I’ve Had Them All

“Let me give you a run down of what’s been happening here lately. Maybe
you’ll get a idea of the big picture”. The Sheriff begins to relate his

“The Mayor was the first of the so called big shots in this town
that I fucked. For years I just screwed around with plain local folks.
Sometimes I’d fuck a jail inmate who got routty just to calm him down.
Also did a lot of sucking and fucking with the local farmers. Horniest
sons of bitches I ever met. Did the cornfield bit. The whole thing.
Some of those boys are real big and have large cocks. Their wives gave up
sex years ago so they have to do something”.

“Well anyway, like I was saying the Mayor was the first to get it here.
I went to a lot of police conventions and done lots of sucking and fucking”.

“So the rumors were true?”

“What rumors?”

“Go on with your story.I’ll say more later”.

“Ok the Mayor was first. I didn’t like the way he was
screwing around with all the young phillies in town. Caused to much talk.
So I decided to strong arm him a little. First I had just planned to suck
his dick and let him fuck me but then decided to go all the way and fuck
him. He loved it. Then we made it a regular thing. Later I found that
he really loved taking a black dick up the ass. But more on that later”.

“So next I set my sights of the county prosecutor. He, like all the rest,
is married, have kids and lives a outwardly conservative life. I had no
idea how I was going to git him in the sack until one day I noticed that
he left town regularly on Saturdays. So one day I followed and found
that he was going to an X-rated theater way outside town. Almost a 2 hour
drive. I went in the theater. It was to dark to see anything until my
eyes adjusted. Then I couldn’t believe what I saw. Guys were sucking each
other all over the place. One guy in a dark corner was even taking it up
the ass. Couldn’t believe it. Then I looked around and saw Aiden sitting
in a corner chair and sucking dick. There was a line of guys waiting to
be sucked. You could hear one guy after another scream, jerk, blow his
load, zip his pants and leave. Leave satisfied. A couple of guys would
whisper something to the other guys in line as they left. Dylan was
tell’m how good Aiden was.”

“While I was there a young black guy sucked my
dick and swallowed my cum. Then licked it clean. I thought I would go
home after that but got another shock when I went to the men’s room to
clean up. Guys in the toilets were sucking each other like crazy. I
watch some old guy suck the big black dick of the young guy in front of
him. That got to me. Must be like the Mayor. Have a thing for big black
dick. Well anyway the black guy blew his load and the older
white man couldn’t swallow it all. You could see a long stream of cum
dripping from the dick to the floor and the guy had cum streaks on his
cheeks. I was mesmerized at this point and hadn’t noticed how close I was
to the action. The black guy pulled me closer and push my head down on
his still hard cock. Delicious. It was great. I sucked his dick for who
knows how long. Then he starting sucking me. He was good. Got me so
turned on that I starting sucking on other guys that were watching. Guy
after guy lined up to git sucked. Must have swallowed a gallon of cum
that day. Finally the young black guy shoved that long, hard sausage up
my ass. Then I fucked him and left”.

“Shortly after that I had the county prosecutor suck my dick. He loved
it. Couldn’t git enough. He wanted to suck me everyday but I told him I
had to save some for the Mayor and that he must stop going to the theater.
He plans to run for state wide office. Can’t have any rumors or scandals
gitting in the way. I told both the Mayor and Aiden that I wanted to fuck
Carl Stewart the widebody but short high school superintendent. They were
shocked that I would dare to fuck a big but short black man who looked
like he use to play linebacker in the NFL. I told them what I had
planned. They had no choice but to go along. I guess they were a little
jealous and thought that they would see less of me if we took on another
group member. Too bad I told them. They would have competition for my
dick and if they wanted more they would have to perform better to git it”.

“So one night I stage a poker game at my house. I skin ‘em good. Then
came the challenge. I would suck the dick of anyone who could win just
one hand. They had lost every hand up to that point. They agreed. So I
let Carl win one hand. He was upset from my bragging all night that he
demanded his blow job. I gladly complied. His dick is about 9 inches,
straight and steel hard. He balls are very large. His cum was thick.
Thickest I’ve ever tasted. And there was lots of it. Then I invited him
over the next night started sucking his dick to git his real horny. Then
I kissed him and saw that by this time he was really turned on. So I had
him suck my dick and then I fucked him. He loved it. Kept screaming for
more. I fucked the cum right outta him”.

