sometimes I would fuck her and she would still have my sperm inside of her when her husband fucked her.  She loved it when that happened.

Then when she missed her period after that first time I fucked her, she knew that she was pregnant.  When she took the old pregnancy test it was positive.  Her doctor verified it.  She was pregnant and not with her husbands baby.

He was some upset because he did not want any children that soon.  But she let him think that it was his.

We always manage to get together at least once or twice a week so I can fuck her like a bitch dog in heat and like a slut and whore.  She loves it.  She will do anything I want her too.  When I told her I was going to get a big dog for her to suck and fuck she looked at me with that old erotic glaze in her eyes and told me she would do whatever I wanted her to do.

Well that is how I now come to be fucking another mans wife with a baby in her stomach.  His wife my baby.  I love it.

Oh one more thing.  She said she had a sister that wants to meet me.  She said that her sister has been married almost a year and her husband has not given her an orgasm either.  She told me that both of their husbands were going to be out of town for a week and that her sister will be staying with her for that week.  She also told me that her sister would be fertile during that time also.

As I pumped another load of sperm into her pregnant body, she told me that her sister was looking for someone that would treat her like a slut and whore that she was.  She told me her younger sister was like a bitch dog in heat and wanted to be treated that way.

I wonder what it will be like having two pregnant sisters to fuck anytime I want too.  I love fucking pregnant women.  I think they are so beautiful with swollen tits, and stomach.  I love feeling the baby move in its mothers stomach as I pound my cock in and out of her.  Especially if it is another man’s wife and he thinks the baby is his.

I can hardly wait until next week to give her sister what she wants.  A good hard cunt, mouth and ass filling fuck and a fertilized seed in her married womb.

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