I’ve Missed You

I stood at the window sipping my glass of wine and
waiting for you to pull up. I was so eager to see you
after such a long time, and had spent some time with my
attire and makeup – not too much makeup, though; and
with my hair down and brushed out the way you liked it.
You were running behind, so I was a little further in
the wine bottle than I wanted to be, my nervousness
causing me to drink faster than I had intended.

I was turned away from the window making sure the room
was perfect when I finally heard the rumble of your
bike engine and looked back around to see you pulling
into the drive. I watched you shut the bike down, then
you looked around and finally at the front door. I went
to the door and pulled it ajar, without opening it,
then backed into the middle of the room, wanting to
create a lasting first impression and enduring visual
for you, since we had not seen each other in so long.

You tapped on the door; “Hello” you called inquiringly.
“It’s open” I replied, and you walked in.

Now, the pictures you sent did not do full justice, as
none could ever capture the essence of your personality
and charm that were present when you smiled and your
eyes twinkled. That grin turned on me now, and I felt
my muscles weaken a little, and a flush of warmth just
south of the tattoo I had gotten to brand me with your
mark. Broad shoulders and strong arms in a sleeveless
t-shirt. Trim waist and hips. My God. The rush of
emotion and physical reaction threatened to bring me to
my knees….

Then you strode across the room – reaching out you
pulled me to you hard, one hand around my waist and the
other on the back of my neck. You kissed me
demandingly, and I felt your hand twisting in my hair,
holding my head still as you claimed my mouth. I could
small the bike exhaust and sweat smell on you, and I
loved that you looked and smelled and acted like a real

Then your other hand left my waist and I could feel it
between us, working at your pants and my head was
pulled back, hard, at the same time. The wine had made
me unsteady, and pulling down and back on my head, you
forced me to my knees. You had your erect cock in your
hand, and as my knees touched the floor you fed it to
me saying “Take it”, using both hands firmly on back of
my head to prevent me from doing anything else. Using
my tongue, I reached out and licked as much as I could
reach, and tightened my lips around it, holding it
tightly and sucking it into my mouth, bracing my hands
against your thighs.

Your hips picked up a slow tempo and you began fucking
easily in and out of my mouth, still holding me by the
hair, them picking up a tempo gradually as you became
too aroused to restrain yourself. I kept up with your
rhythm as best as I could, positioning my throat to
allow you as deep access as you chose. But accidents
sometimes happen, and on an outstroke my teeth caught
on the head of your dick, causing you to swear. You
thrust fully into my mouth, forcing your way down my
throat with your hand on my head, and reaching down
into the neckline of my (ever so carefully chosen)
dress, you grabbed my breast in your hand and pinched
the nipple hard; “Careful, goddammit it, you are going
to pay for that!”. I moaned with the sudden wave of
pleasure I felt.

Abruptly you pulled your hand from dress and, pulling
me up and moving me around by the hair, bent me over
the dining table, then held me by the back of my neck
with one hand while the other pushed my skirt up and
yanked my insubstantial panties off, tearing the
elastic and lace and destroying them. Using your knees
you kicked my legs apart, until the only thing
supporting me was my torso on the table, and I felt the
head of your dick pressing into my hot and wet pussy.
You placed a hand on each shoulder and pushed into me
all the way with a single stroke.

Although I was already wet it was so tight that my
breath was taken from me, and you began pounding firmly
– full in and out strokes, gaining in intensity and,
impossibly, depth. My hips lifted to meet the strokes,
and you pushed me down onto the table again. “now take
it” you said – “this is so that you will know exactly
who is in control. And don’t come; if you do, and make
me come before I am ready, you are going to
be in trouble.”

Naturally, these delicious sensations being what they
were, and you being who you are, to tell me not to come
and threaten punishment for doing so was all that was
needed to push me over the edge. My back arched as a
powerful orgasm swept through my body, and would have
lifted me off the table had you not been holding my
arms down.

As wave after wave swept through me, you pulled my back
up tight against your chest, holding me tight against
you with your hands on my breasts, and I could feel
your hot breath in my ear as you cursed me “all right,
sexy bitch – have it your way, But you will pay for
this later.”

You pulled me tight against you and I could feel every
pulse of your release, as you came deep inside of me. A
hand shifted down to touch my clit worked me quickly to
another orgasm, and I screamed aloud as my cunt
contracted over and over and pushed your softening cock

Without a word, laying me back on the table you walked
to the fridge for a beer, picking up my torn panties on
the way and dropping them in the trash. I heard the
shower go on in the bathroom, and began collecting
myself and rearranging my clothing. I fixed another
glass of wine and finished preparations for dinner, and
was setting the last of the meal on the table when you
walked back in. I handed you a cold beer, and you set
it aside as you took me in your arms and kissed me
tenderly. “Welcome back, I said. “I missed you while
you were on the road.”

You kissed me again, and said, “I missed you, too, Babe
– damn if you don’t look edible tonight.”

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