I Love Loosing

The girl with the long dark hair lost again. Slowly, tantalizingly, she pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing that she was wearing nothing whatsoever underneath. Her small firm breasts were the same golden color as the rest of her skin, with the aureole a darker chocolate brown. All that she had left now was a pair of small, white cotton panties.

While he looked admiringly at the breasts just revealed, caressing their curves with his eyes, the black girl to his right shuffled the cards for the next round of their game. So far, it was just plain strip poker, but the girls, when they persuaded him to join them, had promised him some interesting variations later…

It was late at night, he had just been about to leave the party when the four girls had come up to him. They were the only people still in the house, all the other guys having left already. After some embarrassed giggling and shuffling among the girls, none of whom looked more than twenty or so, a year or two younger than he was, a tall blonde asked him if he wanted to play strip poker with them. 

He hesitated briefly, wondering what they were up to. Apart from the hostess, a petite brunette named Chantelle, with long, curly hair and large breasts, he didn’t know any of the girls. They all appeared fairly drunk, and in a mood for mischief. But the blonde, seeing his hesitation, stepped closer, and, putting her arms around him, promised him a real interesting game. He could feel her pointed breasts rubbing against his chest, and, controlled by the immediate reaction between his legs, he heard himself say yes.

The five of them went into the living room and sat down on the soft carpet covering the floor. The hostess, sitting on his left, brought a pack of cards and started shuffling them. To his right was the black girl, and next to her the golden-skinned, vaguely oriental girl with the long dark hair. The blonde sat between the hostess and the oriental, completing the circle. After he had cut the cards, they all got five cards each, and the game started.

The black girl immediately lost the first two rounds, but all that cost her was a pair of socks. “That’s not fair, Dina,” complained the blonde, “both I and Cindi werebarefoot from the start.” 

“So? Too late now, Tori, should’ve said that before we started. Besides, you’re wearing a bra, and I’m not.” And it was quite evident that she wasn’t, her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric of her blouse. “And how about you, Chantelle, what do you have under that fancy dress of yours?” 

Chantelle was wearing a short, red, off-the-shoulders dress, with black pantyhose covering her legs. “Soon enough you’ll know,” she said. “Let’s get on with it now, I want to see some action. Come on, Mark, you deal.”

He did, and the game went one. In the next few rounds, he rapidly lost both his socks and his shirt. Dina offered to help him with the shirt, and he let her do it, stroking the hair on his chest while unbuttoning. He then reciprocated when she lost her shorts, taking the opportunity to feel her ass through the lacy pants. Also Cindi had to take off her jeans, but declined his offer to help, and Chantelle lost her pantyhose. 

Cindi lost again… He tried not to stare too obviously when she took hold of her t-shirt and started to lift it, her slender hands revealing a widening band of golden skin around her waist. But she noticed his glance anyway, and returned a smile at the same time shy and inviting.

Next, Tori lost for the first time. With a smile, she reached under her skirt and pulled down her pants, giving him a brief glimpse of long slender thighs and just a hint of blond curly hair, before the skirt fell down again. She then lost twice more in succession, first taking off her blouse, then moving over to him, asking him to unclasp her bra. He reached around to her back, opened it, and slid it forwards with his hands underneath, feeling the smooth, silky texture of her skin under his fingertips. 

But when his hands approached the round curves of her breasts, she quickly moved back out of his reach, saying, “Look but not touch, Mark – or not yet, at least.” She shook her shoulders, making the bra fall to the floor, riveting his eyes to the movements of her proud, naked breasts, the small, hard, red nipples making a nice contrast with the pale creamy skin.

And now it was Dina’s turn to show what caused the strain on her blouse buttons. She slowly undid one button after the other, and when all were open she turned to Mark with an inviting smile. 

He put his hands inside her blouse, around her waist, and then moved them slowly upwards, stopped for a moment cupping the swellings of her breasts, with his thumbs on her nipples. Then he let his hands continue, softly over her generous breasts and on upwards, sliding the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms. He held her hands for a moment, then moved his hands back to her waist, leaned forward, and kissed first one nipple, then the other. 

She did not draw back, so he continued kissing and nibbling until her breathing quickened. But Chantelle interrupted them; “Hey, time enough for that later! First we’re going to play the pants off you, big boy.”

True to her word, when it was her turn again she dealt him a losing hand, but before that her own pants had come off from under her skirt. Now, wearing only her short dress, with nothing but her round, firm body underneath, she knelt before him and told him to stand up. He did so, and she started to undo his trousers. Before she could pull them down, he felt several more hands sliding inside the waistband. 

