I Love The Cum

Brandy and I had been married almost a year when I first got a taste of my wife’s secret fantasy. But first a little back ground.

We enjoyed a wild and most satisfying sex life. We fucked often and long, in every position we could get in. She sucked my cock with an obvious enthusiasm and enjoyed my shooting in her mouth. After I filled her mouth with cum she would kiss me and push the cum into my mouth.

That turned her on so much she would go wild, impaling herself on my re-hardened rod. Her pushing the juice in my mouth turned me on too, as I would get hard as a rock while she did it.

She also enjoyed my eating her pussy. I would suck at her lips, lick her clit, and stick my tongue in her as far as it would go. I enjoyed eating her too, feeling her buck and jerk through climax after climax, got me rock hard and ready to fuck. I would mount her and slide my cock into her wet pussy and pound into her until we both came.

Usually, after I shot into her she would have me lay on my back while she straddled my head. She would then lower her soaked crotch to my waiting mouth. Licking our juices out of her slit drove us both crazy with lust. While I licked, she would reach for my cock and play with it, causing me to harden again. Then after she came on my face, she would lower her pussy over my cock, and when it had filled her, she would lick her juices off my face.

But I had no idea what she was fantasizing about while we did these things, but I was about to find out. One day as I sat reading, she left our apartment with only her housecoat on. She left our door open and walked down the hall to our neighbor, Mike’s, apartment. I watched with curiosity while she opened his door without knocking and went inside. I knew Mike was a single man with a reputation as an expert cocksman.

All the women in our building giggled about him and imagined fucking him. I don’t know if any of them did it or not, but I did know my wife had disappeared into his apartment with only a robe on, and now she had been gone too long to be borrowing a cup of sugar. I also knew she never wore anything under her robe.

Thinking about these things was having an effect on me. But not as you might think. Instead of feeling jealous or angry, I was becoming aroused. my cock had made a tent of the front of my sweat pants. I put the paper down and started rubbing my hard-on when she reappeared in the hallway. She entered our apartment and closed the door behind her, then walked straight to me and while staring at my erection, she smiled and then said that Mike had sent a present for me.

Having said that, she went and sat in her chair and motioned for me to join her. I got up and approached her. Brandy pulled my hands downward, causing me to kneel before her. Then she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth, causing me to become even more excited than I was already. while we kissed I felt her spread her legs wide. She pushed me back far enough so I could look down between her legs.

I stared at her wet sex for a long while. Her pubic hairs were soaked and matted around her open hole. There was traces of semen on her love nest and I knew that she had fucked Mike and that he had shot his load in her. She placed her hand behind my head and pulled my face to her hot treasure. I was helpless as I realized that her fantasy had now become mine also.

I dove into her wetness, eagerly licking and sucking and lapping up all the cum, Mike’s and hers, that I could teach. She started coming and had a series of climaxes before pulling me up for more kissing. I positioned my cock at her entrance and slipped into her.

I had not even pushed in all the way when I started shooting. Jet after jet of hot cum flooded out of my cock into her pussy. I don’t think I had ever cum that much before. I groaned as I came and she smiled at me and thanked me for the hottest time of her life. I told her it was the hottest for me too. Then I lowered my face to her soaked and oozing pussy and ate her again.

That day started us on an exploration of sexuality that lead to other interesting and hot times. One happened at a truck stop.

Brandy dressed that morning while I watched. She wore no bra or panties. She slipped a pair of lace trimmed, silky pants on that clung to her skin and left little to the imagination. Next was a matching blouse, plunging deeply in front, exposing most of her tit flesh. Short nylon stockings and a pair of heels completed her outfit.

She handed me a pair of loose fitting cotton pants and a tee shirt. She told me not to wear underwear. I slipped into these cloths and added a pair of sneakers and we were off to a new adventure.

She told me to drive out to the truck stop on the interstate. I did and when we arrived she told me to wait in the car while she went into the restaurant. I waited, getting hot thinking of the possibilities, but having no idea what she was up to this time. The place

was full of truckers eating breakfast and killing time.

After about a half hour Brandy came out and got in the car. I could see she was excited and aroused. She had a wet spot on her pants over her pussy, so I knew she was wet, but I still didn’t know what her plans were. In an enthusiastic voice she told me what was about to happen. Brandy said she had talked to a few of the truckers and had invited them to fuck her in the men’s room. She also told them I wanted to watch. She said they agreed, and were now gathering other volunteers to fuck this sexy lady.

