I’ve Found You

Now that the college had changed its policy regarding certain newsgroups which contained erotic material, and had even allowed anonymous ftp access to certain remote sites which held archives of hot gay stories, Alex found that he was spending more and more time late at night in his local terminal room, reading avidly. Tonight was no exception.

Alex shifted closer to his terminal to hide his growing erection – this story was making him all hot and bothered. Glancing round, he realised that he was alone in the room, so he coerced his problem into a more comfortable position in his jeans. A sudden enormous yawn came over him (it was two o’clock in the morning, and he had been somewhat busy on Hampstead Heath the previous night).

He stretched his long, lean body to ease the tension, and leaned back precariously on two legs of his chair. To his horror, the back of his head met soft material – someone was standing behind him, reading over his shoulder. Anxious that he might be expelled for conduct likely to bring disgrace to the computer, he looked upwards to see who it was, but failed to see behind him.

When Alex’s head struck his groin, Sean’s own erection, which had been steadily growing as he too read the story on Alex’s terminal, jumped and stiffened. Thinking that Alex might fall over backwards in alarm, Sean moved closer to the chair, sliding his hands over Alex’s shoulders.

The sight of two erect nipples disturbing the outline of Alex’s t-shirt, and the prominent view he now had of the bulge in Alex’s jeans, made Sean shiver in anticipation. His hands stroked downwards until they encountered two tight love-buttons, which he first of all flicked several times, and then squeezed gently. Alex moaned, giving himself up to the ministrations of this unknown admirer. Even the thought of being expelled didn’t seem so important now.

He moved his head from side to side, rolling the back of it round the girth of Sean’s cock, pleased to feel the expected response. Wanting to see his new lover, Alex tried to pivot forwards on his chair, but was prevented by a firm hold on both nipples, which hurt just enough to make him sweat a little, and want more.

Sean bent down slightly, moving his crotch away from Alex’s head, and slipped his arms round the younger man’s waist, untucking his t-shirt from the waistband. Slowly his rather cold hands slipped up under the edge of the t-shirt, crossing over in front of Alex’s sensitive waist, and reached up for the nipples again. They were so hard that he could feel the slight corrugations on their surface, and when he teased them and squeezed them Alex’s jean-clad bulge began to look distinctly damp.

Sean hugged the fine slim body closer to him, his beard tickling the side of Alex’s neck, and began to kiss his neck and nibble his earlobes. Alex’s mind erupted into a red haze of passion, but he was helpless to do anything about it because of his unbalanced position on the chair. This feeling of insecurity and dependence on someone else was exciting, so he relaxed into the warm glow of lust.

One hand worked on a nipple, the other slid down over his chest and navel to the waistband of his jeans, which opened up sufficiently to allow the hand access to his by now thoroughly wet cockhead. Sean’s fingers circled just the tip of this treasure, using the slippery pre-cum in a rotating motion which made Alex gasp and writhe. Then the whole hand slid down over his throbbing tool, pressing it tightly to his belly, and began to rub up and down steadily with the ever-increasing flow of pre-cum as lubricant.

Alex closed his eyes and began to gasp and buck, as the force of his rapidly approaching orgasm filled his body with tension and flashes of fire.

Suddenly he was there: two-hours-pornographic-reading-build-up of cum began its explosive journey towards the ministering hand and the inside of his jeans, but was impeded by strong pressure applied to the base of his cock by strong fingers. Waves of orgasm swept over him and he thrashed around in ecstatic convulsions, but not a drop of cum was released by his tormenter. Sean had plans for that load which certainly didn’t include wasting the precious love juice on unfeeling denim …

When Alex’s moans and convulsions had died down, Sean carefully lowered the back of his chair down to the floor, so that he was lying on his back, head pressed against the carpet tiles, with his knees up over the now upright chair-seat.

From this position, he had a rather odd view of Sean, looking up past his bulging crotch, past his neat grey beard and smiling moustache to a pair of startlingly attractive eyes, glinting down at him with amusement and lust.

“That will teach you not to believe you’re alone when you’re reading sexy stories, won’t it?” Sean’s resonant voice had a slight accent which Alex couldn’t place, but it sounded very pleasant and friendly.

“How did you know I was here?” wondered Alex out loud, “and who are you anyway?”

“Don’t you recognise me from my picture in the motss archive?” Sean replied. “I know that my hair looks different this long, but the essential features are the same!”

Suddenly it dawned on Alex that this strange man must be Sean from Norwich, the one who had been sending him sexy email over the last year.

“You must be that weirdo from Norwich who sends me sexy messages in the middle of the night. But why are you here?” he asked, “and how did you know where to find me?”

“As to finding you, that was easy – I just asked the first person I saw using a computer terminal to search for you in the list of current users. And as for why I’m here, have you forgotten what day it is?”

Alex scanned his mind-diary, but nothing relevant struck him at first. Then he realised that although it was the middle of the night, it was already past midnight and was in fact his birthday. He rolled off his chair and stretched to his full length, finding that he was almost exactly the same height as Sean, even though Sean had looked very much taller standing over him while he was on the floor.

