I’m Cuming Again My Sexy

As they sat on the bed he watched with desire as she ran her hands along her body. She is laying back, legs spread. Her fingers trace lightly along her slit, occasionally dipping inside herself. Her nipples are standing erect and ache for attention.

Reaching over, he massages her tits, squeezing her nipples with his fingers. She pulls him closer and he leans over and takes a nipple into his mouth, softly sucking, licking, and biting on it.

She begins to increase the pressure she is applying to her pussy. He moves back around to watch as her hips begin an up and down motion as a finger slides deeply in and out of her pussy. Her breathing increases and the moans get louder. Her back begins to arch slightly.  He leans in for a closer look and she can feel his hot breath on her thighs and pussy.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moans.

Her pussy is glistening wet, a large wet spot is forming on the sheet underneath her. Her scent is exhilarating and inviting. His hand glides faster up and down his cock as he takes in this wonderful sight. As her fingers start to pay sole attention to her clit, her moans get louder. Her hip movement is sharper and her back arches further.

“Yes,” he says to her. “Go ahead, release it. Let it out. Cum for me.”

“Yes!” she screams. “Oh God, yes, I’m cumming!” she tells him. “Cum with me, please,” she asks.

He looks down at his cock. The top is smeared with pre-cum. He leans back and continues his jerking motion and he feels the pressure building inside him. Finale he explodes as shot after shot flies through the air, landing on her, him and the bed. They look at each other and smile.

“You’re so sexy,” he says.

“Me?” She asks, “No way.”

“Yes you,” he answers back. “Let me show you how sexy I think you are.”

He kneels down between her legs and looks up at her. She watches as he sticks the tip of his tongue out and run it up and down the length of her slit. A moan escapes her lips as his mouth finds her clit. He sucks on it lightly for a few seconds then moves back down to where a treasure awaits. Spreading her pussy wide, he lets his tongue slip inside her. Her sweet nectar lies in wait for him and he licks it all up.

“You taste heavenly,” he says to her.

His tongue continues licking up and down her slit as her moaning increases. Then he inserts his finger inside her and moves back to concentrate on her clit some more. Soon the sucking, swirling motion on her has her body thrashing again through two more orgasms. The first one hits her lightly, but just as it subsides the second racks her body stronger than the one before it. He could lay there all day and night for a week and pleasure her with his tongue, but another part of him wants in there was well.

He scoots up on the bed and positions the tip of his cock just at the entrance to her love tunnel. He looks up into her eyes as if asking for her permission to enter her heavenly palace. As if in answer, she moves her hips upward slightly and his cock comes in contact with her pussy for the first time. What feels like a strong electrical shock surges through his body at that point where we connect, and he slowly slides himself into her.

Once he is all the way in, he stops and revels in the joy of being inside her, being one together. He grinds himself against her, feeling her heat, her wetness against his thighs and balls. Slowly he begins to pull out and stop just before he is completely out, then suddenly drop back in as far as he can.

They both let out a gasp as the sensations take over He begins to pull out again, and as he does, he feels her pussy muscles contract and grip his cock, squeezing it with a milking motion. She smiles at the goofy facial expression her actions produce. He continues moving his cock back into her slowly and as he comes out again, she looks into his eyes and says, “Fuck me.”

He begins to drive himself into her harder and faster. As the pace picks up he feels his balls slapping against her ass cheeks. She continues to squeeze his cock inside her and he knows by the building pressure from within that he won’t last much longer.

“I’m gonna cum,” he tells her as if to warn her that she might want him to pull out.

Her moaning gets louder and she wraps her legs around him tightly pulling him into her even more. Her hands are squeezing her tits tightly too as she feels her own orgasm hit her. As her hips rise up off the bed he continues slamming into her.

“This is it,” he says, “I’m cumming!”

His body thrusts harder as his cock unloads itself inside her, her thighs close in around him huggin’ him to her, forbidding him to leave her, as if he wanted to be out of there! He has truly found heaven, and it lies between her thighs.

His shrinking, softening cock still inside her, he looks at her and smiles. Their bodies are covered with sweat and he can’t think of anyone ever looking any sexier than her at this moment. Then without warning, she shifts her hips upward and pulls him with her legs back towards her playfully.

He laughs and gives a mock thrust back against her. He feels something strange happen at that point, his cock is getting hard again and it’s still inside her! She smiles and tells him all he needed was a little jump start.

Pushing him back against the bed, she climbs on top of him, never letting his cock fall out of her pussy.

“Lay still,” she says.

He does and she begins to rotate her hips back and forth and up and down on his cock. In doing so, she also start squeezing it again, as only she can.

“If I can make you cum again, inside the next 5 minutes, you’re mine forever, deal?” She asks.

Knowing that he’s never had orgasms less than 45 minutes apart, he agrees to the deal, but not really minding if he was to lose.

She smiles and closes her eyes in deep concentration on what she is about to begin.

“Look at the clock,” she says. “We begin now.”

He looks over at the clock and it says 5:50. She begins to work him over by moving her hips in circles, as if she were doing a hula dance.  Then he watches as she starts to move up and down on his concrete cock. (well, that’s how she makes it feel, hard as a rock!) Her muscles grip him again and he feels a wave of pleasure come over him, but this time her grip gets tighter, much tighter than it was before.  Her pussy squeezes his cock on each up stroke and then releases just before she drops back down his shaft. Her speed and agility amazes him, no one has ever had this kind of effect on him. Then she begins to moan too, her moans are words as if a chant.

“You…are..cumm..ing…? You….are..cumm…ming!” she says again and again, each syllable said on each downward stroke. Her upward strokes are amazing. He is almost outside of her, but before he pops out, she is back down on him again, bathing him in her hot juices.

Finally on one strong downward stroke she comes down hard and starts to shudder. Her own orgasm hits her and he feels a flood of her juices flow around his cock. That was it. He makes one upward thrust into her and the throbbing, pulsating, cumming action of his cock begins. He can’t believe it. He’s actually cumming again! She collapses her body onto him and smiles as she feels his cock twitch inside her once again.

“What time is it?” She asks. He looks over at the clock. 5:54!

“I guess I own your ass now.” She says to him.

“Well if you really wanted it,” he answers. “All you had to do was ask.”

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