We got out of the car and went to the men’s room. When no one was looking we slipped inside. There were twelve men in there waiting for us and I could see most had bulges in their pants in anticipation of what was to come, and they weren’t alone. My cock had become hard and was straining at the fabric of my pants. Brandy noticed my erection and while rubbing it, she whispered, “You like this don’t you.”

I answered that I liked it all right and that she should begin. She walked around the room, kissing and rubbing all the men’s crotches, while they felt her pussy and tits through her cloths.

Finally one man took out his dick and asked her to suck it. She bent over at the waist and while holding his hips, she took his stiff rod into her mouth. Another man then approached her from behind and began rubbing her ass and pussy area. He then grasped the silky pants and pulled them down to below her knees. He licked at her crack for awhile and then stood and dropped his own pants, revealing a large, fully erect cock.

He pushed his meat into her steamy pussy hole until it was buried completely in her. As he began to fuck her I heard her moan around the other man’s cock.

I approached and knelt down near her head and kissed her on the cheek, feeling the cock in her mouth through her skin. As she bobbed on the cock in her mouth the trucker groaned and shot his load into her hot mouth. I saw a little cum dribble from her lips as she sucked him dry, so I licked it from her face. She liked that, and when she was finished draining him, she turned and kissed me full on the lips, pushing some of his semen into my mouth.

Another man then took the place of the first in her waiting mouth, just as the one fucking her announced that he was coming. I watched him ram his cock into her and shoot into her hot hole. I helped support her as she started coming too. When he pulled his wet dick out of her another man took his place and filled her pussy again with cock.

Over and over she took loads of cum into her mouth and into her hot wet pussy. I think one or two fucked her ass too and left their juice in that hole. I just watched the entire spectacle from my position at her head. I had a hard-on like an iron bar from the excitement. She climaxed with every man at least once, and kissed me each time one shot into her mouth.

More men came in and each took a turn with her. I tried to imagine how much cum was inside her dripping pussy, but I had to quit thinking about it for fear of shooting my load in my pants without even touching it. Finally it was over. Each man had cum in one of her holes and left. She stood and kissed me and reached for my cock.

I reached between her legs and ran my fingers over the gooey mess she had become. The juices were running down her legs and had filled her pussy hole completely. I showed her my hand full of cum and she then pushed me down to the floor. I laid on my back as she removed her pants the rest of the way and stood over me, one leg on each side of my head. I looked up at her leaking pussy and pulled at her legs to bring it down to my waiting mouth.

Instead she bent over and opened my pants, taking out my hard dick and bent over me to suck it. Looking up into her overflowing pussy, I quickly shot my cum into her hot mouth. Then she lowered her crotch to my tongue. I licked and sucked and tongue fucked her like a wild man, making her cum again and again.

We were a mess when we arrived home that afternoon, but we just kept fucking, feeling, and eating each other. We fell asleep like that, with my face in her crotch and her mouth surrounding my limp cock.

Many times she would arrive home from shopping or other outings with a satisfied look about her and, I knew, a pussy full of cum juice, placed there by some surprised but happy stranger. Little did these men know that I not only knew and approved of her actions, but longed for her to come home this way so that we could fuck and suck

each other to countless orgasms.

A typical happening would be for her to arrive home, approach me and perhaps take my hand and place it between her legs. I would feel the inevitable wet sticky spot in her crotch that would tell me she had fucked another man, and now wanted my tongue in her slippery hole, causing climaxes of the intensity she only had with me. The other men made her cum, to be sure, but her orgasms with me seemed more intense, and more satisfying. And I loved every encounter, and every soaked and sloppy pussy she brought me.

One day a co-worker announced that he was getting married. Some of the other guys at work started talking of a bachelor party. Well I saw a great opportunity arising, so I suggested my place for the party. I told the boys I could provide top notch entertainment. One of them joked about being entertained by that knockout wife of mine, and I just grinned. Little did they know what I had planned.

I told Brandy about the plans for the party, and she got very excited and told me she would arrange everything. I could hardly wait. She went shopping to arrange for the perfect party, and I knew that it would be. When the big night came, she stayed busy in the kitchen, cooking and preparing for the hot time ahead.

As I played bartender, serving drinks to the others, I would steal feels of her hot crotch and firm tits. Finally she told me to join the other men and that she would serve for the rest of the evening.