Hunting for a name to go with the face, Alex came up with it at last.”Sean, you’re Sean, aren’t you?”He scanned the features of this unusual man who had entered his real life at last, having been part of his fantasy life for ages. They had first made contact when Alex replied to some casual enquiry Sean had sent to the gay newsgroups on the net.

During their electronic conversations, Sean had described himself briefly, but Alex decided that this description didn’t do him justice. His hair was grey, certainly, but was long, soft, and very strokable.

His eyes were absolutely riveting – each time Alex gazed into them to find out their colour, his mind was diverted by an almost hypnotic effect, and each time he had to look away and blink. Under his pink, open-necked shirt the swirls of hair round his nipples were evident, and his broad shoulders and long arms made Alex ache to be held tightly.

Although he was not usually attracted to men a lot older than himself, Alex had become fascinated by the stream of unsolicited mail messages which reached his mailbox, and had found himself quite turned on by the sort of double-blind-date relationship. After a while, he began to look forward to the unexpected quirks, innuendo, and explicit sexual advances which tumbled onto his screen, and responded in similar vein.

For himself, Sean had formed a mental picture of the young man, based partly on what Alex had actually told him, and partly on wishful thinking. The reality didn’t disappoint him. Although Alex was tall, and very thin, he had a wiry body which promised a great deal of energy, strength, and stamina.

His face had very well-defined bone structure, emphasised by the light stubble of his unshaven cheeks, chin, and upper lip. A rather olive complexion was complemented by magnificent brown eyes, with long dark lashes, and surprisingly sensuous lips outlining very white teeth. Neither of them had thought to put Alex’s clothing to rights, so his white t-shirt was still bunched up, leaving his lightly-furred belly and hairless chest exposed. His stamina was noticeable because the bulge in his jeans had remained throughout their mutual appraisal.

To break the ice, Sean stepped forward and gathered the young man’s lithe body into his strong arms. Their lips met, a little tentatively at first, but then more strongly as their passion grew. Chest to chest, body to body, crotch to crotch they pressed, and Sean began to feel hot and dizzy with an overpowering lust.

Noticing the effect their embrace was having, Alex pulled away, switched off his terminal, and said quietly, “I think we’d better go to my room, before anyone else comes in and sees us.”By this time Sean didn’t really care if the whole department was watching, but he followed Alex across the campus to a small block of students’ rooms, each with its own bathroom.

“This is much better than the dormitory accommodation that’s provided for the first- and second-years,” Alex remarked, switching on the lights in the bathroom and small kitchen area, but leaving the main light over the bed off. The room was small, though quite comfortable, and remarkably tidy for someone who wasn’t expecting a visitor.

Alex kissed Sean lightly again, then bounced onto the bed, sitting there looking up at him eagerly. “Now I want to have a really good look at you,” he murmured, “let’s see what’s under those clothes.”

Needing little prompting, Sean began to strip. Off came his shirt, revealing a fairly furry chest with swirls of hair round his nipples, and a broad line of darker hair disappearing into his trousers. His skin was quite dark, almost Mediterranean in appearance, and he had obviously recently been on holiday somewhere sunny. He slipped off his shoes and socks, and stood with his feet planted wide apart, gazing at Alex with a challenging, mocking look.

“Lovely,” said Alex, licking his lips, “more, more!”

Undoing the clasp of his trousers, Sean unzipped himself, spread his flies open wide, and let his trousers slither down round his ankles. He stepped out of them gracefully. Alex’s eyes were riveted on his crotch, which was just at eye-level, and his nose detected a strong but extremely sexy man-smell from around that area.

Reaching forward with his mouth open, Alex pressed his forehead against the tip of Sean’s throbbing, oozing tool in is tight underpants, and licked underneath his cloth-covered balls. He was rewarded with an extra strong throb, and more dampness.

He worked one finger of each hand inside the leg-bands of the underpants, below Sean’s balls, and scratched lightly on his perineum and ball-sack.

His prey groaned and sagged slightly at the knees, but stood upright again as Alex head-butted him gently in the stomach. Alex’s roving fingers rolled over the tight balls, tickled at the junction between ball-sack and thigh, and slithered up the slippery cock until they reached the very tip, which was liberally leaking fluid all the time.

Sliding some of the wetness onto his finger, he began to rub insistently on Sean’s exposed frenum, until he saw that his handiwork was having too great an effect. He didn’t want this sexy man to come yet, and the trembling in Sean’s legs showed him that the time was near.

“What do you really like doing?” Alex asked, smiling at the sight of the man before him panting with unfulfilled lust.

“Suck me, quick, suck me! You’ve got me so worked up, I can’t stand it!”

Instead of answering, the younger man just reached up for Sean’s erect nipples, seized them between thumb and forefinger, rolled them round quite firmly, and then pulled steadily.

A strangled moan came from Sean’s parted lips, and his cock jerked upwards again, still confined in the damp material. He almost fell forwards when Alex pulled his nipples, but braced himself against the extremely erotic tugging pressure. He was breathing very heavily, and the muscles in his stomach rippled with the effort he was making.

