I Like The Power Between My Legs

It had been a great day. Warm, dry and the traffic had been light. I had been riding for some seven hours now, but wasn’t yet tired. The sun had just started to draw the evening curtains, and there was a faint hint of rain on the cooling twilight air. I was cruising along a quiet back road in Sussex on my BMW K100.

 I have been riding bikes since I was 16, that’s 24 years now. I have always liked biking, and will do it for as long as I can. I’m not a flash rider. My bike is silver and standard; and I wear jeans and a black leather jacket. I like wearing jeans, they are comfortable and offer a little more protection than trousers. 

 I was doing about 50 when I saw across the hedge a Day-Glow lemon top and black trousers. Quick check, no speed O.K. as I’m outside the limit, still be careful! After rounding a couple of bends the road straightened out and I could see the figure some way ahead. I was wrong; it wasn’t the law, just some youngster in a fluorescent top and black tracksuit trousers. He was hitching as far as I could tell from this distance, but I don’t pick up hitchhikers. Still I was in a good mood as the day had been good; and he was miles from anywhere on a road with little traffic and he couldn’t cause me much trouble on the back really. I slowed down and pulled up alongside him.

 He could have been 15 or 18, it was difficult to tell. Dark hair and deep brown eyes. He was about five feet eight and had an athletic build. 

 “Can I give you a lift, there’s a spare helmet in the back box.”

 “Thanks very much mate.”

 “Where are you going?”

 “About twelve miles along this road, well I live just a bit off but if you drop me at the turning I can walk from there.”

 “That’s O.K. I’ll go all the way.”

 “Good, that would be super.”

 “Have you ever back-ridden before?”

 “No, well not on one of these.”

 “Well just hold on tight and stick close behind me. Don’t try to stay upright when I lean the bike, now climb up and when we are near your turning tap me on the left or right shoulder and I will take the next left or right turn.”

 “O.K. you’re the gov.”

 He climbed up and slid himself forward till he was close behind me. Instead of holding the seat he put his arms round my waist; obviously not been a back-rider before. We started off, and gathered speed. There are some people who find the vibration and motion of a big bike rather stimulating, perhaps that’s why I like bikes, all that power throbbing between my thighs.

 I think it must have affected him, as he pressed harder into my back, and I was sure I could feel quite a hard bulge pressing against my rear. A few more miles and I felt his hands slip down from my waist to my hips, then slowly he moved his hands down onto my cock. The inevitable happened and my cock began to stir and rise. 

 He didn’t take his hand away, but cupped my swelling bulge. Suddenly I felt a tap on my left shoulder so I regained concentration, slowed and turned left up a little lane. I saw a cottage in the distance on the right and then felt a tap on my right shoulder. I slowed and stopped at the entrance to the drive of the cottage. He slid off the back and removed the helmet. He stood next to me and asked “Would you like a coffee or something before you go. I’d like to thank you. There’s nobody in, my parents are on holiday.”

It was a bit chilly and I hadn’t had a drink since lunch. I looked at him, and the thrusting bulge in his tracksuit. Why not?

“That would be great,” I replied. I parked the bike and went in after him.

“Here, let me take your jacket. I’ve put the coffee on, I’m just going to get out of these trousers, the damp has got in them. Make yourself at home. By the way my name is Reid.”

“Thanks, I’m Oliver.” I watched as that tight little arse walked out of the room. Don’t be silly, he would never go for someone my age; and anyway he had done nothing since we stopped to indicate he wanted anything like that; just my imagination.

I heard a door click in the kitchen and the rattle of cups. A minute or two later Reid came in with two cups of coffee, and very little else. Gone was his tee shirt and trainers. Gone were the tracksuit trousers. He was wearing a pair of white shorts. At first I thought they were boxers, cut high in the legs, but no they were running shorts; and the way things hung and moved I could see there was nothing underneath but flesh.

He handed me a cup and said “Sugar is on the table.”

He went across to a low table and bent down to put sugar in his coffee. The material pulled tight across his cheeks, showing how round, firm and neat it was. I could have grabbed it right then but wow Oliver don’t be silly. I got my sugar and we stood drinking and making small talk. He was 18 turned out. He’d been out walking and was on his way home when I came across him. His parents we away in Paris for a long weekend and so he was looking after himself for five days. So far he had been O.K. but there were still three days to go.

 I turned to put my cup on the fire surround, Reid had finished his. Suddenly I felt his arms slip round me again. “I enjoyed back-riding with you. I felt very exhilarated. How did you feel?”

 I turned and looked at him, he had a mischievous look in his eyes.

“Well, I, er felt….”

 “I know how you felt, I felt it!” As he said this his hand reached forward and cupped the bulge in my jeans. I could see the swelling in his shorts, thick and thrusting against the material; and probing down his right leg. It must almost have reached the bottom. “I like to feel a cock in jeans,” he said.

 “Look”, I replied, “I don’t want to seem uninterested, but I can’t understand why a youngster like you, as good looking and well built as you, would want to bother with someone my age!”

 “Well first, I don’t like people my own age, no experience nor staying power. Secondly there is very little around here at all. And thirdly you are here and I am turned on. Are you going to say no?” He was slipping my zip down as he said this. I didn’t say no. He slipped his hand into my jeans and very gently massaged my ever-swelling cock. I ran my hands over that firm hairless, muscular body. As I caressed his small but firm nipples he gave a low moan of pleasure. Slowly I ran my hands across his chest and back, lower and lower, until I reached his shorts. I took hold of that swelling cock through the thin material. Another deep moan of pleasure.