Tori had moved up next to Chantelle, and Dina stood behind him, her warm, bare breasts pressing against his back, her hands feeling his ass through his shorts. “We want some fun too,” Tori said as she slid her fingers inside his fly, moving her fingertips along his hard dick. The joint efforts of three pairs of hands finally got his trousers off, his dick pushing against the restraint of the boxer shorts he was wearing underneath.

“Now it’s time to explain the next phase of the game,” declared Dina. 

Mark looked at her expectantly, curious about what ‘real interesting game’ he was in for. 

“Up to now, the loser’s just had to undress. But what happens if you’re already stark naked and you lose again?” 

While listening to her, he let his gaze wander downwards, over her round breasts with their erect nipples, down to the still concealed patch between her legs, and up to her breasts again. 

“What happens is that you draw another card, and count around the circle to your right, until you reach the number on the card. If it’s your first naked penalty spend exactly one minute kissing whoever sits at that spot. Just kissing, mind you, no necking and fondling. And the second time, you count again, and that person may touch you anywhere with her hands, while you just stand completely passive. Third, he or she may use tongue and mouth on you. And if you lose a fifth time…” she looked Mark straight in the eyes, “…you pick a person of the opposite sex, anybody you want, who may do with you anything she wants.” 

“And what if I lose again?” Mark asked. 

“Then everybody jumps on top of you and stay there until you’ve satisfied them all.”

Mark felt a mounting excitement as he dealt the cards for the next round. He looked around at the four girls, Chantelle in her red dress, with a mischievous smile on her lips and Tori, in her skirt but topless. Cindi was also topless, still looking a bit shy, younger and perhaps less experienced than the others… she met his eyes and he smiled at her, receiving a soft, appealing smile in return before she looked away. Dina, finally, her eyes frankly inviting, looked appreciatively up and down his body just as he did with hers. 

When they showed their cards, Chantelle giggled “Looks like this is it…” She stood up facing him. He rose as well, put his hands on her shoulders, and slowly pulled down her dress. It slid easily downwards, spilling out her perfect high round breasts… she stood perfectly still, just shivering slightly as he grazed his lips over her nipples. Then he pulled the dress further down, over her hips. A bush of curly dark hair peeked over the edge. 

He let his mouth follow the dress, breathing softly on her snatch as it was gradually revealed. Released, the dress fell, and he cupped the cheeks of her ass in his hands, gently kneading them as he kept up the light breeze on her pussy, feeling her musky aroma. She moaned softly, moving her hips towards him. But he released his grip and sat down again. With the promise of more to come, he was in no hurry. 

Tori was the next. She stood up, undid her tight skirt, and pulled it down over her hips in one brisk motion, and then sat down again. Her pubic hair was blond as well, thin and silky. The next round Chantelle lost again. “Oh my!” she exclaimed, drawing a card from the pack. It was a two. 

She counted, “Mark one, Dina two… come one, Dina.” 

The two girls leaned forward, across Mark, their lips meeting and joining for a deep kiss. The two pairs of heavy breasts were swaying just a few inches from his face, occasionally touching. But ‘no fondling’ was the rule of the moment, tempting as it was to just reach out and grab a double handful. The girls broke their kiss after the requisite minute, both slightly out of breath.

And now it was Mark’s turn to lose his pants. Dina was chosen for the honor. She put her hands inside his shorts, taking a firm hold of his dick and releasing it from captivity. She pulled his shorts further down, herself kneeling at the same time, letting her full breasts slide over his raging hard-on, ending up with her lips around it for a quick kiss. “Ooooh, look at that,” exclaimed Chantelle. “I can’t wait to get my hands on it!” 

“Just your hands, Chantelle?” asked Tori teasingly. 

But Mark wasn’t paying attention to them; he was looking at Cindi, who sat transfixed, staring straight at his erect member, unable to tear her eyes away from it, a look of desire mixed with apprehension on her face. She was still staring intently while the next round was played, and didn’t look up until Dina told her, “Snap out of your dreams, Cindi… you lost. Time for some strip-tease.” 

Cindi hesitated, started to pull down her pants, then changed her mind and walked over to Mark. She stood shivering in front of him, not looking him in the eyes. He gently reached out to her, put his hands around her waist, and pushed them lower, under her white pants, pulling them down slowly, carefully. 

She stood naked before him, her long, dark hair cascading down her back. Just the faintest wisp of black hair covered her pussy, the thin, rose-colored lips clearly visible. Still not looking at him, she hesitantly reached out and touched his penis, then quickly withdrew her hand and sat down again.