“The next day he called me up feeling guilty and talking about a man
should love taking another man’s dick up the ass. So I had him over again
and really fucked him this time. Had him screaming louder’n hell and
blowing his load all over the room. He was finally hook. Never heard any
more ‘guys shouldn’t like being fucked’ shit. He wanted all the time. We
would git together about once per week to have a foursome. I would blow
the Mayor while taking that 9 inch black dick up the ass as Aiden would blow
me. Hot scene. Loved every minute of it. We would try all sorts of
positions. The Mayor sit on my dick while I was sitting on the couch.
Aiden would fuck me up the ass and Carl would force his dick all the way
down my throat. The sessions lasted long into the night”.

“Things really changed around town when I seduced the three big wheels.
They always treat me to lunch and walk three steps behind me when in
public. The people also noticed the change in the three men. No more
rumors of the Mayor sleeping with every young philly he could find, school
budgets were loosened to hire more teachers instead of administration, no
more grand standing by the county prosecutor in he would try cases just
for publicity. Yes thing were definitely better. I felt better and more
in control. Now people did what I said because they liked me not because
the were scared of me”.

“But there was one more person I wanted to seduce. That was Bruce
the richest man in the county. He was a newcomer and owner of a large
electronics outfit. He was like a little Napoleon. Everybody hated ’em.
A real mean and nasty guy to his employees. Well I didn’t like it. I’m
the only mean and nasty guy in this county. So he was my next target. I
wasn’t gonna fool around with him like the others that I worked in slowly.
I wanted just to invite him over and make him suck my dick and then fuck
him long and hard. So I did. I invited him over and went after him. He
complained at first. But I didn’t stop. I spanked him. I could tell he
loved it despite his complaints and screaming about lawsuits. I made him
suck my dick and them fucked the cum outta him. He loved it and told me
later that he loved being spanked ’cause his father did it to him often
when he was younger. He got to the point where he liked it. So we got
together a few more times and I gave him a good spanking but that’s not my
thing. I get off on that sometimes, could use one myself once in a while.
but I love sucking dick and taking it up the ass at the same time. One of
my favorites thing to do is lay on my sAidenach sucking Carl’s dick while
the Mayor fucks me from behind. We’ve had a lot of sessions between the
three of us. Aiden usually just like sucking my dick. We git together and
I just sit on the couch and he sucks away. He takes all evening. Sucks
me off three times whenever we do it”.

“Sugar Daddy can you tell me about the police convention? Are the rumors
true?” asked Sgt. Carlson breaking a long silence.

“What rumors?”

“A couple of cops in Memphis, Doug and Jesse, said that there were rumors that
you ran orgies, gay orgies, during some conventions. And that you were an
active participant.” said Sgt. Carlson.

“That wouldn’t be Doug, a tall white officer late
40’s with salt and pepper hair and Jesse the fat 50 something bowling ball
would it?”

“Yes those are the guys. Have you met them, met and fucked
them both?”


“You’re kidding! Doug and Jesse never said anything about participating. As
a matter of fact they both frequently told real nasty fags jokes as they
called them.”

“Well let me tell you about Doug and Jesse. They are both active part takers
in my Friday night orgies. Yes orgies. The rumors are true. What they
didn’t tell you is that the orgies are the most popular parties and there
is a price to get in. They both paid the price. Ya see on Mondays I
start letting people bargain their way into the Friday party. Most often
I just have a guy suck my dick then he’s in. But very often guys drop by
with a friend that they want to git in. Same price. Suck my dick and
you’re in. And if I am really attractive to them I will fuck ’em. I have
two helpers during the week. Two guys from up north. Lt. Anderson and Fritz.
Fritz is a 6’5′ 350 lb 55 year old power lifter with a 12 inch
cock. The Lt. is younger, about 52, not as heavy, 230 lb, not as well
hung, about 7 inches, but boy can he suck dick”.

“What I do is rent the largest suite at the hotel holding the convention
buy a large easy chair, if one doesn’t come with the room and host police
officers during the week. After dinner I git undress, sit in the easy chair,
recline and wait for a knock at the door. I put on a bath room to hide my
hard cock that got that way by being sucked by the Lt. or Fritz. One of them
will answer the door and let whoever is there on to my easy chair. I sit and
listen to their story and when they are finished, open my bathDylane to expose
my hard cock. Then I would tell them to either suck my dick or sick on my
cock as price to git in the party”.

