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My wife is a very sexy and attractive 29-year-old, with really long legs, a lovely rounded bottom and high, firm B-cup breasts with terrific nipples. After a few drinks she can get really randy and we usually end up having some great sex. I have often fantasized about watching her fuck another man but until now we have never done anything about it.

This is where Darren came in. He is a friend of mine from work, with a bit of a reputation, but he had never met Kerri (my wife). I had occasionally showed him some raunchy photos of her to see his reaction and he often said how much he fancied her and what he would like to do to her. I took him aside, heart thumping, and told him what I was thinking and as it involved Kerri, he was really keen.

We made up a rough idea of what to do and within a few days we were putting it all into action. Kerri and I were staying in one evening and I didn’t tell her that we were going to have a visitor! We had a few drinks and she was quite happy when things began to get amorous and when I suggested she put on some sexy clothes, she was delighted! She had a few more drinks while she was dressing up and when she was finished, she was quite tipsy but looked really great.

She wore a little flimsy top made of thin, lacy material, which moulded itself over her tits and was so short that there was a gap of about six inches of bare skin down to the waist band of her skirt. When she moved, it swirled about, her breasts holding it away from her body, just asking for hands to slip underneath it to grasp those inviting firm round tits and make her luscious nipples harden up under their fingers!

Her light cotton mini skirt was also very short, a good six or seven inches above the knee, and her highest 3″ heels completed this delightful sexy picture. Underneath all that was some delicious black underwear, including a tiny half bra and an even tinier pair of silk G-string panties which tied at the sides, barely concealing her smooth, shaved pussy.

Soon we were back on the sofa and I slipped my hand along the inside of her thigh until my fingers were almost touching her slit. She was slightly drunk, randy and ready for anything. I eased her mini up higher, revealing almost the full length of her lovely, long bare legs which were stretched out slightly apart, offering just a glimpse of her tiny panties. She was wriggling her body and her hands were holding my head as we french-kissed, our tongues stabbing at each other.

Now my thumbs were inside her knickers, rubbing up and down the lips of her smooth cunt. She threw her head back and I bent to kiss her neck just below the ear, something I know drives her crazy. “Wank yourself,” I said softly to her.

She ran her hands up the whole length of her thighs, breathing very deeply, then she slowly opened her legs. The skirt was gathered in a loose ring around her waist exposing the tiny black strap of her panties. She slipped her finger inside the scrap of black lace, holding it to one side so that she could rhythmically caress and massage her clitoris. Her middle finger disappeared inside her cunt and she began to moan as she worked it in and out right up to the knuckle.

As she got more excited, she splayed her long bare legs and thighs wider apart and her hips began jerking up and down as she fingered herself. She grabbed my hand and pulled my finger in beside her own, deep into her hot soaking cunt and moved my hand rapidly back and forth to wank herself off.

She looked up at me. “I need to fuck,” she said, her voice husky. “I want your cock. You know I need you to give me a good fucking. Please darling, screw me. Let me feel your cock shafting me!”

Just then the doorbell rang.

Kerri, panting hard, tried to pull her skirt down and straighten herself. “Oh damn, who the hell is that?” she gasped. “Why did they have to come just now?”

I laughed and said I’d see who it was. Naturally it was Darren and his friend Patrick, by arrangement, unknown to Kerri. I took them into the room where Kerri was sitting on the edge of the sofa, looking very pretty, a bit flushed and slightly vulnerable as she tried to keep her hem down and her legs together. If she leaned back we would be able to see right up her skirt. In her sexy outfit she looked extremely fuckable.

I introduced the guys and after a few more drinks, I knew it wouldn’t take much to excite Kerri again and it actually happened quite quickly. The guys complimented her on her looks and dress. “Hope we didn’t interrupt anything,” laughed Darren, looking at Kerri’s legs.

I laughed too. “I was just about to give Kerri a fuck,” I said. “She’s all worked up and randy as hell.”

Kerri was sitting on the edge of the sofa and turned to glare at me. I caught her head between my hands and started kissing her, pulling her back, trying to make sure that her skirt rode up her legs a little. I was delighted to see her legs move apart and I knew that the others were getting a good eyeful.

Very deliberately, I dropped my hand onto her breast. She moaned and murmured “Yes!” her eyes closed and she was responding, kissing me back. It was incredibly exciting. She knew that the others were watching me feeling her, she knew her skirt was so short that they could see right up it, but she didn’t try to stop me. I ran my hand along her leg, feeling her tremble as I did so.

Then she motioned to Darren to touch her. He leaned forward and I watched his hand start to caress my wife’s bare thighs, stroking them up and down, first one leg then the other. I eased her further back on the sofa and let my hand drop on the soft, bare skin above her waist. I couldn’t take my eyes of Darren’s hand working the little skirt higher and higher, showing more and more as he fondled her thighs, and my cock was getting rock hard at the sight.