Gradually Alex’s grip on the nipples became less intense, until he released them but continued to flick the sensitive zones with his fingernails. Then he ran his hands down Sean’s furry chest and stomach, and round to the ticklish spots on his sides, above his hip bones. The skin felt smooth, warm and inviting.

Putting his hands round behind Sean’s hips, Alex pulled him closer until he could rest his cheek on the sprouting stomach fur. In this position, each twitch and ripple of the concealed muscles transmitted itself to his face, and the hot funky man-smell assailed his nostrils delightfully. But still he didn’t suck the hard prick so clearly visible just next to his mouth.

He leaned back slightly and looked up at Sean, who by now had a somewhat pained expression on his face.

“Cock-teaser!” Sean muttered through clenched teeth. “You’re not going to leave me like this, are you?”

With a smile of cherubic innocence, Alex answered, “Well, I might … After all, you stopped me coming earlier, didn’t you?”

“No. If you remember, you certainly came properly – I just didn’t let you lose any spunk. They say that if you don’t spurt, you can keep going for longer, and have many more orgasms.”

“I don’t think I have any problems about keeping going for a long time – and most of my lovers have been quite satisfied with my five or six orgasms in a session. They’re quite intense, too, especially after the first couple. Of course, I’m a youngster, and I’m supposed to be able to manage these sexual marathons, but you should have tried me when I was nineteen…”

Sean’s mind reeled at the idea of this sexy young man as an even more lusty teenager, remembering a night long ago when two teenagers at a gay festival in Sheffield had dragged him (not unwillingly) into their room and included him in an orgy of bodies which required unbelievable stamina. He was still perfectly capable of keeping up with most of the men he encountered, and he regretted that nobody had taken him in hand when he was a teenager.

This reverie was interrupted by Alex turning him round to face away from the bed. A hand slipped down the back of his underpants, tickled down the valley between his cheeks, pressed briefly against his sensitive puckered hole, and grabbed his balls tightly. The other hand stroked round the front of his cloth-covered erection and gripped it firmly through the material.

Gentle tugging and squeezing of his balls, and the slow strokes of Alex’s hand round his tool, soon brought Sean to a peak of pre-orgasmic pleasure. He was moaning and panting, and felt that his whole being was concentrated in the tip of his cock, just waiting for a final ecstatic outpouring. Alex stopped moving his hand, but squeezed the glorious erection tightly, and just continued lightly caressing the hairy, ridged ball-sack.

A rising sound between a growl and a groan began to emerge from Sean’s throat as he felt that wonderful point of no return being reached. His cock pulsed and throbbed, and grew even more erect. With a yell, he came. Spurting out through the sodden material of his underwear the first spray of spunk appeared, followed by several more powerful spasms which were trapped by the confining cloth. And still Alex squeezed and kneaded the firing tool and hot balls, working the creamy spunk round the taut skin, milking the most from the luscious orgasm.

Sean began to feel the acute sensitivity which his cock developed just after he had come, and pulled away from the ministering hands. Turning round, he thrust his soaked bulge into Alex’s face. Alex licked it eagerly. Taking the young man by the shoulders, Sean lowered him back onto the bed, with his feet still resting on the floor at the end of the bed.

Quickly he pulled down the jeans and damp underwear, smiling at the wonderful sight which met his eyes as Alex’s cock, so long confined, leapt up at him. Like its owner, the tool was long and thin, but powerful and fully erect, and leaking copiously from the tip.

Kneeling down between the strong, slightly hairy thighs, Sean touched the opening of Alex’s tool lightly with his tongue, and was rewarded with an extra-large glob of juice, which he lapped up eagerly. He closed his lips round the head and sucked hard. Alex moaned.

He ran his tongue all over the sensitive cock-head and tickled the young man’s frenum until Alex’s gasping and thrashing body showed him that he was near the limit, then he slid his mouth right down the shaft until the tip entered his throat and his mouth met up with very sexy-smelling fur.

Very gently and slowly he started working the muscles of his throat, stimulating just the tip of Alex’s meat, at the same time scratching his balls to make them contract and writhe.

For Alex, the last straw came when Sean reached up with both hands and found his exceedingly sensitive nipples, gripping them firmly and pulling them towards him. Locked between Sean’s hands and his mouth, Alex just began to let out shouts of astonishment and delight as his tool simply exploded in his sexy lover’s throat, and kept on firing spasm after spasm of love juice, which Sean eagerly swallowed.

A final nipple squeeze and a strong tug on his balls brought a final ecstatic outpouring onto Sean’s tongue. Both of them collapsed onto the bed, panting with satisfaction. Alex pulled Sean’s hot sticky body close to him and hugged him firmly, kissing his sensual lips which were fringed by his moustache. Sean reached down and patted Alex’s cheeks.

“I bet you never thought when you started to study computing that we would end up like this, did you?”

“What do you mean – end up like this?” replied the young man, smiling, “the night is still young, and I see that we’re both ready for more, so what are we waiting for?”

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