“I’ll serve everything they could want,” is how she put it. I grinned and rejoined the party. A few minutes later she appeared in the living room. Every eye turned and stared. She had dressed in leather motorcycle chaps, and a leather vest. The vest laced up at the sides and front and showed an ample amount of her flesh above the waist. The cleavage of her breasts looked very inviting. But the pants were something else.

From the front they looked like ordinary, skin tight, leather pants. They were very sexy, and hugged her shapely legs in a very provocative way. But when she had served us a drink and turned to leave we all saw the back side was completely open. There was a belt sized piece of leather at her waist and nothing else down to below her ass cheeks. She was bare assed. We were all speechless, and sat there staring as she headed back toward the kitchen. She looked back at us and giggled.

You could have heard a pin drop when she reentered the room some long minutes later. She was carrying a soft latex cock in her hand. A plastic dick, and it was large, larger I’m sure than any of us. She walked to the center of the room and held it up for us to see and said, “Now where can I put this.”

One of the guys just blurted out that he knew where she could put it. The rest of us just sat frozen as she walked up to him, handed it to him and said, “Well, go ahead and show us where to put it.”

He took the fake cock from her and as she turned around and spread her legs he started pushing it up into her already wet pussy hole.

He looked at me for approval, and when I nodded, he continued to work that plastic cock up into her. She watched the rest of us as it entered her, and when it was all the way inside her she laughed and told us if we didn’t take out our cocks we would split our pants.

I guess she noticed all the bulges in our pants. I went first, opening my pants, lowering them, and freeing my hard cock from my jeans. At that the others joined in. Some removed their pants and briefs completely and some just opened their fly and held their dicks so no one else could see.

But Brandy would have none of that. She walked from man to man, with the dildo buried in her snatch, and pulled everyone’s pants down. At the same time she gave each man a quick lick and suck, just to let them know that hot times were coming. There was a room full of hard-ons. She asked who would be the first to fuck her and we all pointed to Alan, in whose honor this party was given.

It seemed appropriate. She lead him to the dining room table, laid down on her back with her legs hanging over the edge, and invited him in. Alan stepped up to the table and slid his meat into her, and began to pump in and out. The rest of us gathered around to watch the action. Brandy held her legs straight up to accept him and began to moan softly as he fucked her. To put everyone at ease I moved to her head and fed my cock to her waiting mouth. The others then started playing with her tits, kissing her belly, and rubbing her thighs, making her very hot.

She had the first climax then, and Alan was right behind her, shooting a thick load of cum deep inside her. We all took turns then, fucking her, and letting her suck us. After everyone had shot into her I told them to help themselves to the food and drink while I helped her clean up. They all agreed, so Brandy and I headed for the bathroom.

We didn’t make it however. I pulled her into our bedroom and kissed her deeply and pulled her to me. She asked if I was turned on from watching her fuck, and I responded by thrusting my hand between her legs and sucking her tongue into my mouth.

Then she went crazy. She pushed me down on the bed and crawled on top of me. My hard cock sank into her sopping pussy and I fucked her and she fucked me until we both came. Then she slowly rose up and moved her wet crotch to my waiting mouth. Straddling my head with her legs, she lowered her full pussy to my tongue.

I ate her, and sucked her through a few good climaxes, when she rose up off me. I then saw all the guys crowded around the bed, watching what I was doing. So my secret

turn on was out.

They laid her down on her back and one by one they mounted her and fucked her. Some of them were so turned on by what they just saw that they pounded into her hard and long. I laid on my side next to her and watched. She really was getting it now, hard and fast, the way she liked it. I liked it too.

Each of them shot another load into her hot box and when they were through, they lifted me by my arms and placed me astride her legs. Then they pushed my face into her soaked, slippery pussy and said, “Here’s more juice for you, enjoy.” With that they returned to the living room while I sucked and licked like there was no tomorrow.

Brandy and I returned to the party after a while and it went on all night. With her getting fucked over and over and my being totally turned on by the entire idea. I came in her pussy too and one of the others would then eat her, so I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed that little game.

The parties are a regular thing now at our house. The guys from work, sometimes with a wife or two, and Alan with his new wife, get together often to fuck and suck, and generally enjoy each other. Alan’s wife especially likes sucking cocks, and is very good at it.

When she gets a good mouthful of sperm, which is often, she and Brandy share it with a sister kiss. Most of the other wives are now happily taking loads of cum into their hot pussies and then thrilling to having it licked out and sucked out by us hungry men.

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