I slid my hand under her top to reach the soft material of her bra, unclipping it, pushing it aside easily. She was shaking and trembling as she pulled her top off, her gorgeous firm white tits exposed to our gaze. Her nipples were erect, harder and bigger than I’d ever seen them. I brought my hands up under her arms and touched her nipples, rolling them between my fingers, making her whimper as I played with them.

Darren, still in front of her, pulled her knees apart to kneel between her legs, then used both hands to stroke up and down the insides of her thighs. I pulled her arms gently behind her back, making her tits stand out even higher. Darren looked at them and gasped. Patrick was down on his knees, his face a few inches from Kerri’s legs. He was licking his lips. Her skirt was riding up so high we could all plainly see the tiny black scrap of material at her crotch, all there was between us and her pussy.

Kerri turned to me and started to kiss me fiercely. The tense situation was making her quiver with excitement. Darren was now slowly stripping his clothes off, swearing softly. Patrick was already naked, his prick in hand. I held her head back to stop her kissing me. One of her hands fell to her hips. Only one string needed to be pulled to untie her tiny black knickers. As she did so, with Darren still kneeling between her knees, we could see her cunt at last become visible.

She was so aroused that her lips were puffy and glistening. She spread her legs wider apart and started pushing her naked hips slowly, rhythmically, up and down. Darren’s fingers were now high upon the inside of her thighs, very close to her pussy, almost brushing her bare lips. Her hips were twitching slightly and she was breathing fast. She looked towards the guys and their stiff, erect pricks swinging like poles, then excitedly turned to me and gasping, “Yes, yes, feel me, give me a cock, please fuck me.”

That was the signal we were waiting for. Quick as a flash, Darren pushed the miniskirt right up above her waist. He widened her legs even further, spreading her thighs apart to make her cunt even more accessible. Then his fingers were inside her. We could clearly see him press two fingers deep into her pussy and hear them squelch juicily as he worked them round and round, in and out.

Patrick was leaning over her, his huge hard-on prodding against her bare tits, his hands squeezing and rubbing them round his shaft. She was panting hard as she gripped Patrick’s cock between her thumb and the first two fingers. She began licking and kissing it, making it glistening wet.

Then she wanked him slowly, gradually taking part of the huge, throbbing shaft inside her mouth, her lips rolling over its tip, her eyes closed and her head bobbing up and down as she started to suck him off. He was still feeling tits and nipples and it was a lovely, thrilling sight to see my wife lying there, almost nude, legs spreadeagled being finger fucked and fondled while she eagerly sucked and wanked a prick between her lips.

Darren, still wanking her with two fingers deep inside her, moved his head down to her stomach and licked and kissed his way further and further down until his head was buried between her open thighs, bobbing up and down as his tongue rasped across her clit and he began sucking her out. There was no doubt she was coming, huge shudders ran through her body as we watched her being tongued and fingered at the same time.

Her legs were spread unbelievably wide and she was desperately thrusting herself against Darren’s mouth and fingers. Then I saw she was clutching Patrick’s cock with both hands, frantically tossing him off faster and faster deep into her mouth. By the time he started coming, she was coming too, delirious with excitement, arching her body and hips high into the air as his prick spunked everywhere. She was quivering and moaning and shaking as she bent forward across the sofa.

Seeing her completely exposed, my prick got bigger and harder than ever, throbbing and pulsing with the need to sample the offering. I rubbed my fingers across her pussy, feeling her and prising open her lips. She was soaking and her cunt was at just the right height to take my shaft.

“Very nice,” Darren leered, stroking his cock, casually pulling back the foreskin to reveal a huge, glistening red knob. I was amazed at how big it was. He reached forward and his fingers also caressed Kerri’s bottom and thighs. Then he rubbed the tip of his cock across her juicy, pulsating cunt.

I pulled her by the hips and slowly back onto his cock, revelling in the sight of her cunt sucking the huge shaft inside. I looked down and could see his prick penetrate her to the hilt, sliding inch by juicy inch into her in one long, smooth thrust. He began shagging her, drawing his shaft out almost to the tip then driving it back in again to its whole length, slowly at first then faster, each time thrusting so that his balls slammed against her bum on every stroke. I watched as it plunged time after time into Kerri’s hot cunt.

I quickly moved to fuck her mouth with my prick, so she was getting both pricks at the same time. Not surprisingly I fired off into her mouth quite quickly but Patrick was ready for another wank. Kerri moved so that she was astride Darren and while she was then on top screwing Darren, she let Patrick into her mouth.

They were all screwing like mad then suddenly Darren’s hips jerked as he started to shoot up inside her and at the same time Patrick grunted as he poured another load all over her face and hair. She looked a wreck, spunk running down her face and leaking from her pussy. The next day, she was still as randy as hell and begged me to organise another session.

I said I’d see what I could do, but this time, she said, she wanted more than just one person actually fucking her.

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