 Suddenly he burst into action. His hands were under my tee shirt. He pushed it up. Sucking my nipples he almost tore the tee shirt off me. Then hands slid down to my waist and my jeans were undone and slipped over my thighs. “You’ve got a great arse.” He said, “Really small and round for your age, so neat and tight.”

 The with a shove I was flat on my back on a couch. My boots and socks were ripped off, my jeans followed. He came forward and I slipped my hand up the leg of his shorts and took hold of that firm youthful cock. He froze for a moment, then relaxed and groaned with pleasure. I moved my hand up and down the shaft. I could feel he was uncut, and there was just a little hair around the base. His balls were firm and full.

 I stood up before him and put my hands on his waist. My nipples were lust in line and he nibbled and sucked them for a moment. I slid down to my knees and slowly slipped those shorts down over his arse. His cock, almost six inches I would guess, thrust out straight and proud from his body. All reticence went, I slipped my lips over that young shaft and sucked and tongued it. He groaned and moaned, as I tongued the tip he writhed with pleasure. Then he pulled me off him and up.

 It was his turn, and he dropped in front of me. He nibbled my cock through the material of my briefs, and then pulled them down with his teeth; all the time squeezing and massaging my arse. He licked and kissed his way up my legs and slipped his smooth young lips over my cock. It filled his mouth and he gagged a bit but sucked long and deep. I didn’t know how much more of that I could take. He stopped and stood up. Pulling my head down he kissed me, our tongues probing and touching. Then he led me upstairs to a bedroom.

 “Please lay on the bed, across not end to end. I want to see and handle all of you. Your cock is long and very thick, a beauty.”

 “So is yours”, I replied, “And you also have a nice bum.”

 He open a drawer in the bedside cabinet and took out a plastic bottle. He poured something into his hand and started to rub my cock again. It was baby oil. He rubbed it all over my cock and balls, and down between my legs. “Please rub some into my cock too, Sir,” he asked.

 I slowly rubbed it all over his cock and balls. By now he had his legs and bum near my head and was reaching down to my legs. He lifted the left legs and rubbed oil into my arse. He probed the hole and I moaned. My arse is very very sensitive, but very little used.

 “You enjoyed that didn’t you?” he asked.

 “Yes,” I replied in a horse whisper.

 He moved and positioned himself between my legs. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and started to rub more oil into my cock. It felt great and I closed my eyes with pleasure. I felt his finger at my arse again and it probed inside; no that was no finger. I open my eyes and looked at Reid. He had a look of pure pleasure on his face as he slid hid cock into my arse. He thrust in time with the rubbing of my cock, and each thrust produced a deep satisfied moan.

 I thought he was going to cum, but no, he pulled out of me. He climbed up and sat on my stomach. He rubbed my throbbing rock hard cock, which was behind him and against his arse. Then he lifted him-self and position my cock against his bum hole. Slowly he lowered him-self, but as it pushed in he froze and moaned, this time with pain.

 “I want it, but it’s so big, please I want it!” He pushed down again, but as soon as I was a bit more in he stopped and I could see the expression of pain on his face.

 “Don’t worry Reid, if you can’t manage it, don’t hurt yourself.”

 “But I want it, and the pain is good as well as bad.” He pushed down some more and I was almost in when he stopped. “Ohhhh! God it is big!”

 I could see it was really hurting, but he would not stop pushing down. I could also feel just how tight he was. He pushed once more and so I took a hand. As I felt his pressure go on I thrust up with my hips as hard as I could. He yelled, screamed, and I slid into that tight arse.

 “Oh God, thank you,” he said and fell onto my chest.

 I slowly drew out and thrust again, he moaned and move. I repeated the thrust and withdrawal, he sat up. Now he was moving, up and down, pushing so hard he almost had my balls in him as well. Up and down, up and down, moaning and groaning and writhing in pleasure. “Oh no, I’m going to cum without touching myself, Oh God, Oh God Oh……”

 He pumped up and down, faster and faster; then with a mighty down-ward push that nearly sent me through the bottom of the bed he shoot his young warm juices all over my chest and face. He fell forward onto his own cum and rubbed it in with his body. He licked my face clean.

 Slowly he rose from off me. He licked my body clean of his cum, slowly working down to my now dripping rampant cock. His lips closed over it, and he sucked long and deep. My hand slid between his legs and I played with his now soft cock. In no time he was hard again and he eagerly sucked me, and I fucked his mouth. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.

 He was sucking as hard as he could and fucking my hand. My body lifted in an arc off the bed and I gave a mighty moan and froze. My hot cum shot into his eager mouth, over and over again. The first wave caused him to cum a second time. He sucked and swallowed and sucked and swallowed. At last I was empty. He licked my softening cock and my balls. Then he slid onto the bed beside me.

 We must have fallen asleep very quickly. It was pitch black we woke up.

 “I don’t suppose you could stay the night could you?”

 “I haven’t got any things Reid.”

 “You’ll only need a toothbrush and a lot of stamina; and I’ve got a spare toothbrush.”

 When I eventually got home late the next day I slept for 15 hours.

 Reid was the best back-rider I’ve ever had.

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