Mark checked his breathing. Cindi’s golden skin and slender body, as well as her evident timidity, were an irresistible combination. He just had to have her, before the night was over. But for now he had to content himself with looking, and wait for the fortunes of the game to bring him his opportunity.

In the next round, Mark was the loser, if loser was the right word at this stage. He drew his card, got an eight, and counted around the circle, ending up with Tori. She stood up and joined him for the kiss, pressing her body against his, french-kissing him intensively for the entire minute. His hard-on throbbed as it was squeezed against the smooth skin of her stomach. 

Chantelle was next. She looked flushed and excited as she drew her card, a ten, and counted – then her expression changed into a puzzled frown, “But I count back to myself! Now what am I supposed to do?” 

“Exactly as the rules say,” replied Dina, “for one minute you must touch and caress the person your card indicates. So go ahead and touch yourself, Chantelle, right where it will do the most good.” 

Chantelle blushed, she was obviously not in the habit of masturbating in public, but as she lay down on her back, and slowly caressed her stomach and breasts, she couldn’t hide her pleasure. 

Mark watched, fascinated, as she moved one hand further down, spreading her legs and giving him a good look at her pussy before her hand reached her most sensitive parts, and a loud moan escaped from her lips. 

When the minute was up, Dina had to forcibly interrupt her and remove her hand, telling her, “Our pleasures are rationed, my dear – that’s part of the game.” After one last cry of pleasure mixed with frustration, Chantelle sat up and tried to restore some decorum to her flushed and sweaty face.

Then it was time for Jessie to strip off her pants. She got to her feet, pulled them down slowly, an inch at a time, standing with her pussy right in front of Mark’s face, almost within reach of his tongue. He could smell her juices, strongly. This girl was hot! 

She stood there nude; with her legs spread wide, proudly displaying her splendid body. Her hips thrust forward, towards his face, and he grabbed her well-shaped ass and buried his tongue in her bush. “Oh no, none of that. Rationed pleasures, right!” said Chantelle, interrupting them. Dina pulled back, shamefacedly, and sat down. But Mark could hear her heavy breathing, and he still had her taste on his tongue.

Next, Tori got to kiss Chantelle, with considerable ardor, and Dina drew a kiss with Mark. This time she was careful to stay within the rules, with a plain kiss, but whispered soft words to him, a promise of more to come. For her second nude penalty, Tori drew Mark. 

He told her to stand facing away from him, and proceeded to press his hard-on against her shapely posterior, bringing his hands around and up front, holding and caressing her breasts. Her breathing got faster as he brought one hand downwards, leaving the other one playing with a nipple. 

He gently touched her soft, blond curls, continued down, feeling the silky skin on the inside of her thighs, brought his hand upwards again, spreading her legs apart, touching her lips, feeling her wetness, probing carefully with one finger between the labia, withdrawing again and releasing her completely as Dina called time.

Cindi drew Chantelle for her kiss. Clearly not what she wanted, she checked the count twice and then just gave her a minimal cool kiss with closed lips. Then she lost again right away, and this time she had better luck with her draw. She stood in front of Mark, facing him boldly as he reached out and embraced her, gave her the kiss she wanted, while caressing her back, down over her pert little ass, gently massaging the cheeks. 

She melted into his embrace with a soft sigh, pressed the entire length of her body against his, slowly moving her hips. He just held her gently like this for a moment, then reluctantly released her, took a step backwards, and placed his hands on her shoulders, admiring her lithe, elegant beauty. He then moved his hands downwards, caressing every inch of golden skin, her breasts, her stomach, her hips, her thighs and slender legs, down to her feet. When he finished she was trembling, but she sat down again without a sound.

Mark had trouble controlling his own breathing now, and his cock was hot and throbbing. This game was tremendously exciting, and at the same time s-o-o frustrating. Surrounded by four beautiful naked girls, but allowed to take pleasure with them only in carefully measured portions, he felt excitement and expectation mounting a step at a time… mounting a big step in the next round, as Mark lost, and drew Dina as ‘handler’. 

She told him to lie flat on his back, and he could barely keep from crying out loud as she applied her expert hands to his balls and dick. Then the roles were reversed in the next round, with Mark giving Dina a treat, rubbing her mound with his hand, down between the labia to play with her clit, eliciting a loud moan, then further down with first one, then two fingers entering her moist hole. She squirmed under his hands, jutting her hips upwards, and kept on panting and moving for a long while even after he had to withdraw.