“So one day Doug and Jesse come by. The Lt. leads them over to my easy chair
and they tell their story. They want to git in the party. Doug likes to suck
dick and Jesse likes it up the ass. They told me they knew the there was a
price. So Doug immediately said he would love to suck my dick. I said no. I
want to fuck you and I want Jesse to suck on Fritz 12 inch meat. That was the
opposite of what they both liked but I didn’t care. I wanted to control
these two so I switched things around. I made them both undress. I had Fritz
unzip his pants and sit on the large bed. Jesse started sucking his dick as I
fucked Doug on the bed next to him. They both were gitting into it. I fucked
Doug so hard he came. Then I told the two of them they were in. They smiled
and left.”

“On Friday night they were both active part takers. Both fucking and
sucking. Like I said Doug loved to suck dick and did a lot of it that night.
Meanwhile Jesse was on his sAidenach being poked up the ass but a couple of guys
who would taking turns. When one got tired another would take his place. So
don’t let’em fool ya. They both like dick. I am surprised that they are
so closeted that they haven’t made a play for you. I happen to know you
are their type of guy. I know they would love you hot hard dick.”

“Anyway that’s what goes on at the convention. The daytime stuff is just
a distraction. I go for the night life. Like I said the fun part during
the week is sitting and waiting for people to make me offers to git in on
Friday night. Usually it’s some older guy who offers his young patrol
partner that he is training or an older supervisor showing a young guy the
ropes. Once in a while I’ll git a young guy who brings in a older guy who
is inexperience. They know I like new blood at the parties. There was
this young guy he brought his captain in one night. Same old story. Wife
didn’t want sex anymore and husband had lots of cum to shoot. They want
to remain faithful to their wives and don’t see sex with guys as cheating.
I’m glad of that.”

But anyway this young guy brings in his captain and
tells me that his captain is just learning to suck dick and want to
participate in the Friday party. He then asked what is it he wanted him
to do. I told him nothing. I wanted his captain to suck my dick. Then
Fritz, one of my assistants, open my Dylane and my dick sprang out. Nice and
hard. Ready to be suck. The young guy lead his captain by the hand over
to my chair. The captain stared at my dick all the way over. I could
tell he was a little nervous and decided to give him a hand. So I reached
up and forced his head down on my cock. I could tell he was new to
sucking. He could take it only halfway down. But that’s ok. I didn’t
care much what sex was like with the guys who came in to convince me to
let them in the party because I had the Lt. and Fritz to sleep
with all night after they left. The Lt. could swallow my entire cock and Fritz
would shove his 12″ meat up my ass. We did lots of stuff but more on that

“Back to the captain. He was sucking as best he could. I think he
was a little embarrassed but wanted to suck my dick to impress his young
subordinate. I let him off the hook. I told him to go over to the bed and
pull his pants down. I proceeded to give him his first fucking. He loved
it. Thanked me and asked if he could come back for more. I told him there
would be lots more on Friday.”

“Lots of guys want to the honor of being the first guy fucked on Friday.
They try very hard to impress me during the week so they will git the chance
to be the first fucked on Friday. The reason is I really go after the first
guy. Fuck him hard and make him shoot his load all over the room. Guys line
up to git fucked. They gather around the bed to git a close look at the
first guy who gits it. Then the lick the cum out of his ass. Then they line
up to be fucked. One at a time. It’s quite interesting. I can do anything
to anybody. I once took on seven guys. One guy was plowing my ass, another
sucking my dick, someone else sucking my balls, one guy for each tit, one guy
stuff his cock down my throat, and a cock in each hand. I swallow lots a cum
during the Friday orgy. And I take a lot of cum up the ass but there are
plenty of guys ready to suck the cum right out of my ass.”

“That’s enough on the convention for now. I tell you more later. Even
take you one if you’re interested.”

“Hell yes I’m interested. I’d love
to fuck Doug and Jesse. They’re such assholes.”

“They’re yours. When I
take you to a convention they’ll have to let you fuck ’em to git to the
Friday party. I know them. They’ll do it gladly.”

“Sugar Daddy. My ass is twitching. Those stories have made me hotter’n
hell. How about pulling over and stuffing your dick up my ass?”

“No. Later. You’ll git plenty later. I told you I’d make you dance at the end
of my dick and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do tonight.”

“Ok but this is torture.”

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