Then Cindi drew Chantelle again, and looked even more unhappy about it this time. But Chantelle gently told her to lie down on her back, close her eyes, and relax. She then proceeded to treat Cindi’s pussy with soft kisses, and when she started to use her tongue, licking and blowing on her clit, Cindi couldn’t hold back any longer, but started to make soft mewling sounds of pleasure. Then Tori got to give Chantelle the same treatment, and Chantelle was a lot less restrained in her vocalizations, gasping and crying out every time Tori’s tongue touched her sensitive spots.

“Let Cindi lose again now…” Mark thought, while the next round was played, “then I get to make love to her. But of course, if Chantelle loses, I can screw her instead, and if I lose myself, one of these chicks is going to suck my cock…. not such a bad deal, whichever way it goes – if all goes well I’ll get to fuck every one of them before the games over…” 

Dina lost now, and Tori gave her a good dose of cunnilingus. Then it was Marks’s turn, and Chantelle settled down on his chest as he laid back on the floor, lowered her mouth to the tip of his cock, and started giving him head, with her lips going up and down the shaft, her tongue playing around the head of his cock.

While she was sucking him, she pushed her ass towards his face, in a clear invitation to reciprocate. With her warm and wet pussy beckoning with glistening lips just inches from his mouth, he didn’t hesitate but put his hands on her hips, pulled her down, and spread her lips with his tongue. He didn’t have to lick her for more than a few second before she came, violently, shaking all over, her screams barely muffled by his dick still in her mouth. 

Then, finally, came the moment he had been waiting for – Cindi. When she realized what she had coming, she let out a small sigh, lay down on the floor, and closed her eyes. He stood up, his proud dick rising rock-hard straight out from his loins. 

Looking up and down her beautiful, slim body, so nude and vulnerable on the floor, he carefully spread her legs, knelt between them, leaned forward and kissed her. Then he lowered his cock towards her pussy, first with the tip touching just the soft hair, then in between the lips, up and down along the cleft, and finally, when she started moving her hips beneath him, and he could feel juices flowing from her moist hole, he pushed inwards, penetrating her first with the head, then with his entire long, thick shaft in one stroke. 

She cried out and put her arms around him, pulling him closer, deep inside her. Her pussy was tight around his cock, as he slowly moved it in and out, her hips following his movements, a moan coming from her lips at every stroke. As he increased the pace, her moans became louder and louder, changing into pure cries of joy and pleasure as she came in a shuddering orgasm. 

As he pulled out, she lay back panting, her chest heaving. He looked around the room, and found the other three girls all watching intently. “Had fun?” asked Dina, one hand moving between her legs, “Don’t spend yourself all at once, please, we want some part of that too…” pointing at his throbbing dick, shiny wet with Cindi’s juices. 

In the next round Dina got her wish, as she ‘lost’, and of course picked Mark for her pleasure. “Take me, fuck me from behind!” she told him as she stood on hands and knees, her legs spread wide, her red pussy lips open and inviting between the dark brown cheeks of her full, round ass. 

He did not hesitate a second, but grabbed her hips and with one violent motion thrust his rigid penis deep inside her hot, wet hole. She let out a long deep cry of pleasure as he banged into her pussy, her excitement mounting rapidly as he stroked her cunt deep and hard. It took him less than a minute to bring her to orgasm, but still he was saving himself, there were more pussies in the room waiting for him… 

When Mark lost the next time, he recalled Dina’s words “Then everybody jumps on top of you, and stay there until you’ve satisfied them all,” as the four girls advanced on him, and pushed him down flat on his back. 

Chantelle was first, straddling his hips as she lowered her pussy onto his erect member, until he was engulfed in her warm wetness. Tori brought her cunt to his face, and obscured his vision of everything but her blond curls, as he slipped his tongue between her labia, into her vagina. But he could feel hands fondling all parts of his body, and knew the other girls were not idle. 

Chantelle was still moving rapidly up and down his dick, her fluttering pussy lips driving him wild. He stretched out his hands, and found soft, smooth skin with both. On one side, a muscular thigh, higher up moist curly hair, where he kept his hand, massaging the mound underneath. With the other hand he encountered another hand, smaller and slimmer than his. He squeezed it for a moment, and then continued upwards, along a slender arm, down to a smallish breast, caressing it, tweaking the erect nipple.

The girls changed places several times, never leaving his dick or tongue unoccupied for more than seconds. He’d lost count of the number of female orgasms he’d felt or heard, and the girls were all a blur in his mind, he was surrounded by a single female body, with four pussies, eight hands, four mouths and eight breasts. 

His throbbing cock was on fire, he couldn’t understand why he hadn’t come long ago, when finally, driven by the new tight pussy enveloping his shaft to the hilt, he felt the familiar tightening of his loins, and spurted his seed deep into his current rider. Then all went black…

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